Mini Mes

“The smaller the better, right? The mini versions of a lot of stuff, cannot get enough? Well, just a reminder, never remove from box, keep them in mint condition, am I right? Then again, it’s your decision, whether you chose to play with them or not!” Gun Roswell

Mini Mes

The collectables as they are all called, the smaller versions of any kind of life size thingy, imaginary or real, just the same, they make you feel, better somehow,  even singing a tune just because you finally got one, becoming the owner a little piece, no matter how small, from something bigger and better out there for the world for everyone to see.

Those trinkets filling up all our shelves (buying more from ikea just in case) even at the seasonal holidays, where we might just get a few of them elves into the mix, alas getting even a miniature version of whatever tickles the fancy, fandom or just because admiring a great sculpture, perhaps a fashionable car or a pair of boots, whatever it is you are into, you can lay claim in the form of a mini me.

Photography: Double vision

“If I asked for a cup of coffee, someone would search for the double meaning” Mae West

Double Shots

Doing double shots
My eyesight soon a blur
Waiting for what might occur
Am I imagining things
Or is that really a bird with wings
Ancient tech
What the heck!
Mannequins of all shapes and sizes
Men in frocks
Or mummies in smocks
I need to cool down
And drive down town
Maybe just a dip in the pool
Make use of a communications tool
Invite some friends
Use my lens
And to snap a few more shots, double shots!

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tandem sit-down side-by-side shadowplay really-queen mummy-daddy living-doll aunty-and-me crossing-the-road double-trouble tea-before-safety ancient-tech balls day-at-the-beach