Para Sol

“The sun is shining, and isn’t that just special, so why does everyone want to stay under covers?Away from the sun?“ Gun Roswell

Para Sol

The shade of it all, well, the shade to run for cover under, from the, you know, the sun?

Well, simply because sometimes, you need to hide, from the very light, which, supposedly, sustains life itself, and isn’t that a contradiction if anything else.

The darkened corners of the world, suiting better for the quite fowl mood, becoming the existence, which fears the light of day, especially a very bright, hot, burning sun filled one.

And so, the cover, the parasol large enough, to hide under permanently or at least until such time, all of it passes and the option, of coming forth, stepping into the spotlight, is upon.

Dreaming of a place somewhere far away

“It’s funny how we are never happy about where we are at any given moment, always dreaming of some place else, supposedly much better than this one is“ Gun Roswell

Dreaming of a place somewhere far away

There is one constant in the universe, or at least on this very planet, that of the dwellers, namely humans, are never happy about staying in just one single place

Whether they want to travel for a while or perhaps permanently relocate, it seems to be encoded inside of the DNA to want to be a on the move and not in one locale stay

And if stuck in the same ol same ol, what do these, two legged brainy creatures do?
Well, day dreaming all day long, of some other place far far away until they fall, into a deep sleep, most likely having the same dream on repeat

So, whether it is of a vacation soon to follow, or simply some far away distant fantasy, those yet to be undiscovered vistas at least for the one person, keeps them going on

The breaking waves

“The waters are calm today, only gently breaking against the rocky shores, like being no great chore at all” Gun Roswell

The breaking waves

The waters edge, the place where the waves and the land meet, the shores of beyond the rocky terrain, where few feet have trudged, because getting there is hard and difficult, often impossible.

But those who dare, can not stand and stare, after having reached, the sandy beach, and then in awe admire of their perfect score, as the views are not short of magnificent, but time there watching, observing spent short, as the storm will soon be upon and the sandy shores travelled upon will be gone, sunken by the roaring waves to the beyond.

Sitting by the seaside, pondering of life

“Life, death, life, things that nature, always come to mind, when sitting in absolute silence, by the seaside” Gun Roswell

Sitting by the seaside, pondering of life

Life is but a dream. Or so, it could quite easily seem. When seated at the soft and sandy beach. The calming blue waters gently flapping against the shores. Some would say the silence and the calm would be a bore. But for those of us waiting to simply ponder about all the wonders around. Well, noting could be farther from the truth. As both older people and some of the youth, need that special time, feeling fine. Simply, by sitting down and letting only the mind. Wander.

Elements of the beach

“The elements both natural and man made, as observed from the coolest of shades” Gun Roswell 

Elements of the beach

The sandy shores, never a bore for the ever vigilant observer of nature, the elements found, simply by looking around, head turning all across the expanse of the beach, nothing ever out of reach, many an interesting elements to be found, just looking up and from the ground.

The water, always blue and inviting, the skies with a similar hue, fluffy cloud formations floating by, when the eyes look at the ever so highs.

When too much it gets, then the glance down let, observe the ground beneath found, the rock covering the dirt, but don’t get your feet hurt, wear flip flops when venturing to the shore, never a bore, with the waves crashing to the soft sand, just feel it with your hand.

The pier man made, concrete or wooden, it’s all the same, the construct pushing ever outward to the high seas, walk down there and the even you can see, out there over the great sea.

Blue, Blues, Bluest

“The blues a beckons once again, I reckon, it’s that time of the day or week or even year, when all of it and us too, will be engulfed inside the coolest and calmest of blue“ Gun Roswell

Blue, Blues, Bluest

The blues of the day, when I first opened my eyes and onto the gorgeous scenery lay, those magnificent varied hues, making me shiver just out of the blue, with the pun included of course as today was all about becoming one with the blues.

The cooling and calming skies and waters, all now combined together, or so it seems even without the tether as the skies and endless seas are blurred in to each other like someone slurred the words out and then painted on top.

