Sunshine during a cloud day

“Ain’t nothing better, than a little sun peaking through the thick cover of clouds in the middle of a rainy day” Gun Roswell

Sunshine during a cloud day

The foggy day, much to everyone’s dismay, was getting the mood all down, leaving nothing more behind than sad looking frowns.

It was by design as the greyish day, was there to slay, at least the people there, walking down below in much dismay.

Such is nature, always on the lookout to harm anyone who dares, to harm it first, and so, you get the gist of why all the foggish mist!

But, then, a hope of something appeared, right there from the cracks of the feared, ominous clouds over and beyond.

Before any of us could respond, with a cheer of some sort, it was all but gone!

Such is the power of nature, after all!

The moon noir

“The night or the day, no matter which way you decide to cypher it, the moon is out there, hanging above even if somewhat dimly lit“ Gun Roswell 

The moon noir

The moon was out, hanging above in the clear blue sky, nothing there to spy, not really, but it could have as easily have been in the middle of the night, as the light, was so dim.

Either because of the timing, being that of summer, the day never ending, and so day or night, all the same, as the sun and moon together keeps on spinning.

Or then, it was the day of a ver dark and dreary autumn month, the shades blurring in together, to each other, the shadow, the light, all the grey shades of neither and then both, the monochrome, the noir, all of it one simple colour.

Whatever it is you see up there with your own bare eyes, is the truth, whether the sky is blue, or pitch black dark, the moon is always there, looking mighty smart.

Hanging on a chandelier 

“There is just something so ape like, like going back in time, whenever one gets a chance to hang from a fancy lamp, a chandelier therms call it!“ Gun Roswell 

Hanging on a chandelier 

The brightly lit, glimmering glitzy glam tacky bling bling of an ornament hung from the tallest spot on the best one there on the dot of very roof, which was supporting the house from rain hail and all the things non too nice for sure.

But when the darkness falls, and the other lights are set to lowest of lows, that is when the bling of a thing takes its spotlight, shining brightly, the dangles from it reflecting all the rainbow colours on to the walls.

And when that happens, there is a ball, even if it’s held for just the one person, who likes it just so, because then they can dance and brawl all alone, before finally taking it to the max and climbing up the rack, because hanging from the real fancy lamp, is certainly a must y’all.

All the angles

“A house made of glass and steel, looks so modern, it’s hard to feel, but there is something there, if you care to touch it“ Gun Roswell

All the angles

Staring up into the skies, all the angles just to spy, the structure above my head, made out of steel but mostly, glass, scary in a way, as if broken it would be made, all the shards cutting through, whatever soft things they would fall upon.

But worry not, the structure is quite solid, even if staring at it would be for hours on end, nothing will be dropping down on your face, so enjoy the odd structure made to see right through, as it certainly is something special for the right kinds of views.

An alien looking construct

“The unicoloured monochromatic construct reaching for the dark skies… could this be built by ancient aliens or simply futuristic humans?“ Gun Roswell

An alien looking construct

Touching the sky, ever so lightly, and perhaps because of that it is radiating the brightest of lights, even with the material concrete, but it is no more or no less illuminating, reflecting ever so softly, all that pretty light from the above skies.

Some say, it was built by ancients from the very past, built so it would last the testament of time, while others claim in one loud chime, that it just popped up there only yesterday like child’s play, but it does not really matter when or whom it was which structured the building, not painted or guilds, as it certainly is a beacon for us all, standing ever so tall.

So, what remains for us mere mortals to do, is to simply look up and this construct adore, give it the adoration it deserves and bask, bask away in the guiding light as it all blurs, into the surrounding neighbourhood.

Shadow and the light, ever so bright

“Just watch it peek through, the light, so powerful, no shadow can hold it from bleeding through“ Gun Roswell

Shadow and the light, ever so bright

The darkness defending the land, with its cold hand, touching all in its path

But not even the most darkened shadow can last, when a burst of light, so powerful is cast

Over is the dark and dank feeling in an instant, as as soon as the power touches like a plant

Through time and space it will reach and then make its very own place to last

The light of the day, the light of life, will be able to cast away any doubt of darkness making its place forever, even if it might remain, in the shadows

Blinded by the Sun

“The sun will be shining, long after we are all gone, and even if it may be dimming, never again so strong, for now, trust that the rise and set will be there for you to let, dictate your very days to come“ Gun Roswell

Blinded by the Sun

The streets are as long as are the shadows cast, the very mood, the overall ambience just like from the past, meant to last, long after those admiring the special moment, have come and gone, and over the rainbow bridge passed.

And so, do not worry, and for goodness sake, don’t be sorry if missing the special spell in time, as the sun will come back again in the morning, it always does, even if there just might be a totally cloudy cast and with rain and thunder hitting hard, because the sun, is somewhere there, behind the curtain, only waiting for its moment to shine through.

And so, with that thought, safely go to bed, fall asleep, knowing, the one sure thing in life will be there, even if all other things might just fall apart, as the globe of fire, is totally smart, meant to last, way longer than any kind of life, here on this small blue ball.

Between the two is time

“Just between the two pillars, a tower lies, something of a time keeper?” Gun Roswell 

Between the two is time

Look right up and ahead, see just there?

Between the two rocky constructs, something one a kind

Sticks out like a sore thumb, which some a time keeper calls

As this tower of a thing, never ever does stall

The clock inside of it, running like time itself

Always accurate and so no one is ever late

So, better keep in mind, when perhaps wanting to unwind 

The tower will keep you posted and remind

Of the one simple fact, that time never stands still

Especially when you really just want to be and chill 

Open the shades, only when the sun to rest lays

“There shade, the sun, the clouds, the open skies, it’s all just one big illusion in one’s eyes” Gun Roswell

Open the shades, only when the sun to rest lays

The shade of it all!

Yes, just because the sun decided to stand oh so very tall!

And so, finding cover, of any kind was the one thing on everyone’s mind

The windows, the very homes, shutting down all doors, not a sprinkle of it getting inside

Just because someone thought that was the decision made ever so wise

No more peeking into the sun, even if it before was sun

No more glaring into the light, shining ever so bright

Because, someone said, it was not smart

And so, shade for all, was the option with with to go

On a remote Island

“Island life, can be a strife, but during summer time, all is simply fine” Gun Roswell 

On a remote Island

The place so remote, you will have to take a boat and then row it, a long, long stretch, before even let, close enough to the very space , the perfect spot, right there, on the dot, an island, which when boarded will keep you smiling, all summer long, but only if you can stay strong, never ever complain, about the lack of, all them creature comforts, left behind, on the mainland, as learning to stand, on your own feet, then and there, on the island bare, so far removed from civilisation, the only ones are the flying birds, which can you disturb, in the morning hours, but it’s all simply fine, as learning the mundane life, on the remote isle.