Big ship, small boat, some kind of vessel 

“The size does not matter, as long as it can be called a boat, a ship or a vessel, even a seaworthy craft” Gun Roswell 

Big ship, small boat, some kind of vessel 

As long as you can row it, sail it or even have an engine of a kind to power it up snd then get it moving along the water’s surface, you have become a sailor of sorts and that can certainly be said without any loud snorts, as this is all something of a matter of pride, so no use being snide.

It does not really matter what kind o a boat you have, as you are the official bad ass of a captain of your own ship. So don’t let the good weather slip by. Simply put on a huge smile and take that seaworthy craft out for a ride, as you really don’t want your pride and joy to hide, am I right!

So now as you are finally breaking through those waves, enjoying it all ain’t no shame. Keep on moving along the water’s flow until you reach the ends of the earth and then take it slow, so not to fall of the edge as you can never be too sure if there is ledge there or maybe the planet is a big round sphere after all😜


“The buds are changing into something completely different, like flowers and other wild things!” Gun Roswell


What on Earth was all the ruckus about, just outside my very own window. It was like someone had stopped there to shout out loud, but why? Was the ground filled with snow? It as spring time and weather was simply fine as it was, so why all the fuss?

After all, it was that time of the year, when the ice had melted away and even the tiniest cracks on the ground, housed a bud or few way past their curfew and were ready at any moment to sprout. But that wasn’t any kind of reason to get too exited as this was part of the cycle of life.

I looked out and realised the shout, wasn’t coming from the outside, but from deep within myself as I had simply realised some things, unconsciously naturally. It was the day of June and all the hay, the flowers, had so totally conquered the world outside and without a doubt, I had now come to the conclusion, it was summer once again and out I too did sprout, just like those buds sleeping only yesterday.

A Seat in Town 

“A throne is only a bench covered with velvet”
Napoleon Bonaparte


A Seat in Town

When out and about on the town
And getting all and everywhere around
There is only one thing
You really wish you had found
A neat kind of a seat
Simply for a while to relax on!

Alas, it cannot be too hard
And certainly too soft
But when you find the right spot
You know you can simply stop
Your wandering around
And stay there all day long!

Day at the Beach

“Take a break, make the time, don’t complain that you can’t and then, head for the nearest beach” Gun Roswell

Day at the Beach

Always working, never resting, making excuses for no time remaining. Only, the most important things in life are not those for which you drive towards. The best and treasured moments are those, when you feel whole, a part of the universe, and those moments can only be achieved by letting yourself be free, at least sometimes. What is an afternoon, or even a day, just being lazy and on the sandy beach to lay?

So, don’t be that fake, explaining you cannot take a break. Just to it and silence all else. Unplug the cords and get out that door. No matter a short walk, hike or even a day at the beach, just somewhere else quickly reach. Even if you say you have not deserved that break and don’t even have a special place. It’s all out there, the free space in the woods, in the yards, you really don’t need to go far. And if you are one of the lucky ones, and find that small splash of water to have some fun in, then hey, what are you waiting for!? Just go already!

Up to the very top of the path I go

“Up the long, long path I go, getting to the very top, only there will I stop” Gun Roswell

Up to the very top of the path I go

The path ahead long and winding, not to mention the steep incline
The task ahead me totally blinding, and I am scared without denying
Alas, the bet was placed, and I so totally hate giving up on a dream
So, maybe just maybe, this road up the hill, isn’t as hard as it seems

Threading lightly, as hurrying would most likely reside to fighting
Of both body and mind together siding and then completely residing
From the hike just now beginning, but I have decided on winning
And against my very own nature now going, brain and body damming

As I put one foot in front of the other, there really is no room for error
One single mistake, a slack step and back into the deep I will fall
Moving on, slowly and gently, thinking back of what went on with me
When I decided to take this stupid bet in the first place and now, I know

It was simply to prove myself a point, that I, could so make it to the very top
And here I do go, and none too slow, step by step, and hey, I am so up here!!

