As sweet as can be

“There is nothing wrong with a little sugar in ones life every once in a while, now is there?” Gun Roswell

As sweet as can be

The reds, the blues and all the other hues, no matter which of them you choose, just be careful, not to any of the good parts to lose. When devouring into your hungry mouth, those cherries so plentiful without any kind of doubt. Just eat them and be proud, a little sugar of the good kind in your diet, may just keep your tummy happy and quiet.

Gluttony, some might say, and then on top of that for you pray. But just like the seasonal harvesting of hay, this is pretty much the same, as all those berries in the garden, are there for the taking and even if the neighbours are faking, saying they got the good stuff growing like weed too. 

Well, maybe do them a favour and offer them some, it could be fun, to have someone owe you and then next year, who knows, maybe they will be the lucky ones with a bundle of some berries and other types as ripe as your own are this year. As there is always the fear, of drouth hitting very near affecting the harvest, getting less.

So do eat, do share, and smile as it’s only fair, with the abundance of berries will most certainly make you leer. This is the season to enjoy the fruits of the earth and maybe even a few of them stash away for the winter’s mirth?

Two cherries on top

“Two is better than one, right? I mean as far as the consumables go? Berries of red, you know? Cherries? Tow of them? Anyone?” Gun Roswell

Two cherries on top

Feeling hungry again? In desperate need of some tasty treats?
Perhaps for some of that sweet, sweet nutrition to fill that lurking greed?
Then maybe there is something to offer to what you totally seek?
Right up there, in that very place of such lush greens and some even red tree?
Can you really not see? Up there right at your short arms reach?
It’s all paid for by Mother Nature, you know, so it’s absolutely and totally free!

So now, what you need to do, is just take it as it is:
Make the effort and pick out few, even more of the juicy ones to chew or a few more
Because these are the kinds of berries you cannot find in any kind of store
Then, pick that perfect place, preferably in some quite corner in the shade
Lift up your now tired feet to a position which looks and feels quite neat
Then pick up a cherry, one at the time, as you want them to last for a while
And once you are filled with all them goodies, you can enjoy life and maybe even smile

Berries, certainly, on the very top

“The seasonal harvest, is finally at hand, and well, it wasn’t really anything planned, but I am going to pick me some, that’ll be fun!“ Gun Roswell

Berries, certainly, on the very top

See, the beautiful blue, black, yellow, green, but mostly red
Which are, oh so gorgeous, berries, and tasty as, well, hell
So, not really any kind of sense in, them completely wasting
Do, pick up, a few, or more, of them buckets and go chasing
Those, absolutely juiciest and sweet tidbits of the mother nature
And then climbing up that tall ladder, and what, an adventure!
Really, just do your best ever(so far) thing before that winter
And, maybe earn in the process, a few of them ouch-y splinters
But, really, the main point, of this, totally silly and very little ditty
Is certainly not to do, a lot of any kind of, self serving type pity
Rather, for you, yes, you, to get up, go, to the very outside
And, finally, to absolutely enjoy the garden, one more time
Maybe, even pick up a few of those berries here mentioned
Before, the cold hearted winter snow makes its intervention

Nurture by Nature

“Ain’t nothing wrong in eating some berries from the trees, now filled with nutritions, without fees, with greetings from Mother Nature, cheers!“ Gun Roswell

Nurture by Nature

Sometimes, it is good to let someone else, provide
For the all the nurture needed these days, just to get by
It may come in a form of something totally unexpected
From a place even, long since forgotten and neglected
But a glance outside from the window, is taking a turn slow

As the totally jungle like backspace of a yard, seemingly. sits still
Summer time long since forgotten, but memories there lingering
Of the green, live and lush now turned to burnt like bush
Alas one good thing turned out from this, sort of a messy mush

As finally daring out there, to the !great unknown”, to venture
Hoping this would not turn into some kind of disappearance adventure
Then what do these tired old eyes so gladly spy
But tress filled with berries, the whole yard, gone positively wild

Green, blue, red, all one needs to do is pick them up and get fed
The tastes varying from sour to sweet, soon enough, digging in deep
One basket after another getting filled, to the very hilt
Running out spaces, as so full are all the before empty places 
With gifts of plenty, as with courtesy, provided by Mother Nature

Flowers and berries, oh my!

“So many pretty things pop up during the summer season, the nature is unbelievably gorgeous all around!” Gun Roswell

Flowers and berries, oh my!

The pretty white flowers in the corners of the yards
You can walk alongside and get so very far
The endless fields of the flora of the season
What could be a far better reason
Than to venture outdoors and spend a day
In the great outdoors with a worry or care

The berries soon will be popping up 
The garden filled with all kinds in a huff
Just make sure to collect them all 
Before the arrival of the colliding fall
Then you have a supply for the winter long
To eat, bake and then you’ll grow strong!

But even without them fine berries
Just remember, the summer will be ending
Make sure you get out there once in a while
Before sitting inside leaves you in a puddle of bile
The most important thing about the season
Is to enjoy it freely without care or a reason

Two Drops

“Nature painted with colours, odours and rain” Gun Roswell

Two Drops

In the early morning hours
Before the eternal showers
The soft rain fell
From the skies it came
Landing on a tiny ball
Which alone on the branch stalled
After all
It was that time of the year
When all living things should fear
The utter and total destruction
When nature goes under reconstruction
But the tiny little ball of a berry
Kept hanging on like a cherry
The pebbles of rain
Hanging on to it heavily
Dragging the tiny thing down
All the way, to the closest ground
Leaving it undone
Before the tiny ball of a berry
Too, was ultimately

Autumn vibes 1

“The vibes of fall are in the air” Gun Roswell

Autumn vibes


Corn, berries, apples oh my
Fruits and veggies of all of them kind
Autumn harvest is at its best
Now is the time to pick up the best
Pick them, store them, preserve them for later
You will soon too be a very happy eater
Maybe go to the forest for a moment or two
Track down the mushrooms popping out of the blue
Finally prepared with all these nature’s given goodies
And over the winter time you will run smoothly

Two of red

“I love the deepness of a passionate red” Gun Roswell

Two of red

Hanging, together, no need for a tether
We are close, so close to each other
There is no need for any kind of binding
And if either of us would get lost out there
The invisible bond is still us together holding
Only need to shout and each other again, we are finding

Red I two

Posted in Haiku

“I see red, always red” Gun Roswell


Red berries for breakfast, red
Berries for lunch, maybe even some during
The break time, but none

For dinner, that is the
Spinner, eating only from the other palette
Rich foods and such, but

None too much, because it’s
Good to leave some room for dessert
Maybe even the rec berries?