“The water is always so inviting, so cool, so calm and and feels like a soothing balm against the heated skin, especially in the midst of summer!” Gun Roswell


The elixir of life, the one thing which you’ll need to survive. It can be fun but also full of destruction, if you are not careful. But whatever the relationship with this element of nature is, nothing on this planet of Earth would exist if it wasn’t for it being that one special hit.

But for now at least, trying to enjoy the small puddle of the thing, right there, in the backyard, filled to the hilt. Cool, turquoise and see through liquids, just waiting for someone to dive in. It’s the summer heat after all, so better not stall, rather try dipping in at least one of the toes.

While bathing in the inviting waters all day long as the warmth outside is quite strong. Swimming with a few strokes but mostly hanging lazy, watching the time pass by in a state of hazy. But it’s fine for now at least, as soon the heat waves will be over and the need for warmer clothing is upon.

These are the days when to remember especially in the heart of the cold winter. When the water is frozen solid and there are no sings of anything green or blue, only the blanket of snow, but for now, better not get worried, only enjoy the time before it flies right by.

Gated Entrances

“Open the gate and step into the wondrous worlds hiding behind them” Gun Roswell

Gated Entrances

The secrets within, are kept hidden, from prying eyes, which all over do spy. But for a selected few, those who dare and do, the invitation is open for whenever they choose to get through and become the daring adventurers which made of are legends. And if getting your name in history, then this is the group you want to be joining in.

Stepping through gated entrances, has its advances. For those daring to take the trip and go and seek, whatever secrets may lie behind the curtains neat. And that is the would be feat for those few peeps. After all, there are no others there blocking the doors so whatever the places have in store, most certainly is no bore and that is for sure.

But, there is a far warning attached here too, and signing it, well, there is really no-one to sue. Because there are dangers out there too and those chosen few, are facing them each time while stepping through a gate. So, if you are one of those who do hesitate, then maybe this is a trip you should not take. Rather leave it to those daring venturers, who fear nothing, not even the odd chance of never returning from a place.


“The buds are changing into something completely different, like flowers and other wild things!” Gun Roswell


What on Earth was all the ruckus about, just outside my very own window. It was like someone had stopped there to shout out loud, but why? Was the ground filled with snow? It as spring time and weather was simply fine as it was, so why all the fuss?

After all, it was that time of the year, when the ice had melted away and even the tiniest cracks on the ground, housed a bud or few way past their curfew and were ready at any moment to sprout. But that wasn’t any kind of reason to get too exited as this was part of the cycle of life.

I looked out and realised the shout, wasn’t coming from the outside, but from deep within myself as I had simply realised some things, unconsciously naturally. It was the day of June and all the hay, the flowers, had so totally conquered the world outside and without a doubt, I had now come to the conclusion, it was summer once again and out I too did sprout, just like those buds sleeping only yesterday.

Spring and Summer Weather

“There is nothing wrong with the weather. It is fine, I am fine, everyone is fine. It’s just weather, changing all the time.” Gun Roswell

Spring and Summer Weather

The early morning showers, woke me up, with a light flash caused by thunder. It was not at all unexpected as it had been forecast already but usually those meteorologist make a blunders. Still, as it is the merry month of Spring or even Summer, you would think, that after several days, of temperatures in the hight twenties, Celsius as the Europeans measure it, it would be as warm as a summer’s shower, but imagine my dismay as I watched outside my window display and saw what I saw. The weather dire and dull, the temperatures could have easily been closer to null as it was freezing like before the winters storms. Now this was not nice as nobody had me warned, that today would not be bathing suit degrees rather chilling cold and wet ones to possibly and most likely make you sneeze. Well, we all know that the weather gods are here for us humans to please, but come on! Wouldn’t it be nice for that the Summer weather to finally kick in with full force and warming up not just the world wide outside, but thaw also our chilly little hearts from that wintery smart? Yeah right, it’s just weather am I right!?

Sunshine on a Mundane Monday

“It is great to find magic in the mundane, especially on a sad day of Monday” Gun Roswell

3 peekaboo-i-see-you

Sunshine on a Mundane Monday

Look, who decided finally to show up
And for a while there I was starting
To get all upset and wound up!

Then quickly, I am up from the tub
Grabbing a hold of my favourite cup
And then towards the outside,
With a set of a few huffs and puffs
I dare to go
And yeah, none too slow!

Just before, that is, 
My all time favourite show
On the television, is up!
As the sun decided to turn up
Way too late of the day
Much to all those waiting
And now complaining!

But hey, it’s Monday
So what did you expect!?

Hanging loose

“There is nothing better to do with your day, than hang loose, right?” Gun Roswell

Hanging loose

There is nothing to it, just let it hit, that feeling of total nothingness, when you really could not care less, whether things will get done or not, even if is none too cold or hot. The one simple truth of this day is, that you simply want to, hang loose.

