Bikes covered in snow

“Riding a bike in winter? Well naturally! There are winter tires invented and warm clothing intended to protect against the cold.”

Bikes covered in snow

The several bikes under the tree taking cover from the winter’s deep and tormenting lash of snow, but that is just what it looks like from far away, as these bikes are here to stay, and even totally slay the snows of the winter, never ever fearing the weather, as they have been permanently tethered to this land of cold by their very riders so bold.

So for now, riding along, no matter spring, summer, fall or winter, these bikes and their riders are fierce and do not mind a challenge, not even something bad or ominous foretold. As they take their two wheelers out there, in the open air, peddling gingerly away, as they are not the ones long in one place to stay. And so, no matter the heavy snow fall, the bikes and their bikers stand tall, against the weather gods.

Of course, the shovel is a necessary tool, when packing for the wintery cold, as digging out from the cover light sometimes, cannot be done by hand and well, that might be the only negative, or then it is the ice roads. Then again, spikes to the wheels and thinking of the snow pushing as a sport, the nothing can go wrong for these winter riders.

A moped ride across the town

“The two wheeled ride, will steal your heart, totally and for good, if you are not careful enough” Gun Roswell

A moped ride across the town

The two wheels required to peddle and then steer a motorised vehicle now totally dear, to a place far away or even a some place near, the ride always a pleasure, no matter the initial feel, because the cycle, moped or some other kind of motorised bike, will make the day with a permanent smile. The bike, can you whatever juice to power up you may choose, whether human power, electrical current or even the bad kind, the gasoline from the hose. Still, the best bet is to let your own feet do the peddling, at least for a while, and when feeling the pain, sweat and dire, then power up the small engine and let the whole thing fly, for a moment, and after the recharge of your own self is complete, then take control of the drive and make it a nature worthwhile effort. Because the effect is much more than that, your heart, body and soul becoming more apt, while making the use of your legs, instead of a power source more quaint. But whatever the means are in the end, it is all a time and effort well spent, when taking that ride in outside, even if it was just a short one cross town.

Take a ride on the yellow bike 

“I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my yellow bike anywhere I like” Gun Roswell 

Take a ride on the yellow bike 

The day starting strong and nothing can go wrong, especially as soon as I have my ride set. So, trotting down to the nearest bus stop by the railway station for said asset to get. As I had already decided, this was a day riding and nothing from it was me stopping. Not on this day anyway.

A few minutes of walk and I can already see that one bright spot of the day, the yellows gleaming through the trees, and I know this is what I seek and then grinning like a freak I start to run, because I know this will be so much fun and a great day out. So much so it warranted a shout!

Quickly arriving to the parking lot of those two wheelers there stacked on top of each other and it’s just a matter of picking one up, inserting my card, as this is an operation smart and then, after picking the perfect one among many, simply on it I will hop and start riding and maybe never stop!

Now, if you are out there in the streets, just strolling in general or maybe on your way to someone meet. Then watch out for that yellows blur passing you by. It may be dangerous as it may cause you a wide smile. But hey, anything for the laughs right as I am out there, riding my yellow bike.

Hanging loose

“There is nothing better to do with your day, than hang loose, right?” Gun Roswell

Hanging loose

There is nothing to it, just let it hit, that feeling of total nothingness, when you really could not care less, whether things will get done or not, even if is none too cold or hot. The one simple truth of this day is, that you simply want to, hang loose.

There is nothing wrong with that, even if someone at you spat, that sentence so familiar, you just want to ignore it all. But, the words hit hard nevertheless, “Get off of your lazy ass you bitch!” Well to those I have only one thing to say: “Hang loose!” As this is the best way.

And if this is not the exact play with which you want to stay, then hey, all of you not wanting to simple be lazy, go, get, be crazy, and slay, slay, slay that day. I know you will all be too tired to anything else so, why not try to, hang loose?

Whether it’s Monday or any other day, and it feels like it’s too much in your own skin to stay. Then follow this one rule of thumb. Get yourself something fun to do, like, I don’t know, hang loose?

