Coffee, the one and true life saviour

“There is nothing more invigorating, than the smell of fresh brew in the early morning hours, when stumbling out of the bed, half asleep. It is the only medicine for the cure of not being awake.” Gun Roswell

Coffee, the one and true life saviour

The early morning hours, never the easy ones for this sleeping ugly, because that is the correct word to describe the monstrous thing getting out under the covers and stepping their giant feet to the cold floor, nothing pretty to be seen, only scowls, snide remarks upon being dressed and worse remarks and quips if being asked. Surely, not a morning being, at all.

But, that will all change, once the medicined kicks in. And by that is meant, the one and only true healer, the saviour of it all, the one which can the biggest mountains make one move, and then to put on the daily groove, to any annoyed and sleep deprived person, the big uncooperative monster had just become during the night time.

Alas, the smallest scent will make the sleepy entity hell bent, on getting up and down stairs, bursting into the kitchen with nostrils flaring, taking a deep breath, inhaling the elixir of life, taking a sip, savouring the taste, then another soon to follow, until finally, the whole cup is drained of the darkest of brews, and then only, will do, a conversation or any other query, if feeling daring, as this is just the first cup, after all.

Coffee, always as double

“There is always time for coffee, and then some more coffee after that” Gun Roswell 

Coffee, always as double

The cup of in single, is never enough, especially when it is time to mingle, among the other coffee lovers, then definitely the cup size needs to be double, if not even triple!

As there really is no such thing as too much coffee, and it won’t last long, when moving along the crowd yapping on about, well, what else could it be about, than coffee!

What else is there? Life as we know it would certainly suck without his fine organic suspension every devised. As it does give you a smile or at least a big fat grin, as coffee might just be a sin!

Friday and a Cup of Coffee

“The day of free, well Friday at least, is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with a nice cup of coffee, right?“ Gun Roswell

Friday and a Cup of Coffee

Friday, is here and so, a giant enormous cup of coffee is poured, simply because, it is the best way, to celebrate, the fact, that the weekend is upon, even if the day itself and the coffee, really do not make any sense, but then again, coffee, goes with everything and nothing, and if I feel like it is the very thing, to be used for some minor celebratory action? Well, then, who will stop me?

So, now that it is all settled, I too, will settle, with my feet up, without too much of a huff or puff, and watch the weekend silently descend upon my very self, of course, enjoying my big cup of the finest organic suspension ever devised and that is all I am going to do, over this weekend of free, and if some of you disagree, feel free, to sue me!

Monday Morning and another Cup of Coffee

“There is always time for coffee, morning, noon, day or night time, it’s all just fine, if you really enjoy the dark liquid kind and to have a cup of it, when you see fit” Gun Roswell

Monday Morning and another Cup of Coffee

There is always room for coffee, in the stomach, someone said, even if it was some other time a clock, usually not associated with the fine sustenance of a dark liquid, but if one was prepared, for the full effect of the stuff, then drinking a cup or two, would suit, no matter the hour, as long as the face did not go sour, simply because the lack of coffee, was ever present, so, better satisfy the urge and have that drink of it, the coffee, in a cup, or a mug or even jug it directly from the pot!

Because believe it or not, those rules and regulations for sleeping and consumables, was most likely created by someone who hated the stuff, both coffee and well, food and perhaps even people, as all of us, are mostly individuals and so, enjoying the good stuff, coffee, does not have to be at any given hour, even midnight will do simply fine.

Coffee, on the run

“There is always time for coffee, no matter where and when you are running, coffee, in the run, of course!“ Gun Roswell

Coffee, on the run

The coffee break does not read the time on the clock, ticking away, tick tock, too loudly, as a moment or few had passed, without a cup on the side, and so, there was now a great big gaping hole where the coffee used to go, a size which could only be filled with the strongest kind of concoction, the kind where even a spoon would melt in, and so, it was totally a large kind of sin, to go such a long time not consuming even a drop of the stuff, which made life somewhat worthwhile, and perhaps even that faint smile onto the grumpy old face, as nothing else really these days could, but now, on the run, not the morning jog type rather fighting through in the rat race, trying to keep the head above the water’s edge, and without constantly tipping into the coffee jar, it was impossible at best, and so, taking a mug filled to the hilt, a large one at that, consuming it while moving forward in a good pace, the coffee helping on this difficult race.

