The cat and the selfie snap

”The cats like to destroy things, at least those that are on their way, when they over the tabletops stray, or at least asin their opinion, redecorating” Gun Roswell 

The cat and the selfie snap

The cats are cool with most things, and posing for pictures is certainly their thing, as natural are they, with a swagger and then the pose, at the moment of their choice, they will make the perfect models and then it’s full throttle so better keep that camera shutter clicking, and those flashlights flickering as the cat once started to pose, ain’t gonna stop until something completely different, catches its attention in most likely an instance. So, better keep on clicking away, and get those pictures without delay, and onto that social media account them display as many likes they are likely to repay. Both of you happy from the opportunity of a photo shoot as the loot, for the cat should be, some nam-names as a treat. One thing is for sure, that if the cat itself could, control a device such as a phone, they would be most likely snapping selfies each and ever day. Causing scenes wherever they go and then snapping those proud duckface selfies all along the way.

Black cat sitting on the street corner

“There is a black cat in the street just sitting there, should I be scared?” Gun Roswell

Black cat sitting on the street corner

There once was a black cat
Whom neatly on the street corner sat
Never moving, never budging
Even if there would be a large truck in
Coming around the bend
He would just sit there and this time spend
On nothing and everything
As the world would turn around him

Why you may ask?

Well you see, this is his one job
The only one suited on this small blue globe
As he is the very watcher of us all
The one black cat, sitting quite tall
And that is why there is no fear for us at all
As he keeps an eye on us, that we will not fall

World Animal Day, 4th of October


“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated” Mahatma Gandhi

World Animal Day, 4th of October

What would the world be
Without a cat, elephant or a bee
As far as the eye can see
Birds sitting in the trees

Join in and celebrate
All creatures great and small
They have given us much more
Than anyone can elaborate


The cat at the doorway

“The cat at the door, acting like the bouncer? Well, whom else did you expect?” Gun Roswell 

The cat at the doorway

There, by the door, the cat lazily lay, much to the few random visitors dismay, who were none too fond of the furry felines themselves. But hey, if you’re coming my way, to my home, or rather the house now owned by my cat, then you better get adjusted to the one simple fact, that she is in charge and decides, whom shall through the entrance pass. So, next time you show up, at the doorstep of our cohabit-at, bring something, anything, to show your appreciation for the furry friend, on whose mood your entrance depends. A bribe, a price, some fish, basically anything you can come up with. And another reminder; the cat is quite picky too, about you and what you might bring. So, do think really carefully through, even the possibility that she may sue. But most of all, if you really want to visit, then set aside all that illicit and try at least, to be the cat’s friend, with all the intent you can muster. Because she can sniff a liar out and then, you’re on your own and totally busted! Sorry, but I did warn you and if I’m brutally honest, the cat always comes first.

Chicken pass, Cat ignore

“The cats can ignore anything and anyone, they’re just built that way and god do I envy them!“ Gun Roswell

Chicken pass, Cat ignore

The chicken kept on clucking as it was forward strutting, trying oh so very hard catch the attention, of the snoozing feline friend. Alas, the cat, had decided to not to talk with their friend, the chicken, rather keep on their supposed napping there in the corner of the street, where everyone could clearly see, that the cat, was simply ignoring the bird passing by. Why you may ask because it was well known, the two of them were friends, so why not say hello, as this was their usual MO. But not today, as the cat had decided that it wasn’t going to bother at all, as the cat was in one of their moods once again, something the chicken friend knew quite well, and now, as it had made the try of being friendly and getting completely ignored, by the cat whom supposedly snored the day away, so why would the chicken bother further, as knowing it was not she who was the fowl here rather the cat, being the one aptly named foul.

Cat in the Grey of the streets

“Cats come in all kinds of furry flavoured colours, and we don’t judge them for it, do we now.” Gun Roswell

Cat in the Grey of the streets 

The sleek, suave and grey coated small size cat, the king of the road as a matter of fact and everyone was looking at. As fancifully prancing around every which way, clearly here to slay, metaphorically at least, any kind of beast. Acting like the very owner of the minor city, something which was making the onlookers quite giddy. Because this grey haired cat, was all that, which anyone around would like in themselves to be found. After all, this cat, had earned all the admiration, the applauds, the good fortunes, all of it, by simply acting where no one else would give a shit. As this very cat could have easily decided to simply to sit on their ass, and not give a crap of the surroundings. But found instead, the courage to do something and so much more and now making things much better and easier for all those dwellers around. So, all and all, the pride and ownership of this particular street was the least, they could give to the street walking all saving grey coated cat, who totally is, all that and more.

Lazy Caturday

“It’s that time of the week, when lazy days are what you seek, because you know what? It’s Caturday!“ Gun Roswell

Lazy Caturday

The time of the day, when nothing can be done, except quietly in one place lay, and definitely outdoors rather than indoors to stay. Simply because the sun is warming the ground and whatever spot you may choose, you can only win, never lose, as this is the perfect setting for a day of Caturday, or for us Hoomans known as Saturday.

So, do not be surprised, if you some furry felines out there laying about can spy, as this is definitely their day to spend, wherever they choose their derrières to land. So, whatever you do or thing, be kind and give them credit even if they seem so totally lazy as all the other days, the keep on working, making our streets totally safe.

After all, Caturdays are reserved for our furry feline friends, so let them have this day, and at the end maybe reward them with a tin can, filled to the hilt to tunafish or whatever else kind of dish you might have wanted to prepare for them. As long as it is fish! And next week, you don’t have to worry of all the unwanted critters playing havoc around the premises.

Dark Cat

“The mysterious dark coated cat is something of a curiosity right now“ Gun Roswell

Dark Cat

It does not speak , it does not move, it does not even care, even if you dare to stare, as it is quite the oddity by nature, and it has no hatred, as, it simply exist. Maybe and simply to enlist, the curiosity of others as they attempt to coax this dark one, to maybe come play and have some fun. Butter there within lies the pun, as this dark side of a being, is only there for the seeing, as it is the one keeping, the score. And no matter how much you adore, the mystery and magical scene surrounding this feline, there is always the b-line, to an exit, and maybe, just maybe, you had better take it, before it is too late to get, the hell out of its way.

Cat of cats

“Cat is a cat is a cat, and there can be no doubt about that” Gun Roswell

Cat of cats

The cat on the pavement proudly sat, like the king of the hill, or the guard of the heap, but never the place to sleep, only a place of worship.

It was the very spot that this specific cat always came to watch them all, right on the dot at the turning of the clock it was there present, like a heavens sent

The place totally sacred for the cat kind, there was no denying, it was either by the them all to be worshipped or then even possessed

Most likely the latter, as this cat of cats was treated as such, the other neighbourhood cats bringing treats and other stuff for it to feast upon

Whatever the case might have been, I doubt it is for the lowly hoomans to be seen as the cats life their own lives separate from anyones

But observing this cat of cats keeping its court for the few hours before taking its cue and leaving the same designated spot it had stayed on

Not to be seen or heard of until such time again the very next day, right on the dot when the cat of cats once again emerged from the shadows to regain its spot again

The Cat and the Girl

“Cats are like music: It is foolish to try to explain their worth to those who do not appreciate them”

The Cat and the Girl

Would you look at that!
The girl with the cat
On the sofa, laying flat

No time to chase a rat
No time for a little chat
Not even an eyelid will bat

No time for the internet
Nothing playing on the cassette
Nothing moves, on the chess set

If you want to bet
The only comment you get
“What the heck,
Are you staring at!”