2.47 AM

“The time is now, even if it is in the middle of the night, but if it feels right, simply, write” Gun Roswell

2.47 am

Sometimes it is right to just be awake, when others sleep, because your mind is in to deep of it all, the worlds created and destroyed, inside the very head of your own, and just because the timing might be bad, throwing away ideas popping up so vey sad or glad?

Well, simply not an option, as the very concoction, can soon be read online, and whether it is fine or not?

Guess you should be the judge of that?

I don’t really have a life, do I?

“Living inside a fantasy world inside one’s own mind can be dangerous they said. Still it is much better here, than anywhere else, so why should I want to leave?“ Gun Roswell

I don’t really have a life, do I?


What is this thing everyone keeps talking about – life?

It is a rather difficult of a concept to grasp

And someone even suggested it doesn’t that long last?

So why then bother?

Why not simply live inside the most perfect make believe world?

Created by the twisted mind and then oneself having into it hurled

But, by choice, as all the many voices there

Bring comfort and care, never ever despair

And so, the conclusion?

Is there life outside one’s mind?

Or is all of it out there simply a concoction of someone much smarter?

And all those living their supposed lives?

Simply mere players in someone else’s mind?

Life is full of ups and downs

“Life, well, it is a funny thing, life, isn’t it. Just filled with all kinds of surprises, mostly never good,  but yeah, guess it’s all good“ Gun Roswell

Life is full of ups and downs

The never ending rollercoaster, which some of us, call life, the never ending circle of ups and downs, mostly those kinds, making most of us frown, as where the ups are concerned, there is usually several more downs coming in return.

Never trust a smiling cat, nor an up at that, because you’ll know it’s gonna come with a payment, which oh so totally burns!



“It is pride month again. For those otherwise inclined, not fitting the norm. Some call it pandering, others simply enjoy the appreciation thrown their way.” Gun Roswell


What does it mean? Really?

It is just having a flag of colour raised up the pole for a duration of thirty days?

Wearing colourful socks or shoes, perhaps a bag of the same colour spectrum?

Being acknowledged at the work place, having pins placed on their lapels, sporting the rainbow colours?

The convenient store around the corner, displaying their pride collection proudly beside the register?

But for me? Personally?

Simply to be me, to exist, just the way I was intended to be

Not to be put in a box, designed by those, who would prefer to do so

I don’t ware any other colours than those, which suit my daily mood

Just because the calendar said so, and wanted me to come out of my home

I have and always will be, simply me

Acceptance or not, I cannot and will not change who I am

And so, alone or together with others daring, I make my stand

Celebrating each and everyday of the year, without fear

And so, tipping my bonnet to those, who chose this time to appreciate us, other folk

But also reminding them all, this month is not the only time we, queer folk, do exist

The mood of the day

“The mood, ever changing, by the day, by the hour, even by the second, as yes, I am really that moody!” Gun Roswell

The mood of the day

The mood, something which sometimes, really should, not be effecting anything, but unfortunately, more often times, it goes completely out of control, like it totally has a mind of its own and during those times, well, not even a smile will get you off the hook, when a great big booboo had been left out of the locked hideaway, deep inside the mind’s eye, and even acting all quiet and nice with a great big wide smile will cover for the mood swings and the following rough words flying out the pit of the stomach and right through the big mouth and this is where it all goes totally south, as everything said will always sound too loud and so, there is really nothing making one feel proud, the moody blues, will make you totally lose your dignity and whatever else, and so, thanks to the mood swaying every which way, there is no use in one place stay as nobody wants to see those kinds of things happening, the moods soon unwrapping your true self, but in the end why dwell, we all use those moods as an excuse for bad behaviour, and so, let them all out, even if totally loud, as sometimes most of us need to not behave.

So many things to do, so little time?

Grogu – Star Wars

“Procrastination be thy name, or at least that could easily be my name” Gun Roswell 

So many things to do, so little time?

There is always something on the to do list, that something or actually many such things, which seem to forever exist, remaining undone for a any kind of reason or just the one, which could easily be as excused with the lack of time. Alas, the simplest answer is incorrect because there totally is something I need to confess. The reason behind not completing these many tasks, which constantly are haunting on that damned list from the distant past is quite simple and nothing to make me at least laugh, as the ugly truth finally is revealed, I am feeling no less healed. But here goes, as I am trying some truth here unfold. So, the reason as to why some of the tasks on my eternal todo list always remain undone, is this. I really, really don’t want to do them. I am sick and tired and completely fed up to the hilt of having all kinds of chores waiting for me whenever there is even one single slot of any kind of free time left from the regular daily grind. I simply want some slack time and maybe after when I’m feeling fine, I can try, to finish the list!?

Completely drained

“Sometimes things just fall down the drain and there is nothing to do except to flush the toilet and start again” Gun Roswell

Completely drained

When it all gets just a bit too much, and such, when even waking up, is a complete and utter chore, the bore of the day ahead just won’t do its thing, the moment when waking up and wanting to happily sing, just like in the movies, but who needs to be chipper all the time, especially during those times, when all is not fine and the feeling of blues, simply keeps on going, and even if saying it out loud sounds boring, that is simply the way, it is. All of it, the feelings, the power, the ol’ muscles, completely drained, like a fake battery you bought from a dollar store, fading really fast, only hoping the sensation too long won’t last, at leas, that is the goal, to get past, this sinking feeling, literally being in a sink and falling hard and deep down that curving drain, to be sucked down together with all that dirty water, and then finding oneself in the sewage with the rest of the discarded and disdained. But hey, maybe I will make some friends when down there!

Sunnyside and the bench to sit on

“When on the sunny side, sit on a bench, and enjoy the warming rays” Gun Roswell

Sunnyside and the bench to sit on

When seated, on the sunny side of the bench

There is really no option, of getting drenched

Enjoying, the really long, and totally warming rays

In one these unworried and completely lazy days

Before the kind and gentle of days are done

Soaking it all in, under, the healing sun

With closed lid eyes, this one halted moment is spent

And then slowly turning into an image, which into my mind forever, is burnt

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