Sunny but cold (it’s winter after all!)

“The sun is shining, but it’s cold, so cold, and so the ice is not melting!” Gun Roswell

Sunny but cold (it’s winter after all!)

The waters frozen solid, the winter’s cold bite none too torrid at least not to those dressed in winter wear when headed to the lake, because a cold you would hate to get.

Going ice skating, wind sailing, even skiing, car racing?
Basically whatever your little heart desires, as it’s all fun and hating to remain inside on such a gorgeous sunny day.

And so head out there and the winter slay, at least proverbially as there really is no reason to stay indoors, the sports alone never a chore.

A Snowy Day

“The snow always falls in winter times, especially high up in the North“ Gun Roswell

A Snowy Day

The snow falling, life stalling, at least for a while there as there really is no way to go with all that snow everywhere and all around the place. And as long as it on the ground stays, the roads will be blocked and not really a shock, as people up in the North really should have gotten sued to the fact after all that, the warnings ahead not to mention experience from years past. Still, each time the snow fall arrives, it seems to be a huge big sunrise for all.

A bike ride in the midst of the snowy season

“Riding a bike during winter times, especially with too much snow… can be… difficult.” Gun Roswell

A bike ride in the midst of the snowy season

Finding a ride in the haste of early morning hours can be difficult. Especially during the snowy filled times, the two wheeled ride buried deep inside and when you finally get it out, a wheel just missing be might.

But no worries, you always try on some acrobatics and ride on the one wheel only, that is if you are feeling boldly? 

The other option is to simply take on the challenge and walk?

Tall Shadows 

“The sun is so low, it takes so long, to travel to make all the shadows, for any objects standing tall, as well, the shadows too are looking so totally long“ Gun Roswell

Tall Shadows 

In the middle of the season, the winter feeling like nature’s treason, as to sun is out so rarely and then when it is there, hanging so very low and so, once hitting the supposed zenith, it starts painting its shadows, with the looks of something so scary, as they creep up, silently getting to the top of everything and everywhere, and that really is the scare as they look so totally dark and life like when they spike against the surfaces, so tall, making the onlooker feeling really, really small.

And that isn’t all, because if you take a trip around the premises, you might just take a fall, just because, they look so real, defences of sorts?

So, beware, when threading out there, in the midst of winter, on a sunny day, so to avoid the splinters, take a toll of all them shadows standing out there tall.

Snow fall

“Sometimes snow falls, onto the tall branches out there in the forest, where it’s all quiet” Gun Roswell 

Snow fall

The perks of winter, getting a new kind of wardrobe, at least over nature, covered all in the fluffy material, called snow, and just for show, it made its way all over and everywhere, not one single spot having been soared.

Deep in the forest, trees of the tallest too had their fair share of the snowy fall, together building a temporary but still solid wall, at least a visual one as it wasn’t impenetrable after all, simply there because and getting through becoming a sport of sorts.

Those athletic types skiing through them all, making more snow fall in their wake, but luckily the softness albeit cold and damp, never hurting those properly clad.

Sun and the Winter

“The sun is shining, on a cold winter’s day, the people out running, leaving tracks in their wake.” Gun Roswell

Sun and the Winter

The longer day upon, the sun above oh so strong, as tracks to be laid, even if no one particularly for them paid, still, need to go and get out there, to do my share, skiing, walking, whatever the means, them tracks are gonna be laid out on the snowy ground with ease, as long as the snow is there and the weather below zero fares, and so heading towards the shores, to do my fair share of the chores, laying them damned tracks for sure.

Step onto the icy creek

“Winter has taken over the land, the water and the trees“ Gun Roswell

Step onto the icy creek

The fluffy white scene when stepping out the door, into the nature around, the forest soon to be found, the same stuff all over hanging like fluff, as if glued by tiny hands, each strand, sticking onto the surface where it did land.

Even the eternal running waters, the creek, just near the border, is frozen over, solid ice covering the once nice sound of music there would play, as the pouring liquids hit the small rocks and whatever else was on their way.

But no worries, slap on a pair, of skates if you prefer and then slide across the frozen surface, pretend you are a prince or princess or whatever else you may just want to be, as in this gorgeous sugary winter’s scene, you can be all those things.

Something of winter

“The colours aren’t that vibrant, hardly even there, the monochromatic being key, the blacks and whites and greys, taking their place in nature for the duration of winter” Gun Roswell

Something of winter

There is nothing to this season if not the lack of colour, the odours and whatever else kind of life associated to this sedate and rather dull time, well, it is all fine as even Mother Nature needs a breather, taking some time off, to slumber, before turning up the heat and life pending, while waiting for the spring time, but for a while, let’s enjoy fluffy white piles, of snow, the frozen particles of ice creating something totally nice, perhaps some would even call it art, even if it is there only for a fleeting moment.

Snow, snow, snow and then some (night in Suburbia)

“There is so much snow out there, too much, and it just keeps pouring… well, guess when it snows it pours!“ Gun Roswell

Snow, snow, snow and then some (night in Suburbia)

White for the season, yeah, for sure, the still fluffy stuff just keeps on coming down from the opened up skies, even in the middle of the night, in the small suburban place, where nobody and their small size dog really moves at the hour this late

Yeah, it is winter and smack middle of it too, but hey, having gotten enough of this stuff now for the month and a half, and it all seems to last, then the fun of it all surely starts to fade away, as all the work related to getting on with life, well, it can be such a strife

But, maybe in a month or two, the sun will find this small place once again, only hoping the warmth of it will be able to drive the cold, the snow and all of it, away, bringing in the spring, with multitude of colours and life, now dormant, starting all over again

Snow fall in the forrest

“Crispy and white, is the fluffy stuff, having fallen onto the tree branches at night” Gun Roswell

Snow fall in the forrest

The  whole night before, had something special for the wanderer in store, with the powdery stuff now covering all, even the tree branch, hanging there softly by the edges, only to be taken off with a slight shake.

The transparent flakes, piling onto the others, not really knowing where one ended, but still it all looked so splendid, the softness hovering and covering it all, trees, bushes and fields and all.

It was a miracle done by nature, turning the grey and dull overnight into a picture perfect fairy tale like image, something reminiscent of a picture from a book, and so with a single look, trying to memories it all into the deep recess of the mind, to conjure up during a hot night of summer warm.