Monumentally Templed

“There is something about history, the architecture specifically, that leaves this spectator, in total and utter awe” Gun Roswell

Monumentally Templed

The history of all us, still standing tall, in the form, of refurbished temples, after a long while, simply being a pile of rubble. But now, they are built from the base to the top, preserving the architecture and a place of leisure and for some, a place to worship the deities of the past, who had lasted, the testament of time, well, at least, in some of our minds. The great gods of the Olympus, once powerful and mighty, now only a legend for the time being. Who will know, what will happen, when all the temples are once again resurrected, maybe the worshippers will return as will the many gods, but hey, we all know the future is a blur, so let’s just enjoy the nice looking houses for a while, with a huge big smile all the while, predicting of the times to come and whether our current structures will stand and survive the passing times.

Ancient mansions

“They are made of stone, to withstand the testament of time, just wish my house was that fine!” Gun Roswell

Ancient mansions

The ancient builders, hauled around the heavy boulders, just to erect monuments, which would easily surpass the tearing forces of time. Those buildings are still around and standing, some of them just fine while others, might be reduced to piles. But, what ever they were doing, must have been quite right, as still after al the years gone by, with wars and other destruction happening each and every while. We can still see them, all over the world, some of them protected for the herds. But most of all, they are there for us new folk as both a reminder of what humans can accomplish but also, the beautifully detailed architecture to admire.

The portal

“Step into the portal, open wide, and into, the adventure, of your life” Gun Roswell

The portal

When the portal opens, feel free, to step inside, and take a short ride, to the great unknown, and let your mind, be totally blown. Because once you are onboard, there is no single world out there, you cannot visit. And even if the trip seems most of the times quite dizzy, do not dare to stop and get off, but rather make it, to the very end, as the time in there spent, on this merry go round of a thing, you won’t have missed one precious minute, when the fare is finally over. It’s just like you had started and never even parted, your original destination, still, the accumulation, of experience and memory, is all saved, inside your head, for future reference, or when you will dream, in your bed. The portal, is now closing, but look around, maybe another one, a portal with an adventure, soon enough, can be found.

Standing tall, no matter what

“Do not forget your history, as it will always keep on, repeating” Gun Roswell

Standing tall, no matter what

Monumentally so, the history ancient and even more recent, keeps on living, in the books, in the movies, even in our very minds, but most of all, it is still strong, out there, in the fields, on the mountains, beneath our very own feet, just look, you really don’t have to long seek. So, so many good and bad reminders, of our own past, but hey, you always take them, as a package, even if with a loud gasp.

All the tall structures, built strong and proudly, to forever last, by our ancestors, without too many tools or even plaster. Some of the structures, still standing, after all the years passing by, laid out on the planes or even elevated high. Despite the weather, the living creatures and nature growing all around, they were meant to last, even if struggling to survive, all those piles, because those are what they mostly are, will remain, long after, all of us, have left.

Greece and the Water

“There are plenty of places to dive, to swim or even row, in Greece, in a small cove” Gun Roswell

Greece and the Water

Clear blue, endless, cloudless skies, and cool, refreshing blue waters
Suitable, for us lowly peasants, and even, for the kings daughters

The ancient, mighty monuments, surrounded, by the crystals glittering
The many images of the castles, forts and other similar types, on the surface reflecting

Waterfalls, existing in a garden or even, carved by nature
A calming effect, is just the same, no matter which way you venture

When the night slowly falls, and the time, totally stalls
The birds are taking their final flight, before tucking in, for the darkening night

Here I am, sitting, contemplating, for a moment, by the turquoise pool
Now, slowly changing, into deep dark colours, by the eerie shadows

Playing, on the surface, finally daring in, for a nightly dive, in the liquid space
Refreshing, rejuvenating, before finally, falling, into deep sleep in this heavenly place

Acropolis revisited, part 5

“Contrasting against the ever blue skies, as, the remaining tall structures against the backdrop fly, then, now and forever, they will never die” Gun Roswell 

Acropolis revisited, part 5

The skies above our heads, are always so blue
The ground below, soft and of a sandy hue
The rocks of the ruins, which are the building blocks
Now mostly scattered, as about and everywhere they flock
But some of the structures, still remain
Stranding forever tall, reining, on their designated domain 
Even the powerful and all mighty time itself, cannot tear down the one
Which this small of a humankind once had so proudly done
Sure, now, the buildings are all mostly in ruins 
But that does not matter, as the best winnings 
Against time and nature itself, are still very much present
And history, our made history, has once again won without reset

