Hurry to catch the train

“The early morning hours, seemed so endless, alas, time usually runs out and then, it’s running in a hurry outside and into the cold of winter to catch the transport to work, what a jerk, time can be!“ Gun Roswell

Hurry to catch the train

The early morning hours of a cold and snowy winter day, may leave you in dismay, as the time allotted for all the tasks, was suddenly long since passed, and finding yourself in a pickle of a hurry, to get yourself ready, to leave for the workplace to get the income so steady (or at least in your dreams that was the case) anyway, you soon find out that you need to hurry the hell up and half eaten breakfast soon discarded on the table remains when hurrying out the door is the play. Alas landing on the car frozen in space, not budging one inch even if so many promises were made. So tfw next best option is to get your semi frozen ass to the railway station and hope the hell those tracks ain’t frozen too, as there is really no option to sue a case of force major as it were, if the elements of nature have decided to hate you and stand against you getting on your way to work. So fingers crossed this same thing is happening to your boss too, as from this point on there really is nothing else but the option of totally failed in getting going to the designated place of business for all parties involved.

Halo around the world

“There is a halo around the world this time of the year, and have no fear, as it is kind of a shield, or then just a pretty effect to be looked at“ Gun Roswell

Halo around the world

The early morning’s sun’s shine, caused it to become quite the uplifting effect, on top of the roofs and beyond it went, as the many colours it did reflect. It was a kind of a shield around the world if you thought about this from the very scientific aspect, but for the most of us mere mortals, it was a simple and enjoyable and quite pretty effect even if it was caused by the sun and the cold and the whatever weather deities might have been up there in the skies and wanting for us to have something a tad more special as the skywatchers of sorts, to look at or perhaps, even take a few snaps as a reminder of the event, for the ole photo album, to be saved for a moment to be reminisced at a later point in time. But still, on that day, for a few hours the phenomena up there would remain, for us dwellers of the group to gawk at in awe and into our minds memory to have it stored, as a rare moment frozen in time up there in the high skies.     

Cozy warm lights on the window sill

In the late evening in winter time. when it’s really, really dark outside, the cozy lights are lit up, just for the simple feeling of warmth and perhaps of the memories of summertime“ Gun Roswell 

Cozy warm lights on the window sill

The reds, the blues, the greens and all the yellows, are the warming colours, of artificial lights, set up on the window sill, not to chill, rather to give the illusion of the warmest night, even when it’s very cold outside in the world wide, and perhaps to give a small smile, to whomever might be passing by the window, out there on the street close to home, and then maybe the very cold they were feeling just then did no longer make them shiver and shake. But mostly, these colour filled lights were there for the delight of oneself, to bring a little bit of that summer feeling into the home, during the dark times taking so long, getting the inspiration of going on, until the shining sun would finally come along and shine the warming colour filled light upon, the cold of the outside, making it all filled with colours and light, but for now, these small electrical devices would do just fine, perhaps even bringing some much needed delights to the dark and daily grind.

A winter night in monochromatic view

“The winter always looks so very monochromatic, almost quite dramatic, or perhaps is just because of the colours of so very white?“ Gun Roswell

A winter night in monochromatic view

The colours completely gone, like when someone just banged a very large gong and poof, nothing there remaining, except the tone of monochrome! It was just like magic, all of it disappearing, and gently but surely turning into complete white, the colour so very light and totally bright, even at the midst of the darkened night, and then someone dared to ask the very question: “does anyone know the why?”

But, never mind, the question, sounding very much unkind, as what really is wrong with life in a monochrome? The simplicity of it all, like living inside an old photograph time would have been stalled? It’s almost picture perfect, as the wintery snow never did neglect anything or anyone and now, it’s all looking like so much fun, at least, from the inside out, as it’s most likely quite cold in the perfect image as viewed from the window.

Still, when observing the night, through the lens wide, the monochromatic scene, is as pretty as it has ever been, with the dark dots can be spotted, those daring beings getting outside, to try the monochrome on for size. And those are the very people who can give the answer to the question of why, with a large wide smile, and the answer is no lie.

Half buried in the snow

“The bikes discarded in the snow, well, they are really just hiding for show“ Gun Roswell 

Half buried in the snow

The bike is supposed the be ridden, in the middle of summer. No? Well, why is it then hidden in the middle of the winter and in a pile of snow, if this is not so? Maybe it’s just there, hiding or keeping itself warm from you know, all that snow and cold? Or maybe it’s just hiding, from the owner wanting to take a long ride in the freezing weather and thinking they cannot find the bike if holding on to the frozen ice like a tether? Simply because working through the tall snow is just too much and making it go really really slow? Isn’t that a bit too much for a small bike to handle, all those obstacles almost reaching its handles? Not to mention the wheels so narrow and thin, the snow and ice can reach the bikes skin, making it shiver and shake and at the end break abruptly in the middle of the street, and then the cyclist could fall off and break their knees. So, it is agreed, that this bike is better off in the pile of snow playing hide and seek for the rest of the winter, and that is as easy as getting splinters.

