Blue on the ocean and the mountain top

“Where there is an ocean blue, there is always some blues to be heard on the waves so cool“ Gun Roswell

Blue on the ocean and the mountain top

The ocean vast, meant to last, past the earthly grounds, but sometimes, when the only thing you think you can see are the blues going on forever, and then, something totally unexpected pops up right there in the middle of it all.

There is something to be said, about this, very tall and statuesque, also blue in colour, or so it seems, as it sticks out from the calming waves, from the oceanic steams creating an illusion of a protective shroud, looking totally esteemed.

A mountain so tall, that if you were to climb up on it, well, you might be in for a scary fall, unless you are totally prepared for the adventure ahead, but once you get right there on the top, the world below endless and will never stop.

But, if you are one of the mere mortals, who cannot reach all them fancy portals, then staying on the beach the option, of watching the views and the cool and calming blue hues, the watery waves and then, the mountain from the distance.

Monday – not again!

“It’s Monday again folks! Better buckle up tight, because we are in, for a rude ride!” Gun Roswell

Monday – not again!

It is far too early, in the bloody hours of the morning, as I keep on yawning
Rolling, out of bed, even if, I should have stayed, under the warm covers instead
My head, is a total mess, and I am slowly but gradually beginning, to feel the stress
Of yet another week beginning, and no, I am so not, any kind of ballads singing
The signs were all there, in plain sight, just yesterday, all day long, I am fearing
For this day, to once again, come around, was it unexpected? Not really
Because for sure, I knew all along, it was lurking there, behind, the closed doors
Snoozing the alarms, going to hiding, trying to keep on the snores
No, nothing really ever helps, so, this is it folks! And no, no more of them jokes!
This is serious business and we all, need to start a rebellion, nay, a revolution!
To ban this day for once and for all, and never, ever again, should anyone feel small
When standing, against this, very big, hairy monster of a thing, on this, day
Where most of us, or at least some of the more sensitive people, feel like they are slain
By, this, fire spitting dragon, with the sharpest of teeth, as it is coming, to existence
Each and every single week, and right after, that perfect, slow paced place, no resistance left…

Alas, the weekend is now gone, and I am standing, sad and totally alone, dreading
Fearing, shaking, my pants almost peeing, but, with hands so sweaty, but I am nearing
My sword raised high and without even a hint of a smile, I am going to face it once again-
– Monday!

On the rocks?

“Between the hard of the rock and the blue coloured watery place? Tough choices them are, which I have to make!” Gun Roswell 

On the rocks?

When life takes you to the seashore, a place you have seem so many times before, it is there where the endless blue waters and warm sands beneath your soles meet the rocks of the past, standing ever so tall. 

But whether you simply want to look at the statuesque construct by Mother Nature, or the daringly climbing on the very top, be reminded of the danger of the alluring rocky structure, as you  may end up for a great big fall.

So, make your choice, take a pick, of either remaining where you are, on the safety of the beach, and just leaving that one dream of conquering the mountain ever so high, just there, out of reach, playing the bet as safe as can be, because you are here to peace only find!

Or, take on the challenge, to climb as high as possible even if you might lack the talent, because you are the one and only hot head of the heard, of those near which might have that one and only rant heard, and then, simple take the plunge or in this case, the climb!

My eyes, always do spy

“I am always on the lookout for something. Always watching, observing and then, when the moment is right, I am going in for the kill: Snapping my one perfect pic!“ Gun Roswell

My eyes, always do spy

I am always watching, always the one vigilant of the group, always observing my very own surroundings, but never, ever, am I the one participating. 

I am the one overseer of life, the one on the look out for anything remotely bad or even nice, and then each passing moment in time, I am the one who is only anticipating.

Whatever is going to happen, wherever it will be happening, trust me, I will be there, carefully watching the outcome, still, without ever interfering in anything.

Why, you may ask, what is the point of all of it, whatever this kind of thing is, if it is even a thing, or is it just something chosen, for the purpose of some kind of experiment or others living experiences to be stolen?

Simply because, I am only a spy, of this very existing life, the one and only outsider, never the divider, never the together, as I can only be, the observer. Because I can be, nothing more as this is simply the score.

