The colours of autumn in Suburbia

“The colours so vibrant it hurts the onlookers head, well, sometimes, but hey, just enjoy them for now as snow will fall soon enough!“ Gun Roswell

The colours of autumn in Suburbia

Suburbia coming to life with these colours being ever so bright. 

Never mind, the pouring rain, the plain and same ole colour of grey, the dominant for this season, at least where the skies are concerned.

Glance around, prance even if this is the time you have found to do so.

As this flow of nature, is at its very end, almost reaching the winter season, and then it is time to spend indoors, hoping the walls and floors will keep you warm!

Fluffy fields of summer

“The flowers of summer are so pretty, one cannot help but spend some time gawking at them” Gun Roswell

Fluffy fields of summer

Summer, never a bummer, for those loving to frolic in the midst of the lush green fields, without any kind of shield on their person, running amok, that much is certain!

Still, picking up a few flowers, perhaps the body to adorn, or simply, them to adore, whatever the situation is, nobody will be amiss, of the warmth surrounding them all, a perfect utopia, Eden, this time of year is for them all.

And so, whether you are a lover of the flowers, the colours or simply running about nekkid in among the greens, this feeling of summer will never you leave.

Last of the leaves to fall

“The last ones always do hang on for dear life until the very end, funny that is though“ Gun Roswell

Last of the leaves to fall

The autumn soon passing as it like nothing else is forever lasting, the leaves of the season, turning to faded colours, soon to take the deep dive onto the ground, where a pile will only be found before the turning to dirt and dust, because it is a must, the circle never ending even if on this day, the leaves still spending their time on the branches in a surprise set of sunshine. But if tomorrow will bring some wind and rain, those leaves will be stained with prickles of water and then, they too will falter and take the plunge, into the ground as it was predetermined from the experience of the same thing happening over and over again, the circular fashion and the life span of anything in nature really, and so, these leaves too realising freely, that it is the only way. And maybe not to take it as a dismay, rather the sense of being reborn, come next time, the spring and warmth and then from the very dust and rain, blooming again, in a new way, in colours lush green, prettier than ever seen.


“There are so many colours out there during the gorgeous autumn time, and it’s all very pretty isn’t it just!” Gun Roswell 


The trees are all changing colour, as the greens of the now moved away summer, just a memory now, but instead of moping around, thinking of what was first found and then lost, look instead at the plethora of a new and improved scheme, as painted all over the trees, all of them leaves in a different shade, of yellows, oranges and the brightest of reds, before it is time for them to go to their winters bed, to the ground, not to be found before the spring of next, nevertheless, it’s still not that time, so smile and glance around see what else can be found, in these colours proud and loud, so to please the crowd.

And, before this fleeting moment has passed, because it was never meant to last, just like the longer version before, that of summer, now totally gone, enjoy the tableau of this  painted  multicoloured mess of sorts, as it certainly is not a bore, as each time you get outside into the nature around, you will find something you can adore and then realizing hopefully, that this brief but colourful time is a score, more than the rest of the year’s changing seasons, even becoming a sort of a cliched folklore, for all to know.

Burning brightly with all kinds of reds

“The Autumn is the most colorful season a pix snapper could wish for, as nature is positively glowing with brightly hued shades of all reds” Gun Roswell 

Burning brightly with all kinds of reds 

The fall of summer, did not turn out to be a bummer after all, as all the great colours, came out for the ball of a festival, arranged special, to celebrate the turning of season, surely a very good reason to do just that. After all, wouldn’t anyone get a tad bored, of all the green in control, over the whole of the summer, and it seems, they still are trying to hold on, despite the colder weather having a grasp of the nights long at last. But, that does not really matter as the fact of it is, that one without the other won’t exist, but, they cannot do so, all at once. So, in the natural order of things, each of them will have to take turns when they will their arias sing, as the cold blues and whites will own the winter time, the greenish tints starting from spring until summer and when the autumn finally falls, all the fiery best are released as the harvest feasts, turn all of nature to a mild wild fire of reds. And that is the joy of the season of fall.

Seasonal Spirits

“Greetings to one and all, holiday and seasonal cheer in tow” Gun Roswell

Seasonal Spirits

When this season is upon us once again with the realest of feel
And it is the time when the home becomes filled with smells and kind of a cheer
Maybe even catch a glimpse of the grumpiest of neighbours with leer
It is the time with colours and lights so bright, the X-mas Eve is sure to be near

The colours and lights of green and red
Filling each corner of this small homestead
No time for sleep, just jump out of bed
And get out now the holiday spirits to spread

But if you are not feeling this thing at all
Never, mind, not everyone can have it all
Just try to be cool and then, just stand tall
And maybe, for a beer, head out to the nearest mall

Mundane on a Monday 3

“Mondays without colour, what a drag!” Gun Roswell

Mundane on a Monday

Pink Window

Yesterdays reflected
From old discarded windows
An old shack
Once painted black
Now boasting, the colour pink
It’s an eye sore some say
But others, smile and
In front of it for a moment stay
It’s not useful anymore
Who knows what secrets
Within it are stored
But for now, the windows
And the doors
Remain locked of course
And maybe someday
You may find the key
Which unlocks them all

Mundane on a Monday 2

“Mondays without colour, what a drag!” Gun Roswell

Mundane on a Monday

Busy Bee

A red open flower tempted
The busy bee to relent
It’s flight in the middle of the day
And onto the open petals lay
Gathering all the nectarine it can find
Before back into its hive it will fly

But dear bee
Beware of the honey trap
Set to lure you in fact
And if you don’t soon fly away
You will forever in this flower
Trapped, remain

Mundane on a Monday 1

“Mondays without colour, what a drag!” Gun Roswell

Mundane on a Monday

Bus stop Cafe

In the middle of drizzling rain
A coffee cup, left a small stain
On the table of a minimalistic cafe
In the middle of a heavy street traffic
An unusual place for a respite
Almost on the tracks of a tram to sit
But the colourfully painted frame
And the comfortable seats, can take the blame
Of wanting to take a break
A few moments the city’s dust to shake
Before continuing exploration
In this small town Scandinavian

Flowery three

“The gifts of summer, flowers all over hover” Gun Roswell



Bells of garden keep on ringing
The prophesy of summer fulfilling
The lilac coloured creatures
Will be the best of the features
Of the small patch of colour complete
In the midst of a city concrete
Onlookers passing by
Soon they too will smile
Singing along to the sound
Of the bells ringing near the ground
What a pretty place to see
In a other wise grey sea