Rocking around the warm fire (old school style)

“Somewhere in ancient times, people used to hang around the open fires, in the darkened rooms, rocking the night away, in a chair“ Gun Roswell 

Rocking around the warm fire (old school style)

The old school home, with its old school decor and old school ways odd spending the evening, at home, quietly, together, the whole family seated in a circle, around the open, warming fire, the matriarch of the family, in her rocking chair, sharing all them stories from the distant past, just like it was, the tradition since way back, the oral history shared to all, as at some point, the very duty would fall, onto the children when all grown up and so the circle of life continued, in the olden days.

Old barn holds its own charge  

“The ancient looking barn, might look a tad worn, but it’s still in charge, storing treasures on the inside?” Gun Roswell 

Old barn holds its own charge  

It may look somewhat, run down, but before you frown, just take a look inside, because it looks totally fine, and as to the why this is so?

Well, it might just be, because it was all refurbished, well, just a tad, nothing too rad, just the inside modernised and the outside left as it once was.

And so now, the lesson learnt, which is even old school dwellings can be turned, to liveable quarters and more, just because, tearing down something beautiful, is never a good option.

Dinner time in ancient times

“The daily meal, at the end of a very long working day, was the one to be had with family, in the ancient times” Gun Roswell

Dinner time in ancient times

The daily grind in the fields are done, as farming is the livelihood, for this specific family, living in the neighbourhood, well, not that there really is one, just a small splattering of hard working families doing their thing to get through life in the harsh world of the past.

And so, gathering around the large table of the small cottage they all live in, the meal prepared from their own doings, the land providing all that which is needed, just the get by, to be fed to be able to carry on their farming, on the land around them. As the circle of life of the past, keeps rolling, along each passing day.