Late bloomers of the fall

“There are always those who figure out things late in life, and I am one of them” Gun Roswell

Late bloomers of the fall

It was already past the time of the prime, but these little buggers did not care, as they were, after all, the spares. The ones whom were not supposed to bloom, until the next year or maybe not at all, as their time was stalled, for the unforeseeable future. But call it a hunch or even nurture or maybe both, sprouting their small and imperfect heads from the rough terrain, without too much sun or rain. Still, they were determined to make their way, up, up towards the skies, where the sun would shine, maybe not as warmly as in the summer, but they did not care at all, as for them, life was already a bummer. So this was their chance of breaking out and breaking free. And with that kind of determination, against all the odds and predictions, these late comers to the scene were slowly but surely making their way, to the very world they had only made as spares. So, well into the late of the autumn, just before the first snow, these late bloomers kept on, their gorgeous colours finally shining through, not matter the less perfect outlook, they still made those around them feel good.

Autumn morning in Suburbia

“It’s too early and way too dark and I cannot see much of anything! So, guess it must be, a November morning!“ Gun Roswell

Autumn morning in Suburbia

Very early, in the morning hours, after, a very quick shower
Looking outside, my window, and here, is what I do know:

It’s the very month of November now, the year gone by, so very fast
I hardly had the time, to really look around, and then it was already past
The moment, and already, the new year soon knocking, at my door
And I had not even bought, any kind of presents, from the store
Because the tradition demanded, that of a celebration, at the turning
Of a new leaf of this so called life, we are supposed to have been living
But, as I turn to take a good look outside, and the similar view I see
Each day, seemingly the same, all year round, except now, it is less green
I know the clock is ticking, and slowly but surely each day, is changing
The view now so familiar to me, but, soon will turn to something completely
Different, and then again, I will be here no more, to watch all the seasons
As they continue their ever lasting rotation, outside this same window
The circle of life some say, and hey, that’s just fine, but then one day
I would really like to stop the time, and take a really good look, anyway

Autumn and the nightfall

“Watching the skies, for what ever up there, might just fly by; birds, dinosaurs, airplanes, ufos, they really are all, quite interesting“ Gun Roswell

Autumn and the nightfall

The skies started, to slowly turn, from a plain and dull grey
With the appearance, of some, quite unexpected lights of rays
As it was such a pleasant surprise, and thus saving, the day

It was after all, close, to the days end, and the night fall
Where the time, for a blink, of an eye of a moment, stalls
And all of us mere mortals down here, standing, ever, so small
Awaiting, for that one spectacle, promised, since early morn’

Good things come to those, who dare to wait in line
And, as keeping on gazing up, into the deep and darkening skies
What do these tired and old vision goggles finally, do spy
But a gorgeous painting, forming, right there, before the very eyes

As the performance of the clouds, lights and stars, high in the skies
Begin their nightly dance, with a slow pace, almost a state of trance
Before all of us small beings, who consider themselves, devoted fans

Is this, truly, the end?

“Death, is just the beginning, right?” Gun Roswell

Is this, truly, the end?

This will be the death of me”
The low hanging leaf said, to the other one left
“After all, it’s about time, for me, as it is already fall
And, truly, I can no longer stall
The inevitable circle, which is that of life
No matter how hard, I try to put up a fight”

There was no response to the question
As the last of its companion
Was already floating down towards its destination
Jumping in, without, any kind of hesitation

After a moment of contemplation
Somehow, making the question mute in comparison
Then, slowly, gently, the now colourless leaf
Fell onto the waiting ground, without no one to grief
After all, it was the end, of the season
So hanging on, well, there really was no reason

Posted as a challenge, poetry prompt “Death”

Dark Liquid fell on to the Dark Ground

“Rain fall, during the Autumn months? Simply so, because of its namesake, the Fall” Gun Roswell

Dark Liquid fell on to the Dark Ground

Still and dark water, lay in perfect silence, on the hardest of grounds
It was there, simply for the one single reason; the dark cloud, let it fall down
Searching, hard, everywhere, and all around, for any kind of lighter shroud
Alas, the all saving light, was no where to be found

