Riding Sideways

“The heavy lean sideways of the vehicle makes even the photographer dizzy and the camera to tilt as well!” Gun Roswell

Riding Sideways

The rickety cart with the two passengers tilted ominously on the slippery street

Not that this might have caused any of the discomfort in the picture seen

Alas the total sway of the vehicle, was something not foreseen

The driver most likely a first timer or then then it was just too few wheels

Whatever the case just might have been on this particular scene

In the end, the car on small wheels managed to arrive safely to the goal

And isn’t that just a god thing for the very scared soul having watched this odd show!

Random seat at beach

“There is a solemn seat, in the middle of the street, waiting for someone to have a respite“ Gun Roswell

Random seat at beach

The sunny day much too hot for anything except doing a few short hops around the hood and then, hitting a few shops.

But before hitting the beach, there is one single seat, waiting for the prefect one to take a short break and sit around.

So, what are you waiting for, just go!

The seat is still available because no one in their right mind would want to sit out there in the scoring sun!

Mini Mes

“The smaller the better, right? The mini versions of a lot of stuff, cannot get enough? Well, just a reminder, never remove from box, keep them in mint condition, am I right? Then again, it’s your decision, whether you chose to play with them or not!” Gun Roswell

Mini Mes

The collectables as they are all called, the smaller versions of any kind of life size thingy, imaginary or real, just the same, they make you feel, better somehow,  even singing a tune just because you finally got one, becoming the owner a little piece, no matter how small, from something bigger and better out there for the world for everyone to see.

Those trinkets filling up all our shelves (buying more from ikea just in case) even at the seasonal holidays, where we might just get a few of them elves into the mix, alas getting even a miniature version of whatever tickles the fancy, fandom or just because admiring a great sculpture, perhaps a fashionable car or a pair of boots, whatever it is you are into, you can lay claim in the form of a mini me.

Behind the shadows, light peeks 

“The light will always prevail, no matter how dark it may just seem now.” Gun Roswell

Behind the shadows, light peeks 

The darkness descended all over the land, the time of year, someone retorted, but there was nothing better at hand, part from some artificial lights shining the way, even if it was in the middle of the day, as this phenomena was there for a while to stay.

But, there was really nowhere to stray, the path still clear, no matter night or day, the only difference, was the total darkness, having taken a hold of the northern part of the blue globe, aptly named, as Polar Nights, there was no manner of fight, to prevent it them from happening.

Having gotten used to this, seasonal trade, as in turn been given practically nightless nights in the middle of the summer times, for several months on end, only the light would there play, but now as it as late in the year, the seasonal celebration neat, the darkness was the one true constant.

And so, moving forward, day by day, as if slaves to the rhythm, apathy and frowns, taking over the once proud and smiling dwellers, like they were inside of a spell, but knowing this was only temporary, they moved on, out of spite to last over this, prolonged night, as light, would in the end prevail.

Somewhere high up, hanging on the clouds

“The sky is endless, stretching to the horizon and beyond, going on, forever“ Gun Roswell

Somewhere high up, hanging on the clouds

Seated, on the side of the window

En route to somewhere different that much I know

Hopefully a place nice and slightly warm


Still, very much unknown

At least for the duration

But that does not matter, as there is no hesitation

As the journey, is the one interesting

Not the location itself reached less so

It might just be a sandy and sunny beach

Then again

It just might be a slippery snowy slope

Whatever the end location is

Does not matter as long as this 

Bliss of being up here

Amongst the fluffy clouds

Amongst the brightly lit stars

Even the thin line of a horizon

Sun setting and soon again arising

Even the stars above laugh

Can be seen if there is enough

Darkness around the very vessel

Having set its “sails” out of suggestion

Towards the foreign land somewhere ahead

And so, there I sit like the others few

Admiring the many similar views

From the best seat on the craft

Hoping this trip will a while longer last

Because I am loving this, having a total blast

Dreaming of a place somewhere far away

“It’s funny how we are never happy about where we are at any given moment, always dreaming of some place else, supposedly much better than this one is“ Gun Roswell

Dreaming of a place somewhere far away

There is one constant in the universe, or at least on this very planet, that of the dwellers, namely humans, are never happy about staying in just one single place

Whether they want to travel for a while or perhaps permanently relocate, it seems to be encoded inside of the DNA to want to be a on the move and not in one locale stay

And if stuck in the same ol same ol, what do these, two legged brainy creatures do?
Well, day dreaming all day long, of some other place far far away until they fall, into a deep sleep, most likely having the same dream on repeat

So, whether it is of a vacation soon to follow, or simply some far away distant fantasy, those yet to be undiscovered vistas at least for the one person, keeps them going on

The delicate window

“The old frail construct, made of glass and a wooden frame, try not to breathe too hard near it or it might just fall a part“ Gun Roswell

The delicate window

Old, frail, inconvenient, hard to handle? 

Just the same, it has lasted a long while, even giving a few smiles, the delicate framework, the painted artwork, all of it from the past, refitted to a modern day cast. 

And so, serving a purpose once again, the window, lending a peek through time, as how else would any of us learn, of our past, the long history, present there, through this, very old looking glass.

The ever changing hues of the skies 

“The colours of the skies are changing constantly, depending on the mood of the weather gods” Gun Roswell 

The ever changing hues of the skies 

The morning hours, darkness the prevailing colour of the overall space, but as the constant, nothing of the same hue remains for too long and as soon as the clock hits sun rise, even without the bright ball itself taking a hold of the globe, the darkness soon fading, making way to the shifting light colours, from possible fiery reds, to calming blues, depending on the forecast of course. So, soon enough the horizon sometimes rough and grey, won’t long that shade to be staying, as the light filled hues of all the blues are making their place in the daily space of the skies above. Sometimes filled with varied shapes and sizes, calling them clouds, fluffy or strong, they might just stay there a moment, filled with rain and storm, but those too soon will pass and then it is time to prepare for the nightly shades, the oranges, the reds again, as the setting of the sun might just appear. Hanging there a moment for all those gawkers enjoyment, before heading to rest, and the best pale moon light will take over, the darkness once again present, but completely changed because of the small shiny rock and its companion stars, because Mother Nature is nothing if not smart.

The Glowing Blue Wheel

“The glowing blue wheel brightening the darkest of nights“ Gun Roswell

The Glowing Blue Wheel

The blue against the black, against the backdrop of the darkened night sky, the wheel of somewhat fun, but also, the wheel of hope, at least for those, whom are in the total darkness lost, bringing light ever so far, and so bringing the hope, for them to find a way home, having stumbled in the long night for so long, their feet, none too strong, but as soon as the wheel is to be seen, they too know,  not all is for good lost.

The darkness descends

“The land, certainly not in good hands, with the permanent darkness descending upon, after all, this is the starting event, of the Polar Nights “ Gun Roswell

The darkness descends

The totality of it all, the darkening skies, the feel almost of night, and the sun up, none too bright, almost gone, swallowed by the grey clouds.

The Polar Nights, as the dwellers up North called this, state, of sorts, the darkness descending, for months on end, all the way up until the year’s end.

There was nothing to do, except to accept the inevitable, stay indoors, have the lights on, and try to pretend, it was still day, even if looking out the window, would tell, quite the different story.