Lunch Time!

“The biggest thing about Sunday is, that it will always be followed by a Monday” Gun Roswell

Lunch Time!

A week full of labour
Still, bearing its fruits

Lunch in the coffee area
No time for feeling inferior

Chums and colleagues take a stance
Together we eat, be merry and laugh
Even time for a wee Monday dance

Of course,
The sweet dessert all the previous enhanced 😛

Totally so, on the rocks!

“On the rocks you say? Order a soft drink of the same name perhaps? Or just, life in general being just that? Usually, it’s either one or the other, or then second preceding the first option!” Gun Roswell

Totally so, on the rocks!

Life, death, life, things that nature, whatever the situation might just be, being totally alive or having died? Well, I would hope that while writing this ditty, I am alive, or at least, pretending to be, for you see, being on the rocks, totally so, and not even getting the drink to top it all! Well, guess, this really does seem like a dream of sorts, as seen, when, not totally dead or alive, just somewhere there between a state, where a moment of hesitate comes upon the dreamer, well, me, thinking, where am I? Is this really a dream or real life and what is even real life? Then I remember, the fact, of not really being dead either, simply having escaped, the place of the rocks, or rather, laying on top of some very pointy ones, stabbing in the back, really nasty things those are and so, having simply escaped, to this dream world and only waiting for the dreaded moment, when the day calls and I got to get up and there it goes, the alarm! So, guess, on the rocks it will be, for at least, a while!

The way down

“Take the steps one at the time and trust in that you will be fine, as wherever you end up, just remember to smile” Gun Roswell

The way down

The steps ahead leading to a place, somewhere else than where you stand right now as no one really in stays, in the same allotted time and space and so, daring to take the first step is the beginning of a long and lingering journey, with plenty more stairs to share, but as long as keeping in mind the burning flare, the one deep inside, the world, galaxy open wide will become the travelled path which for an eternity will last.

From Morn till Dusk

“Sky watching yet again, another sunrise on the horizon” Gun Roswell

From Morn till Dusk

As the early morning darkness fades
I am set and ready on my way
Hoping, not to be too late
To catch, at least, a glimpse, of the rising light
With my own, two dark eyes
And to admire that, of the magnificent sun’s rise
Watching the sky
I never feel like a spy
Only to simply admire
Of the marvels of what expires
When Mother Nature
Plays around like a true painter
Making art work of the simplest of things
Which will make each our hearts sing

Ship in the Grey

“Sailing in the past, to the future” Gun Roswell

Ship in the Grey

Sailing in the past on the open seas forever seemingly to last

This method might not be the fastest of the safest method forward to move

Alas getting to the future so unsure?

Well, not in the hurry to do that just yet and so no jets but a slow boat

The sails flapping in the wind and when the mood swings

The sails will be lowered and the pace slower

This is the way to move, across the high seas

Never fast, wanting this special moment forever to last

They future out there somewhere, totally can wait

For this solemn sailor 

A road to nowhere

“Sometimes one simply needs to take a road, leading to nowhere much, the journey the point, not the destination“ Gun Roswell

A road to nowhere

The red bus or the black taxicab, biking, hiking or even slow walking, it really does not matter which mode you just might be choosing

The main goal is not to goal, rather enjoy the journey ahead, no matter how hard or sad, there is always something to be taken away from all that

At the end the goal might just shine, but even if you won’t reach it, either in time or at all, the best of it all, are the gained friends, the memories in the brain’s store

Falling water in Monochrome

“The water always flows, downwards” Gun Roswell

Falling water in Monochrome

The is just something about water, making it flow, whatever magic behind it, sometimes moving fast, sometimes slow, alas it is the miracle of life as well, as the drink coveted after a spell, of drought for sure, but also, when running fast and feeling thirsty, what is the one drink which can quell that?


And so, keeping on worshiping the stuff, something of clarity and that is enough, neither magic nor a miracle, simply existing in this very life cycle, as like most of us, it is the one thing built in. The water running deep within.

Coffee, Life, What’s the Difference?

“The sweet elixir of life, whatever it means to each and every person, is different, but Coffee for sure, takes the lead in my book, without any strife!” Gun Roswell

Coffee, Life, What’s the Difference?

Becoming more adult, the tastes from when a child, start to develop to a more, subtle direction, at least, that is the general consensus of things, and not all do agree, as growing up and becoming an adult are two different things, and so, how we muddle through the so called life, well, that too, varies majorly so.

Getting old, means you might want to vary your diet and perhaps start liking certain things you did not before, just like life, right?

Getting even older means, you will stat to love the bitter taste of coffee without any qualms, black no sugar, no cream and definitely no milk, no questions asked, except for the one always hanging in the air when the liquid from the cup starts to disappear — one more, please!

It is totally reminiscent of life in this writers mind, as the more stale it gets as it sticks to the bottom of the pot, having been left for far too long, on the very warming plate, and so the more bitter the stuff tastes… and then what happens?

Well, the more you go back to get, well, even more of the same old shit!

And you totally see it now don’t you, the premise of this very tale, right?

As Coffee, Life, there really is no difference!