Frosted Blues

“That moment, when the blues hits, the same time of the day, when nature paints all the outside in the same colour as is the mental mood of the on out there, standing on display.” Gun Roswell

Frosted Blues

The mood reflected all around, from skies to the ground, the colour varied in hues, but it is, definitely, the Blues.

No matter the time of year, no matter, whether the sun was up there or simply the grey clouds spreading their shades of two.

It is always the same, at the exact moment of the day, when it all happens, out there, where no one dares to even imagine the why’s out of fear.

But those familiar with the colour, the many shades of it, no matter what they call it, it will go by one single name, the Blues.

Dare to embrace it, feel it, sing it, hang on to it for the moment when it hits, as in a split second, it will surround you and then, like it did hit, it will be gone as quick as that.

Trying to hang on to it, is never good, and why you really shout not, can be tough, but letting go, is the better choice, as the spell of it is luring, and the pain enduring while under the Blues, rewarding.

But it will never really be gone, as long as you are one with nature, so, without hatred, embrace the Blues and when the moment hits, live in it, but let go, and more strong will you be.

As the Blues is not something anyone should really own.


“It looks like someone sprayed frosting all over the trees, like on a cake!” Gun Roswell


The wintery forest like a magical garden, all in so many shades of white, the frozen snow and ice, looking more like a topping on some food thing than anything natural.

But, we all know nature performs miracles and winter is among those for sure, the sugary coating looking all too good, but certainly not something anyone would chew on.

Still, it looks pretty while it lasts, the picture perfect draft of an image, taken in haste, as the cold seeping in through the cracks of this human being, only wanting to have the perfect memory of a winter’s day to last.

Flash Frozen (meaning very quickly)

“When the cold front hits, well, things get frozen solid.” Gun Roswell

Flash Frozen (meaning very quickly)

The problem or beauty of winter is, that when the temperatures plummet, the waters get frozen, no matter in the creek or on top of a dozen, the weather really never discriminates not for nature or human nor animal alike, they all freeze if no cover is applied

So, when you come upon a gorgeous display, of something frozen in their way, still life for the times, or at least, until the warm front hits again and melting process starts, revealing a living thing underneath all that ice, surviving the harsh coldness of winter, which is alway nice

Frozen in spacetime

“The wintery scene, pretty as can be, frozen in time in the picture perfect frame” Gun Roswell 

Frozen in spacetime

The blue is the hue, even in the midst of all the white, as the light of the day, is absorbed by the nights they call polar up north

And so, getting there, into the forest, when the blues hits the nature, frozen on each and every surface, as is the moment in time

With one single snap, the very moment will last, not just in the memories nor the personal data banks of the snapper, rather all over the internet, where it was so thoughtfully placed

A picture perfect moment, frozen during winter times, now frozen in space time

Frozen Flakes

“The frosted glass, simply stained by the flakes frozen when the temperature plummeted” Gun Roswell

Frozen Flakes

The artwork made by a winter’s storm onto the glass of the window quite worn

It wasn’t even that cold outside, but those flash frozen flakes, which during the night fell

Were plastered onto the surface, while the snow fall was trying to find purchase

And so, forming the most gorgeous art in the form of the various shapes

Only lasting there for a moment, the while the temperature remains under zero

And so, doing my best, in trying to preserve all of this, fading art before

They all start to melt away

Some kind of season

“There used to be four seasons, and in between them, a few more, now? Not so anymore.“ Gun Roswell

Some kind of season

The seasons ever changing, is the old adage, some are still using

But in truth, there are few seasons left, even if the almanac would otherwise state

The spring, the summer, the autumn, the winter

Mostly left is the one big ugly grey splinter

The one digging in too deep into each and every life

Making the life as we once knew, a nightmarish strife

Counting the days of beautiful bliss is seemingly easy

Because there aren’t many of those, only ones sleazy

And so, looking out through the foggy window

Comparing the current view to those photos few

Where actually the visual was pleasant, the need to go

Outside for an adventure, just because, wow

Alas, not any more, and that, is a really big bore 

Wintery View

“The nightly view from the window, with the reflected hues of the lights, shining through the darkness, against the snow and star lit skies“ Gun Roswell

Wintery View

The night upon, no sleep for the weary, so what to do while trying to stay strong? 

Perhaps take a peek through the closed curtains, maybe there is something new?

Gasp! Sigh. What the

Does my own eyes lie?

All that snow!

Oh boy, and a loud Doh!

Too much, of anything, good or bad is not really a thing of which a song would be proper of to sing.

Even with the holiday season approaching fast, this, this thing, the white fluffy stuff…

It’s way too much!
At least at this time of year, and I fear, it will stay there for a moment too long.

And then, the spring months are upon and still, the snow and cold there remain.

Like the naughty and dirty large stain.

And whom of this all can we blame?

Ourselves I guess, for causing this overall change.

The winter afternoon sunset

”The setting sun, is  as pretty as a pun, well if that was the case, which is not, because it’s part of the cycle of nature, is all” Gun Roswell 

The winter afternoon sunset

It was still early.  but that did not stop the sun, from starting to set, as it was that kind season, where we just let it do so, without any kinds of questions. The only thing to think of at this very moment, is to simply watch in awe, and then repeat to everyone what I just saw. And it was totally pretty and awesome even if the sun was setting, practically, in the middle of the day, something happening only during the season of winter and not in spring time may. Still, it does not matter whether the season is correct or not, as this stuff, the sunset, is a gift from Mother Nature with love. So, do not judge this book by the season or time of day, rather simply enjoy the soothing day ending display and then happily your head to rest lay, knowing the sun is still out there no matter what time of day or year it might be and again soon it you will see.

Holiday Seasons Greetings

“A very short time for a celebration and holidays, but hey, I’ll take it!” Gun Roswell

Holiday Seasons Greetings

When the two days of pleasure, puts on a lot of pressure

Because hey, it’s just a few days, and packing in all to slay

The checklist done earlier this year, just in utter fear

Of loosing out on some of the important things to be done

During over three hundred days, packed with all and maybe fun

But then, the fatigue hits and all you can do it just sit

And watch as the candles softly flicker, forgetting all the bigger

Worries and what nots and simply, sipping some eggnog

Because that, is what this season, is really all about!

Xmas Eve

“It was the day before the real  xmas, or at least, in some countries it is so, at least” Gun Roswell

Xmas Eve

Up here, in the North, we celebrate the Xmas time without much of a ball

Even if the trees might have some, but we, us dwellers, prefer not to have too much fun

As peace and quiet, is the key word, so not to cause any kinds of riots

As Santa Claus or Father Xmas, which ever way you prefer without, still class

Has that one dude, who will bring us, well not food, but at least some stuff

And hey, that all should be quite enough, for this time of the year

When we are mostly gathered, together, in a sort of a celebration, without fear