The Queen of my very own castle

“This is my castle, my domain, my place to stay and do there as I please, as I am the Queen of it all” Gun Roswell

The Queen of my very own castle

The idea totally thrilling, positively spine chilling, as the very thought, of being in control, at least of a small pile of rocks, turning into a house of sorts, a castle some might call it, but that does not really matter, as whatever happens, it will be mine and mine alone, and then I can feel totally like a ten feet tall somebody, as I am the soul occupier and owner of the bold state of it all, the castle as I all it, no matter what anyone else says, this place is the top and for me, myself and I, this is a total high point in life as I get to play, the one and only Queen who can here stay, because I am the one and only ruler of it all and hey, if you want to drop by, and see what makes me so widely smile? Well, guess it is okay, but bring presents and I will let you for a while stay. 

The streets of Paris to thread on and then some

“Far away vistas or close by cultural cities? Well, guess I chose the latter one this time around and this is what I found” Gun Roswell

The streets of Paris to thread on and then some

The city with the most lights, the city of love, the city filled with history, the city which supposedly sleeps, but that kinda is not true, not really, as all of us needs some rest, even the mighty and strong figure of Europe, the eternal and most gorgeous city that of Paris.

And here, is where the trip begins, from the archway so well, known, where traffic just keeps going on and on, whether on foot, or on a bike or even, some kind of car, the roads all starts from here and then disappear to the distance on the busy streets of Paris.

Now going back and forth in any kind of city is a time consuming, sweat breaking and well, you totally get thirsty. And then, sitting down and having a break, whether for some much refreshing coffee or then, a glass of some fine wine, and that is all fine, in the many small cafes of Paris.

Then, when the night finally falls, because it really does even here, in the city of eternal lights. So, without any kind of fight, make your way towards the tallest tower, at least for a few miles, aptly named after that one builder guy, Eiffel, and watch the lights turn to various colours, at night, the feelings only when visiting the city of Paris.

Standing Guard

London, UK

“The one standing guard, watching over their estate, forever present” Gun Roswell

Standing Guard

Always there, always present, ever vigilant and alert, forever watching over those under their protection, and times passing do not change, the one single task, this one was for made.

But this was not always the case as in the very past, there was nobody there, watching over those  in peril, as times were hard and without the guard, they could not defend themselves from whatever was coming their way, and never really able their heads in rest lay.

Then, someone with courage stepped forth, making sure, that all of those living under their court, would be protected against whatever their way just might have been thrown, and in those times, as in modern times too, there were lots of culprits totally bad to fend against, which is kind of sad.

And so, from that point on, this on guardian, the watcher of the dwelling below, would stand tall, even in the after life, having become a monument during the cause of time, the job of the guard will never be done, keeping the eye on those under their protection, even if it were to be someone staying only for while.

Rooftop view is a point of view

“The view from above is always so much cooler than the one from the ground” Gun Roswell

Rooftop view is a point of view

The slippery tiles of the tops high, making me think it was quite the insane venture, in getting up here, on the top of the house, just because someone suggested it would be a great place to set up, a monitoring space to keep an eye on the rest of the world, at least do I’ve heard.

But as I try to make my way, across the steep structure with too much sway, I begin to wonder if it was indeed a great idea after all, and perhaps would only cause my fall, all the way down to the very ground, but as I glance around, seeing the views up here only to be found, I get a change of heart, as this was way smart a move to make after all.

And now, here I sit, on a somewhat comfy fit, with my surveillance gear and a large sandwich, watching, observing, even learning, what other people do, when they think nobody has the view, to their secrets below, but hey, sitting up here on the rooftop, gives me the perfect inside scoop, and so being in the loop of the goings on below have never been more easy, even if stalking others seems, well, sleazy.

Riding blue on the blue moped on a Monday


“The Mondays are a blast, that is if you get to ride around on a small size moped made all in blue“ Gun Roswell

Riding blue on the blue moped on a Monday

The Monday so totally came again, something non too unexpected, yet always seems to be such a surprise to see, when it is rising from the horizon with the new time in the calendar. But, instead of feeling sorry for the day, better make it as a play, while riding the best two wheeled bike there is, a small blue moped made from spare parts, just to get the much needed laugh and strength to make it through this particular day, and continue along until the next one arriving, as it is, just the first day of a very long week.

While gingerly riding down the streets, with the blue coloured and snuggly size vessel with two wheels, there are lots of interesting things all-around to see, despite it being the beginning of the very week. However, with cheers am I greeted as this uplighting sight, of a tall woman on this very small bike, is taking a tour around the neighbourhood, exploring the places with a wide smile, never mind the fact that this is totally, just another Mundane Monday.

