Black cat sitting on the street corner

“There is a black cat in the street just sitting there, should I be scared?” Gun Roswell

Black cat sitting on the street corner

There once was a black cat
Whom neatly on the street corner sat
Never moving, never budging
Even if there would be a large truck in
Coming around the bend
He would just sit there and this time spend
On nothing and everything
As the world would turn around him

Why you may ask?

Well you see, this is his one job
The only one suited on this small blue globe
As he is the very watcher of us all
The one black cat, sitting quite tall
And that is why there is no fear for us at all
As he keeps an eye on us, that we will not fall

The cat at the doorway

“The cat at the door, acting like the bouncer? Well, whom else did you expect?” Gun Roswell 

The cat at the doorway

There, by the door, the cat lazily lay, much to the few random visitors dismay, who were none too fond of the furry felines themselves. But hey, if you’re coming my way, to my home, or rather the house now owned by my cat, then you better get adjusted to the one simple fact, that she is in charge and decides, whom shall through the entrance pass. So, next time you show up, at the doorstep of our cohabit-at, bring something, anything, to show your appreciation for the furry friend, on whose mood your entrance depends. A bribe, a price, some fish, basically anything you can come up with. And another reminder; the cat is quite picky too, about you and what you might bring. So, do think really carefully through, even the possibility that she may sue. But most of all, if you really want to visit, then set aside all that illicit and try at least, to be the cat’s friend, with all the intent you can muster. Because she can sniff a liar out and then, you’re on your own and totally busted! Sorry, but I did warn you and if I’m brutally honest, the cat always comes first.

Monochrome and the light inside and out

“It’s totally fantastic, so simplistic, and yes of course, it’s monochromatic” Gun Roswell

Monochrome and the light inside and out

The reflections on the smooth glass walls, so totally strong, it cannot be wrong
The solid darkness of the steel, was expected to all the brightness to steal
Alas, it was but a very frightening suspicion, caused simply by misinformation
As the thick glass, would always let the bright light to pass its very made form
And no amount of steel around the structure, no matter whether dark or light
Would be in the way, of the sun shining ever so bright and letting those inside
Feel and see the texture of the small, rays pouring in through each and every crack
And that, was after this moment and finally, not just welcomed, but a known fact
And soon enough, not just only those living in the newly created kind of an odd building
Could be of the eternal lights around be enjoying, but also all the gorgeous reflections
Were giving the outsiders, a good and unexpected light show all around the dwelling
And from this lucky happenstance, anyone ever taking even one single glance
At the monochromatic tall metal and glass built building, could only sigh in total awe
Because, simple can also be so magnificent, and the light, well, it will always bend

My eyes, always do spy

“I am always on the lookout for something. Always watching, observing and then, when the moment is right, I am going in for the kill: Snapping my one perfect pic!“ Gun Roswell

My eyes, always do spy

I am always watching, always the one vigilant of the group, always observing my very own surroundings, but never, ever, am I the one participating. 

I am the one overseer of life, the one on the look out for anything remotely bad or even nice, and then each passing moment in time, I am the one who is only anticipating.

Whatever is going to happen, wherever it will be happening, trust me, I will be there, carefully watching the outcome, still, without ever interfering in anything.

Why, you may ask, what is the point of all of it, whatever this kind of thing is, if it is even a thing, or is it just something chosen, for the purpose of some kind of experiment or others living experiences to be stolen?

Simply because, I am only a spy, of this very existing life, the one and only outsider, never the divider, never the together, as I can only be, the observer. Because I can be, nothing more as this is simply the score.

Down along the long pier

“On the look out for some lighthouses, along the seaside, on the tall piers“ Gun Roswell

Down along the long pier

The hunt has begun, something don, just for the heck of it or shear fun, as searching for the perfect spot along the long and winding pier, until something interesting I am able to see.

A construct of a sorts, tall or even a short, with a fancy light up on its very top, a guiding one at that, to keep the brave and fearless sea farers safe from any kind of major shipwrecks.

Running up and down, like a crazy person, trying to figure out, where all the great ones are hidden as not all tall piers are equipped with those features, with the magnificent kind of old school architecture. 

But continuing on with my very search, as who knows from which corner these houses of sorts might lurk, because even if they aren’t that popular these days, some still around may lay, and finding one would be the high light of the day.

So, carrying on, walking along, each and every single winding and tall, pier I can see near and beyond, until that specific and perfect lighthouse comes my way, as it is the most perfect display for the long, search filled and darkened cloudy day.

