Sailing into the sunset

“Sailing away, to far away lands… or at least now, that the sun is setting, getting, home is enough for the weary traveller, right?” Gun Roswell

Sailing into the sunset

The setting sun, is the time indicator, time has past flown, and so now, setting the helm towards home, is the best option, perhaps the only option to follow.

As adventure, can always wait, for tomorrow will be another day, for sure, and the lure, of the far away lands always present, never letting the traveller at peace.

So, either a restless night, without sleep, depending of course, how deep, the thoughts of the ventures ahead are, the smart ones, will figure a way, to set sail, even when with little if no sleep.

But before you get in there too deep, remember, to eat, and have plenty of coffee, as the adventure will take time long, at least, until the next sunset is upon.

Smart Sailing

“The time for sailing is now, over the grey waters before the storm hits” Gun Roswell

Smart Sailing

Just before the storm hits, the itch gets, to go sailing and embrace the dark waters and skies, it’s after all the place where danger lies, daring the elements, even life itself, but still, if you are smart enough, avoiding the most rough stages of the storm, hitting them waves, making them slaves to the sails, and gliding along the surface of the lakeside open wide, as you are alone there, all others gone in fear, but never mind, that rush, you will soon enough find, going fast, and hey, try to avoid into anything hard blast!

Ships Ahoy!!!

“The bluer is the water, the better is the view, at least from the small sailing ship, making its way across the cool and calming hues“ Gun Roswell

Ships Ahoy!!!

The bluest blue hue of all the blues, shining across the high seas, beckoning for the weary soul, to find their way towards those very inviting waves.

As the hard life on the land is quite hard at least, that is where the blame is laid and so, taking off, the ground so very rough, fleeing to the seas, getting away, way out there where the eyes even can’t see.

Ships on the yard

“The ships on the yard? Well, guess it is true, that any port you can call home… is something something!” Gun Roswell

Ships on the yard

The old and discarded, wooden and made ships, on their sides left to lay, on the back yard no less, apparently having become obsolete and useless after some fashionable new ones had taken their place, what a waste!

Then again, isn’t that the way of the present day? But, if there was a way to restore these old school vessels, the beauty still there, even under all the dirt and old paint, the effort too big to take on? Anyone?

But for now, it seems, that those craft are left for all to be seen, as nothing more than a rotting pile of useless junk, making a good hiding place for the mice and even a few skunks, after all, the animals seem to be able to recycle old stuff, so why not us? 

The boats in the harbour


“There are plenty of boats out there, to take to the sea” Gun Roswell

The boats in the harbour

When a nice day gets in your way, there is certainly no reason in the bed to stay, rather getting up really early, with the wormy birdy, and then head out in to the harbour and spend the day at the sea. As the clearness of the weather, without a stormy cloud in sight, just might make the perfect of days, during these last days of season, before the snowy times arrive. The boats are plenty, like heavens sent, small, large, even a barge, picking one might seem a chore, but rest assure, whichever it will be, with a small size fee, you can rent it for the day and then hit those calming waves. Rowing or sailing, all that which was ailing to old bod, will be there no more, at least, not for the duration, as this is all the life needed for at least today. All them troubles of work and other kind of life soon to fade as the fluffy clouds will shade from too much sun as this will be a day of fun, one more time, feeling almost like summer, inside the small dingy of a boat, which was borrowed form the harbour for this one special day to sail around the large watery mote.


Set sail to the promised land


“Hoist the sails and head on the way, as a great adventure lies ahead“ Gun Roswell

Set sail to the promised land

No matter the season, there is always a good reason, to go sailing. Well, that is of course if you can find the flowing waters to do so. But a good enough reason, to travel even farther away, to find that perfect space, where the waters freely flow and you can simply row, row, row your boat, or perhaps better still, set sail, even if it wasn’t that promised of a land ahead, rather just a familiar beach, close enough to quickly reach.

When reaching that harbour, the anticipation getting stronger each step taken as the boat is waiting, after a long hard search, the small sailing thing is there, just at reach. Then soon enough, jumping on board nervously, the small dingy shaking and stirring, but size does not matter as the most important part is to get out there, to set sail, across the lake, and even if the sense of getting to far and strange lands is a fake, it does not matter as today is all about hoisting that tall sail and hitting the breaking waves, and not be a slave to the land I have just left behind.