Acropolis revisited, part 4

“As approaching the ancient ruins of yesteryear, there is really no fear, simply step inside and let it all enter, your very mind” Gun Roswell

Acropolis revisited, part 4

The pillars still standing tall, reaching towards the skies
Reaching towards those once settling inside the walls
The walls now hollowed by the elements of nature 
Nature, who does not care of the past, present or the future 
The future, which hopefully will be welcoming our history 
Our history now being written alongside the ancient ones
The ancient ones whom built the monuments on which we now
We now stand inside and admire, silently wishing to be part of
Part of it all, as the new ones in the future visit our ruins made
Ruins made out of the dwellings we used to stay in
Stay in our precious homes we too did build 
Build to last, alas most likely not as long as the ones here
Here on the top of the mountain talk, the mighty pillars 
The mighty pillars from a long ago stand so tall
Tall, and forever remaining here, now and to the future
The future without us, they will see without us

Acropolis revisited, part 3

“Travel the world, experience the drama, the horror, the comedy, of real life and then, go to a theatre to see it played out by actors, to get the full picture of the interpretation of life” Gun Roswell

Acropolis revisited, part 3

The old amphitheatre of yesteryear once filled with thousands
Now sits there torn down, a few scattered rocks they call ruins
Once the great actors of their time pranced across the stage
Now only the echos of the voices in there remain
But, you can always use your own imagination
Take a seat by the circular construct without hesitation
And let it run wild and far, until you can see all those stars
Of the times from the very past will arrive with a fancy jive
Thespians doing their shows, dressed up in fancy robes
Reading, sining, talking, maybe even dancing
Soon enough you will be caught in a scene quite fancy
And when the play finally ends, it has been time, so well spent
The daylight now almost gone, as you have sat on the stones
But the events of the history will never be forgotten
As long as we remember and cherish the times both good and rotten

Acropolis revisited, part 2

“To travel to new lands, strange places, to review the current life over there, but also the history, which sometimes turns out to be more interesting” Gun Roswell

Acropolis revisited, part 2

The faces from the distant past
Preserved for the present, in plaster to last
The historical figures, such as gods and goddesses
Even some of the more regular folks no less
Were all, immortalized in clay
Their strong posture and pretty faces, to forever stay
For the prosperity to, well, stop by and stare
But hey, this is our history revealed
And if you think about it, indeed
I would not mind getting my own simple face
In concrete, stone or whatever strong to stay
As gorgeous, or pretty, or whatever, as it can, anyway
Because this mug isn’t so great to start with
Still, if it was to happen, goddess forbid
I definitely, and most certainly, would not resist
But that is for the future onlookers to decide
Whether this, well, somewhat uggo face with a crooked smile
Is worth for to write about in all the history books
As to, what really was the common looks
Of this so called two-thousand of a century
As nothing else here, I can see, is too fancy
No alluring wizards or other types, maybe sea hags and such
Definitely no mountains filled with deities in lust
Just some random tech we maybe invented on the run
Some stupid  television shows of comedies just for the fun
Anyway, so I guess the message of this little ditty really was
That, hey, history, go see it, it’s a total must!

Acropolis revisited, part 1

“To travel to far away lands, even if only in memories, now at hand, is better than the everyday grind, but even in those places, there are little things you can find, to keep away the daily grind” Gun Roswell

Acropolis revisited, part 1

When walking up, the many, many steps, which seem to last forever
Especially in this heat of season in Greece, I suspect, that one equals eleven
But despite the long and somewhat rickety and rocky way up
I know, at the top, there will be a reward as big and might as a duck

As the steps finally, finally end, and, yeah, there is oh so much sweat to spend
It is all quite fine, because some of us (laughs out loud), can turn any kind of water, into wine
So, now, the first thing, you need to absolutely do, is to go check out the gorgeous view
Because even with the preserved old photographic image, nothing beats the live experience

And, please, trust me, when I tell you, that this is all way perfect!
The history and these, well, modern times colliding, in this place always inspiring
And, if you don’t believe me, then maybe, you just make sure to get out here
Yeah, I know, when the time is right, right? Then, run to book a flight!

> To Greece, to Athens, and head up to, the always lovely Acropolis!