Archways decoded


“Arches upon arches, as smart building styles, mathematically totally sound, are the archways where the codes in are bound” Gun Roswell

Archways decoded

The ancient ruins, discarded, but most walls still standing, especially those doorways and entrances, the archways, built to last the test of time, with mathematical preciseness, the builders clearly decisive of what and how, the calculations done without a single flaw in the formula, the code hidden inside of the regularly looking stone work, hidden from prying eyes and not even possible to reverse engineer for the present day bob of a builder, even if similar archways could be built along the lanes, but it would never be the same proud constructs as those from the ancient past, because these modern day structures will never last, like the old school ones did and do, the secretes buried inside of how these fine arched doorways and walls appeared, from the claws of the backwards dwellers, and so, before we start to tear down and destroy them, perhaps leave them be, as a reminder of something good and clean, we can really never be Abel to achieve during these so called days of the modern era, as these archways can never really be, decoded.

Though the ancient eyes

“The ancient ones, had it done, and all out of rock too, with chisels and chicken bones no less“ Gun Roswall

Though the ancient eyes

They sure did know how to build them, on top of the tallest mountain as well, those gorgeous temples and other houses of worship, as they did, only using their bare hands and chicken bones, at least, that is the tale still being told. There might be other opinions out there, as how these ancient ones managed to build on this sphere, so many millennia ago, as even if they had nothing more to show for their tools other than perhaps, a few stone knives when called upon, to make something for their gods above. And so, they did, ever more upwards and higher, having the visions in their minds eye as to what the place would look like, and even out of spite, if no one else but their waring neighbours, the monuments were erected in the most unusual places. And so, because of that gut and effort and sweat and perhaps even soul, we, todays children, are able to admire and see, what the world was like as seen, through the ancient eyes.

Cat a contemplating

“The cats are serious animals, constantly thinking about life around them, that is until they take their very long nap” Gun Roswell

Cat a contemplating

The cat with a curious mind, sat on the side of the small yard, keeping a watchful eye, on the passers by, after all, this time of the day, there was a lot of foot traffic around the immediate area for the cat to slay at least in their minds eye to spy, if nothing else.

Never moving, as it was quite soothing, sitting there, without the need to be some place else, only real thing to do, to contemplate as to the why’s of these Hoomans and their constant hurry, to move somewhere else all the time as this place, at least for the cat was completely fine.

Whatever it was which kept them all moving, back and forth each and every single day, not as much as a decent nap for their weary heads to down lay, the cat still deep in thought, really could not fathom what the point was, making them all just pass and never stopping, not even for a small tap on the head of this furry feline of a softling.

But, whatever it was, the cat deduced it was an internal must for them to forever keep moving, but then feeling bored as this was hardly doing the cat any favours, becoming less and less vigilant, the sounds of birds and insects around them beckoning for a change of pace and so, the cat pounced and started to follow, the smaller creatures instead of the hollow pursuit of the Hoomans, feeling much more satisfied of the change and so, after a while, for a nap the cat laid.

Light at the end of the very dark tunnel

“Even in the darkest of moments, a slice of light will crack through” Gun Roswell

Light at the end of the very dark tunnel

The darkness long and harsh, without any redeeming parts
The land, the sky, the ocean once blue, painted in the same hue
Of greyish black, dark as the heart of the dwellers without a clue
On how to and this all and to get back into the ways of light
As despite, all their efforts to gather up some slice of the nice
And warming softly burning fiery light, there had not been any signs
Of the darkness letting on and so, trying to remain calm and strong
The dwellers patiently waited and kept on looking into the horizon
For any and all signs of the bringer of light to be anytime soon rising
There was a long time spent, just doing nothing special to relent
To the thoughts of never ever seeing the hope in the air
Yielding into to semi permeant despair, as all the things to repair
The missing life of the light had failed but there was one who dared
To hop and sit and stare, at the tunnel of darkness but seeing the end
And there, the very hope of light, and standing guard just in case
The light could be spared all through the tunnel and to all others
Simply waiting in strife, and perhaps tomorrow would bring it forth

Foggy day on the beach

“No matter, sunshine or not, as it is almost summer, going to the beach is a must “ Gun Roswell

Foggy day on the beach

No matter the day or time or even season
There is an inherit urge to the point of treason
Against the odds that is, as it is, the beach
Is not accessible to most of us except during summer
Which is a big bummer, but then again, winter
Is the eternal splinter, with all the cold weather
Snow and such, most of us don’t really care about
Of course there is the options to carve a small hole
Into the ice if you are really feeling that kind of bold
And dive into the freezing cold of the water
And the running but naked into the hot and humid sauna
But, for now, it might not be the perfect kind of state
As spring and therefore summer are totally delayed
For a visit to the sandy shores, still, trying as one must do
Getting there, in the foggy kind of haze, finding the perfect place
And then laying down on the sun bed, even if clothed fully
In warm winter clothing, but it is already April and the beach?Well, it may be out of reach for some time more
But hey, spending a day, even in the icy cold winds
It was still the beach and nothing or no one can deny
That I’ve got a huge big smile on my face just because, beach!