Row, row, row your motorboat

“Nothing more frustrating than trying to row a motorised seaworthy vessel, a lot of resistance and even more hassle“ Gun Roswell 

Row, row, row your motorboat

The weather grey and dull, feelings of soggy and null, but the one great thing about a grey day like this, something I would not want miss, for anything in the world, is to set a sea, towards the harsh waves to be hurled as it is totally unheard of, to go out to the waters edge, in bad weather rather best option is simply to stay in the comfort of your bed. But the road so far here to this pier has led, is telling me to go out there and have a totally fun filled day, out there without fail.

But, after riding along, the currents quite strong, the rains pounding over the bow, and somehow, the humidity getting inside of the engines normally fine. Soon enough sputter and coughing the only sounds heard, until the whole setup was done for it and totally died. So, the only option, as this dingy of a concoction, did not have any sails, was simply to cast the ores over the rails and then, gently row, row, row my way back home, and singing along, to that old song, the tune of the ditty, pretty and familiar as riding the calming waves back to shore.

Crisscross around the bay

“On a glorious summer’s day, crisscross around the bay“ Gun Roswell 

Crisscross around the bay 

The day sunny and warm, great as a matter of fact just after the storm. The question remained as to what would be the best way to spend it, as time left now was plenty. The calm between the weathers ever changing and really no time for complaining. The only choice really was to rejoice and pump up that feeling of having some fun out there in the warming sun. 

Hitting the beach and finding a small boat so totally sleek. Then jumping right in an d hitting the blue waves, and cruising all day long before the winds once again would get too strong. Crossing the bay and then back again. Like a merry go round only better in so many ways. As it was on the seaside the waters making your smile. And the ride, well that too was quite wild.

In essence the day going fast by as having fun will apparently turn the clocks wind to faster than usual but still, taking a break in the midst of a stormy seasonal shake. Well what could be more greater than crisscrossing around on this small size lake.

Big ship, small boat, some kind of vessel 

“The size does not matter, as long as it can be called a boat, a ship or a vessel, even a seaworthy craft” Gun Roswell 

Big ship, small boat, some kind of vessel 

As long as you can row it, sail it or even have an engine of a kind to power it up snd then get it moving along the water’s surface, you have become a sailor of sorts and that can certainly be said without any loud snorts, as this is all something of a matter of pride, so no use being snide.

It does not really matter what kind o a boat you have, as you are the official bad ass of a captain of your own ship. So don’t let the good weather slip by. Simply put on a huge smile and take that seaworthy craft out for a ride, as you really don’t want your pride and joy to hide, am I right!

So now as you are finally breaking through those waves, enjoying it all ain’t no shame. Keep on moving along the water’s flow until you reach the ends of the earth and then take it slow, so not to fall of the edge as you can never be too sure if there is ledge there or maybe the planet is a big round sphere after all😜

Harbour Life

“Going fishing today, after all, it’s a free day, or Friday, what ever you want to call it, I am outta here!” Gun Roswell

Harbour Life

Today is the day, when I am getting myself a life, living that is, instead of existing, or at least, that is the grand plan! To be honest, this has been the plan for the past year or so, to get out my fishing gear and simply, just go, to get out there, and have some fun. Granted, fishing might not be a top choice, or even a good choice, but it would be the once for me today, as it was the last of the working days and I needed to get out of the house. And, as there was a nearby fishing village, with small boats to rend kind of cheep-ish, I knew what I was going to do on my one day off. Getting my gear together, I was soon out the door, and even if there was not going to be a big fishy score, the point was to just get out there to the shore, hop inside a dingy, and row, row, row out there, spending a day without care.

So, after a short peddle on my bike, towards the harbour now in sight, I stepped off and went to the shore, to get me some lures, the wormy kind at that, as I wanted to go all retro to the bat. Next step, was to get some snacks, as no day would be perfect without the editable as I wasn’t counting on the fish to bite. Besides, I could not very well eat them raw, sushi never being a favourite so what ever catch would have to be properly prepared, stirred, fried and what ever it took. Next step was then to rent the vessel, a small one with a miniature motor, and good looking oars, as today, was all about them chores. After the deal, was sealed, I was finally able to set sail, or rather take the paddles to my hands, and start my venture off land. What better way, to spend a free Friday!

Spending all day long, on the lulling waves just outside the shore, not daring to be too adventurous, after all, the tiny ship was hardly able to compete with the ships tall. And when the sun started setting, I was off the hooks getting, with a few fish as a reward, most likely a dinner for  tomorrow. It was time to head back home, this time using the motor as my arms were sore, all day long spent fishing, so guess that was to be expected, which was fine, I dejected as they would be worse tomorrow, after so much exercise, but hey, I wanted to live the life, so here I was, a fishing person, heading to shore after a long day spent on the waters edge, but hey, I had scored, fish being my reward of the day!