Late bloomers of the fall

“There are always those who figure out things late in life, and I am one of them” Gun Roswell

Late bloomers of the fall

It was already past the time of the prime, but these little buggers did not care, as they were, after all, the spares. The ones whom were not supposed to bloom, until the next year or maybe not at all, as their time was stalled, for the unforeseeable future. But call it a hunch or even nurture or maybe both, sprouting their small and imperfect heads from the rough terrain, without too much sun or rain. Still, they were determined to make their way, up, up towards the skies, where the sun would shine, maybe not as warmly as in the summer, but they did not care at all, as for them, life was already a bummer. So this was their chance of breaking out and breaking free. And with that kind of determination, against all the odds and predictions, these late comers to the scene were slowly but surely making their way, to the very world they had only made as spares. So, well into the late of the autumn, just before the first snow, these late bloomers kept on, their gorgeous colours finally shining through, not matter the less perfect outlook, they still made those around them feel good.

The red flower on top of the roof

“There is some kind of a flower on top of that roof over there, which looks kinda cool” Gun Roswell

The red flower on top of the roof

Sitting there quite pretty and aloof, that special kind of flower way up there on the high flying roof
And I guess when you look at it, spending its time in the sun and sometimes even rain it is proof
That nature really does survive, overcoming any kind of dilemmas and then they’ll totally thrive
So, whether to worry about the pretty flowers out there, standing all alone in the heat or storm
Don’t as they will make it just fine at least most of them, and the rest, well leave it to the worms
As they will most likely use those as food or whatever else they might just do with the remains
Still, after the storm clears, it’s all pretty soon enough again, the fields filled with flowers and all
And yeah, that flows up there on the roof? Did it really make it through? All that bad weather?
Yeah, it’s still there, standing ever so tall, and right beside it, a few of the same but in size small!

About summer

“Something about summer… I just can’t really put my finger on it, but there is something definitely different about it” Gun Roswell

About summer

The summer time, seemingly fine with all the changes to the land and nature, the weather different from the wintery cold kind of torture. But there is just something totally different out there, in the garden, in the fields, something you don’t very often see, when the snow covers most of the ground. Something so uplifting and colourful, the smells alone, will warm your heart and soul. 

There is something about summer, which will most likely not be a bummer, despite the overly high temperatures and the mostly missing rain. But when looking out the window, the abundance of green colours in the trees and the grass on the ground, well, what can you say? It’s completely different to the white snow during the other months there to be found. 

So guess, for now, despite the negatives, I am enjoying this, simple time, where most of the clothing is even optional, with sense of course and then take small walks into the nature around my homestead and merge myself to the colours of all those blooming things and maybe even try a small ditty to sing?

Floating Flowers

“Flowers floating by, always makes me smile, even when in the water myself” Gun Roswell

Floating Flowers

The pond filled with water to the very hilt of it. It was that season, the season of the monsoons, at least, what you could consider such a force of nature in the place, where water usually only in the pipes and oceans remained. Alas, with a full blast, the skies opened up and started pouring, the noises loud and roaring and then filled all the buckets and puddles and containers imaginary, with all that water.

But that was yesterday. Today, the sun is shining and most of the weather is now behind me and when I looked at the large size pond in front of me, which only the day before was a cracked and broken wasteland, is now filled to the very hilt with life giving water. And then, those pretty things appeared, out of nowhere much, but as such, they are now floating gently on the surface, lulling on the surface like they had done so always. 

As the small animals and other critters join in the pond, drinking, playing even swimming about with the sun, they all make a pretty picture of nature so lush and green, where only frequently, lifeless and barren seemed.

One pretty thing

“One, alone, single, unattached, still, standing strong, solo, nobody follow” Gun Roswell 

One pretty thing

From the darkest of the dominating shadows, rising through the cracks as the thin rays of light it follows, finding finally a way towards the lights even if it had been a long and difficult struggle. As nowhere to turn to for help, only with its own self preservation and wit, did it manage to survive the harshness of said darkness, where the lesser ones would have called out yelp in the overall process. But surely as the day is filled with the sun and the night is lit with the moon and the stars, this tiny pretty thing, managed its way through the small cracks to twinge. And now, standing proud and tall, despite the delicate frame, it will never be the same for this courageous and feisty flower, as now it finally had its taste of power. Blooming against and over all the odds, who had tried and taken their evil shots, trying to suffocate the one, redeemed to become nothing and none as there were others more deserving, more pretty, more of everything the tiny thing was not. But now, here it is, standing pretty over those who never it chose. But it does not care about them odds, not anymore, as it scored, big time, hovering, even towering over them all.

