Sunset Low

“The time of the year when the sun will fear the coming of winter, laying low during the day and even when setting” Gun Roswell

Sunset Low

End of the day will come no matter the times. 

It can be a little later or even earlier depending on the seasonal chime.

For the late autumn or fall, the light of the day will try to stall.

But never winning against the night the darkness soon upon.

The sun though never faltering its stance no matter the dance.

Late in the year or early in the hours of the new morn’.

The rays will remain there on the surface just one more moment time to stall.

Ocean Vistas

“The ocean blue vistas ensue to the ends of the earth, perhaps even time” Gun Roswell

Ocean Vistas

The gorgeous blues of various hues, last until the zone of the horizon rising from the vastness of the never-ending ocean

Nothing more cool or calm for the human eye, when those peepers do spy the gift of mother nature’s skies and waters alike

As there within the biggest of secrets do lie, deep within the appreciation of the small person never leaving the gorgeous sight without a wide smile

Saving the view of the perfect vista in the minds eye, for a long while until such time it finally slips away   

Flying up high is a dream for some of us

“Flying? Ain’t nuttin’ to it! Just spread your wings, start running and lift off! That is if you are a bird of course. If you’re stupid human? Guess what? You’re grounded. For good.” Gun Roswell

Flying up high is a dream for some of us

Being afraid of heights might just bring up the plight for some of us

But then there are those of us who dream to get up high as the birds fly

It might be a hard and even an impossible a task to do

Without the wings to support and lift off the heavy body

Alas the solution might just be simple, even if somewhat costly:

Buying tickets to a machine which does the work for you

So get on the that aeroplane and on the wing side stay

And for a moment feel like you are alone up there

Down, down, all the way I float

“Down the watery drain? Or at least down a very slippery and deep slope? That’s life, am I right“ Gun Roswell

Down, down, all the way I float

The slippery slope ahead, something for a while having feared

But taking control of that beast, the one whom keeps me telling there is not sleep

Not until one of the greatest of them all has finally been conquered

The one of looking down, with falling into the deep, deep under ground

Still, the fear holds its tight grip across the beating chest

And with the pounding of the muscular thingy keeping myself still alive and singing?

Well, what do I do, what else can I do?

Jump! Like a kangaroo or some other kind of loon

Diving right into the blue hues, for this eternal fear to lose

And soon too?

Alas, the feet needed for the venture won’t respond 

As here on the ledge I still stand not known right from wrong

Someone please, help me to release this feeling

Of sinking if I go all the way in

Eyes closing, breathing slowing and without warning

I take flight and into the waters waiting dive

The long but short way down fearful of only to drown

One splash two splash three splash!

Onto the calming cool surface

Under water remembering to keep by breath like an otter

Diving, smiling, diving further, then up up all the way up

With a huff and a puff head, body still in tact

Gone, all but gone is that damned fear

Conquered by shedding just a few more tears

Broken not sad

“Broken, discarded, un-mendable, never gonna work again like it did, still, it might be useful is someone only had the effort to un-break it?“ Gun Roswell

Broken not sad

Even the most worst shaped broken parts can be fixed, if the will is there

All ti takes is one to believe, it can be done, the effort to the work hardly a dare

Simply picking up the right tools and making the first move

The time spent on it well worth the longer wait 

Then soon enough, a working cog is out there spinning around

Like it never had been broken in the first place

Bright ball of light in the skies

“Sunshine is always good, when it shines like it should” Gun Roswell 

Bright ball of light in the skies

Sunshine and bright blue skies makes one smile 

Grey skies and thunderstorms might too be fine

But the snowy vistas of winter with everything bright

Then add to that a shiny ball of sunny rays 

And no amount of gloom here will stay

And that is why winter with snow is so great

Except when it’s really not

And then only wishing for days hot

Filled with sunshine all day long

A phone call away

“Sometimes it only takes one dime to make that important connection… at least it did in the olden times, now if seems to be so much easier?” Gun Roswell

A phone call away

Pick up the phone, the one you are always grabbing in your hold anyway

It’s as easy as that, just press on the numbers on the surface flat

And if you don’t remember the exact ones, the there is a place of fun

Where to find all kinds of missing, called google of plenty a things

Make the connection finally even if it has been a long while

It will all be all worth the short while in the end, 

With just a moment on the line with someone important to spend

When it Rains it Pours!

“And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow” Gilbert K. Chesterton


When it Rains it Pours!

The rain came down a pouring
The sound loud as roaring
Frozen drops, balls of hail
No time to stop and flail
Pounding hard onto the ground
A safe harbour needs to be found
The nature showing it’s full force
When it rains, then it pours


Sunny but cold (it’s winter after all!)

“The sun is shining, but it’s cold, so cold, and so the ice is not melting!” Gun Roswell

Sunny but cold (it’s winter after all!)

The waters frozen solid, the winter’s cold bite none too torrid at least not to those dressed in winter wear when headed to the lake, because a cold you would hate to get.

Going ice skating, wind sailing, even skiing, car racing?
Basically whatever your little heart desires, as it’s all fun and hating to remain inside on such a gorgeous sunny day.

And so head out there and the winter slay, at least proverbially as there really is no reason to stay indoors, the sports alone never a chore.