Mundane Monday, Once Again

“It’s Monday again, Mundane Monday, yeah that one!” Gun Roswell

Mundane Monday, Once Again

No matter if you are travelling or at home There is always something mundane going on During the first day of the week You might not always really find what you seek But look around what the world of mundane will bring You may be surprised of the same old things Look so much different depending of the mood or light Some of them coming finally to life There is art where you least expect it to be adored Just grab your camera and a new attitude and go to explore It may be Monday, that one specific day We all love so much to hate, well, at least of it debate Just call it the beginning of an interesting week to enjoy Because Friday will get here sooner than you have time to shout: “Ahoy!”

Surviving Monday

“Oh Monday, you are so totally cruel and always come uninvited into my life, what can i do to keep you at bay?“ Gun Roswell

Surviving Monday

The Monday morning had once again arrived
I know it because I can totally smell its pride
Raising the ugly head I now know far to well
And then, there is that, totally fowl smell

You to tempt me to kick your non too rounded arse
As this day, always turns into some odd kind of farce
But if I did not already have this headache
From merely thinking about you to arrive and me break

You always make me numb, avoid of all the fun
Lashing out to me, with something or another
As if this beginning of the week would not already be a struggle
The weekend gone and Friday nowhere in sight, bummer!

But, there is one thing, that could help me pull through
That one single and totally lovely and tasting full brew
The darkest of liquids and the greatest of sustenance 
Ever devised by mankind, which has no pretence

It’s simply, well, just great
So go ahead, take a break
For this cup of stuff is no fake
Go, enjoy, your coffee, now!

Monochrome Magic (1)

“Fall colours in black and white! How odd!” Gun Roswell

Monochrome Magic (1)

A frozen rose

Even the strongest and prettiest rose
Did in the cold temperatures freeze into an eternal pose
Preserved, for a longest of time
In the most natural cryogenic slime
With a mixture of pure clean water and the weather
The gorgeous flower has now finally been tethered
To the very ground, it once proudly sprout from
A preserved three dee image, now never gone

Monday blues

“It usually happens, on Mondays, the blues, Monday blues” Gun Roswell

Monday blues

Looking out the window
Window, with a big frame
Frame, so large and pointing to the yard
Yard, between the big houses
Houses, which are built so tightly
Tightly, that you can hardly squeeze
Squeeze your tiny self, between the buildings
Buildings which are forever growing taller
Taller, while me, myself, am growing smaller
Smaller, but not that of my dreams
Dreams, of the wide open sea
Sea, with all the shades of blues and greens
Greens, like the forest hardly ever seen
Seen only, in my, eternal dreams
Dreams, so big, it makes me think
Think, if I will ever be able to see
See the true forest of green or even the wide sea
Sea, where the blues are so cool
Cool as the bluest of skies above
Above he wide open calm ocean
Ocean, which will be never ending
Ending only, if I stop, dreaming

Office Life on a Mundane Monday

“Mondays are mundane, like Tuesdays minus 24 hours.

Office Life

“It’s snowing outside”

She loudly out cried
When through the window eyed
But then, with one quick stride
Without even a good-bye
And to everyone’s surprise
She was gone like a spy
Out into the great wild
Also known as the outside

Cathedral for Every Day

Posted in Mundane Monday

“I wish someone would ask me to design a cathedral”
Philip Johnson

Cathedral for Every Day

If you want to pray
Where ever you may
Or just a while to stay
In a sunny ray
Looking for a cabaree
Or an afternoon matinee

Just enter into
The Cathedral of Every Day

You don’t have to pay
Or even a dragon slay
There is no doorway
Nor any kind of role play
There is no colour grey
Only a colourful array

When you enter
The Cathedral of Every Day