A winter night in monochromatic view

“The winter always looks so very monochromatic, almost quite dramatic, or perhaps is just because of the colours of so very white?“ Gun Roswell

A winter night in monochromatic view

The colours completely gone, like when someone just banged a very large gong and poof, nothing there remaining, except the tone of monochrome! It was just like magic, all of it disappearing, and gently but surely turning into complete white, the colour so very light and totally bright, even at the midst of the darkened night, and then someone dared to ask the very question: “does anyone know the why?”

But, never mind, the question, sounding very much unkind, as what really is wrong with life in a monochrome? The simplicity of it all, like living inside an old photograph time would have been stalled? It’s almost picture perfect, as the wintery snow never did neglect anything or anyone and now, it’s all looking like so much fun, at least, from the inside out, as it’s most likely quite cold in the perfect image as viewed from the window.

Still, when observing the night, through the lens wide, the monochromatic scene, is as pretty as it has ever been, with the dark dots can be spotted, those daring beings getting outside, to try the monochrome on for size. And those are the very people who can give the answer to the question of why, with a large wide smile, and the answer is no lie.

Monochrome on Monday

So, we meet again! My dearest, not! Monday! Why can’t you be gone already?” Gun Roswell

Monochrome on Monday

It’s really electric
Even with only a few colours
You can smell the odours
Of the world of greys
Where all the light
And even shadows stay

Is the world often seen
But even the plain shades
From white to all the greys
The nuances are there
You just need to stare
And up they pop, in your face

I am getting quite ecstatic
The dance of light
And the bass of shadow
Never me fail
Just letting it all go
The bright colours
Do not bother me anymore

Peekaboo, through the wintery view

“There is snow on the ground again, a lot of it!” Gun Roswell

Peekaboo, through the wintery view

A forestry type setting
As the son slowly letting
The change of something
Quite new and alluring
White and crispy clean
Still untouched not seen
The view from behind
The trees to a divine
Setting from a fairytale
Which is not for sale
And lasting only for a while
And then it’s gone with a cry
But even if you manage somehow
To capture the image right no
You can see much more
Than any picture has in store
A moment of perfection
Fleeting by to a direction
New and most likely fine

Lazy stance for cats

“Cats can be so productive when they want to, but why bother as it’s simpler to be lazy, right?!” Gun Roswell

Lazy stance for cats

The cats are always chasing something, being all active and what not, catching the mice and other rodents, then taking up a play with their master, giving all the affection they can muster and then, even thanking for the great food they will always receive as a reward as after all, they are the pet of the house and thus, pride and joy of their owner…

Wait, wait, wait! Cats? Talking about cats here or?

Yes, well, the truth of the matter is that…

Cats, well, despite being fluffy and cute and all kind of adorable, well, they are totally lazy, and rightfully so. Because why not, once you have mastered the better side of life, when sleeping twenty-three hours a day is the best laid plan ever and then, getting all the fine food which the hooman servant will bring, just because the cat is so darned cute and taking good pix for them insta snaps. 

Yeah, well, at least if a cat has been lucky enough to land a job at a household, where they are appreciated for themselves and that is all, and yeah, that should be the life of a cat, noting more nothing less.

Low tech

“It might be low tech and old but if it still works, then why would you want to change it? “ Gun Roswell

Low tech

The technology from the past, has far better lasted, than anything modern, which easily break down, as all of it might just be a tad too complex, too small and too thin and way too plastic for their own good. As all of it needs to be so small and light, one single misstep and you will have lost the fight, the tools you need breaking down in front of you, shattering to small piece and you will lose all the data, the life you lead as it is all in there, what you think you need. And then, nothing but darkness will ensue.

But, with the low tech devices, the computers taking the space of houses, the phones with the cords attached to the walls, or sometimes even out here in the good old fashion booths. Well, those are still around, even if they might be hard to found, but the do work, it’s just, you will look like a jerk, using them, at least, that is the common consensus. But, if you are smart enough, use the old school technology wisely, take care of it and maybe, it will out last all the new and fancy gadgets and devices?

Grey on the waters

“There is always so much darkness before the lights are turned on, am I right?” Gun Roswell 

Grey on the waters

It is the seasonal darkness, which comes around with so much grey in it, just, when you look outside, there is no doubt of the day on the yearly calendar, the fear soon arising as well, and easily will put the mood in so much dismay, as it then becomes like a huge dragon to slay. As this happens, and you are feeling totally crappie, do not fall into the great big hole, and remain there like a mole, but venture out there, the nature more aware of the goings on of the season, because it is no elaborate plot or a treason, just a change. And maybe when, standing at the waters edge, look for any and all reflections there, of the happier times, which made you smile, then dare, borrowing a small boat and take her out there, to the beckoning waters, no matter how full and grey, because today, you will that fearful dragon slay, and ride happily into the non existing sunset. As now you have turned the darkness into plentiful colours of beautiful bright light. And it wasn’t even that big of a fight!

London in Monochrome 5

“I never travel without my camera. One should always record ones steps if nothing else than for the future reference, especially during the days of change” Gun Roswell


On the busy streets of the City of London
There really is no time for boredom
The options are endless, and even if you spend less
You can find all that you seek, just within reach
Either do a quick walk to the down town of the city
Or hop on a bus, and drive along to watch the nitty-gritty
As this city, certainly has it all, packages small or tall

London in Monochrome 4

“I never travel without my camera. One should always record ones steps if nothing else than for the future reference, especially during the days of change” Gun Roswell


… Follow the precisely marked lines
And you’ll be simply fine
Eyes wide and totally open
You will be seeing more than hoping

And then, in the evening
You will be totally dreaming
Of the how much more
The following day has in store

London in Monochrome 3

“I never travel without my camera. One should always record ones steps if nothing else than for the future reference, especially during the days of change” Gun Roswell


Watching, over the rooftops
Looking for the hustle and bustle
Of the streets of London
And it seems, that in just a few hops
A few old and bold like castles
And perhaps a famous dungeon
Can be seen without much of an effort
So, just hop on a bus
Without too much fuss
For them all to experience…

London in Monochrome 2

“I never travel without my camera. One should always record ones steps if nothing else than for the future reference, especially during the days of change” Gun Roswell


… Never mind the sad or even the bad weather
As my skin is certainly made of thick kind of leather
A few raindrops will not be able to do any harm
And not even, a small rain filled storm
Will be able to keep me away
From this eternal, London type of a sway