Travel to the Farm

“There is just something, of so much fun, when getting to the countryside, to get undone “
Gun Roswell

Travel to the Farm

The day ahead, looking really good, from this, bigger size town shed
When packing up the car, with food, proper clothing and even a tent
Because today, the country side beckoned, for a quite memorable event
Even if this was something, done quite often, despite a lot of time there spent

The drive, went pretty fast, as the farm, was not that far, just down the road
But never the less, getting there, with even all the prepare, was never a bore
As all the small and big things waiting there, were not just the country fair
But a whole plethora of exiting stuff, this town group could not get off enough

Animals, of various types, some of the soft and cuddly, some more scary types
With large horns sticking from their sides, or maybe just thinking of the large vehicles
Such as tractors on the open fields plowing and doing what ever needed doing
And to these city folk, this was always so exotic, that you would like to get there stuck

Day on a Farm 4

“Spending a day, in the fresh open air, this is the life” Gun Roswell

Day on a Farm 4

“This, is the Finnish version of Tardis?
Has anyone seen the Doctor around then?”

“Dr who?”

Yes, Dr Who.”

The question was thrown in the air
Seemed likely and only too fair
After all, a phone booth, in the middle of a field
Who else did you really expect to see?

Day on a Farm 3

“Spending a day, in the fresh open air, this is the life” Gun Roswell

Day on a Farm 3

Great open wide, makes you just wanna smile
Looking at the endless waves of crops, which never seem to stop
Multiple in brand as in colour, and even their sense of odour
This is my stop for the day, and I may even wanna longer stay
Or just maybe, for good

Day on a Farm 2

“Spending a day, in the fresh open air, this is the life” Gun Roswell

Day on a Farm 2

Old school farm house, coloured in fire engine red
This sturdy large built thing, is definitely no ordinary shed
It was certainly built, at the time, way back when
The builders, most likely farm hands, sparing no labour then
Built to last, to here from her past
Even extensions on her, layer up one layer
It may not be a pigsty or a cowshed
But modernized for the here and now instead
Loving it just the same, and soon, it will get some fame

Day on a Farm 1

“Spending a day, in the fresh open air, this is the life” Gun Roswell

Day on a Farm 1

This, tiny car, took us so far
Into this place, we are now gaping at, our mouths ajar
It’s a beautiful and undisturbed place
Almost as if taken out of time and space
Luscious green are the fields
Filled with multiple crops which the earth shields
And we did not even have to click our heels
To get to this state of bliss
Only venture out here into the country side
Into this space oh so open wide
And now, we are able to feel, just oh so fine

Red I two

Posted in Haiku

“I see red, always red” Gun Roswell


Red berries for breakfast, red
Berries for lunch, maybe even some during
The break time, but none

For dinner, that is the
Spinner, eating only from the other palette
Rich foods and such, but

None too much, because it’s
Good to leave some room for dessert
Maybe even the rec berries?