Through another looking glass

“Take a look through the glass, see what is on the other side, of history, to be more precise” Gun Roswell

Through another looking glass

The ancient vibes, through this very window thrive

The lush and green nature, the unexpected adventure

Waiting, for the present day traveller, just on the other side

If you feel daring enough, taking a deep dive

Into the very past of us all, the history, where time has stalled

Open the window, and take a good look around

Because there are so many wonders to be found

Just out there, outside the window of your home

Simply step though, the other looking glass

And don’t worry, you will be able to pass

Into the history behind the transparent barrier

As this, designated entryway is the very carrier

For anyone wanting to visit, their own past

The waiting maid by the door

“Those who served in the past, with little or none in compensation and with too much to do, never a moment to their own, only a resting place in the end” Gun Roswell

The waiting maid by the door

The young woman stood there, by the door, not sure whether she could step inside, onto the floor, after all, she was there only for one purpose, to serve, the family, those who would have her, a labourer for the day, working for minimal wage.

She wasn’t educated by any means, but what she lacked in knowledge, she always managed to compensate with courage and hard labour, never the one to shy away from any given task, no matter how hard and long it would last.

When the working day was done, staring in the early morning hours and ending by nightfall, when the rest of the family had fallen, sleep catching, as only then was she allowed to take a rest, for a few hours until the next arriving day break.

This circle of her life went on for years to come, until she was finally done, getting a proposal from the farmer’s son and off and married she was, not her goal in life, but way back when, this was how a woman’s life was spent… or then again, perhaps, it wasn’t in the so distant past after all?

The delicate window

“The old frail construct, made of glass and a wooden frame, try not to breathe too hard near it or it might just fall a part“ Gun Roswell

The delicate window

Old, frail, inconvenient, hard to handle? 

Just the same, it has lasted a long while, even giving a few smiles, the delicate framework, the painted artwork, all of it from the past, refitted to a modern day cast. 

And so, serving a purpose once again, the window, lending a peek through time, as how else would any of us learn, of our past, the long history, present there, through this, very old looking glass.

The darkness descends

“The land, certainly not in good hands, with the permanent darkness descending upon, after all, this is the starting event, of the Polar Nights “ Gun Roswell

The darkness descends

The totality of it all, the darkening skies, the feel almost of night, and the sun up, none too bright, almost gone, swallowed by the grey clouds.

The Polar Nights, as the dwellers up North called this, state, of sorts, the darkness descending, for months on end, all the way up until the year’s end.

There was nothing to do, except to accept the inevitable, stay indoors, have the lights on, and try to pretend, it was still day, even if looking out the window, would tell, quite the different story.

Some kind of window view (from the past)

“Take a peek through the ole looking glass and tell me what you see” Gun Roswell

Some kind of window view (from the past)

The view from a window, found somewhere in the midst of a travelling on the low, in an old school village, built by some ancestral people settling there before time itself was founded, well, at least so many years ago, cannot even make the count, but it does not matter, as this was all someone’s home and now, a treasure trove for us, so called modern people.

But, as you take a seat inside the shadowy home, the darkness the main event, no matter if the sun is still shining, the window sill beckoning, to take a peek to the outside, finding no people, no streets, only calming vistas, the homestead from a long ago, peaceful.

Staring through the looking glass, visions from the past emerge, the children playing, the animals roaming without restraints, simple life, simple times, it was all back then, the sense of family and belonging, across the times spent, at least in the imagination of the onlooker.

Rocking around the warm fire (old school style)

“Somewhere in ancient times, people used to hang around the open fires, in the darkened rooms, rocking the night away, in a chair“ Gun Roswell 

Rocking around the warm fire (old school style)

The old school home, with its old school decor and old school ways odd spending the evening, at home, quietly, together, the whole family seated in a circle, around the open, warming fire, the matriarch of the family, in her rocking chair, sharing all them stories from the distant past, just like it was, the tradition since way back, the oral history shared to all, as at some point, the very duty would fall, onto the children when all grown up and so the circle of life continued, in the olden days.

Old barn holds its own charge  

“The ancient looking barn, might look a tad worn, but it’s still in charge, storing treasures on the inside?” Gun Roswell 

Old barn holds its own charge  

It may look somewhat, run down, but before you frown, just take a look inside, because it looks totally fine, and as to the why this is so?

Well, it might just be, because it was all refurbished, well, just a tad, nothing too rad, just the inside modernised and the outside left as it once was.

And so now, the lesson learnt, which is even old school dwellings can be turned, to liveable quarters and more, just because, tearing down something beautiful, is never a good option.

Dinner time in ancient times

“The daily meal, at the end of a very long working day, was the one to be had with family, in the ancient times” Gun Roswell

Dinner time in ancient times

The daily grind in the fields are done, as farming is the livelihood, for this specific family, living in the neighbourhood, well, not that there really is one, just a small splattering of hard working families doing their thing to get through life in the harsh world of the past.

And so, gathering around the large table of the small cottage they all live in, the meal prepared from their own doings, the land providing all that which is needed, just the get by, to be fed to be able to carry on their farming, on the land around them. As the circle of life of the past, keeps rolling, along each passing day.

Two Towers

Rhodes, Greece

“Two towers still standing tall, built in ancient times, but look at them, they are simply fine” Gun Roswell

Two Towers

Brick, by brick, they were laid, by those whom came before us, releasing their visions, of a strong and memorable construct, for the ages to last, no matter what nature and time would throw at the two, they would survive and they should, lasting up and til these days, because the secrets the walls of these two tall towers are able to tell, well, you only need to stay close enough to touch and so much, will be shared.

A Tower of a House, but a Cafe

Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland

“The tall slim building, sits on top of the hill, but not just any old structure, but a cafe, of sorts“ Gun Roswell

A Tower of a House, but a Cafe

The angle quite strange, the house, top heavy, but sturdy just plenty, as it has lasted for hundreds of years, having been hauled over from some other place.

And so, here it stands, in all its beauty, and all its glory, the old house, refurbished as a home, but also, a place of business, for those venturing to the historical island, and after some walking, become rather thirsty.

The cafe as the house doubles as, will give the weary traveller plenty, of options including the steaming dark liquid, but pastries and other delights.

Feeling somewhat peckish? Thirsty perhaps?

Step in, take a load off and enjoy the ancient ambiance!