Sunshine and Snow, with a Touch of Grey

“The sun will shine, even in the midst of the divide, the snow storm long since gone, until it is back again“ Gun Roswell

Sunshine and Snow, with a Touch of Grey

The endless blue skies emerged from behind the greyish curtain of snow

The cold weather, the below freezing temperatures never disturbing the above

But, as the world turns, the bad following the good

Great weather, a touch of light, will not undo the strife

The grey soon to follow the calming blues

As the storm front will hit the those most pleasant hues

Soon enough the dull and dreary will be the way 

Noting close by to save the darkened days

Winter, the annoying splinter, milking on each and every dime

As the rest of us only waiting for summer biding our time

Moonrise in the blue skies

“The moon is on the rising, even if it is just afternoon, well, never mind, I am still smiling“ Gun Roswell

Moonrise in the blue skies

Playing peekaboo and hide and seek up there in the high skies, the moon was ready to rise even if the sun was still nowhere near its setting. But the moon did not mind, to share the space with one of its kind even if it was less brighter and much smaller than the big sister the sun. And even if it had been fun, running around circles in the great heavens, having hidden and peeking out every once in a while, certainly causing a huge big smile on the faces of those onlookers who had spotted the small size planetary object hovering there above them. Still, enjoying the sunshine, at least for a while longer as the time for the night was still beyond the horizon, the day dwellers, would soon turn into night time watchers, only waiting for the smaller kind to take its position up there in the high skies, even if for now, it was the time of the sun to shine and then, make a spectacle while setting for the night, but nothing compared the pale light of the moon, once it had taken its place in the night sky high above all else.