Solarised, poolside


“Mother Sol appeared while at the pool, sitting by myself, in the cloudy atmosphere, but now, I am basking in all those warm rays” Gun Roswell

Solarised, poolside

The day started out, quite dull and grey, and there was no indication that the clouds above blocking all the good views, would soon fade. But, feeling daring and bold, as so I am always told, making my way to the pool just outside the rented house, as the yard itself was quite the louse, alas, the pool was the place to be, at least, when wanting to be seen, by the sun itself, perhaps even getting baked in the process, to a nice crispy exterior, well, perhaps not that crispy, but you get the gist of it, letting the ol’ tired body get its air bathing in the warming sun, as the joints and whatnots really like it too, so before getting too blue, I was lying there on the sun bed, half naked, I thought about getting a proper blanket. Alas, those thoughts all soon perished, as a peek of something glamorous, poured through the thick layer of dark clouds and soon enough, those ominous things above were vanquished and the Sol, smiling at my flabbiness, let all the warmth through, and the rest of the day spent basking in the proper sun shine, just because I had dared to wait for it to arrive!

The Evil Doughnut

“There is just something wrong with a sugary treat, something pure evil, and I am defeated” Gun Roswell

The Evil Doughnut

The tempting pink sugar coating, the glistening candy cover, there is no resisting, as long as this treat is existing, the lesser minds yielding in front of its strong power, bending to its will, just for getting the one thrill, the rush and the high, of this baked cookie pie, certainly, a reason to smile at least for the while the fix lasts, and when it has passed, the very low following suite, as this sugary high of a rush was over pretty quick, thankfully though, there is more to be made out of dough, only the waiting is the hardest part, but if you play it really smart, then stash away a few, somewhere no one else would dare to look and when the others are waiting for the oven to ding, your own heart has already started to sing, the song of the sugarplum fairy, while enjoying the few saved ones in your lair, as being out of the rush, is just too much to handle, and waiting for the next batch just ain’t enough and nothing like burning the candle on both ends, but yeah, that is the way the evil doughnut works for us jerks!

A pool, made to be dived into


“There is a pool out there, mighty cool blue and fresh looking too, quite tempting to be dipping into” Gun Roswell 

A pool, made to be dived into

The calming blue hues of the silky feeling liquid, filling the very large size tub, or what some might call a swimming pool, something someone thought might be a good idea to do, which was to fill a place, totally waterproof, up to the hilt with stuff so cool, that the colour of it would ensue, even if something was to disturb the very surface while diving into the tempting blue liquid, and then to play around inside of it, like a kid whose just come home from school, and had seen all the infinite possibilities of this great big puddle of water, even if it meant to be acting like a fool, still a small price to pay, for this kind of soothing place, to be able to roll around and even race, against any other willing participants joining in this phase, even if it was on a daily base, perhaps only possible during a summer time, but when the option was presented, then taking full advantage of this great experience.

Street Smart

“It is totally refurbished, to serve the modern day street user, despite the looks of it, and when riding this one, nobody will mess with you, because they are afraid of getting rust on their clothing!“ Gun Roswell

Street Smart

Not only does it look used and rusted, and the outlook of it is quite busted, but rest assure, that once you jump-start that engine, it will purr like many a small kitten as this is a totally refurbished model, street wise and all that jazz, having the creature comforts of the modern day user, someone who is a doer and not a loser, and it will carry you to whatever kind of meeting or event you had intended to walk to, only now you don’t have to as you can ride this fine small wheeled drive to whatever destination you had in mind, even take it to a shopping mall, as it will fit in any stall, then after all those tasks are completed and you feel a tad depleted, perhaps it is time to rewind and so, what better way to do that, than taking this ole vessel to the sandy shores and ride around with the windows down, which they all ready are so no hassle to be found, and enjoy the ride to the sunset and the nature open wide.

At the end of the pier there is a lighthouse

Evia, Greece

“There is always a guiding light somewhere around, if you just keep on and look for it“ Gun Roswell

At the end of the pier there is a lighthouse

The light shining ever so brightly, from the tall lighthouse, at the end of the long pier, but do not take it lightly, as this is ever so serious business, as this light, will help all those at sea, trying hard in the darkness to steer, to their familiar home port and to safety, as the mighty waves are getting kind of rough and then there is other stuff to consider too, like those nasty rocks and perhaps all the good ol’ sea monsters lurking around, the light shining brightly now, for those, who cannot find, their common ground. 

But it is not simply a light for the sea dwellers, rather those on land, close to the sandy shores, who are doing their daily chores, but the day so long, as night begins to fall, and the darkness descending all over the land and there is really no way of seeing, even where one stands, so, this lights from the house at the end of a long pier, will help everyone who needs something important to be seeing and so, the blessed light, will turn the tide for each and everyone.