The divider of shadow and light

“The sunshine of the shortened day, soon going away, as the darkness from the other side of the fence, will be there in a moment no less, giving us once again, a long, cold and dark night, as such is the season we are living in” Gun Roswell

The divider of shadow and light

It was still somewhat of light, not really that bright, alas, it was a great sight, as there were finally shadows, when previously there had been only darkness in place. But this precious moment was delivered in the middle of somewhat torment not being able to really see, the path ahead, as all had been in the total darkness for a long while, and that was nothing to cause a smile.

Alas, this day was totally different, as the divider of the shadow and light had finally won the fight, the dark side, slowly but surely reseeding, and the light side gaining the control it really needed as do we all, as having a glimpse of hope, the light growing ever so strong, each and every day, and knowing this fact it was only a matter of a short while before all of us, would be out there in the light with huge big grinning smiles.

The big divider

“The line must be drawn here, no farther, or then we have to walk more!“ Gun Roswell

The big divider

The one single file line, almost as if drawn across the land, even if it was just snow or sand, but it’s clearly there, dividing it all, the dirt, the water even the ice and snow, and it was just lain there in a straight kind of way, by the winds blowing. And well, that was just nature showing, it can do what it pleases and with ease too, and well, if you wanted to choose, on which side you would take your stand? Well, know that no matter what the choice, you would always loose. That is just the way this game is played and so, better just in the middle stay, close to the line on either side, as it is considered the great divider, literally and figuratively. But if you want to bluff a bit, and not take any sides, at least, not so the it shows, then don’t cross that line, rather stay just a tad behind and then, when the situation gets really tough, with one simple hop, you might just be able to remedy that situation and be on the right side of the line once again, depending from which way you are looking from of course, as there is always a thing, the unpredictable thing, but hey, it’s all a game of chance anyway, so either you loose or slay, there is really no between in the divider.

The struggle eternal

Yep, it’s Winter time once again, that horrid cold and dreary blanket tightening around us and not letting go, until maybe April or May “ Gun Roswell

The struggle eternal

The snowy paths seemingly tempting, at least when viewed from the window from comfy and warm inside, but this illusion of puffy whites and fluffy piles of soft powder only hides the fact, that it is really, really cold in there and if you even try to let out one single word of swear, your breath will freeze in an instant and the curse will only become a soft whisper, in the seemingly gorgeous and absolutely picturesque scene, of a picture perfect snow filled postcard, something to send for a seasonal holiday, even if this specific day, would leave the visitor daring the winds and gust and cold, totally not sold on the idea of “yeah this is what I really wanted to do for my one day of holiday!” 

Alas, this season too, is part of the vicious cycle of life here on the planet of these humans birth, the options not really there, unless, somewhere else on the sphere a relocation plan can be fared, but usually, it is simply best to stick with the planned life despite all the strife as soon enough, there will be warmer weather ahead. Besides, these days, you can simply stay indoors and enjoy the coco and s’mores, and sleep until the sun rises once again in May.

The Blue and the Slippery Slope

“The blue slope, especially down the narrow hill, can be a slippery one to follow” Gun Roswell

The Blue and the Slippery Slope

Found a slope near by, just a little before the night, as the blues had descended upon the land, it was time to take the trip at hand. But it was not without a fright, as there was barely any kind of light ahead on the road chosen to take me to the place I needed to go to, but there in the tow, the baggage I needed to haul and so, as this had to be done all alone, I needed to take it quite slow. And so, without any kind of warning to anyone except my poor own soul, I was headed toward the blue and slippery slope. Taking the first few steps with a lot of hesitation, slipping and sliding, uncontrolled, not sure if the choice I had made had any kind of good qualifications. But then, as the blues started to surround my person, and the slipping along the path was getting under some kind of a control, the footfalls also more steady soon enough got and then, a few moments passed, I had not noticed I could last but the moving along was getting much faster and then, I found myself running and laughing and sliding neatly down the road of the much anticipated slippery slope filled with blues of all kinds of hues and I could not have felt more better, simply letting all doubts go.

The tree hide from the road side

“Hide behind the trees in this wintery scene, dressed all in white, just to blend in, which is quite smart“ Gun Roswell

The tree hide from the road side

It was the perfect spot, to hide just there on the dot as walking down the streets of winter, covered with all the snow, you might just come across with someone you know, but the interaction might not be desired and the best bet would then be to seek out someplace to hide. So, be well prepared for this outing for this special outing, by dressing up in the smart things, such as camouflage attire, meaning mostly clothing of the colour white, to blend neatly in the newly made snowy cover of well, white. Then, when you hit that road of long, trusting in the ploy so fine, you can still smile, even a tad evilly as now, there is no need for being too neighbourly as you can easily find cover, the perfect hide out behind the many of trees road side, the perfect spots to lay low, when ever someone you might know, is passing by. So, do not be afraid in jumping aside and getting behind that three hide on the road side.

