The Glowing Blue Wheel

“The glowing blue wheel brightening the darkest of nights“ Gun Roswell

The Glowing Blue Wheel

The blue against the black, against the backdrop of the darkened night sky, the wheel of somewhat fun, but also, the wheel of hope, at least for those, whom are in the total darkness lost, bringing light ever so far, and so bringing the hope, for them to find a way home, having stumbled in the long night for so long, their feet, none too strong, but as soon as the wheel is to be seen, they too know,  not all is for good lost.

Some kind of touristy stuff going on in here

Helsinki, Finland

“There are always people around everywhere, some call them tourists” Gun Roswell 

Some kind of touristy stuff going on in here

The attractions of the small size city might not be many, but nevertheless they are splendid 

But the shining white historic building sure is the one which draws attention to it so it must be a hit

As all them tourists are flocking the square, where upon the cathedral is built so time in the ancient past, and they all think it’s a blast

To have a look-see, just because you see, someone else recommended it when visiting this same old remote place

Thanks to the visitors, the dwellers of the city feel mighty happy having become part of the world with a spot on the map permanently 

Dinner time in ancient times

“The daily meal, at the end of a very long working day, was the one to be had with family, in the ancient times” Gun Roswell

Dinner time in ancient times

The daily grind in the fields are done, as farming is the livelihood, for this specific family, living in the neighbourhood, well, not that there really is one, just a small splattering of hard working families doing their thing to get through life in the harsh world of the past.

And so, gathering around the large table of the small cottage they all live in, the meal prepared from their own doings, the land providing all that which is needed, just the get by, to be fed to be able to carry on their farming, on the land around them. As the circle of life of the past, keeps rolling, along each passing day.

Some kind of window view (from the past)

Seurasaari, Helsinki

“Take a peek through the ole looking glass and tell me what you see” Gun Roswell

Some kind of window view (from the past)

The view from a window, found somewhere in the midst of a travelling on the low, in an old school village, built by some ancestral people settling there before time itself was founded, well, at least so many years ago, cannot even make the count, but it does not matter, as this was all someone’s home and now, a treasure trove for us, so called modern people.

But, as you take a seat inside the shadowy home, the darkness the main event, no matter if the sun is still shining, the window sill beckoning, to take a peek to the outside, finding no people, no streets, only calming vistas, the homestead from a long ago, peaceful.

Staring through the looking glass, visions from the past emerge, the children playing, the animals roaming without restraints, simple life, simple times, it was all back then, the sense of family and belonging, across the times spent, at least in the imagination of the onlooker.

River slow, night time low

Porvoo, Finland

“River runs slow at night, never a fright, even if a deep dive you wanna take, just outta spite” Gun Roswell 

River slow, night time low

The night is upon, and nothing will get done, as it is, two in the morning, with low expectation of sun, still there might be something totally fun, to do, just for those daring few, while threading down the river bank, the place where the old boat sank, taking out a dingy, yeah, the one of no one is singing, and paddling across the short distance to the other shore, for whatever hoping to score, as the night time makes most of us dorks.

Oh not this again! Snow in April?!

The weather be a cold hearted wench, literally! The snow and ice, that ain’t at all nice! Not in April!“ Gun Roswell

Oh not this again! Snow in April?!

The weather, always be there, not matter where you are on this small sphere

Perhaps, if going to the moon, then there would be nothing there to over swoon?

No rain, no snow, no heat no warmth, definitely no sunshine, well, at least some, maybe?

But, always and forever, the weather down here on this planet, upon us daily dwellers, present

And that fact, simply annoys the hell out of those who can only see the one point of view

That of there being of an eternal summer with full blown heat and no rain to spare, with drought too, I am afraid

Or then the continued cold of a harsh and monochrome winter, snow, sleet, ice, nothing ever nice even on a dare

The weather gods dropping on their way, just the same old pouring stuff day in and out

Hey! I finally shout to those possibly listening in, what the f..k were you all thinking?

The calendar on the wall, clearly states this is not winter nor fall, but spring time should be all up and in the air

And so, send us some warm kind of weather and sunshine and perhaps a few drops of water too!

Up the slippery street

“The snowy roads, can be fun, but then again, dragging heavy bags from the store, to your home, can be everything else but fun!” Gun Roswell

Up the slippery street

The street side none too wide, but leading towards the home, which is waiting nice and warm after a day of slaving at work and then getting yourself to the market place for some dessert, well, more than that really as the bags are filled with items needed for the everyday life, just in case, the weather might turn and then, the only thing was to stay at home and churn. But today, while the snow fall had lasted a while and those blasted service people did not bring on a smile as the plowing had been left undone and well, hauling yourself and the big and heavy bags up the hill was everything else but the winter’s fun seen in the images from before, rather this one, was more than a simple chore. Hauling and heaving, getting some rest in between, even if the trip is not really that long, it seems like a mountain tall, to be conquered in the middle of the storm. But finally getting there, opening the door to the inviting and warm, putting away the produce from the bags, and then, it is time for a well deserved snack!

Happy independence day to Finland, established 1917

I tried to learn the Finnish language, which is really, really, really hard, and I realized that if I want to really learn it, I just need to figure out the swear words first, because those, are totally effective” Gun Roswell

Our Land (national anthem)

Oh Our Land Finland Fatherland
Echo Loudly Golden Word
No Valley No Hill
No Water Shore More Dear
Than This Northern Homeland
This Precious Land Of Our Fathers
No Valley No Hill
No Water Shore More Dear
Than This Northern Homeland
This Precious Land Of Our Fathers
One Day From Your Bud
You Will Bloom
From Our Love Shall Rise
Your Hope Glorious Joy
And Once Your Song Fatherland
Higher Still Will Ring
From Our Love Shall Rise
Your Hope Glorious Joy
And Once Your Song Fatherland
Higher Still Will Ring

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Sun, like in Sunday

“Something about Sunday that makes me calm” Gun Roswell

Sun, like in Sunday

The early morning with its light 
Peeks through my covered window 
The time is still before everyone is to rise 
And everything in this house is totally quite

There is no hurry for anything yet
The only thing to do is to reflect
The weeks which is coming to and end
As I lay here on my comfortable bed

Soon another day and week will take over
But this, today, this Sunday still has the power
Of keeping me and myself in the moment 
For a fee hours before it is time to let

The new day, with new things, begin
And the circle thus once again, complete 

Splash off the wall in total colour

“One needs a hint of colour in the midst of all the grey, am I right?” Gun Roswell

Splash off the wall in total colour

The paint brushes swirling left and right, up and down, around and around
As the painter concentrated, with gusto, in the job with a wide upside frown
This case was a happy occasion, refurbishing old houses without hesitation
As the full and plush colours, quickly appeared, onto the dull canvas cleared
Painting, the minds image to a well loved and cared for housing project to reflect
After such a long time having been left in total and utter neglect now being resurrect
Completing the task in minimal time, and the end result turning up more than fine
The bright and bolds, done with what some might say, something of eye sores
As the could now easily be spotted from miles away and then some but never more bores
But hey, who ever said life or in addition, the outer walls, oh an old but new home
Should be, anything, but dull, and so, the artist doing their thing, went on completing
The paint job they had been commissioned to do with a touch of spring