Coffee and a side dish

“There is nothing wrong with coffee! Then again, adding a sugary snack on the side? Well, guess I should try?“ Gun Roswell

Coffee and a side dish

The simple cup of black coffee, seems to be lacking

Of something else, hovering above in stacking

Perhaps a taste of something soft and sweet 

Not that, coffee, usually, really never needed

As anything to disturb the essence of the dark liquid

Even if it would only be a side trip real, real quick

Whatever you may feel about this potent stuff of life

The coffee in the cup, the only thing in this life right

Perhaps just give it a chance, taking a small bite 

At first, washing it down with the coffee learnt

And then, if it feels totally good without a choice

Then perhaps reconsider, having the coffee some slack

Not that it and consumption in anyway needs to be toned back

Rather have a day in a week, regularly like
To add one thing sweet, in the menu like spice

Then feel how much better the break taken for this stuff

Will give you a tad more of the sugary fluff

Perhaps missing for the simple and straight cup

Of coffee, well, it might not be so much

But a bit of variety in the routine, never hurt anyone 

My dearest, darling Coffee

“There is nothing better than a cup of coffee, well, basically, whenever you want!“ Gun Roswell

My dearest, darling Coffee

What can I tell you, that I have not already said, that you are great with everything, maybe even when I am lying in bed, even if spilling some of you all over, that I would not mind one bit. Because you are the one thing on my mind, even, when I sleep, as to when I am able to once again have that smooth and calming drink, of the most perfect substance ever created, Coffee. But as soon as I am up, the first thing I will ever do, is get that smooth taste of you, into my mouth, and then only, can the day begin. Continued only, by the support of the precious thing, which always makes my heart sing, even if I had just consumed some, I am always ready for the next one. A great cup of coffee, with or without blending, something cool like caramel or sugar or whatever concoction someone might bring in, to the coffee room. As yes, there is a dedicated space, for you my dear, and if it was up to me, I would build a full house for you! Wait a minute! There is a house built in your honour, several as a matter of fact so, there is that and I am going in there soon enough, to give my praise to you, my dearest and most darling, Coffee!

Coffee and the very close-up

“There certainly is always time for coffee, no matter the time of day or even if you need it slay, perhaps the dragon no less, or something smaller to confess, simply because with coffee you can!“ Gun Roswell

Coffee and the very close-up

The day might be just like any other day, except when you feel you are in grave dire and lots of trouble, there is certainly time for a double, cup of coffee whether, it is espresso or with sugar and milk, whatever the choice of the silken drink, it does not matter as long as it is coffee, and only coffee, alright, a bagel is allowed, or perhaps a croissant or a biscuit if you won’t chew too loud. Just remember, that this stuff, is what life is made of, coffee, will make you stronger, faster, louder, prouder than anyone in the world. Well, except for those other ones who love the stuff as much as you do, then of course it might get a tad competitive, but surely, you can settle the fight with some more coffee, for example who can drink the most cups in one go or something similar, as long as this all revolves around the coffee, then nothing else in the world can ever go wrong!

Coffee and the close-up

“Coffee, best of the best of the best, so need I say more? No? Then, you know the score: Hot coffee, black!“ Gun Roswell

Coffee and the close-up

The scene was set and all ready, only waiting for the star to arrive. And typically there were only minutes of five, left before the shooting would start. So, naturally, there would be a slight delay on the arrival as the diva of the show, was not about the take the bow, not easily anyway as in their mind, all others were there to service them, without a question rather when.

A few more moments passed, causing some murmurs around the crew, at least on a few as those familiar with the diva, had learned not to bother too much anymore as the reward, would stand at the end, after session had concluded and the usually successful images would mend, any foul moods the diva might have caused, as the applause of the end result, stood there without fault.

The flashing lights went on for a moment more, as the diva had finally arrived to the scene. The clicks of the cameras heard around the area, as silence other wise ensued, the session a success as per usual as the shots, particularly the close-ups, turned up all great, some might have called it fate, more than anyone could have hoped as per agreed by the whole group.

Soon enough, the moment over, photos ready and the crew relaxed, looking at their reward with closed captures, the scene in front of them enticing, making them all smiling. The diva turning into the thing, which minstrels songs of would sing, the finest organic suspension ever devised, in a cup of a large size, a delicacy to be consumed, the coffee, as presumed.

Bubbles and the coffee cup

“The coffee in the cup is bubbly and looks like fun, so better drink it on the run“ Gun Roswell 

Bubbles and the coffee cup

No matter the time of day, no matter the state of mind, even if in disarray, there is one constant in the universe which will be the perfect choice, as a calming effect, a snack and even a beverage for the thirsty soul. So, listen carefully to the beckoning call, of that bubbling pot, making the lot of coffee for everyone to consume, and all this before the time is noon.

The key is in the bubbles. Look carefully at them, floating across the surface of the drink, and they will not sink, even if you will blow at them or mix the liquid with a spoon, because as soon as you stop stirring, the bubbles will be re-emerging. Persistent are they by nature, but the are the very nature, of the tall order in the cup, so do not huff, rather gently blow at them, and then take taste. The tickles in your mouth, will make you giggle out loud, meaning only one thing. You are enjoying the best cup of the stuff and isn’t that simply grand.