Through the very looking glass

“A single window on the wall, or even a double window from ceiling to floor, it’s all the same, as you can clearly be seen through them, as they are acting as the very looking glass” Gun Roswell

Through the very looking glass

The glass will not hide it all, even if it might be covered with something quite strong, as it is always acting as the one true looking glass. Letting a peep or two, into the lives of those, who might not wish to hide anything, or at least, that is what they are ensuring, that of their very lives being an open book for anyone to read and see.

But for the others, whom might value their privacy, even if the do like to take a look outside and peek, at those around the only, and not wanting to invite them of the same courtesy, then hanging a bunch of drapes on top of them, to simply hide whatever they do not wish to be seen, by any other member outside their own family.

Just a gentle reminder, that which ever group you think you might belong to. It’s never that simple and easy to not be seen and stay in hiding. Because someone will always find you, through the looking glass!

The blue sea and the red sky

“The blue meets the red at some point in time, at least, up there in the high skies“ Gun Roswell

The blue sea and the red sky

It’s mostly in the coolest hues of blue, reflecting the same sooting emotions and shades onto the surface of the calm of the waters until the very edge, but sometimes even changing colours while raging in the shades of many kinds of greys.

But, when the night fall is upon, and the day is finally done, a streak of the most bright and colourful light will appear there in the midst in the very mix, which is nothing like the calming and mundane blue, rather in the colour of fire or rage, making it totally red.

It is certainly a spot, which will make you look, even if you simply love the sedative of the scene without too much of change in colour. But, this one, is a fiery one and it will only be there, for the fading moment and poof, it will be gone, until maybe dawn?

And when the bright spot of the day is gone, you do not have to be alone, as the blues and greys will always remain, shrouding you well into the night, without any fright.

There is sea water in my blood

There has always been sea farers in my family, seamen, sea-women, as even my grandmother was one, simply call them sailors as they sure did, sail I mean!“ Gun Roswell

There is sea water in my blood

The raging waters beckons me, to take a deep dive into the ocean wide
Why take the dive some might say, as the land is so much safer than the seaside
I simply reply: Because it is a part of me, the salty waters running deep within

There is no denying, the mermaid inside of me has risen finally
The dead give away? The fins where my feet before used to be
So, there is nothing to it, just rushing to the nearest harbour and dip
All of myself into the rushing waves, soon becoming my slaves
As I become one part of the whole, the one thing my heart stole
Even before the day I was born as this has always been my true self

So, no more dwelling in the role of a total land lubber
My feet are now almost like some kind of rubber
As I swim away from the safety of the familiar shores
And into the deep end of the life which is nothing like bore

Only in my imagination, exists the perfect vacation

“These days, virtual travel either on the internet or thought the memories of the mind and photographs, can we travel” Gun Roswell

Only in my imagination, exists the perfect vacation

The mind might be playing some tricks on me, as I am slowly sifting through, all the bundled up memories in my own mind, of the holiday, years back, quite sublime. It really happened by accident, as I ran across, an image in a forgotten folder, of the vision captured, at the perfect moment frozen in time, when all was simply, fine, in the good old times, when we were all freely allowed to explore the world around us, without too much of a fuss.

So, dwelling on that photograph for a while, without rush and hurry, even if the image was a tad blurry, as was my locked away memory of the place, the time and the plenty of sunshine, un-phased by whatever negatives there might have been there along the way. But as so many other things in our minds, those hazy days of yesteryear will always have a golden hue to them, or most of them do, as trying to save only the few good ones, with or without the puns.

Ghost ships in the blue waters

“They can only be seen, when the fog gets too thick on the highest of seas, the ghost ships of blue that is” Gun Roswell

Ghost ships in the blue waters

They can only be visible, when the seas are filled with the coolest of those solemn hues, the blue fog surrounding the waters and when the visibility is just a few metres. It is then when the ships appear, to their special spots all over the waters edge. In the colour of blue they are shrouded, and appearing there without any passengers allowed on board them. They are the ghost of the past and the future. Not of us, but only themselves, those many ships which had sunken without any kind of trace off of the face of the world and into the deep abyss hurled. This is not to scare anyone with their presence, only acting as a reminder of the dangers, of putting too much trust in clear blue skies and calm waters, and not taking enough precautions. For the sea is not a safe place for the unprepared, by two always remember to make safety first. But if you happen to spot those blue coloured ghostly vessels, well, better err on the side of caution and stay out of the water, at least, for that day.

Phone home now, or call Dr Who!

“That’s not a telephone box! That, is a Tardis from the tv show, you know the timer traveling doc one!” Gun Roswell 

Phone home now, or call Dr Who!

