Cat on the table top

“The cat on the table top sat, just because it was there and totally flat” Gun Roswell

Cat on the table top

The lager grey striped cat
On the small table top sat
Not because it was bored
Or thought, it was a chore
To stay there like a pretty 
Statue of a kind of a ditty
But just because it could
Even though, it may not should
But that wasn’t really a question
Because this cat did not do suggestions
It had a mind of its very own
From the day borne until grown
Knowing well its own position
It then made the ultimate decision
Stay there on that very table
Each and ever day for a variable
Amount of time of chosen
By itself and not of those
Whom had taken care of him
Ever since a little kitten thin
But being the king or the cat of the castle
Well, that was not a question to answer
Only the mere truth uttered
By the keeper of him so enamoured

Keep in sitting on the table top
Cat of grey colours on the dot
And you will become the ultimate pop
Star of this castle and the written word!

Happy international Cat Day!

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere” Groucho Marx

Ode to all Freakish Felines

Freakishly feline
Or a soft purring ball
How easy to unwind
Soon to a sleep fall
By those wide eyes
The limber steps
Command respect
You can never own them
Just borrow for a while
But rest assured, the little gems
Will leave you in big smiles

Cats a Sleeping

“When people are such jerks, you can always rely on cats, life’s furry perks” Gun Roswell

Cats a Sleeping

An early morning Saturday
Knowing, it would once again be Caturday
The furry felines took their time
Even if their keeper got up with the chime
The sounds of the dynamic duo snoring
Could be heard across the flooring
But the smile on the cats’ Hooman’s face
As the two furry felines were such a grace
To her otherwise dull weekend of the same
Would turn into a full day of playing and cuddling
Because this was the three of their thing
Sometimes, they even tried to sing
Since happiness had landed upon their dwelling

Three times cats 3

“Cats are about again, on this Saturday” Gun Roswell

Three times cats

Shopkeeper Cat

As the rush hour has finally past
And so long it did today last
The daily business done
The merchandise sold almost out
Now, it is time for the only reward
The whole personnel have scored
And even the shopkeeper cat
Will get a chance to take a long nap

Three times cats 2

“Cats are about again, on this Saturday” Gun Roswell

Three times cats

Spotter Cat

Standing in its usual corner
That spotter cat is always adorning
The special place by the village entrance
It’s gaze almost a state of trance
As it watches the incoming traffic
Keeping out the unwanted static
Vigilant and ready to pounce
At a moment notice from its stance
Never failing in it’s mission
And at the end of a watchful day
Presents from the residents for it are laid

Three times cats 1

“Cats are about again, on this Saturday” Gun Roswell

Three times cats

Fisher Cat

The boats will be coming back to shore soon
That, the smart fisher cat knows and looms
Over the pier, watching, observing the tides,intently
Knowing what the time, they’ll arrive, precisely

The cat keeping all other types pests away
Never causing the fishers any kind of dismay
And at the end of the very long fishing day
The fisher cat will be rewarded, with a hefty display

With what? You may say
Fish of course, what else kind of slay!

Monastery cats

“Cats rule the world, what else did you expect?!” Gun Roswell

Monastery cats

Hanging out in packs of threes
Climbing up ever higher, the tallest of trees
Just to keep an eye and the surroundings to see
What bipedal creatures may enter their domain
As guardians of the ever growing realm
And to carefully select, as to whom to let in

The cats of the holy monastery
Way up on the hill
Never ever for a moment still
Always on the prowl
Sometimes letting out a growl
To keep the trespassers at bay

Mice and people even some snakes
The felines will catch you even if you fake
Dressed in a long frock
Trying to get inside to stalk
But beware of the many around a laying
For with these fearless creatures there is no playing

Mr Diesel’s Adventures on Caturday

Caturday presents, the honorary Caturday guest, Mr Diesel

“Dogs are like kids. Cats are like roommates.”
― Oliver Gaspirtz, A Treasury of Pet Humor


Hiding myself

I feel shy today
Alone in this place
They made me stay

So just read my face
It’s clearly splayed
I won’t be swayed
To stay in this place
One more day!