Take a ride in the rain

“The rain will not stop those wanting to ride their bikes, motorised or otherwise“ Gun Roswell

Take a ride in the rain

The rain stained the asphalted plains, but it did not matter to the hard core rider

And even if they are really not, the tough and rough kind of natural born fighter

It does not matter, because out of love and devotion, the rider will get out there

And ride the steady steed across the land, sand or water, it does not really matter

Even if the chatter from the others, might want to change this rider’s mind 

But, being totally devoted and kind, to the bike which can give them a ride

Well, there are really no sides to be taken here, rather the best choice of all to take

And this relationship, between organic and machine, is not something new to be seen

So, mounting on their ride, soon enough the world around then is no more divided,

Rather one and wide united road side, where anyone can set out on and drive

No matter whether this bike is just a simple and manual and in need to be peddled

Or a power house of a thing, with a motor which can make a die hard fans heart sing

Riding best, with bare feet, I guess

Get some money, buy some beer

“Sometimes, you just have to go on a binge” Gun Roswell

Get some money, buy some beer

The town named, well, let’s call it Londonium, the blessed place of bars, restaurants and pubs, truly a hub, for the lover of beverages, mostly alcoholic in their content, but also fully able to get some coffee or soft drinks, then again, it’s really not the same now is it? Going to a place of drinking to get a cup of coffee or a can of coke? Well, whatever the dope, getting into a local pub, is an experience and not a joke. Well, it can be of course, depending on what kind of choice you make as your poison for the order is, because if you miss and order something stupid, like something with an umbrella in it, then you are liable to become said joke. But, do as the locals do, when not in Rome, and order a pint of the strongest with some foam, and then only will you know, what the true pub feeling is, otherwise it’s all just been a great big miss, the so called local experience never coming true, and then there is no way the travel agency to sue, as the great opportunity you blew, by acting all coy and unadventurous and so, don’t blame us they would state and leave you out there, cursing the moment you did hesitate.

Ships meeting at high seas


“The sea is calm just after the storm, and now, the ships are moving back and forth again, so what are you waiting for? Let’s go on a boat ride!“ Gun Roswell

Ships meeting at high seas

The fog, finally clearing from the waters edge, soon something else, there will be wedged. The level of the horizon, I think is the best, and so, gazing into the void intently I can see, there are two boats out there, meeting at sea, something not foreseen, but rather a random happenstance, at least on first glance.

And so, it indeed was a random encounter for sure, as neither of them knew in there they were lured. The change of weather had caught them by surprise, and so, the equipment haywire almost caused the demise. Alas, snap thinking of the captain made them safe and so now, out there in the high seas, the two craft suddenly meet.

But whether it was a change encounter of any kind, the ships meeting, well, it was all just fine. As the greetings exchanged while passing the other, was more than a hello and less than a hugger. And then, each of them back on their own route, to make their way to the other side.

Pillars of the queendom 

Athens, Greece

“They are the very essence of the structure, the very base of it standing, keeping things up and perhaps even running“ Gun Roswell 

Pillars of the queendom 

The rough looking ancient construct, not much to look at, not anymore anyway, but they are still standing there, smaller than before, albeit in somewhat of a rubble state, still keeping it all together as they are the tether, the glue, the very basis of the structure and so, despite the demise of the general of the house, some of it is still present today, even if the builders let it fall into a disarray, la long time ago. But thanks to these bold pillars still going on strong, building upon them to gently restore, the home of those who came before, is but an task so much motor easier than anticipated. And so without too much of hesitation, a new life is finally given to them, and when completed, this building too will stand tall and for a very long time, soon becoming a steppingstone so fine, a baseline of sorts,  for a whole queendom to be brought forth, the old and the new coming together, joined at the pillars with the invisible tether, standing in the same place, possibly even forever.

The Blue and the River

Brazil, River Negro

“The river is blue as is the mood, of those travelling along the waves soothing “ Gun Roswell

The blue and the river

The river painted in the colour of blue, by the clouds and the moment, which came too soon, the setting of the sun combining the elements of water and air, creating a totally new hue, the blues, as some of us like to call it. 

And in this moment, of the blues, everything stalls, even the view, the small boat making its way back home to a safe harbour, but before it will arrive to its home space, it too, will halt all movement, just for the sake of the moment of the blues.

And that is simply because everything and everyone is affected and totally drawn to the phenomena as no-one can it resist, no matter how hard they would want to try, but nobody ever does. 


Simply, because it exists, in time, in space, everywhere and each and every day it will be there. 

Well, almost. 

And then, after the stolen moment has gone with a blink of an eye, the blues, all of it, disappearing, into the nothingness it came from, and only then, it all moves on, time and the night fall.