The red lady bug

“The red coloured bug looks mighty snug seated on the leaf” Gun Roswell

The red lady bug

In the middle of summer,, all kinds of loud hummers will fly you by
But the one most likely candidate which will surely make you smile
Is the one born in the bright red colour and a dozen dots on its back
And that simple fact, makes this tiny bug, one of the most prettiest
It’s not just out of a jest, that this red one wins the buggy contest
Simply look at it, the perfection of its armoury, as it looks quite adoring
A true winner of miss nature, being one of the prettiest of bug creatures
So, giving the kudos and crown toggle one whom one the great title
Even if it was simply sitting pretty, posing for the camera set on idle
So, do salute the red clad lady bug, whenever you might her closely pass
Sitting pretty on a flower or a long lush green leaf for the duration of summer
And do hurry, as this pretty thing, can only be seen during the long months
Of warmth and fun, May, June, July and August, maybe even longer
Depending whether the weather might remain mildly warmer in the fall

Surviving Mondays

“Oh Monday, you are so totally cruel and always come uninvited into my life, what can i do to keep you at bay?“ Gun Roswell

Surviving Mondays

The Monday morning had once again arrived
I know it because I can totally smell its pride
Raising the ugly head I now know far to well
And then, there is that, totally fowl smell

You to tempt me to kick your non too rounded arse
As this day, always turns into some odd kind of farce
But if I did not already have this headache
From merely thinking about you to arrive and me break

You always make me numb, avoid of all the fun
Lashing out to me, with something or another
As if this beginning of the week would not already be a struggle
The weekend gone and Friday nowhere in sight, bummer!

But, there is one thing, that could help me pull through
That one single and totally lovely and tasting full brew
The darkest of liquids and the greatest of sustenance 
Ever devised by mankind, which has no pretence

It’s simply, well, just great
So go ahead, take a break
For this cup of stuff is no fake
Go, enjoy, your coffee, now!

Mondays with Coffee

“There is nothing wrong with Mondays, if you have loads and loads of coffee to support your fowl mood” Gun Roswell

Mondays with Coffee

The amount of coffee needed to survive a Monday, is easily calculable as you only need to put together the number of cups, clean, old, broken, small or big size, it does not matter really. But if you add up all those consumed ones from late Thursday afternoon until last one in the evening of a Sunday. Then add that figure carried with two, minimum, would be the only way to survive a full on Monday day. Easy isn’t it just?

But hey, if you me don’t that easily trust, when I have put forth this very high math formula in front of you, as the simple solution to all that Monday blues, then here is a thought you might try and then come next Monday do tell me I have lied: Why not just simply try, to not have a single drop of coffee during the whole day of Monday. And if you for what ever reason, miracle or other wise, have manage that day to survive, without killing too many people or run any other kind of fowl, then hallelujah to you! 

But deep down, you know that is all a lie and you really need that coffee to survive, Monday, Tuesday and the rest of the week too.


“The water is always so inviting, so cool, so calm and and feels like a soothing balm against the heated skin, especially in the midst of summer!” Gun Roswell


The elixir of life, the one thing which you’ll need to survive. It can be fun but also full of destruction, if you are not careful. But whatever the relationship with this element of nature is, nothing on this planet of Earth would exist if it wasn’t for it being that one special hit.

But for now at least, trying to enjoy the small puddle of the thing, right there, in the backyard, filled to the hilt. Cool, turquoise and see through liquids, just waiting for someone to dive in. It’s the summer heat after all, so better not stall, rather try dipping in at least one of the toes.

While bathing in the inviting waters all day long as the warmth outside is quite strong. Swimming with a few strokes but mostly hanging lazy, watching the time pass by in a state of hazy. But it’s fine for now at least, as soon the heat waves will be over and the need for warmer clothing is upon.

These are the days when to remember especially in the heart of the cold winter. When the water is frozen solid and there are no sings of anything green or blue, only the blanket of snow, but for now, better not get worried, only enjoy the time before it flies right by.

Gated Entrances

“Open the gate and step into the wondrous worlds hiding behind them” Gun Roswell

Gated Entrances

The secrets within, are kept hidden, from prying eyes, which all over do spy. But for a selected few, those who dare and do, the invitation is open for whenever they choose to get through and become the daring adventurers which made of are legends. And if getting your name in history, then this is the group you want to be joining in.

Stepping through gated entrances, has its advances. For those daring to take the trip and go and seek, whatever secrets may lie behind the curtains neat. And that is the would be feat for those few peeps. After all, there are no others there blocking the doors so whatever the places have in store, most certainly is no bore and that is for sure.

But, there is a far warning attached here too, and signing it, well, there is really no-one to sue. Because there are dangers out there too and those chosen few, are facing them each time while stepping through a gate. So, if you are one of those who do hesitate, then maybe this is a trip you should not take. Rather leave it to those daring venturers, who fear nothing, not even the odd chance of never returning from a place.