Frozen in time 

“The snow always falls when you are not looking, at least it seems that way, especially when you standing there waiting with a shovel!” Gun Roswell

Frozen in time 

The snow, does not wait for anyone, rather falls where it may, especially when the weather is too cold for rain or sleet so, without the heat, all of it, landing wherever it may, will freeze, thus laying a protective cover, all over the place. And if you are lucky enough to get a sunny day in your zone, then those frozen particles of snow, will most certainly get to shine and glow in the warm but cold sun shine all day, or rather short day long up in the North.

So, whether you are a fan of the winter, the cold and harsh environment, where all is frozen and covered with snow, then this season will most likely be treating you with all kinds of nice. But if you are a total hater of the cold and cannot stand to even look outside, well, maybe just take one small peak, because no matter hater of lover, this snowy treat of a cover, where the whole place looks like it is frozen in time, will certainly give you a small smile.

Frozen creek in winter

“The winter weather is pretty cold so it totally freezes everything solid the moment it comes around” Gun Roswell 

Frozen creek in winter

The winter is taking over, all of nature, the birds, the bees, the trees even the clovers, but that is the design of nature, and you cannot throw against it any hatred, as the cycle is as it’s always been, the warmth followed by ever more cooling temperatures, and now, it is the time of total sub zeros, for a while at least, but this is not the beast to tackle rather let it crackle it’s way, creating frozen moments, monuments even, for whatever reason, maybe simply for us dwellers to enjoy and take those moments, skating along the bed of the creek, as the waters have turned to a sleek mirror of ice, something cool and nice, which is only possible during the time of winter at its coldest, when at its boldest. So, perhaps give a chance to the winter after all, even through the cold, simply dress up warm and you will be safe, for those wintery games, taking some pride with a smile of this gorgeous season, as it much like the others are here for a reason.

Fresh tracks on the white blanket

“There is something out there, outside the window. It was uncovered this morning, and as the fresh footfalls clearly indicate, them being left there in the crisp snow“ Gun Roswell

Fresh tracks on the white blanket 

The early morning sun shine, which as per its usual was shining rather bright despite the time of the year with only so many hours to spare. Revealing though, in its wake, several interesting looking tracks clearly during the night having been made. Those fresh ones now visible from the upper window view, as the snow had covered most of the ground and hiding everything else, except those marks made a few. They looked like someone had made it out there, either in the darkness of the night or then in the early morning light, skiing across the earlier asphalted streets, but now accessible by other means. But no matter if it was a human with those wooden boards, making their way to work or perhaps just for leisure strolling the hood, or something more exotic was on the loose, like an animal with really large hoofs. Still, without proof, as to whom it had been, it was much more of a guess work now, a mystery of sorts, waiting itself to be revealed. 

Flaky on the windowsill

“The wintery wonders right there on my windowsill, pretty little flakes forming all kinds of cool shapes“ Gun Roswell

Flaky on the windowsill

The cold weather had made its point, the rain from before turned into snow and hale, and then freezing onto the windowsill, creating tiny stars of ice, looking very nice. And of course they do as they are made to look like tiny stars, glittering and blinking in the cold winter’s early morning sun light ever so bright, making the onlooker smile.

Beautiful things the nature will spin, weather wise, no matter rain, snow or ice, there will always be something totally pretty left behind, right there on the windowsill for the casual viewer to look at, and that is a matter of fact, even if the lack of warm weather might cause some chills for the patrons of the nature kind of art.

But no matter the weather, there is really something so very special about the cold and the icy sparks attached tote surface of the window, as they will not there too long hold, so keep on admiring the view reserved only for a few moments in time until the chime of warmer weather starts to rise and then they are gone for good.

A wintery path to follow

“The path might be long and totally snowy (shit), but at least there are streets lights on it!“ Gun Roswell

A wintery path to follow

The roads ahead long and narrow, the gut feeling inside even hallow, but threading on, singing a melancholy song, is the option for this dark and dreary night, where nothing shines, not even the newly paved asphalt was a spirit lifting theme and so it seems, that night walk was going to be a solemn and lonely on to do.

Then something happens, a flicker of something light, a flake falls, onto the nose and landing on the ground. Soon enough, the air is filled with swinging and dancing snow flakes covering all of the land in an almost instant, the blanket there, creating the illusion of something illuminated and the steps, despite the snow now all over, were somehow lighter too.

The path might have seemed long and dreary, but now, with the winter’s touch so dearie, it was much easier to take and soon enough, the lights of home were visible in the distance, the walk brisk and rejuvenating, in the middle of the darkest night, all thanks to the snowy winter’s light.