I, can drive my car?

drive my car

“Get it, sit in it, listen to music in it, meditate in it, or simply take it out for a spin!” Gun Roswell

I, Can Drive My Car?

Setting the scene
Pedal to the metal
Nerves unsettled
Giving it some gas
A little more for the blast
Overheating the machine

The engine is revving
Feels like heaven
Seeing is believing
The stress finally relieving
All the senses perceiving

No time to scoff
No time to fear
The moment is here
The road ahead, clear
Blast off!

Baby I can drive my car
Even though I’m not a star
Still I’m getting very far
Performance getting up to par
And maybe I love you babe

Road Runner

“Riding in a blue coloured love bug, really fast, down the road, like the proverbial road runner!” Gun Roswell

Road Runner

In the blue coloured tiny bug of a car
I know I cannot really get that far
But it does not stop me from trying to drive
Because when I am behind the wheel, I feel alive

I know I look a tad silly
In this outfit of mine quite frilly
But if someone at me stares
To honest, I don’t really care
Since this whole ensemble created
Goes perfectly with the sixties spirit
I have tried so hard to establish
In this little bug of mine, quite lavish

So, all of you haters out there
Please, your attitude try to spare
Live and let live is the motto of mine
And believing in that thought, I feel so divine!

20 Inches of Snow for Daily Photo (one)

Posted in Daily Photo: Photography, Poetry and Humour

“A lot of people like snow.
I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”
Carl Reiner

20 Inches of Snow

Where is my car?
I cannot go very far
I only got a few pennies in the jar
This is really bizarre
Or maybe
A blizzard-e!