Two seats for Sunday

“There is always a need for a seat on a sunny Sunday day” Gun Roswell

Two seats for Sunday

Seats? On a Sunday? Are those really needed? Aren’t we just supposed to be sleeping in?
It’s a day of leisure just the same, so why, oh why, is there a need to get up, and run amok? When all of us, could just try to relax and take a load off, sleep, rest, lounger, until Monday raises its ugly head?

No, because it’s sunny outside, there in the open wild, so go, get, take a walk, and when tired, simply take a load off, on a seat somewhere on the streets.

As a Sunday is no excuse to simply sleep!

Totally Green 

“It’s so lush, so fresh, so totally gorgeous, it looks good and even edible, it’s green!” Gun Roswell

Totally Green 

It’s the time of the year, when all is so utterly green, the leaves, the grass, even some of the water, but that is not really good, but, the green colour is all around to be found, especially when it has been raining heavily, the nature nurtured by the life giving liquid.

But don’t be fooled, because as soon as it gets too hot or too cold, the green will turn quite sour, into a murky looking brown! So, keep watering the fields of green, because those will only last for this very short season!s

Simply Adorable – Just Flowers

“It’s summer again, all of a sudden, all the nature green and lush, kind of a surprise, as having been dwelling in the darkened rooms for the duration of spring, it was really something, to see the images, oh, real life! Well, just go figure that one out!“ Gun Roswell

Simply Adorable – Just Flowers

Fluffy, soft, the odours alone, yeah, guess it’s that time of the year, when all the world, nature in particular is really ‘here’, present and not at all hidden, rather thriving and all over the place, everything is growing at the speed of light. 

But yeah, it is summer so, guess it was bound to happen, even if this small thing, did not see it coming! Still, enjoying it while it lasts at least, in small bouts and with the odd snap to the memory adding for it longer to last!

Yellow and Green

“Summer is filled with all kinds of colours, but guess the yellow and green ones are the most admired, simply because they are the most reminiscent of summer“ Gun Roswell

Yellow and Green

The flowers in bright yellow, as if positioned against the green of the meadow, posing there for a picture perfect stare.

But it wasn’t all these pretty flowers and green grasses were, not for those loving the summer, it’s freshness, warmth and sunny glares.

The fluffy clouds and blue skies, running outside without too much in clothing wise, as the colours beckoned from the window seen, all of those yellows and greens, never in winter time seen.

Oh, so lush green

“Summer is here and so is all the green popping out, was there ever any doubt” Gun Roswell 

Oh, so lush green

The green on the trees, the bushes, everywhere seen and even allowing the flowers to use their stem colour, as green, naturally.

But it’s not just the lush green, pretty as seen, but also a great cover, a camouflage of the highest caliber, as provided by Mother Nature herself.

The privacy curtain, certainly not hurting, the dwellers living beyond, the green wall, standing strong, against every kind of peeping Tammy or Tom.

But the most important thing, is not the cover or the wall, rather the fact that it’s summer and all that green, makes the air fresher and more easy to breathe.

Secure Path

“A secured way to go, just take it slow” Gun Roswell

Secure Path

Completely covered from all sides
The path always narrow, never too wide
Walking ever upwards, towards the goal
But never in a hurry, always taking it slow

The path so secure there is no worries
Of slipping, sliding or even any enemies
But if outside of the borders daring to venture
Then most likely, you’ll be liable for a dent or two

When finally at the end
Take a long, long look back, on the time spent
On this path so secure
You can only, be sure
That nothing, in life, is as good or safe

Favourite Photo Friday | one

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“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs .
When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence” Ansel Adams


macro 1

Ready for the Close-up

Getting closer and closer
A little more closer
Almost close enough
For an object to touch
But wait, time to hesitate
The cactus with mighty thorns
May your fingers scorn
Before you loose
Better choose…

Favourite Photo Friday | two

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“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs .
When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence” Ansel Adams


Ready for the Close-up

Before you loose
Better choose
The creamy strawberries
With their pals blueberries
A tasty treat
Without any meat
Some eye candy to complete
With a red amaryllis ever so sweet