Colour to the Monochromatic day

“Adding a splash of colour here and there, is always good” Gun Roswell

Colour to the Monochromatic day

When the dullness of the total grey
Leaves your mind in an utter dismay
Consider adding a touch of fantastic colour
At least, life will not get any duller!
The pinks, the yellows and reds
Some others may also be the best
But what ever it is
Even a small amount of it will please
So, do not hesitate
It is never, ever too late
To switch your gears from black and whites
To some nice shades of colouring smiles
Follow your instincts
Nothing you choose will stink
The world gone almost psychedelic
When a little colour you let in to it

Blue is an odour too

“The elements morphing into colours, and then, into edible odours too”Gun Roswell

Blue is an odour too

The colours of the deepest blue
Were totally shining though
Which ever way you just looked
Land or sea, you would not believe
Even the sky, in total gleam
And, in the most gorgeous shades seen

Eliciting alluringly odours
In the form of the deepest of blue colour
Each more powerful than the other
So much so, you could almost taste a few
Those mighty and strong, yet cool, colours of blue

The elements soon, coming alive
In all the gorgeous shades so divine
The feeling of blues sipping inside
There really is no where else to hide
So strong the calling of the ever so fine
As of blue, there is really no denying

Red I six

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“I see red, always red” Gun Roswell


The moon dashed across the
Red skies, peaking through the painted clouds
But alas, it had no

Time for shrouds, as it
Wanted to be out loud and proud
Shining through its dark side

It really had nothing to
Hide, not now not ever, even the astronauts
Had made their mark forever

Happily shining through the darkness
Laughing at those who dared to bark
No less but it too

Was open to all different
Types, as it had to hide its
Darker side for an eternity


Red I five

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“I see red, always red” Gun Roswell


A slow eve in suburbia
The streets filled with peace as the
Day is ending and inhabitants

Are landing to their dwellings
After day so long, the feeling of
Strong almost gone and the

Time to lay down your
Hair is upon, just look outside, peep
Through the windows and doors

Let nature play this score
And your mind to rest restore before
Laying your head onto bed


Red I three

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“I see red, always red” Gun Roswell


There may not be a
Stop sign per say, clearly marking the
Go away, but when you

See it all painted in
The brightest of reds, then take the
Hint, it means no unwanted

Visitors, solicitors of any kind
Will step over to this property and
If that offends thee in

Any way, then hey, that
Is not really a problem for me
So do seek some elsewhere


Red I two

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“I see red, always red” Gun Roswell


Red berries for breakfast, red
Berries for lunch, maybe even some during
The break time, but none

For dinner, that is the
Spinner, eating only from the other palette
Rich foods and such, but

None too much, because it’s
Good to leave some room for dessert
Maybe even the rec berries?

Red I one

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“I see red, always red” Gun Roswell


Red is the colour of
The sky when the sun is still
High when it starts to

Set, painting all the clouds
In it’s wake, knowing full well what
Is at stake, fighting its

Way, to stay, when its
Not supposed to remain but give room
To the moon to watch

Over the night skies, until
The time of the darkness is over
And the stars switch positions

Once again, letting the sun
Rule the daily light skies, till such
Time it needs to go