There is nothing wrong with that, even if someone at you spat, that sentence so familiar, you just want to ignore it all. But, the words hit hard nevertheless, “Get off of your lazy ass you bitch!” Well to those I have only one thing to say: “Hang loose!” As this is the best way.

And if this is not the exact play with which you want to stay, then hey, all of you not wanting to simple be lazy, go, get, be crazy, and slay, slay, slay that day. I know you will all be too tired to anything else so, why not try to, hang loose?

Whether it’s Monday or any other day, and it feels like it’s too much in your own skin to stay. Then follow this one rule of thumb. Get yourself something fun to do, like, I don’t know, hang loose?

Hey, it’s Monday, so it’s time for a lo-ooong coffee break!

“Coffee, the only sustenance devised which will save me from the dreaded Monday!“ Gun Roswell

Hey, it’s Monday, so it’s time for a lo-ooong coffee break!

The morning starting like any other, only it was not like most, as it was, the dreaded day of a doomsday Monday. So, the only option, was to make my precious morning concoction, as strong as it could possibly be, for you see, me, and the Monday, do not like each other very much. So, we both try to ignore each other, wherever possible, but that is not always the case. As you see sometimes, well, each and every week lately, we have had an obligatory meeting. Calling each other off the game, would sound totally lame to someone else, alas, me and the Monday have been on this sparring match of a sorts forever, and well, there is no sings of this to stop. Due to no fault of my own, ask anyone known, the Monday started this all. How you may ask? Well, simply by appearing into my very own life, out of nowhere, out of the blue, as it was there me for whatever reason to sue! So, from the very beginning we both hated each other and after a while of clashing, agreed to avoid one and other where possible. Alas, that is not the case these days anymore. So, holding on, to my concoction this early in the dawn, sipping from the litre of a cup, with a huff and a puff, I only dare to venture out there, to the awaiting, Mondays!

Red houses for a blue Monday

“Monday’s might be totally blue, but the houses of red will cheer you up for sure!” Gun Roswell

Red houses for a blue Monday

You may hate Monday’s because they will make you totally blue like
In feeling and mood and worse case scenario, your face so fright
But then something so wonderfully delightful catches your very eye
Red coated homes at the end of the street as they stand in perfect pose
Surely such colourful things will take your kind off the Monday’s dose?
So, do not be afraid, but a step inside, through the door open wide
And then, make your way, shedding off the Monday’s saddening dismay
Maybe, even for a while stay, and let the colours your blue to red claim

Harbour Life

“Going fishing today, after all, it’s a free day, or Friday, what ever you want to call it, I am outta here!” Gun Roswell

Harbour Life

Today is the day, when I am getting myself a life, living that is, instead of existing, or at least, that is the grand plan! To be honest, this has been the plan for the past year or so, to get out my fishing gear and simply, just go, to get out there, and have some fun. Granted, fishing might not be a top choice, or even a good choice, but it would be the once for me today, as it was the last of the working days and I needed to get out of the house. And, as there was a nearby fishing village, with small boats to rend kind of cheep-ish, I knew what I was going to do on my one day off. Getting my gear together, I was soon out the door, and even if there was not going to be a big fishy score, the point was to just get out there to the shore, hop inside a dingy, and row, row, row out there, spending a day without care.

So, after a short peddle on my bike, towards the harbour now in sight, I stepped off and went to the shore, to get me some lures, the wormy kind at that, as I wanted to go all retro to the bat. Next step, was to get some snacks, as no day would be perfect without the editable as I wasn’t counting on the fish to bite. Besides, I could not very well eat them raw, sushi never being a favourite so what ever catch would have to be properly prepared, stirred, fried and what ever it took. Next step was then to rent the vessel, a small one with a miniature motor, and good looking oars, as today, was all about them chores. After the deal, was sealed, I was finally able to set sail, or rather take the paddles to my hands, and start my venture off land. What better way, to spend a free Friday!

Spending all day long, on the lulling waves just outside the shore, not daring to be too adventurous, after all, the tiny ship was hardly able to compete with the ships tall. And when the sun started setting, I was off the hooks getting, with a few fish as a reward, most likely a dinner for  tomorrow. It was time to head back home, this time using the motor as my arms were sore, all day long spent fishing, so guess that was to be expected, which was fine, I dejected as they would be worse tomorrow, after so much exercise, but hey, I wanted to live the life, so here I was, a fishing person, heading to shore after a long day spent on the waters edge, but hey, I had scored, fish being my reward of the day!

Monday, we meet again

“So, Monday, we meet again! I really was not looking forward to this, at all, any chance we can stall this?”Gun Roswell


Monday, we meet again

I knew you were so much trouble
As soon as I had laid my eyes on you
Like the good old space telescope Hubble
Or some kid without proper shoes
I would be so totally and completely lost
If I didn’t have you? (That’s a joke right?)

Yeah, what would any kind of week be
Without us, human kind of people, to curse thee
Because it can really only get better
After, this dreaded day of a Mon-dee