Sun and the Winter

“The sun is shining, on a cold winter’s day, the people out running, leaving tracks in their wake.” Gun Roswell

Sun and the Winter

The longer day upon, the sun above oh so strong, as tracks to be laid, even if no one particularly for them paid, still, need to go and get out there, to do my share, skiing, walking, whatever the means, them tracks are gonna be laid out on the snowy ground with ease, as long as the snow is there and the weather below zero fares, and so heading towards the shores, to do my fair share of the chores, laying them damned tracks for sure.

Step onto the icy creek

“Winter has taken over the land, the water and the trees“ Gun Roswell

Step onto the icy creek

The fluffy white scene when stepping out the door, into the nature around, the forest soon to be found, the same stuff all over hanging like fluff, as if glued by tiny hands, each strand, sticking onto the surface where it did land.

Even the eternal running waters, the creek, just near the border, is frozen over, solid ice covering the once nice sound of music there would play, as the pouring liquids hit the small rocks and whatever else was on their way.

But no worries, slap on a pair, of skates if you prefer and then slide across the frozen surface, pretend you are a prince or princess or whatever else you may just want to be, as in this gorgeous sugary winter’s scene, you can be all those things.

Snow fall in the forrest

“Crispy and white, is the fluffy stuff, having fallen onto the tree branches at night” Gun Roswell

Snow fall in the forrest

The  whole night before, had something special for the wanderer in store, with the powdery stuff now covering all, even the tree branch, hanging there softly by the edges, only to be taken off with a slight shake.

The transparent flakes, piling onto the others, not really knowing where one ended, but still it all looked so splendid, the softness hovering and covering it all, trees, bushes and fields and all.

It was a miracle done by nature, turning the grey and dull overnight into a picture perfect fairy tale like image, something reminiscent of a picture from a book, and so with a single look, trying to memories it all into the deep recess of the mind, to conjure up during a hot night of summer warm.

Flash Frozen (meaning very quickly)

“When the cold front hits, well, things get frozen solid.” Gun Roswell

Flash Frozen (meaning very quickly)

The problem or beauty of winter is, that when the temperatures plummet, the waters get frozen, no matter in the creek or on top of a dozen, the weather really never discriminates not for nature or human nor animal alike, they all freeze if no cover is applied

So, when you come upon a gorgeous display, of something frozen in their way, still life for the times, or at least, until the warm front hits again and melting process starts, revealing a living thing underneath all that ice, surviving the harsh coldness of winter, which is alway nice

Frozen in spacetime

“The wintery scene, pretty as can be, frozen in time in the picture perfect frame” Gun Roswell 

Frozen in spacetime

The blue is the hue, even in the midst of all the white, as the light of the day, is absorbed by the nights they call polar up north

And so, getting there, into the forest, when the blues hits the nature, frozen on each and every surface, as is the moment in time

With one single snap, the very moment will last, not just in the memories nor the personal data banks of the snapper, rather all over the internet, where it was so thoughtfully placed

A picture perfect moment, frozen during winter times, now frozen in space time

Frozen Flakes

“The frosted glass, simply stained by the flakes frozen when the temperature plummeted” Gun Roswell

Frozen Flakes

The artwork made by a winter’s storm onto the glass of the window quite worn

It wasn’t even that cold outside, but those flash frozen flakes, which during the night fell

Were plastered onto the surface, while the snow fall was trying to find purchase

And so, forming the most gorgeous art in the form of the various shapes

Only lasting there for a moment, the while the temperature remains under zero

And so, doing my best, in trying to preserve all of this, fading art before

They all start to melt away

The cracks and shadows in the snow

“The snow is soft and easily cracked, marks left behind to track.” Gun Roswell 

The cracks and shadows in the snow

There are footfalls left behind on the soft surface of the newly fallen snow

Remaining there because it’s calm without the stormy winds blowing

And it looks like someone simply ran willy nilly back and forth

Without any kind of plan, a heading or location in their mind

Or the they were simply something perhaps lost trying to find

And thus leaving all these cool and interesting markings behind

For those onlookers getting a tad later to the outside

A riddle for sure to be solved, even in the midst of winter so cold

Something hidden in the woods

“There is something there, in the wintery woods, something, secret, something magical perhaps?” Gun Roswell

Something hidden in the woods

The magic of winter, the soft cover falling all over, hiding something precious beneath, something which those dwellers will want to seek, even if might simply be a fantasy, concocted by fairy tales of the very past, being told around the camp fires, mouth to mouth without any written records passed.

But as the snowy cover none too long will last, perhaps a day, a week or a month, the weather gods, always so unpredictable, those treasure seekers really need to move fast, if they want to find, whatever they might just be looking for.

It might be something totally unseen and even unheard of, or then, they find nothing, but whatever the case might just be, it does not really matter for these die hard treasure hunters, as the quest is the one thing which moves them forward, no matter if there really is no reward in the end.

Fluffy snowy things out there 

“There is so much snow out there right now, it seems to be of an endless supply and piles upon piles of the stuff gets everywhere!“ Gun Roswell

Fluffy snowy things out there 

The snow just keeps on pouring down, sometimes souring and roaring, sometimes more calm. The piles upon piles are forming, all kinds of nice figures and things, for the onlooker to simply guess and imagine, what they are seeing. Sometimes they look like simple snow upon whatever surface they landed, but other times, forming all kinds of statuesque looking art works, as if someone had designed them just on the go for show.

But most of all, the small things outside on the window sill, are those ones most to admire as they look so totally delicate, that even daring to breathe close to them would cause them to collapse. The tiny flakes, separate but together in one place, are the fading art of the winter, delivered to us for this special time, only to fade away, when the spring returns, and before that time, a friendly reminder to just admire the art work, take a few snaps, before you work and be happy of the changing views of the day, as it could be much worse, or then again, maybe not.

Blue and white moment

“The moment of blue has descended onto the crispy clean white of winter” Gun Roswell

Blue and white moment

The very late hours of the sparse daylight during the seasonal region and setting sun, in the midst of a winter’s day, in the middle of the thickest forest to be found just over the horizon before the moon rising. A place where the winter wonderland still remains in tact and do not lack the magic of the nature, where the crispy whites turning into something completely else in the changing shadows between the very cold and between light and darkness. It is the moment of blue descending without warning of any kind, just to remind of the power of the weather gods churning this time of ours. But certainly there is nobody below, daring to scorn of this very fact, as this time upon is both calming to the spirit and soothing in ways never imagined. And so, simply being there, in the dense forest of white at this point in time, would make anyone feel oh so very fine despite the cold temperatures of the winter, as simply experiencing this moment would make you all warm and fuzzy inside.