Beginning of winter

“Some of the things in nature are still going strong” Gun Roswell

Beginning of winter

The feeling now so strong
When all but summer is gone
The winds a howling in the corners
Bringing in more storming
There is no where to hide
As the nature is getting bare and wide
But keep looking around you
There is still beauty to be found
In the pretty lonesome leaf
Holding on to it’s grip
To the might old oak tree
Just keeping on with a feel
It will come back again
But it won’t be until next spring
The leaf covered pavement
Hiding all that ugly coloured cement
The majestically barren tree tops
Make you want to stop and look up
Nature maybe slowly turning
But the fired within, are definitely burning

Autumn sunrise

“There is nothing better in Autumn, than a calm Fall morning sunrise by the seashore” Gun Roswell

Autumn sunrise

In a hurry, just, like always, so also, this morning
Trying to beat the traffic and get to the seaside before the dawning
To watch, experience and really enjoy, a spectacle, specially arranged by mother nature
But I am so worried, I will be belated
Alas, as I suspected, the time is not, on my side
As I am trying, towards the goal, as fast as possible, to drive
But, since the other drivers, seem to have, the exact same agenda
I worry, that all this hurry, is only going to leave me in one big surrender
And soon enough, my fears are materialized, as all the cars, come, to a full stop
As if by some great plan, they all halt, right there on the dot
Is it a red light or some other type of strife, I wonder just then
Swearing, cussing, under my breath, hoping, wishing, not too much time to spend
In this state of suspension, my face, in a constant animation
Feelings rising, emotions getting spicy
And then, just as all hope had been cast out the window
The line of vehicles gradually start to move
From the rear view window, I can see the water flow
Closer, and closer I slowly like a snail approach
The sun, rising, the reddish glow, reminiscent of a torch
As I am finally reaching the spot, I quickly find the parking lot
Rushing out of the car, I am running, even if it’s not so far
The pier, where all the viewers are now
In awe, admiring the reflected glow
Of the sun rising in this Autumn morning
Could not have asked for a better view for this dawning

Flash Freeze

“I found this, in the morning, frozen” Gun Roswell

Flash Freeze

The rain came yesterday, with a loud ring
Drenched in its path, nature and everything
But that was nothing compared to what happened next
As the night fell, things got really fast and rather perplexed
In one single moment, the temperature dropped
Before anyone could react or stay on top
In a blink of an eye, at least someone did spy
Everything left out there, in the open wide
Got a touch of the “flash freeze” frozen solid in time

Autumn, Fall

“Autumn, Fall, what ever they may it call, it’s still gorgeous!” Gun Roswell

Autumn, Fall

In the middle, of the busiest of city centres
Lies a hidden treasure, an oasis, oh so totally splendid
Waters too, clear and very blue, just as the above fluffy clouded sky
The air, today, crisp and clean, with only a few small birds in flight
The bigger ones, such as ducks and even several swans
Make their own way, on the solid ground

But, soon enough, diving into the inviting waters
Frolicking, bathing, even playing, like sea otters
Which in this treasured pond, are not really, found
The odd passer by, giving, to the animals, all around
Treats of plenty, and then, remain watching, in complete awe
As the nature and the animals together a tableau worth a painting form
And for a passing moment, even time itself, completely stalls

Mono magic (3)

“Fall colours in black and white! How odd!” Gun Roswell

Mono magic (3)

Hiding leaf

A half rotten leaf
Hang on to the tree
So strongly willed
That even the chills
Of autumn weather
Could not breach the tether
As strong as the mighty oak
It was grabbing on
Some said, it was a joke
Nothing could survive
The circle of life

“Well,” said the lone leaf
“In your face Mother Nature,
Serves you to let your hatred
Leashed onto a poor piece of dying matter
But now I am finally striking back at ya
So, deal with it,
For I ain’t taking shit
I’ll be here
Way until next year!”