Floating by in time

“Time flies when you are having fun and even if you are not, so there is that” Gun Roswell

Floating by in time

Time, is of the essence many say, time is going by so fast, they also claim and well, I have to agree to that sentiment, for you see, I have been sitting here, watching it pass me by, or in this case, floating by, in the form of a sailing boat, going oh so very slow.

It is a fun past time, time, yes, yes it’s that kind of a rhyme, but time is so much more than that, just the simply ticking off the clock, which I hope will never stop, even if it goes past me so quickly and that should make me feel sickly.

But, as it is, there is no use of fighting this thing called time, unless you have a degree in physics or a machine which will make you fly, backwards and forwards, whichever way you might want to experience, but if you get a chance to do it, it will certainly be different.

So, as I sit here, watching time itself, pass me gently by, I am kinda feeling fine, but hey, if I could turn back some of that time, well, guess I would?

Covered in rain drops

“The rain heels all, at least, that is what they say, right?” Gun Roswell

Covered in rain drops

The rain fall, finally covered it all, the skies, the ground, the walls, trees and the flowers all
As soon as had started, falling at a high rate, which did not last too long and then it was all gone
Leaving behind, droplets of rain, hanging onto to the leaves and the buds just the same
The rain, never discriminating, only leaving the stains, for a while until all going down the drain
But then some of the pebbles of water, were still clinging on, as if proving they were totally strong
Wanting to stay for a moment longer, than those already gone, that they were special among
Those few remaining, but then again, when the sun finally would be shining, they too would dry
And up to the heavens in a foggy vapour they would fly, so, hanging on for a moment longer?
Well, maybe there was a point to it, but after all was said and done and up came the burning sun
The droplets did not last, but went out with a blast, the circle of nature somewhat complete

Blue on the ocean and the mountain top

“Where there is an ocean blue, there is always some blues to be heard on the waves so cool“ Gun Roswell

Blue on the ocean and the mountain top

The ocean vast, meant to last, past the earthly grounds, but sometimes, when the only thing you think you can see are the blues going on forever, and then, something totally unexpected pops up right there in the middle of it all.

There is something to be said, about this, very tall and statuesque, also blue in colour, or so it seems, as it sticks out from the calming waves, from the oceanic steams creating an illusion of a protective shroud, looking totally esteemed.

A mountain so tall, that if you were to climb up on it, well, you might be in for a scary fall, unless you are totally prepared for the adventure ahead, but once you get right there on the top, the world below endless and will never stop.

But, if you are one of the mere mortals, who cannot reach all them fancy portals, then staying on the beach the option, of watching the views and the cool and calming blue hues, the watery waves and then, the mountain from the distance.

The tallest spot for a seat

“A seat on the tallest mountain, nearby the fountain, is the bench where I usually like to sit on a sunny Sunday” Gun Roswell 

The tallest spot for a seat

Usually, the Sunday, is reserved for all kinds of fun, but the truth being told, on this particular day, the only thing that is on my mind, is simple rest and relaxation of a special kind. But for that I need to find, the perfect spot, the best on the dot, a bench somewhere overlooking the world, or at least, most of the closest known city where undisturbed I can sit  and watch, all the people spending their much earned leisure, their precious time, which is all totally fine.

Why, would be the proper question placed here.

Well, guess, because I feel lazy, and also a bit hazy, of the world around me, too much going on all the time, and while mostly it is just fine, today, I am not as strong, and there is nothing wrong, in wanting to take a break and sitting down, this time around. Because I really need my peace and quite, even if I am there in spirit, watching the others having their fun, but today I don’t have to play or run, only to sit down, do absolutely nothing and calm myself without any kind of doubt.

Friday vibes and some summer memories

“Yes folks, it is, Friday, once again, which is a good thing, because tomorrow, I can finally sleep in :P“ Gun Roswell

Friday vibes and some summer memories

Another boring working week, finally, in the box
Despite, having planned, quite a lot
But barely doing, the minimum required
Even if, I had some complements acquired
But, today, is that one day, I usually root for
Yes, Friday eve, is finally, knocking at the door!
So, it is time to hang up the keyboard
And pick up a completely new chord
Because this time, is my own special time
Either spent binge watching my favourite shows
Or then, going down the memory lane flow
Meaning mostly, digging up old pictures
Of those rare and few memorable fixtures
Where time was spent in a more favourable place
Where seemingly nothing changes and time still stands
Alas, I am talking about the summer, or rather those few days
Where the sun and the sea, were totally in sync
Showing all kinds of blues off the waves blink
Sitting by that seashore, without any kinds of chores
Well, those days are certainly missed
Now that the darkness slowly starts to piss
On this otherwise solemn and organised daily bliss
But hey, it’s the weekend, so, no more wallowing spent
On the old memories of summer days gone by
Because we all know, time flies
No matter if you are having fun or not
Or even if it is really cold or painfully hot
Enjoy the day, no matter what
Friday, or hey, even a damned Monday
Those can all be, some kind of fund days

Happy weekend y’all!