The two archaic yet gorgeous monuments still standing tall, on the street corner there by that building available for the big and small, lasting us all. from the past till the very beyond…


What’s it called? 

A muu-seuum of sorts? 


Yeah and those two glass boxes with a steel frame? 

Right there in front? 

Something I heard were used to cater to people making telephone calls around the very clock? 

Those kind of retro thingies of sorts, you know insert a coin to phone home or then make it collect for mama to pay?

Well, heck no!

Those kind of boxes are props!

They are imaginary and used in movies or tv!

You see!?

It’s the exact same box, which that one Doc, you know the one on the famous tv show?


What are you ignorant?

Everyone knows the Doctor.

Doctor Who.

Oh yeah!

In know that one, great show!

And I remember the box too.

But wasn’t it blue?


Red, blue, green!

You cannot make a call in one of those so forget about it!

Zoom, vroom, in the rain

“Riding in the slippery rain, is certainly no easy feat, in bare feet that is😎“ Gun Roswell 

Zoom, vroom, in the rain

The old school type of a motorbike roared loudly, as the rider soared across the slippery slope of a street. 

It was no easy job, as the poor rider of a sod, had forgotten a very important accessory for their feet.

The most important part of the ensemble? That is of course part from a protective helmet on the tiniest of heads?

The boots of course, as the route driven was covered with puddles from the constantly falling rain like led.

Not a good choice, especially considering the need for an abrupt stop and hitting the break with feet first.

As the roads are not only covered with water from the storm, but a multitude of all kinds of nasty dirt.

But, having a good, or even a bad machismo kind of an attitude, whether a girl or a dude, then shoes? 

Who needs them anyway, when your bare foot soles are rock hard and covered with all kinds of natural oils?

Nobody that’s who. As you not only look so totally cool, riding your bike bare foot, looking like a fool!

The beach blues

“There is nothing worse than getting the blues when on the beach, or is that really bad?” Gun Roswell

The beach blues

Blues skies, blue waters, blue mountains covered in blue haze, blue parasols for the shade and beach towels to lay on, with blue boats gently lulling on the blue waves. There is nothing else to be seen for miles on end, at the beach where the blue hues are the dominant colour of the day. But hey, it could be worse as singing the blues on a street corner because you could not access the calming blue waters, well, that is something to sing about. But for now, the only song to be sung, is the praise of this blue place of fun, where the only other colour found, is the beige sand laid out on the ground. The midst of the summer, nothing can be a total bummer, even if all this blue up and till the horizon where a blue moon at night will be rising, will be the cause of the blues with all of the views? Alas, it is all the good kind which will make you smile as you have totally caught, the beach blues.

Dive in to the water!

“It’s inviting, it’s totally cool, it’s calming and it’s wonderfully blue, the water that is” Gun Roswell 

Dive in to the water!

The cool and calming waters inside the pool filled to the very hilt, so much so, that the axis could so easily tilt, when another element was introduced, into the most gorgeous colours of turquoise and various blues. 

The body quite agile soon enough jumping in, making in the process a whirlwind of waves to begin, swooshing out and all over and then towards the edges, even crossing to the allowed ledges, raising damp havoc in its wake.

But even the seemingly disastrous catastrophe is faced with loud laughter as after the dive, all the waters rescinded back to the very place they came from. The shapely bucket of a pool, after the performance of a somewhat fool, is once again turning back to its formal state, of a cool and calm surface.

A few strokes taken inside the pool, hardly even disturbing the rule of the water staying put. The human form slowly gliding, as the softness of the liquid is guiding, alongside the warm winds gently lulling, the swimmer now floating gently, into a woken slumber.

Sitting by the Sea

“What else is there to do on a sunny day but to sit on its rays?” Gun Roswell

Sitting by the Sea

Waves washing gently the shores, where the small pebbles of rocks are stored. The birds high up in the blue skies screeching, about to take a deep dive. The fish swimming away, trying to keep the hungry gulls at bay. Boats leaving the harbour for the day, as the workers onboard need to bring home a good display of the catch sometimes causing dismay. All and all, a regular sunny day by the seashore never a bore, and definitely it something of a chore to sit here lazily and maybe once in a while, snore.

I, myself am too lazy, of doing anything but. Seated on this perfect reflection point on my very own butt. The day quite warm and wind none too hazy, what else is there for my kind of person except to sit here and at the sea be gazing. After all, I am a mere observer of life, even here, beside the ocean wide and if I am lucky enough, all the happenings I here today see, will make me smile. Otherwise, I can simply come back again tomorrow early morn’ and be on the lookout for something more.