Flower in purplish blues

“A flower a day, keeps the bad mood away, at least for a while I think” Gun Roswell

Flower in purplish blues

Nature at its very best during the times of warmth when the rest of us just want to rest, lay about and do absolutely nothing. But these pretty things of colours in various purples, keep sprouting up from the ground even if there has been no rain for a while. But it doesn’t really matter how these pretty ones came to be alive as simply looking at them for a while, makes one in a better mood and giving at least, a slight smile and that in itself is simply fine.

So, let those flowers keep on popping up, wherever they want. As this time of the year might be the only one the pretty ones appear. As soon as the weather changes to something cold and unpredictable, the flowers in the fields will start to fall. For now at least, enjoy, listen and view, to the magnificence of the purples and sometimes blues as soon enough, you will wake up, to sub zero temperatures and then only in memories, or photographs if possible, those joys of the summer days of warmth, the flowers in such colourful purples.

Reaching for the mighty sun

“Everyone and everything wants their moment in the shining sun. Why? Well, to get a nice tan, right?!“ Gun Roswell

Reaching for the mighty sun

All of us, small and tall, want something so totally great, sometimes, and then we don’t hesitate, when the sun’s first rays, hit the planes, we get the urge for them to quickly reach and then run towards the nearest sandy beach.

But if a beach is out of reach, then simply make your way out to the yard and pick a place smart, like close to the shade because once you caught the sun, it won’t that easily fade. But if the yard, is never close by, then try the balcony or some similar setting.

Sit down, try to enjoy the moment despite what is around, maybe the discarded plants from the summers before or other kinds of chores you have tried to ignore. But concentrate on those rays, which have come out to play, finding you, never mind where you are hiding that face which beckons to get some sunny rays.

Ok, so it might happen, that you cannot the outdoors reach in time when the sun shines. Well, instead of feeling unfortunate, maybe simple pick up a sun tanning lamp. Used safely, it can give you some of the same effects that mighty powerful glowing ball outside did. Or not, never mind, stay inside. It’s raining anyway.


“Transforming from a yellow flower to a fluffy sphere, in an instant, without any fear” Gun Roswell 


The sleeping bud of the flower sprout out to a blooming marvel, to be admired by most but envied by some, as the nature had sprung all that beauty into a single one. A perfect stem of a figure with the tresses of magnificent yellowish gold hue, surely had to be the finest of the selected few! The ohs and ahs hardly ever seizing as the crowds this gorgeous being could not stop pleasing.

Imagine the surprise, when after a while, must have been sunrise, the yellow halo was almost gone and its place a dull, colourless and unappealing shadow of a thing, hardly worth twice looking. Dangling in the surrounding winds, trying to stay a float, but the golden hue of a coat, now totally stripped and what remained, was quite doomed and soon to fade. 

But the dying vain of a thing had something very special hidden; the seeds of new budding life as this was only another stage in the life of this creation, despite the appearances of dull and dreary, the insides contained the beautiful sprouts soon to be out and once in bloom again, admired by many.


“The buds are changing into something completely different, like flowers and other wild things!” Gun Roswell


What on Earth was all the ruckus about, just outside my very own window. It was like someone had stopped there to shout out loud, but why? Was the ground filled with snow? It as spring time and weather was simply fine as it was, so why all the fuss?

After all, it was that time of the year, when the ice had melted away and even the tiniest cracks on the ground, housed a bud or few way past their curfew and were ready at any moment to sprout. But that wasn’t any kind of reason to get too exited as this was part of the cycle of life.

I looked out and realised the shout, wasn’t coming from the outside, but from deep within myself as I had simply realised some things, unconsciously naturally. It was the day of June and all the hay, the flowers, had so totally conquered the world outside and without a doubt, I had now come to the conclusion, it was summer once again and out I too did sprout, just like those buds sleeping only yesterday.

Fields of summer

“The summer is near, I can feel it in the air, and smell too!” Gun Roswell

Fields of summer

The spring came quite late as it seemed to hesitate, whether to arrive at all, or simply skip it over and move straight to fall. Alas, without warning, the temperatures jumped from practically zero to scorching. Or at least, that is how it felt for the unpractised Northerner, but soon enough, getting used to the tough change from zero to warm was upon and then, getting outside for the summery fun, with games and gardening, waiting to be done. The flowers in full bloom as the greeneries of the waste fields were grown fast and even the trees got their deserved lush cover as the leaves popped out from the tiny nubs, laying dormant for most part of the year. But not today as it was finally good enough to sprout out and give the humans their yearly show of the scenic greens across the fields and all over. Summer had finally arrived and that was worth a huge big smile.