I, can drive my car?

drive my car

“Get it, sit in it, listen to music in it, meditate in it, or simply take it out for a spin!” Gun Roswell

I, Can Drive My Car?

Setting the scene
Pedal to the metal
Nerves unsettled
Giving it some gas
A little more for the blast
Overheating the machine

The engine is revving
Feels like heaven
Seeing is believing
The stress finally relieving
All the senses perceiving

No time to scoff
No time to fear
The moment is here
The road ahead, clear
Blast off!

Baby I can drive my car
Even though I’m not a star
Still I’m getting very far
Performance getting up to par
And maybe I love you babe

Mini Cooper (TBT)

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“You Don’t Need A Big One To Be Happy!”

Mini Cooper 

Baby I can drive my car?
Guess I will be going far?
I’m not going to be a star
But I like playing a guitar
Oh and driving my car,
My Mini Cooper car!

Beep, beep, beep – Yeah!