All the angles

“A house made of glass and steel, looks so modern, it’s hard to feel, but there is something there, if you care to touch it“ Gun Roswell

All the angles

Staring up into the skies, all the angles just to spy, the structure above my head, made out of steel but mostly, glass, scary in a way, as if broken it would be made, all the shards cutting through, whatever soft things they would fall upon.

But worry not, the structure is quite solid, even if staring at it would be for hours on end, nothing will be dropping down on your face, so enjoy the odd structure made to see right through, as it certainly is something special for the right kinds of views.

Glassy, glass and then some 

“So much shiny, see through glass, it’s, impossible!” Gun Roswell 

Glassy, glass and then some 

Tender, delicate, totally breakable

Transparent, shiny, quite clean

The ware for many occasions 

But mostly, useful for any kind of liquid 

Sweet, sour, strong or just plain

No matter what, it’s all the same

The purpose for these shiny objects

Is to hold in the precious liquids 

For these ready to consume any of it

And that would be pretty much it 

Except some do like to collect them

Filling their cupboards with glassy things

Just because they look good

In all imaginable colours a buyer could

Be able to purchase these fine looking products 

As well never really can have enough of that stuff 

Glass and Concrete

“See through and solid, make an excellent team” Gun Roswell

Glass and Concrete

A sturdy structure, basis on the concrete
Alas, through itself, you cannot see
Enter an element still solid, yet so clear
That when you take a peek, you are able to leer
Like a looking glass, the light and the spying eyes will pass
A potent combo of concrete and glass
The possibility, might as well, quite long last
But breakable is one half of it
With the very same essence from which the other was built
So, tread lightly, don’t step on the see-through part
That is the way, to play it really smart!

Through the Looking Glass for TBT

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Curiouser and curiouser” Lewis Carroll

Through the Looking Glass

Through the looking glass
Life will quickly pass
Surfaces reflecting light
What a visual display in sight
A glimpse of an image
Transparent as the line of scrimmage
Moving fast and fading away
Only within imagination to stay

Down the Drain (WP Developing Your Eye II)

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Photography /Poetry /Humour /Dialogue /Tale

Day Seven: “Glass” — Interact with a Surface

Incorporate a form of glass — a window, a mirror, a wine glass, sunglasses, or something else — in today’s image.

” I hate to burst your bathtub bubbles, baby, but that ain’t just mud down there!”
— Jak II: Renegade

Down the Drain

“Down the hatch!”,

She said
Snatching the full glass
With one pass
As the liquid poured down
A few trickles on her gown

Do you really think
I was letting it go to waste?”

Looking at the empty vessel
The content definitely not made by Nestle
Searching for any signs of discomfort
But, on the contrary
She was seemingly triumfant

Offering the glass back to me,

“Be a sweetie:
One more for the road!”

She added with a smile

“One man’s vile
An other woman’s style”,

I thought
Looking at the bottle I had bought

Pouring the glass full again
Thinking to myself,

“Better than pouring it all
Down the drain!”


Shopping Mall Madness (Mundane Monday 2016-02-15) Four

Poetry and Photography
Photo challenge for PhoTrabloggers Mundane Monday

“This is a challenge created to find beauty in almost everything. The challenge is simple : find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs.”



The ceiling so high, it almost reaches the sky!