Cloud whisperer 

“Look up at the skies, those gorgeous clouds up there can whisper you the most beautiful lies” Gun Roswell 

Cloud whisperer 

The fluffy soft white clouds high up in the blue skies, will tell you no lies. That is, if you are ready to believe all that which they have to tell you, as the total of truth. But you must also know, that despite their fluffy cuteness, they may be not always be so totally honest, but that does not necessarily mean that what they tell you, is any less. It is completely up to you, what part of their tales you decide to choose, as win or loose, believing in any kind of truth is always a gamble of big stakes with no one to blame. So, listen really carefully all the whispered words, those clouds above you are willing to disburse, and after all of it you have heard, then filter out the blurbs and form the perfect sentence, leading to a very good ending. Then use it as your guideline, when things are going fine, but if they turn to worse, simply reverse the order of all them whispered words and a new guiding line will once again work. At least according to the half truths softly whispered, but somehow loud, by those mesmerising soft fluffy clouds, spinning their yarn of tales all too fine, high up there, in the blue skies. But hey, those clouds cannot be faulted for their good natured actions, as they are mere reflections, of our very own wants and desires, to only hear the half truths and the appealing lies. 

3 am in the morning in June

“The lights are on even if it’s not even dawn?! So wha the f..k is this all about then?” Gun Roswell

3 am in the morning in June

It was supposed to be that time of the day, when you are comfortably resting in your own comfy bed. But the lights were turned on outside and there was nothing to do except open your eyes. Glaring out the window, where the confusing lights had been turned on. It wasn’t supposed to be sunrise just yet, but it seemed like the blue skies had not gotten the memo as they reflected the daily light, just for us sleepers non-delight. There is a time for everything, and this one cool and kind of an odd thing, was not one of them. Sleep is what makes the Human tick in the daily light and that strict fact cannot be ignored not even by the Almighty Mother Nature. So, next time you decide to change the universal time, please send us lowly dwellers of Earth a note or a memo, so we’ll know and can be prepared without masks covering our poor eyes, in the middle of the night, when it is time for us to be sleeping and not around the window sills to be peeking at the glorious light of the blue coloured skies. That is something we can do during the real day and it should be enough the tired Human then stated after a few huffs and puffs and sighs, as they really needed their sleep as it was supposed to be in the middle of the night!

Rocking away in an old chair

“The good old rocking chair, will take you there, albeit slowly“ Gun Roswell

Rocking away in an old chair

The old and busted wooden chair, in the corner of the room glared. It wasn’t in the greatest of shapes, and most likely beyond repair. But it was a reminder of ages past, when useful things were built to last. And the memories of people already passed, seated in the respite for a while longer as the soothing rocking motion felt stronger, lulling away all the bad and sad of the day, before it was time to rest lay. 

Deciding to try the very best, to rescue the poor rocking chair from its destination, of becoming kindling for the fire, as it was totally in need so dire. So, taking the chance and maybe in the process or reparation making it last, several more years and then creating, new memories while rocking away in its lulling haze during the evenings long, after all, it was supposed to be an heirloom of sorts. 

A few weeks later, the end result of the saving process visible, only this time not in the corner, rather a better and visible place chosen for this breeze from the past, and certainly, looking much more bolder in its new coating. Certainly the worthwhile effort and a lasting joy for all of us wanting to rock in a chair even if going nowhere.

Cat of the street

“When traveling the world all kinds of cats you meet and that is so neat!” Gun Roswell 

Cat of the street

A random cat on the streets I once met, who totally set, to greet each and every passerby with a paw laces high-five. Mostly the people thought it was kind of nice but one especially found it to be more than wise of a mere cat in the streets and then with a smile, she asked the cat if he was fine or looking for something more in life. 

The cat then replied:

This greeting and meeting of asl kinds and maybe a reward once on a while, has suited me and been my style for quite the while. But if you would offer me a place with a warm embrace and a tune on the side, and besides, you look kind and I would not decline, but rather go with you and have a life oh so totally fine.

The woman then smiled and opened her arms the cat jumping up totally charmed and then the two of them left for their home, neither of them ever again alone. After all, sometimes, the street life may look glamorous and fine, but a good home is what the wants yearns even of the furry one seeker, even if it was the famous greeter.

High up the blues in the skies

“Keep watching the above skies, you’ll never know what you there might find” Gun Roswell 

High up the blues in the skies

Glancing up, towards the clouds made of fluff, I see all the blue hues covering the ceiling of this wide world and then I am feeling, like the one and only lucky little geek, as I can sit here and just be, for a while at least, simply free of all the worldly troubles down here on this very ground. But up there only stars and the moon can be found and it all sounds like a nice space to escape to, at least sometimes. And after a while as I have fantasised, of being a being able to fly, high up there and after the moment has passed and I’m back on this so called earth again, as I stand and gaze up towards the skies I just left before coming back down and guess what! I am feeling, fine even without spending one dime and then, I can once again smile.