Sunshine and Snow, with a Touch of Grey

“The sun will shine, even in the midst of the divide, the snow storm long since gone, until it is back again“ Gun Roswell

Sunshine and Snow, with a Touch of Grey

The endless blue skies emerged from behind the greyish curtain of snow

The cold weather, the below freezing temperatures never disturbing the above

But, as the world turns, the bad following the good

Great weather, a touch of light, will not undo the strife

The grey soon to follow the calming blues

As the storm front will hit the those most pleasant hues

Soon enough the dull and dreary will be the way 

Noting close by to save the darkened days

Winter, the annoying splinter, milking on each and every dime

As the rest of us only waiting for summer biding our time

Rain with tiny singing Droplets

“It is raining, tiny pieces of glassy mirrors, reflecting life” Gun Roswell

Rain with tiny singing Droplets

Forming, a gigantic watery puddle
As together, these tiny pieces try to huddle
Glassy droplets, sent, from the heavens above
When the rain gods decided, them upon us to shove
The mirror like and imperfect things
Reflecting life, as on the surface now, they sing
But soon, they will be devoured, into the big ocean
All of them rolling together, in one motion
Until finally, being completely sucked, into the scorched land
Thus disappearing, for good, as if it was, the whole plan

Some kind of weather

“It’s always too hot or too cold, never good, the weather that is!” Gun Roswell

Some kind of weather

It’s way too cold, for an outing, of any kind
As the right kind of clothing, is no where, for me to find
The temperature dropped in a flash of a chime
Yeah, not quite accurate description of the on going time
But where ever the weather, is concerned
The rhymes do not matter, when ever is their turn
Because what is more annoying for this day
Is the way the temperature keeps my mood in dismay
Plummeting from a good natured warm type of cool
Into a slippery and mind freezing, mouth kind of drool
One day shorts, the next day, really thick wool?
Yeah, you hear me weather gods, you think I am a fool
Now, I am totally and utterly going to quit
And instead in my own little shack the whole day sit
Crank up the thermostat to a nice tropical warm
Wont’ even look out the window, so bring on your storm
For I, have officially had it:
Whit this ever changing not very good kind of weather shit
So thanks again for bringing on your wrath
And the turmoil filled climate change to our narrow little path

(OK, so it maybe just a tiny bit our fault,
But if you cannot blame someone else, then what is the point ;))