Alien vistas, revisited (at least, in my mind)

“When travelling, in your mind, why not travel as far as possible, to the unknown places of the alien vistas?” Gun Roswell

Alien vistas, revisited (at least, in my mind)

Once again, I am slowly, but surely, falling into, a deep, deep slumber
And it is really not because, I am tired and want to go to sleep either
Rather doing my thing, and once again travelling, within my minds frame
Only this time, rather than taking the trip down, the good ol’ memory lane
I will spread my tall wings, figuratively of course, and then something, new trying
While letting the imagination fly, towards the very blue skies, and then visiting
Unknown places, out there, in the stratosphere, on the well known space trail
In the great and wide unknown, where you can find, if you really hard try, without fail
Alien vistas, with completely colourful places, totally opposite of our own world
The oceans and skies, painted in fire engine red, the beaches laid with soft dark silk
Instead of the usual sand we get here, mostly nice, but getting everywhere, so quick

No crowds to be found anywhere, which truthfully today, is pretty similar here as well
The cafes serving beverages and food totally out of this world, luckily, the coffee smell
Is also there as a familiar tell, so maybe, these aren’t as different from us after all
But when you run into a few locals there, on the open streets, the small and the tall
Beings occupying this specific place, with four arms and legs and three eyes round
Are a dead giveaway, we’re definitely not visiting Kansas on Earth, this time around
Not wanting to give too much away, as each and everyone should visit themselves
A place so alien and indescribable, yet fantastic, that only your own imagination can tell
When you dwell, inside those imaginable worlds, where your mind will be hurled
Once you let it relax for a moment, and go beyond the known realm with a turn
Then maybe you too, will have some, out of this wold and odd tales to tell
Having your own “fake” memories in your mind, even if no one is buying what you sell

Alien world

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“Let’s see what lies beyond the final frontier” Gun Roswell

Alien world

Stepping inside the image, of
An alien world, at least to me
The colour palette, like something

From a child’s colouring book
Leaving the real world behind, entering whit
An open mind, never looking

Back, there is no return
Once the door closes, but I am
Determined to spend my life

Exploring this wondrous and dangerous
World, on my own, maybe meeting with
Some natives, who really knows

Pond (part two)

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“On the green pond, I sit and ponder” Gun Roswell


The flowers at the pond
Quietly on the waters calm surface flow
Nothing stirs them, nothing moves

Until a gust of wind
Makes a motion, causing all of them
To start towards each other

Flow, soon finding patterns only
Limited by my own imagination, nature’s tools of
Art best used here, now

Alien world

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“Looking into an completely alien world” Gun Roswell

Alien world

In to a new alien
World, in your dreams you were hurled
A place so sacred, only

A chosen few, are allowed
To visit, look around, all around, what
Do you find? Be careful!

Look at the highest skies
On to the lowest grounds, try to
Remember what you see and feel

The sights, the sounds, the
Fragrants around you, see, remember, for this
Is once in a life

Time trip, without any return