The storm in the horizon

“The storm is rising. I can feel it, and also see it in the horizon” Gun Roswell

The storm in the horizon

The dark clouds are gathering, up there in the high skies
Filled with water and thunder, off the makings of a storm they cry
And without any lies , I watch them getting closer, my face a smile
Why? Just because the constant heat, had no kind of relief
And as I stand by and look at the nature gathering its bile
I know this event will be the one you might call a heavens sent
Because in this ever changing world, you never know which way
Is the way you are hurled, and despite the ominous nature of the weather
Somehow you can still rely on the tether, holding you safe in the place
As the storm makes its way over you, letting it happen the best bet
Although there is nothing you can do but to it let and not to forget
To try and stay out of its way, and where possible to indoors stay
It might not always be that pleasurable of an encounter
But just remember it is part of the cycle of Mother Nature
And once it has passed because it won’t last, you can once again laugh

A seat refurbished

“Recycle is the key word of the day, don’t waste, make good use of all of it even if you are in haste“ Gun Roswell

A seat refurbished

A seat had finally served its former purpose as a sitting surface for all those tired and weary ones, not being able to stand on their own to feet. It could have fared worse of course being thrown into a dumpster of all sorts. But luckily this formerly rickety old stool had an owner who was no fool and a handy one at that. So now, the former seating tool has a new purpose and ain’t that all so totally cool! A new life after some love and care and lots of paint, the former chair of a thing, is now serving, as a flower pot, a useful thing at that, and even good to look at so all and all a good change in life for that old chair now sitting on the porch for all passersby to see. 

The moral of the story here if you haven’t figured it out already is, to never throw good things away, rather reuse and show them some care as they once did serve you and their purpose, so always try to be fare!

The Peekaboo Cat

“The curious cat will always be lurking around and checking things out“ Gun Roswell

The Peekaboo Cat

The cat who was always so curious peeking her head out from whatever corner or nook she could. She did not care about someone seeing her doing so nor was she easily scared. She simply liked to take a look, of whatever was going on and then she was hooked. She kept on watching life as it went by her, the other creatures doing their thing, living, learning, dancing, even some of them would sing. But, as time went on, she got as the others got old and one day, she realised much to her own dismay, that she had only watched life happening there, outside all those hideaways she liked in to dwell. Now as the interest was still there but she had done nothing to daring, not even showing her face to those others passing by in haste. Deciding today was that day, she was going to take part in the display, rather than simply hiding away. Taking a look from her nook, she slowly but surely took the first ever step, making her way to the light of the day and was surprised, as the others there, while seeing her for the very first time, simply smiled and told her: ?


“The buds are changing into something completely different, like flowers and other wild things!” Gun Roswell


What on Earth was all the ruckus about, just outside my very own window. It was like someone had stopped there to shout out loud, but why? Was the ground filled with snow? It as spring time and weather was simply fine as it was, so why all the fuss?

After all, it was that time of the year, when the ice had melted away and even the tiniest cracks on the ground, housed a bud or few way past their curfew and were ready at any moment to sprout. But that wasn’t any kind of reason to get too exited as this was part of the cycle of life.

I looked out and realised the shout, wasn’t coming from the outside, but from deep within myself as I had simply realised some things, unconsciously naturally. It was the day of June and all the hay, the flowers, had so totally conquered the world outside and without a doubt, I had now come to the conclusion, it was summer once again and out I too did sprout, just like those buds sleeping only yesterday.

Up to the very top of the path I go

“Up the long, long path I go, getting to the very top, only there will I stop” Gun Roswell

Up to the very top of the path I go

The path ahead long and winding, not to mention the steep incline
The task ahead me totally blinding, and I am scared without denying
Alas, the bet was placed, and I so totally hate giving up on a dream
So, maybe just maybe, this road up the hill, isn’t as hard as it seems

Threading lightly, as hurrying would most likely reside to fighting
Of both body and mind together siding and then completely residing
From the hike just now beginning, but I have decided on winning
And against my very own nature now going, brain and body damming

As I put one foot in front of the other, there really is no room for error
One single mistake, a slack step and back into the deep I will fall
Moving on, slowly and gently, thinking back of what went on with me
When I decided to take this stupid bet in the first place and now, I know

It was simply to prove myself a point, that I, could so make it to the very top
And here I do go, and none too slow, step by step, and hey, I am so up here!!