One pretty thing

“One, alone, single, unattached, still, standing strong, solo, nobody follow” Gun Roswell 

One pretty thing

From the darkest of the dominating shadows, rising through the cracks as the thin rays of light it follows, finding finally a way towards the lights even if it had been a long and difficult struggle. As nowhere to turn to for help, only with its own self preservation and wit, did it manage to survive the harshness of said darkness, where the lesser ones would have called out yelp in the overall process. But surely as the day is filled with the sun and the night is lit with the moon and the stars, this tiny pretty thing, managed its way through the small cracks to twinge. And now, standing proud and tall, despite the delicate frame, it will never be the same for this courageous and feisty flower, as now it finally had its taste of power. Blooming against and over all the odds, who had tried and taken their evil shots, trying to suffocate the one, redeemed to become nothing and none as there were others more deserving, more pretty, more of everything the tiny thing was not. But now, here it is, standing pretty over those who never it chose. But it does not care about them odds, not anymore, as it scored, big time, hovering, even towering over them all.

Fields of summer

“The summer is near, I can feel it in the air, and smell too!” Gun Roswell

Fields of summer

The spring came quite late as it seemed to hesitate, whether to arrive at all, or simply skip it over and move straight to fall. Alas, without warning, the temperatures jumped from practically zero to scorching. Or at least, that is how it felt for the unpractised Northerner, but soon enough, getting used to the tough change from zero to warm was upon and then, getting outside for the summery fun, with games and gardening, waiting to be done. The flowers in full bloom as the greeneries of the waste fields were grown fast and even the trees got their deserved lush cover as the leaves popped out from the tiny nubs, laying dormant for most part of the year. But not today as it was finally good enough to sprout out and give the humans their yearly show of the scenic greens across the fields and all over. Summer had finally arrived and that was worth a huge big smile.

A hidden message in the fresh snow

“A smiley face inside a heart, drawn in the fresh snow – just a simple reminder of happiness and love” Gun Roswell

A hidden message in the fresh snow

A child’s play or an adults joke, was right there, in plain sight, just to poke, those familiar feelings, long since forgotten, dormant in the depths of the very protected soul of a being, once called human, now only fleeing, from any kind of warm contact. Even, the cool, calm exterior, the stoic stance, was all, just an act, it did not matter because nothing and no one would ever be able to attack, those inner hidden qualities, most of thought now lost for good. But suddenly, the hidden message written in a messy drawing, stirred something there, and now, without any kind of fear, and odd expression emerged from out of nowhere, half scaring the passers by, as it was also included with a loud noise. What on earth? Someone exclaimed, as the laughter and a smile, so filled with life and opened wide. It must have been a sign, that the end of the world was near. Alas, the owner of said oddity, did not care, but stood and stared, at the message and never letting, that good feeling, fade away. Not at least, today. No, but maybe, tomorrow, it would all go back to normal, what ever that meant.

In the middle of the night

“I like to watch the outside world through my window” Gun Roswell

In the middle of the night

As I sat on the window sill, waiting, and quite still
In my usual spot, which I mostly these days, tend to fill
The hour way past midnight, could be, of a fright
But hey, for me this time, always feels, quite alright
As no one and nothing, out there, ever stirs
As during the day, it all just looks like a big blur
Not this moment though, as not a friend nor a foe
Dares to go, outside and in to the cold frozen snow
And only me, myself and I, dare to look out there
As the flakes at first kind of slowly, all over fell
But before I had a chance of thought, on all of it dwell
The storm soon enough began, its might to expand
The power so magnificent, leaving no branch unbent
And I felt exhilarated and totally alive the more I spent
My time there, in my very spot, watching, learning
As the world outside with cold white, was burning

Peekaboo, through the view

“There is snow on the ground again, a lot of it!” Gun Roswell

Peekaboo, through the view

A forestry type setting
As the son slowly letting
The change of something
Quite new and alluring
White and crispy clean
Still untouched not seen
The view from behind
The trees to a divine
Setting from a fairytale
Which is not for sale
And lasting only for a while
And then it’s gone with a cry
But even if you manage somehow
To capture the image right no
You can see much more
Than any picture has in store
A moment of perfection
Fleeting by to a direction
New and most likely fine

End of the holiday season

“The holidays have ended and the weather changed too, what are the odds!” Gun Roswell

End of the holiday season

The ever consuming darkness on the outside
Needs to be shedding, with some much needed light
All the small decorative candles flickering bright
On the window shill, I once painted white

As I watch the weather in constant turmoil
I venture back to the days with seasonal joy
The ground always covered with so much snow
When going outside was fun with only a toboggan in tow

Alas those days may have passed
And the changing seasons are of the past
But somehow the silent smog outside the window
It is still comforting enough, even with a little wind blow

It’s cold outside

“It’s freezing weather, ice the only tether for my poor bike” Gun Roswell

It’s cold outside

When the weather outside is cold and frightening
And you start to wish for thunder and lightning
That one perfect summer’s storm to make it’s way
In to this white and blue ice hole we now in stay

Even the poor bike is frozen solid to the ground
I was so lucky, to even have it found
Under all the pounds of heavy piles of snow
So now, all I need, is a big shovel to plow

But after some heavy lifting outside
I finally got out my one and only ride
And ventured to the streets paved with white
Which was an adventure, but not without a smile

The winter may be harsh, unforgiving and cold
But once you get inside, with something very warm
Looking out the window, the view filled with so much charm
This scenery is worth, more than a pile of gold

A Break after Christmas

“A beer with some cookies, certainly a well deserved snack after X-mas” Gun Roswell

A Break after Christmas

When the holiday season is celebrated and done
It is the time for the Christmas labourers to have some fun
A well deserved break with family and friends
Before the big bearded boss them back to work sends
Some beer, burritos and a few cookies to enjoy
Makes forget the hard daily chores and shout ahoy
Seated in the North Pole’s one and only cafe-bar
Since there is really no time to go too far
Soon the bell beckons them all back to the ever going assembly line
Because next years stuff needs to be started in time
So don’t blame these busy bees of getting a tad drunk
It’s just to get out of this seasonal funk
And soon enough with a big fat smile on their faces
They will be working all over them places
Putting together all things on people’s lists
Yes, those are the elves, who’ll manufacture all your gifts

Seasons Greetings, or something to write home about

“When the time of the year for celebration has past, well, we knew it long would not last” Gun Roswell

Seasons Greetings, or something to write home about

Elves, candles, green pine trees and lights
Gifts, food, people and all things nice
When the holiday season lasted for three days
No one really wanted to leave, but only in to stay
But this seasonal celebration was only a rental
Because we cannot really time stall
Since time here on this wondrous occasion ended too soon
Then sadly packing up is all that is left to do
All those things we received as presents
Waving our good byes before away sent
But do not worry, do not feel sorry
There is always a new one rising
Just look out there in the horizon
Another seasonal party just awaiting
So cheer up, and say: To all Seasons Greetings!

X-mas Mystery

“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone” Charles M. Schulz

X-mas Mystery

Peeking, lurking even, from behind the closed, thick curtains
Heart beating, ever so loudly, in uncertain, anticipation
The waiting time, has been, far too long
But the belief, has still been, all this time, ever so strong
Now, the price, so long awaited, will finally be reviled
And the faith, of at least a short period, will be, sealed
Just, what mysteries, may lie behind the tinted window
On this day, on this holiest of days, filled, with crisp falling snow
The only way to find out for sure,
Is to venture out there, as if this thing, was a true dare
What ever may be awaiting, it certainly was worth all the anticipating