The lit path ahead

“The nightly road ahead, can be scary, when walking alone, no matter how up and grown one might be, but luckily, the snow and the lights carefully placed along, it is a much easier task to make the way home” Gun Roswell

The lit path ahead

The dark and long night, had a scary quality and not just the sight, of the long road ahead, to be walked in complete darkness as not even the moon was out this night. But as they weary traveller looked ahead, the path set up front was seemingly clear, not what the traveller had expected at all, rather now, getting more and more bold in getting on that trip, as the snow had fallen only moments ago, leaving a soft and glimmering trail to be followed, and to top the end of the formerly felt horrors on embarking on this path, the lights were now on, shining so brightly, it was almost like the darkness had rescinded and it felt more safe, almost like walking in broad daylight. So, without any further hesitation, the traveller got a new sense of self and with a deep breath and a resolve, started on the lit path, as it had been foretold.

Sun setting in the winter afternoon


“The sun is setting also in the middle of the winter, even if it has not been up that long, but yeah, when shining so totally strong, it has to set “ Gun Roswell

Sun setting in the winter afternoon

The day is finally done, and also so gone soon will be, way to soon it seems, the sun who dared to bare its rays in the midst of the winter season, just because without any kind of reason, but for the benefit of those dwelling in the darkness for so long, and needed to get a boost of something totally strong to be able to last until this long winter time had passed and before the beginning of the spring would arrive and then only would the darkness be gone for so long, until the next scheduled dark time would emerge. But on this day a surge, of sunny rays appeared from out of nowhere unexpected, but not rejected as the light of it all, was giving brand new hope for the weary and then, watching the last of the fading light, going into that good night, with a new sense of self to last for a little while longer until the last of the dark days were a tale to tell in the middle of the light filled days and nights of summer time.

Snow and the seaside


“The snow has descended onto the waters surface… yeah, it’s winter, so what did you expect?!” Gun Roswell 

Snow and the seaside

The sea is now filled with frosted ice and white fluffy snow, no matter which way you look or try to go, the endlessness of it all, the monochromatic feel as far as the eyes an see, like it is there for eternity, but then something happens, a meltdown of sorts and it is all totally gone, at least for a while, before a new cold front hits the town again and again and it’s all back to the wintery normal, and without being too formal of a thing it is, bringing back that familiar cold frosted feel, which in it is simply great to reel in, at least for a moment longer than what really is the need, as it is so a permanent seed, that frosty cold of a thing which has been put inside, onto each and every single dweller of the coldest of north, and so what has been usually sought, is now brought back, without any kind of slack, and then without further thinking as to the whys, we are all giving our biggest and most heartfelt thanks.


The world is monochromatic 


“The world in monochrome only, not like I am feeling this strongly, but it is soothing in a way” Gun Roswell 

The world is monochromatic 

The season is not without reason, as even if the colours have gone completely, the greys remaining only, the tones in a scale of simple monochrome, are still a colour of their very own, even without the brightness or being in your face bold, this palette still has soul, and with the ultimate goal, to conquer the very world, then shell it like a pearl, at least for a while the season last, and so, there is no way past it, and so, with the options being low at best, and so, with some jest and perhaps some well designed trickery, the colour coding does not really matter, even if it’s only the same all over, with none too many variations, as this time might also be some sort of lesson, learning to live with the dull as much as with the vibrancy of any other season, and soon enough, one might not even consider changing too much of it, well, not until something more colorful and vibrant arrives and gives the much needed smiles.

Sunday Snow

“When it snows on a Sunday, it most likely still will do so on a Monday!” Gun Roswell

Sunday Snow

The first fallen snow glittering in the bright sun shine in the early morning hours in the nearby forest, where a small walk was in order, simply to check out the scenery

After all, there is really nothing more gorgeous than the snowy covered branches of the trees now totally blanketed for the upon coming winter

The animals now mostly resting, beneath the earth, comfortably digesting the mirth which they had consumed only a while ago, when fall still had its hold on the land

But a few footfalls could easily be spotted as the undercover hare with its white tail had made a few marks on the freshly fallen crispy soft snow

A few birds in the trees remaining, daring the cold winters weather, not migrating like the others, rather staying behind, and then trying to find shelter and food 

Depending also on the kindness of those passing by, the Hooman visitors in the forest where they dwell during these harsh winter times

So, with the light step, and a hefty backpack, the visitors to the forest make sure, that after gaining this magnificent experience with a view, they will leave something behind, which is for those birds and other winter dwellers simply fine.