Sun, like in Sunday

“Something about Sunday that makes me calm” Gun Roswell

Sun, like in Sunday

The early morning with its light 
Peeks through my covered window 
The time is still before everyone is to rise 
And everything in this house is totally quite

There is no hurry for anything yet
The only thing to do is to reflect
The weeks which is coming to and end
As I lay here on my comfortable bed

Soon another day and week will take over
But this, today, this Sunday still has the power
Of keeping me and myself in the moment 
For a fee hours before it is time to let

The new day, with new things, begin
And the circle thus once again, complete 

Splash off the wall in total colour

“One needs a hint of colour in the midst of all the grey, am I right?” Gun Roswell

Splash off the wall in total colour

The paint brushes swirling left and right, up and down, around and around
As the painter concentrated, with gusto, in the job with a wide upside frown
This case was a happy occasion, refurbishing old houses without hesitation
As the full and plush colours, quickly appeared, onto the dull canvas cleared
Painting, the minds image to a well loved and cared for housing project to reflect
After such a long time having been left in total and utter neglect now being resurrect
Completing the task in minimal time, and the end result turning up more than fine
The bright and bolds, done with what some might say, something of eye sores
As the could now easily be spotted from miles away and then some but never more bores
But hey, who ever said life or in addition, the outer walls, oh an old but new home
Should be, anything, but dull, and so, the artist doing their thing, went on completing
The paint job they had been commissioned to do with a touch of spring

The Rock, it is called, just for short

“The island life is the dream kind, bringing me a smile, each time, I see the pictures” Gun Roswell

The Rock, it is called, just for short

The harsh rock solid unforgiving ground, every which where can be found
On the small thatch of a land, which solemnly out there stands
In the middle of the sometimes blue and other times ruthless ocean
Where the rough weather and barren nature is part of the potion
Of that which is the dream life for a few adventurous dare devils
Living their lives out there where no one, but only a few seagulls
Land on the dreamy and soft sands of the beaches non existing
As hidden away is this exotic and praised paradise from prying eyes
Protecting those lonely dwellers dedicated to the strange but appealing life
On the island of some kind of fantasy with the good kind of strife

Happy Independence Day Finland!

I tried to learn the Finnish language, which is really, really, really hard, and I realized that if I want to really learn it, I just need to figure out the swear words first, because those, are totally effective” Gun Roswell

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Our Land (national anthem)

Oh Our Land Finland Fatherland
Echo Loudly Golden Word
No Valley No Hill
No Water Shore More Dear
Than This Northern Homeland
This Precious Land Of Our Fathers
No Valley No Hill
No Water Shore More Dear
Than This Northern Homeland
This Precious Land Of Our Fathers
One Day From Your Bud
You Will Bloom
From Our Love Shall Rise
Your Hope Glorious Joy
And Once Your Song Fatherland
Higher Still Will Ring
From Our Love Shall Rise
Your Hope Glorious Joy
And Once Your Song Fatherland
Higher Still Will Ring

Riverside living with a smile

“Living, by a river, is so totally cool. Well, it can be during winter time!” Gun Roswell

Riverside living with a smile

When a house was built
Near the water’s edge filled 
With nautical stuff up to the hilt
I really could not resist

So I reserved a spot 
Right there on the dot
Of getting a tour of the house
Hoping I wasn’t too much of a louse

Because I was only curious 
Not really that frivolous 
To have my home there 
Where the cool waters fare

But little did I know
That I would fall in love 
With the tiny house by the river
And now, I am a home owner 
By that same river 😉

Bus stop and a Cafe

“Mondays without colour, what a drag!” Gun Roswell

Bus stop and a Cafe

In thIn the middle of drizzling rain
A coffee cup, left a small stain
On the table of a minimalistic cafe
In the middle of a heavy street traffic
An unusual place for a respite
Almost on the tracks of a tram to sit
But the colourfully painted frame
And the comfortable seats, can take the blame
Of wanting to take a break
A few moments the city’s dust to shake
Before continuing exploration
In this small town Scandinavian

Aleksanterinkatu – Helsinki

“If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears” Cesare Pavese


Aleksanterinkatu – Helsinki

The fearless leader from Russia

Made such a fuss-ia

Wanted a statue

And a street no less

As a name sake

Oh, we are no fools

And know he was a fake

He had his dues

But I must confess

The names sound kinda cool!