Blue, bluer, the bluest, those are the best of the hues, at least, today when all I want to do is sit and play the blues, and that is okay to do. Just enjoying the calmest of views, without too much to do, until perhaps some other colour takes their place, tomorrow.

Foggy day on the beach

“No matter, sunshine or not, as it is almost summer, going to the beach is a must “ Gun Roswell

Foggy day on the beach

No matter the day or time or even season
There is an inherit urge to the point of treason
Against the odds that is, as it is, the beach
Is not accessible to most of us except during summer
Which is a big bummer, but then again, winter
Is the eternal splinter, with all the cold weather
Snow and such, most of us don’t really care about
Of course there is the options to carve a small hole
Into the ice if you are really feeling that kind of bold
And dive into the freezing cold of the water
And the running but naked into the hot and humid sauna
But, for now, it might not be the perfect kind of state
As spring and therefore summer are totally delayed
For a visit to the sandy shores, still, trying as one must do
Getting there, in the foggy kind of haze, finding the perfect place
And then laying down on the sun bed, even if clothed fully
In warm winter clothing, but it is already April and the beach?Well, it may be out of reach for some time more
But hey, spending a day, even in the icy cold winds
It was still the beach and nothing or no one can deny
That I’ve got a huge big smile on my face just because, beach!

Safely under the protecting shade


“Safely under the sun or rain or whatever else the weather gods may throw my way” Gun Roswell

Safely under the protecting shade

Whether the weather feels like too much sun or even storm clouds filled with rain, this is the place where I feel the most safe, hiding myself under the protective shade, which was so perfectly made, just for me here for a while to stay, no matter the time of the day.

As the sun turns to night, and the moon begins to shine bright, even that soft light, is filtered gently through the perfect hideaway, that special shade I am still under, and there is no doubt or wander, whether this is the perfect spot for me, where I will certainly be.

So, the day and night spent, and then there is the rest of it, other days and nights, mornings, noons and evenings, the weather patterns also changing, from good to worse to really bad, but I am not feeling at all sad, as this place of shade, is where I am totally safe.

There might come a time, when I do not feel so fine, under this protective cover of mine, but until then, I will my time here spend, under this protective shade, where I can rest my head and go to sleep in peace, and live my life, without counting time, but still, having a big smile.

Peekaboo, I see me, on the beach

“It’s where I want to be, on a warm summers eve, or then basically any time of whatever, on the sunny beach” Gun Roswell 

Peekaboo, I see me, on the beach

The day as long as eternity, the tasks never completed are churning me, but, when the moment arrives, when my thoughts are mine, I am finally feeling fine, as I see it, in my minds eye, the place where I want to be, when all of this, daily grind is done, and I can finally have some fun, and so, before that day is here, I live in my thoughts there, on the sandy shores, where life is such a bore, some say, but no chores is better you see, and when the only thing to do, is sit under the parasol and sip on a drink and watch the cool blue seas, as this is the place where I do flee, when free of daily life I want to be. Alas, only in my mind can I escape there, to the other side of the sphere, where all the beaches await, and nothing else but an escape from it all, is the only reward, and so, as I close my eyes, I can spy, in my mind’s eye the beach everyone always seeks, for this very same reason.

Beach side you can find the smile

Rhodes, Greece

There is just something about the beach which draws me there, sunshine and sand perhaps“ Gun Roswell

Beach side you can find the smile

The sun is shining and the sand is warm, the skies are clear in the colour of blue, just like the endless waters with the same hues. The day being the picture perfect image from a book filled with holiday memories from the past, those which will long last even if the snaps like the memories might fade a tad, but the good old days will be just that, and no matter whom would dare to countermand, the pictures will always tell the stories, never ever boring, with only the great bits, forgetting the shits and that is how those memories of the short but rewarding holidays should be.

During these days of present, the beach side is the place not just from the memories of past, but also a place to recharge and relax. The similar sandy shores, the blue waters which go beyond the horizon and the rising sun, always warm. If even a day in the picture prefect scenery can be spent, then certainly, a smile my way will be sent, and that is certainly time well spent.