Falling Flakes

“The snow is still falling, even if the spring is dawning, surprising, in a way“ Gun Roswell

Falling Flakes

The snowy soft flakes are falling once again

Some might say, they were a heaven’s sent

Then again, they are not totally wrong

As the winter around here, is still quite strong

And there is totally something wrong

With those weather gods up and above

Heaven or not, this winter needs to stop

As the spring already so much delayed

As some of us really can not wait

For the warmer days to winter slay

Because all this seems to be becoming more of a joke

The winter weather keeping us and nature in a hold choke

Not so great, then again, some say

That all good things come to those who wait

Well, we shall see, as all this back and forth none please

But perhaps, it is better just to relax and accept

The simple fact that life as we know it has changed

So many things are not like they used to be

And maybe, just maybe it could be a good thing 

But before we all start to celebrate and dance and sing

Maybe think about the reasons behind the whole thing?

Sprinkles of snow 

“The snow slowly falls, everywhere though, sprinkling small sparkles of dusty looking particles all around and everywhere, not one place uncovered by this phenomena of winter“ Gun Roswell

Sprinkles of snow 

The weather playing tricks on the onlooker, standing safely in the window looking outside from the comfort of the warm inside as the soft white flakes prancing and dancing about in the cold of the winter’s air, looking like small fairies bouncing back and forth, before they settle gently onto the surfaces they have chosen as their resting place. 

None of the creations of nature safe from the snow filled cheer, as the plot thickens while the flakes keep on playing their game of song and dance, before taking their place in the world wide blanket of white, making the onlooker smile as the outcome of this play displayed from the large window’s view, is quite pretty and cool.

As there is no rush to go outside, even if the newly formed cover would so like, either walking or skiing or perhaps a snow angel to be making, still, the onlooker remains inside, as it is actually, despite being pretty, way too cold and crispy, to even consider the odd stroll out there. So for now, the spectacle will be, looked at but not touched, at least, for now.