Sailing away, yay!

“I love sailing, even if I don’t and never have owned a boat, still, I will never turn down an offer to go sailing!“ Gun Roswell

Sailing away, yay!

A slight detour up and around the bend, surely, a god’s send, the sails taking in wind, feels like a song coming on, an old school sea shanty, for you see, today, is the day to go sailing!

And even if the whole wide world around might just be failing, it does not matter, as I will be waving, on the deck of the very boat, setting sail to a destination unknown, never mind where, as long as it somewhere totally bold, a place never seen, a place never been.

So bye! I am outta here!

Fun and the Sun

“Nothing like frolicking footloose and fancy free under the sun, and then taking a dive in the cool blue waters” Gun Roswell

Fun and the Sun

The month of June, came way too soon, as no time to prepare for what sun filled days laid ahead, but once getting over the overall thinking of somehow having to be prepared, simply to spend some time of and to spending it without an agenda, under the warming sun.

The mindset not easily adjusted, but once done, it was time to commence the long awaited task, because that is how some of us see it, but after some time and fashion, getting used to the very objective of it all, which is, not to plan and worry, rather embrace, the moment of fun.

Blue, Blues, Bluest

“The blues a beckons once again, I reckon, it’s that time of the day or week or even year, when all of it and us too, will be engulfed inside the coolest and calmest of blue“ Gun Roswell

Blue, Blues, Bluest

The blues of the day, when I first opened my eyes and onto the gorgeous scenery lay, those magnificent varied hues, making me shiver just out of the blue, with the pun included of course as today was all about becoming one with the blues.

The cooling and calming skies and waters, all now combined together, or so it seems even without the tether as the skies and endless seas are blurred in to each other like someone slurred the words out and then painted on top.

Blue, bluer, the bluest, those are the best of the hues, at least, today when all I want to do is sit and play the blues, and that is okay to do. Just enjoying the calmest of views, without too much to do, until perhaps some other colour takes their place, tomorrow.

Sailing into the calming waves

“Sailing into the sunset? Perhaps later, but right now, following the calming blue of the waves, is the best way to move ahead“ Gun Roswell

Sailing into the calming waves

The wind on my back, the sun on my face, where could be a better place, for at least a day to stay, more even, as it was no chore, than in a small vessel, lulled by the calming waves, no destination set, only to let the spirits of the undecided to guide me on my way, wherever it may lay, but for now, it does not really matter as the journey is just about to begin, and so, hoisting the sails, without any further delay, as it is time to set sail, out there, into the world open wide, with a hint of a smile, as I wave my goodbyes to those, standing by, but this life, has just begun and even if the path ahead was unclear and filled with unknowns, it was simply part of the fun, not letting anything to stun moving ahead, but always keeping eyes peeled on new adventures instead, and so letting the blue coloured flow guide through the waves, the small craft with just the single sail.

The calming blue liquid known as water 

“Water is the most coolest of all the elements. It is so totally calming and always rejuvenating, and so, there is no way to not to feel refreshed after a deep dive into it.” Gun Roswell 

The calming blue liquid known as water 

Water comes along in the colour of blue, turquoise, or something in the shade of grey, or perhaps without colour at all, it really does not matter, as long as it will continue to fall, down, down, down from the open skies, at least sometimes in most areas.

Water is the one constant which is needed to survive life, to drink, to wash with, to dive into it or then simply, sit by the side of it and admire the mere miracle of nature, as even if it sometimes seems to come along far too much down, there is no hatred behind at all.

Water is the element of elements, the one to write songs about, to paint the pictures of and most of all, the one to be revered as a sent of gods, as there might come a day, when water is no longer there and then using all the spares, will leave us soon enough without nothing at all.

Riding blue on the blue moped on a Monday


“The Mondays are a blast, that is if you get to ride around on a small size moped made all in blue“ Gun Roswell

Riding blue on the blue moped on a Monday

The Monday so totally came again, something non too unexpected, yet always seems to be such a surprise to see, when it is rising from the horizon with the new time in the calendar. But, instead of feeling sorry for the day, better make it as a play, while riding the best two wheeled bike there is, a small blue moped made from spare parts, just to get the much needed laugh and strength to make it through this particular day, and continue along until the next one arriving, as it is, just the first day of a very long week.

While gingerly riding down the streets, with the blue coloured and snuggly size vessel with two wheels, there are lots of interesting things all-around to see, despite it being the beginning of the very week. However, with cheers am I greeted as this uplighting sight, of a tall woman on this very small bike, is taking a tour around the neighbourhood, exploring the places with a wide smile, never mind the fact that this is totally, just another Mundane Monday.

By the seashore, see more, stay away from bore

“There is something to be said about the calming waves of the shores of the blue seas, it’s just that, well, they do speak to me” Gun Roswell

By the seashore, see more, stay away from bore

The bluish hues of the waters glimmering in the morning sunshine simply beckoning to get out there to have some fun. Splashing around in the calming waves, whether alone or with some close friends. The effect of this liquid form can be quite an uplifting lore, as forgetting all the daily chores, at least for this day, when sun and water come up to the sandy shores together, for a play. Preparing the perfect setup for anyone there to stay, as long as they had found the way there.

So, if you have some time, try spending the whole day right beside those bubbly waves, dipping and diving into the cool blues, which sometimes even turn to turquoise hues, slowly but surely blending into the skies as the horizon slowly fades, making the scene look like and endless palette of bright light, coloured in blue. And certainly something good for the body and soul, to perhaps make it whole or at least give it a patch to carry on until the next time.

The beach blues

“There is nothing worse than getting the blues when on the beach, or is that really bad?” Gun Roswell

The beach blues

Blues skies, blue waters, blue mountains covered in blue haze, blue parasols for the shade and beach towels to lay on, with blue boats gently lulling on the blue waves. There is nothing else to be seen for miles on end, at the beach where the blue hues are the dominant colour of the day. But hey, it could be worse as singing the blues on a street corner because you could not access the calming blue waters, well, that is something to sing about. But for now, the only song to be sung, is the praise of this blue place of fun, where the only other colour found, is the beige sand laid out on the ground. The midst of the summer, nothing can be a total bummer, even if all this blue up and till the horizon where a blue moon at night will be rising, will be the cause of the blues with all of the views? Alas, it is all the good kind which will make you smile as you have totally caught, the beach blues.

Beach life on a lazy day

“The sand warm, on a lazy day under the sun strong” Gun Roswell 

Beach life on a lazy day

Sunny day on a beach somewhere, without one single worry or a care, feeling lazy and unmoving, but that’s fine, as I wasn’t trying to be fooling anyone or myself, as this day was already promised for the hazy kind of doing without fooling around on this neat place found.

Not working, not thinking, not giving a moment more to anything else, except to looking and listening to the calming waves, hitting gently the sandy seashore, and watching them for long, was never a bore, and definitely no chore at all, only pleasure nonstop as being off the slaving clock for once.

So, spending all day long, even possibly until the very early hours of the next dawn, on this beach of lore, dancing and singing songs, in praise of the time of summer, where the weather is so much warmer that clothing is optional, and none too controversial if wanting to be totally naked.

Or then putting on a string of cloth reminiscent of a cover of sorts, whatever was the best choice as nobody was judging, not today, on the sandy beach, totally out of reach for most, but not those daring adventurers who had found the hidden place and now spending their lazy days, under the shining sun.