Riding Sideways

“The heavy lean sideways of the vehicle makes even the photographer dizzy and the camera to tilt as well!” Gun Roswell

Riding Sideways

The rickety cart with the two passengers tilted ominously on the slippery street

Not that this might have caused any of the discomfort in the picture seen

Alas the total sway of the vehicle, was something not foreseen

The driver most likely a first timer or then then it was just too few wheels

Whatever the case just might have been on this particular scene

In the end, the car on small wheels managed to arrive safely to the goal

And isn’t that just a god thing for the very scared soul having watched this odd show!

A day of irritation

“There is nothing like walking up from the wrong side of the bed, the whole day totally spoiled!” Gun Roswell

A day of irritation

Yeah, it is that kind of day, when all you see around you is chaos and dismay, the short lived dreams, or rather nightmares behind now, but cannot help the display of a frown, a permascowl rather as nothing, absolutely not one single thing, did go right, ever since that alarm clock chimed.

And so, with all the bile sticking into the throat, not even the neighbour’s smirking goat, can lift up the spirits, fingers digging into the thick layer of clothing, only hoping its enough against the weather outside, then headed out the door, the slippery ice road ahead, not helping the mood but instead, going down, luckily the thick ass cushioning the fall, but the snowy stuff, is enough, to irritate the already fowl, sour state.

So, getting up, huffing and puffing, into the car, luckily having been dug out from under piles and piles of the white stuff having fallen from the skies, the night before, so at least, there is that, even if the derrière feels rather sore, but don’t want to be late from work, so heading to the traffic, soon on the highway, at least, on the right lane.

At the office, they all start pouring in, as despite the good intentions of having a happy face plastered on, trying to stay strong, but then, like often, idiots happen, and ain’t that a great continuation for a day ahead, which had already tarted so greatly, and yes, I am stating that quite sarcastically!

Another day of total irritation, how fun!

On the rails when it snows

“The early morning snow storm, caused a chaos on the tracks, but never mind, the trains will still run” Gun Roswell 

On the rails when it snows

The early morning heavy rush hour, the traffic filled with vehicles, stopped on its tracks

Luckily though, it did not stop the trains running on the long rails, as a matter of fact

As the  rail driven vessels never ever halting, not for the weather, rain, snow or fire

Pushing through, pulling the haul of many a cars, dashing through whatever going far

The train, the only working public; or other kind of transport, something the pedestrians now sport

This is the way to go quite fast and oh so very far, even the next city, and that is simply splendid 

The ride rather smooth and gentle, even with the mileage left behind plenty of.

Colours of the Season

“They might not be as green as they once were, but those colours, albeit faded, are still, luminous“ Gun Roswell

Colours of the Season

On the ground they lay, in somewhat of a disarray, still, not willing to give up, not just yet, even if the colours of summer, having turned to fall, had faded, soon to be incorporated to the awaiting dirt in the shade of the dullest of greys.

But, no matter the outcome might just be for them all, no matter the fate, these, faded colourful tiny beings seemed to be hanging on for a moment longer, making the onlookers heart sing, simply because the resilient fight they are putting on, staying strong, no matter the odds.

Night Signs

“Even in the darkness of night, there is plenty of artificial light, the signs lit, to the hilt, lighting the path of the nightly wonderer” Gun Roswell

Night Signs

Don’t worry about not seeing real good, when the darkness descends, because when you hit the streets, driving, walking, cycling, which ever format you may prefer, the lights of the signs, are there, all colours, shapes and sizes, keeping your path lit up without fail.

But even if they look all cool and making the rest assured, that the traveller will never fail on their path, stepping properly, during each pass, the skies will remain darkened, hardly ever light in there, as even the moon, may be hiding, not behind shroud of clouds, but rather, behind all the light reflected, back into the stratosphere.

And so, as a reminder, with all the artificial light scattered across the place, it will never replace, those wonders of seeing all the stars and planets, flashing their longs since dimmed light from a galaxy far far away, onto our paths.

All the angles

“A house made of glass and steel, looks so modern, it’s hard to feel, but there is something there, if you care to touch it“ Gun Roswell

All the angles

Staring up into the skies, all the angles just to spy, the structure above my head, made out of steel but mostly, glass, scary in a way, as if broken it would be made, all the shards cutting through, whatever soft things they would fall upon.

But worry not, the structure is quite solid, even if staring at it would be for hours on end, nothing will be dropping down on your face, so enjoy the odd structure made to see right through, as it certainly is something special for the right kinds of views.

Take a ride, on a kickable, motorised scooter 

“Ride, ride, ride a kick scooter to the end of a long, long street” Gun Roswell 

Take a ride, on a kickable, motorised scooter 

Manual labour?

No thanks!

Simply put a coin in the slot, right there on the dot, just there, and voilà!

You are equipped with the most perfect transport for a few hours to circle around in the city just like, well royalty, maybe not, but at least close to it, without any kind of stint of the manual and exhausting one.

And if you really want to, have some exercise, just to feel more nice, rather than the lazy ass riding on the scooter with both feet on it, then scoot, scoot, scoot your way with the other leg. 

And for the sake of it, try to change footing every now and again, as too much time spent on just the one appendix, might just cause cramps or thicker muscles on it.

So, whatever you choose, you won’t lose, as this is the best choice to travel in a small city.

The colours of autumn in Suburbia

“The colours so vibrant it hurts the onlookers head, well, sometimes, but hey, just enjoy them for now as snow will fall soon enough!“ Gun Roswell

The colours of autumn in Suburbia

Suburbia coming to life with these colours being ever so bright. 

Never mind, the pouring rain, the plain and same ole colour of grey, the dominant for this season, at least where the skies are concerned.

Glance around, prance even if this is the time you have found to do so.

As this flow of nature, is at its very end, almost reaching the winter season, and then it is time to spend indoors, hoping the walls and floors will keep you warm!

City lights at night

Helsinki, Finland

“The night is a time to catch a glimpse to the slumbering city, lit up by artificial lights, shining ever so bright” Gun Roswell

City lights at night

The darkened places, where nobody stays at, not at this hour anyway, only a few strays, trying to make their way home, and then, the one who dares, to look for trouble, well, at least, snapping a few memories, of the city finally at peace, not really sleeping, but still, quiet and still.

And so, taking a walk around those streets, which usually are totally filled, with people, with cars, with life, during the time of light, are now sparse or rather void, of any kind of moving parts, as usually, some tend to sleep during the night, except perhaps a few whose work does not revolve around the clock.

The pix snapper moves on, catches the glimpses usually never seen during the light of day, and then, when all the empty space is spent, with a hint of a smiles, start making their long trek, back home,  as there are pictures to share, with those soon waking up, with the sun.

Panodramatic Grey

Espoo, Finland

“It is a grey day, with lots of rain, but the panorama mode, makes it look much more than plain” Gun Roswell

Panodramatic Grey

The greys soon enough come out, whenever the rain fills up the skies with loud thundery clouds, even if it there is really no sound to be heard, but what we have learnt, is to always carry an umbrella with us, whenever the stormy weathers hit, during this season of s..t.

Daring to adventure outside, even with the rain, so totally loud, makes one feel proud, fighting against the nature, well, at least, the big puddles and those cars driving too close to the pavement, but the cure is simple, only the need to put on some clothing suitable and out there, the above kinds of scenes can be found!