Ride a bike, down a snowy slope

“Why not ride a bike, even in the middle of the winters plight?” Gun Roswell

Ride a bike, down a snowy slope

So, what if it is snowing once again, because, me, I can ride my bike, anywhere
Even if the tyres are not exactly up to spec, and then might fall me totally let
But that would be a small price to pay, for ride on this, two wheeled sleigh
Down, down, down the slippery slopes, filed with so much of the new snow
Then gradually, into traffic I go, wheeling away, really fast, but, well, mostly slow
Luckily I got my thick padded helmet on, covering this unfortunately small brain
And not to forget the elbow and knee pads, well, is there really a need to explain?
So, watch me, riding my bike, despite, the wintery weather so completely snide
And if I fall down, with only minor damage or less, well, at least I made you smile!

A moped ride in the world wide

“A red bike, on the street side… just hop on, and take a ride! “ Gun Roswell

A moped ride in the world wide

The red, and totally busted ride
Was waiting, by the very side
I knew from before, and I might
Just have out, a very loud sigh
Because no way, was this fine
Taking out, this archaic bike!

But, approaching the land
Where the old bike would usually stand
By an old, and very solid oak door
It was then, I noticed, something quite odd
As if just taken out of a store
It stood there, with so much flare
All over, it was spicked and spanned
Even, the silvery and shiny handles can
Be more gorgeous than
As before the metal, no longer rusted
But everything shiny and dusted
The gas tank filled with go juice
There really was nothing to loose
With this fine ride, of the day
Only one thing, still remained
Putting on, the helmet and boots
The leathery outfit, also to choose
Then hopping on this, very fine steed
And out into the busy streets, it to lead

As I am now riding down the roads
Remembering something, from before
“There really is no better way”, was I earlier told
By someone, certain and so bold
And I am finally agreeing to it now, with a huge, big smile
When I am taking this ride, to the world open wide

On neat city bikes on the city streets

“There is nothing to riding a bike after a long time, just sit on it and peddle away, it’s just like riding a bike!” Gun Roswell

On neat city bikes on the city streets

Some of them, are totally colourful, some of them quite bland
Most of them, are in such great shape, with many of gears grand
Then again, one or few, are totally busted, the metal on them, through rusted
But hey, that is just life, and if you get a lemon of a bike
Don’t worry, and certainly, do not yet, go on a pedalling strike
Because, there are always more of these, fancy two wheeled steeds
Just around the very corner, and they do come, in with a very low fee
So now, since after the hardest of the steps is done
Which was, choosing the bike, for some glorious daily fun
Now, you will be able to ride down, all of them busy city streets
On that funky bike of the city, painted, oh so completely neat


All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”
Martin Buber



When you really feel like
Your feet might be on a strike
Then, just hop on a Velo-Bike
It is such motorized fun
Under, the warming sun
No, this is certainly not any kind of pun
Just you dare to ride, ride, ride
Your borrowers and red, Velo-Bike

Motorbike and the pouring Rain

“There is nothing to riding in the rain, even if barefoot, just hit that pedal and don’t worry about the stains” Gun Roswell

Motorbike and the pouring Rain

When it rains, it may also pour
Your mind and mentality, soon enough, dropping to the floor
All them puddles, are there for you, just waiting
So, why the hell, should you be hesitating?

Just jump on that good old and solid moped
Get yourself out there, even if you might be soaking
Ride, ride, ride, wild like the kid you once were
Through the soaking rainy puddles, without any care

But soon enough, the fun could come to a complete and utter halt
If an unexpected flash of light, will give you a jolt
But then you might simply take the advantage
Of that free kind of power charging

And then, just keep on riding in the rain
Even, if you might feel just a little bit of pain
It’s just the asphalt, that keeps you grounded under your soles
Because, just this once, you dared to bare your soul

Scooter on the sidewalk

“Just pick and choose, which ever you may fancy!” Gun Roswell

Scooter on the sidewalk

The black and totally big thing, in that street corner, way over there
You really cannot help, but completely stop to stand and stare
It is so massive compared, to any previously seen bi-wheeled moped
Can you even be sure, that this, thing, can be called, a scooter?

If you are unsure, why don’t you just hop on and try it out and some time on it spend
You may end up liking it so much, you need to buy one for yourself in the end