Throw some shade this way too!


“The shade of it all, no matter where you stroll, there is always someone throwing it upon, some of us anyway, giving it freely away, just for the heck of it, even if you did not ask for it” Gun Roswell

Throw some shade this way too!

The ever constant thing, even under the scorching sun is this; there will always be a place to find, where throwing some shade will be fine, and that is not just the simple and comforting cover from the burning rays of the daylight we all so like to embrace, not the safety under the parasol kind of a space, but rather, the those ones who will want to harm, anyone really without the charm, with words too harsh to even comprehend, the why’s behind them, unknown will remain.

Night time illumination

“Illuminated are the windows, reflecting their light from the hard surfaces, the lights of those dwelling inside” Gun Roswell 

Night time illumination 

The darkened night is upon the land of the so many dwellers, who can easily feel it fall

As soon as it happens though, the light of plenty and many are illuminating the roads ahead, long

Therefore, no worries, no sorrow, will follow them, as as clear as the very day, what ever lays

Ahead of them all, the eyes can clearly see, and there is no need, to get back inside, nor is there

To find a place to hide, just because, the very dark night, had fallen from above, none of them needs to feel small, the illumination saving them all


“The deep blues, the turquoise hues, the waters surface, cannot hide” Gun Roswell


Dive in, I know you want to do it! 

The blues beckoning on a warm day, so just, step in!

The water’s still rather cool, at least inside the pool

Don’t be a fool and miss the opportunity before afternoon

After the sun having heated the soothing liquid

So just be real quick about it and take the plunge

It’s almost time for lunch and a quick dive

Really cannot do any harm, simply pull out a smile

And give a feeling of total divine

At least for a while before the heat catches up again

Along the long pier

“Being by the side of water, any body of water, makes the ol’ sailor inside of this body all nostalgic and all” Gun Roswell

Along the long pier

Take a long walk, a run, or simply just hang around, the pier so long, it takes a moment more, to reach from the beginning to the end and then back again, but it does not matter as all around, there is water, boats and even some scenery, and that is all that is needed, for a stroll along the very long pier, perhaps if daring, even a dive to the inviting blues, as nobody will judge anyone wanting to take some time, under the warming sun, surrounded by the ocean making life so much more fun.

The water, the rock, the sunshine

“The elements of life, well, at least part of them, mostly those used for a great summer’s break“ Gun Roswell

The water, the rock, the sunshine

The spring of life, the cool blue stuff, the liquid so clear, you can see through it, and the best thing of it is, that you can actually drink it, bathe in it and simply, lull yourself to sleep while floating on it, truly the multipurpose tool for any kind of fool in need of some relief from whatever kind of ailment.

The rock, hard as they come, an element, none too fun, but good to be used as another kind of tool, like hammering down a nail or using it to cover up a trail, whatever use basically thought of, even a house built, well, sort of, but also, a great place to sit on, when all other furniture fails.

The sun, shining above, the warmth, the bright rays, the light, all of it combined, what a great surprise, after such a long while of remaining in total darkness, and so, for the duration of a season, perhaps more, the shining sun, sometimes a bore, mostly though, praised by lore, will be the one keeping up the spirits of those seeking its audience.


“The sun filled times are here again, at least, when looking at old pictures, taking me back to times when, travel was still on the agenda and fun, especially getting to a place, totally filled with sun” Gun Roswell


Under the sol, the scorching one, you the one, which can be a lot of fun, especially for us pale types, whom only see the burning ball of light, during some summer nights (this is totally true), but mostly it is just dark and gloomy and blue (which is fine too) but now, when the summer flows slowly but surely into the days so boring, it is nice to see some bright colours and light (so what if it shines all through the night) for a short while, as this will help some of us to smile and even dare going outside, alas, never forgetting the effects, this special effect high up in the sky will do to our poorly grown skins, and so, taking precautions, and staying cautiously under the parasol, as even if not standing in the straight sun light, the shade still has the word of the might inside and thus remaining in the cover safely and soundly, there is the option in saying rather proudly, that I stayed outside, in the world wide, under the sun, even if it was really and only under the parasol.

