Monday – not again!

“It’s Monday again folks! Better buckle up tight, because we are in, for a rude ride!” Gun Roswell

Monday – not again!

It is far too early, in the bloody hours of the morning, as I keep on yawning
Rolling, out of bed, even if, I should have stayed, under the warm covers instead
My head, is a total mess, and I am slowly but gradually beginning, to feel the stress
Of yet another week beginning, and no, I am so not, any kind of ballads singing
The signs were all there, in plain sight, just yesterday, all day long, I am fearing
For this day, to once again, come around, was it unexpected? Not really
Because for sure, I knew all along, it was lurking there, behind, the closed doors
Snoozing the alarms, going to hiding, trying to keep on the snores
No, nothing really ever helps, so, this is it folks! And no, no more of them jokes!
This is serious business and we all, need to start a rebellion, nay, a revolution!
To ban this day for once and for all, and never, ever again, should anyone feel small
When standing, against this, very big, hairy monster of a thing, on this, day
Where most of us, or at least some of the more sensitive people, feel like they are slain
By, this, fire spitting dragon, with the sharpest of teeth, as it is coming, to existence
Each and every single week, and right after, that perfect, slow paced place, no resistance left…

Alas, the weekend is now gone, and I am standing, sad and totally alone, dreading
Fearing, shaking, my pants almost peeing, but, with hands so sweaty, but I am nearing
My sword raised high and without even a hint of a smile, I am going to face it once again-
– Monday!

I’m not Evil, I was just Drawn That Way (Repost for Writing101)


“Evil is a point of view” Anne Rice

I’m not Evil, I was just Drawn That Way


A Woman
Can be
Many things




A Woman is also




Treat her right
A woman can be


And forever Yours


The Nerd In Me

“Never apologize for being nerdy, because unnerdy people never apologize for being assholes”
John Barrowman

The Nerd In Me

My Glasses,
A band-aid as quick fix
My Teeth
Dental braces for the glitches

I am awkward
Sometimes scared
A social coward
Of everything
and everyone

Over analyzing
Constantly thinking

I am also

Stalking you
Admiring you
Too Afraid
to approach you

Standing in the narrow corridor
Staring in awe
From a far
There you are

Walking towards me
I try to hide
No place to run
No where to flee

As you approach
I try to look away
Hoping you won’t notice me
Standing there
I feel the need to pee

Panic attacks
Breath caught
Eyes scanning
Nothing in planning
I am caught

I hear
“There you are!”

Not a word
Escapes my mouth
Standing there
Staring in silence

You say

“Hel- lo”
I try

Stepping closer
No hesitation
You say

“Just kiss me already!”