Go to Paris in a virtual mode

“There is nothing more nostalgic, than perusing down the memory lane, I the form of old travel pictures of days now gone“ Gun Roswell

Go to Paris in a virtual mode

The busiest of streets, of the quite big metropolis, are never, ever dull
The markets and shops, the bars, and even cafes, always, packed full
At least, so it totally seems, in those very colourful snaps, of before
When travelling, to distant and foreign lands, was not, such a chore

Alas, the sights and sounds alone, are well worth the total of this short trip
To one of the best known cities, that of bright lights, some of us call, well, Paris
Even if it is, just in the faded memory, of this traveller, now home bound
There are still lots of thrills and quite joyful moments, there, to be found

Taking a virtual tour, of the times strolling on some afternoon by the shore
And alongside the long river banks, and maybe even, a short tourist boat tour
If you are game enough, then try to climb the steps up the tall tower structure
The Eiffel one, with the shining lights, covering each and every touristy picture

No matter how long the trek or what the destination, take it, without hesitation
Travel deep into the recesses of your own mind, in a cozy spot during meditation
Pick up the best of places of your travel, take a walk through the night time streets
Then make a short detour to the museums and later, how about something to eat

Well, at least, virtually, if you totally forgot
To order home food, from the grocery shop
As in times like these, to avoid that, disease
All of us stay home, and mostly, out of reach

Through the very looking glass

“A single window on the wall, or even a double window from ceiling to floor, it’s all the same, as you can clearly be seen through them, as they are acting as the very looking glass” Gun Roswell

Through the very looking glass

The glass will not hide it all, even if it might be covered with something quite strong, as it is always acting as the one true looking glass. Letting a peep or two, into the lives of those, who might not wish to hide anything, or at least, that is what they are ensuring, that of their very lives being an open book for anyone to read and see.

But for the others, whom might value their privacy, even if the do like to take a look outside and peek, at those around the only, and not wanting to invite them of the same courtesy, then hanging a bunch of drapes on top of them, to simply hide whatever they do not wish to be seen, by any other member outside their own family.

Just a gentle reminder, that which ever group you think you might belong to. It’s never that simple and easy to not be seen and stay in hiding. Because someone will always find you, through the looking glass!

Monday – not again!

“It’s Monday again folks! Better buckle up tight, because we are in, for a rude ride!” Gun Roswell

Monday – not again!

It is far too early, in the bloody hours of the morning, as I keep on yawning
Rolling, out of bed, even if, I should have stayed, under the warm covers instead
My head, is a total mess, and I am slowly but gradually beginning, to feel the stress
Of yet another week beginning, and no, I am so not, any kind of ballads singing
The signs were all there, in plain sight, just yesterday, all day long, I am fearing
For this day, to once again, come around, was it unexpected? Not really
Because for sure, I knew all along, it was lurking there, behind, the closed doors
Snoozing the alarms, going to hiding, trying to keep on the snores
No, nothing really ever helps, so, this is it folks! And no, no more of them jokes!
This is serious business and we all, need to start a rebellion, nay, a revolution!
To ban this day for once and for all, and never, ever again, should anyone feel small
When standing, against this, very big, hairy monster of a thing, on this, day
Where most of us, or at least some of the more sensitive people, feel like they are slain
By, this, fire spitting dragon, with the sharpest of teeth, as it is coming, to existence
Each and every single week, and right after, that perfect, slow paced place, no resistance left…

Alas, the weekend is now gone, and I am standing, sad and totally alone, dreading
Fearing, shaking, my pants almost peeing, but, with hands so sweaty, but I am nearing
My sword raised high and without even a hint of a smile, I am going to face it once again-
– Monday!

On the Sunny Side, of the Bench 

“Sunny or not, I am seated on the day of Sunday” Gun Roswell

On the Sunny Side, of the Bench

On the sunny side of the bench
No option of getting drenched
Enjoying the long, warming rays
In these unworried and lazy days

Before the days are done
Soaking in the healing sun
With closed eyes this moment
Like an image in my mind burnt

Tails of the Black Cat


“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”
― James Herriot

Tails of the Black Cat

The furry black cat
On the sidewalk sat
Looking for that rat
Who had entered the flat
The flat where the cat
Slept on the mat
Now ready for combat
With the daring rat
Who had woken the cat
From his well earned nap

“Soon I will you catch,
You feisty little rat!
I bet you taste like a bat
And possibly are non-fat
After all that
I will finally have my nap
On my comfy little mat!”