Three windmills a standing 

“The wind does not stop blowing simply because there is some resistance up ahead, right?” Gun Roswell 

Three windmills a standing 

Forever and all the past ages, the three sages have stood there

Against and with the howling winds, rotating their crooked wings

No matter which way all the blows have landed, they always sing

The eerie tune of the nature’s forces wherever the gust clings

It does not really matter for these tall three, who stood the test of time

And came out of it all, just fine, at least, for a while that is

As sometimes during the history, of these thee windmills

The effort to sustain them still standing there, was on the way

So, all those tad dwellers, did their very best

To make sure these three tall windmills would stay the rest

Of the ancient history or at least last few more years

Defending them all and providing more, like electricity

The modern thing after all the history had passed

And so, with the new modifications in place, it’s most likely

These three mills against the winds in their very spot stay

As for others to enjoy and admire, while the dwellers worship 

Them as the best things on the planet, the protectors and providers

Riding till end of the day

“The horses will take you were you need to go, and much more peacefully so, than any other vehicle really could“ Gun Roswell

Riding till end of the day

The day very long, but gotta stay strong 

It won’t be long now, before we reach home

Just hoping it will be in time of the pending storm

As usually around these places, it hits pretty strong

Rushing the steed beneath, with a gentle nudge

To move faster, with hoofs the ground hardly touching

The pace so smooth it is almost like having wings on

The soft sand of the beach, hardly reached upon

All the surroundings becoming one fading soft blur

While moving along the very path chosen further

It really does not take that long

Before reaching the home shores

The darkness heavy around us all

The heavy clouds hanging low above

But before even the first drop of rain

Will try any of our backs to stain

Riding inside the cover of the small stall

Where both the rider and their mount

Have some deserved respite finally found

Sailing again, this time to the right 

Verbania, Italy

“There is nothing to it, well, maybe just a tad, some figuring out on how to steer, but when you get the hang of it, sailing is the best” Gun Roswell 

Sailing again, this time to the right 

The boat in the harbour, quite adored, only waiting for the right person to take her off the shore

Still, staying stranded had never been a bore, as there were plenty of admires there to score

Alas, today, the special person would be out for a spell, and the small sailing boat could tell

It would be such a glorious afternoon out there in the warm sunshine and cool blue waves to spend 

After all, this new sailor was a heavens sent, always taking good care of the deck and the tall sails

Never wavering in giving a compliment here and there, never out of spare but with a loving purpose 

Even if some of those passers by, who would not admire, rather said a boat was just an inanimate object

But not to this special sailor, who wore the clothing especially tailored, for seafare, as taking the small boat out was not a dare

Rather a choice of life, to get away from the daily grind, finding peace out there in the high seas

And for theses reasons, the little sailing boat made sure their new keepers to always happy keep

Suburbia pano-dramatic

Espoo, Finland

“There is just something to be said of life in the suburbs, yeah, it’s quite the mundane existence“ Gun Roswell

Suburbia pano-dramatic

The life starts, in the early morning hours, if not waiting up yourself, because of the alarm clock, then at least the very moment, the garbage truck starts to rattle around, making all kinds of noises way too early in the morning. Then, there is the morning traffic, the cars and bikes and people, passing by the windows, some of them daring to take a peek inside, curious as to how the other half lives. So, if you are working from home, getting up and running outside, is not a total must, but getting ready for the day ahead is a more calmer event, except, when there are others in the household wanting to embrace the china bowl, as of course there is only one of them in the house even if several people lived there like a pack of mice. Never mind, the day has started and then working with some eating and perhaps a break or two, even daring to step outside on the yard just to clue up on what kind of weather we are having as that is a one constant of interest for all kinds of people, no matter where you are in the world. And then evening knocks on the door, the chores done and then it is time for some boring shows on the TV, as the eve is the time for slacking and such, as the day has already taken so much of the energy, hardly restored at night time, while sleeping, mostly not fine. But yeah, that is the day, and the next and the next one after that, the life in the quiet of suburbia, mundane at best, but never any less.