Cat a strutting the streets

“The cats are the owners of the streets, that much is true, but perhaps also of the very world, cannot be sure” Gun Roswell

Cat a strutting the streets

The big cat on the streets

Won’t need to take a seat

As there really is no time

While making their daily rounds

Taking care of their domain

While comfortably strutting around

This is no ordinary feline either

No, this is the one much smarter

The one who once laid claim

Of this one single place

Making it all their very own

Both the land all around 

Alongside the small town

And so, each and every day

The cat did make its way

All around and through 

The premises as to ensure

Everyone there and the visitors too

Would know the owner was lose

And so showing respect 

For the feline as they detected

The strutting cat on the streets

Making their way without defeat

As this was their domain 

And whatever else remind

Well, the rest of the animal kingdom

Could have their pick of the litter

Pun intended, as there were plenty

Of kittens too this message to be sending

That cats indeed are the rulers

Of the very world as we know it

Mundane Monday Monochrome

“The Monday, the one day, that can easily be spent, in the colour of Monochrome“ Gun Roswell

Mundane Monday Monochrome

The Monday mood, in grey as per usual, spending time, under the doorway open wide, an archway they say, as past most of them sway, clearly, the news, of this day, today, being a Monday, has not reach their busy minds, but here, regular like clockwork, the chime indicated, it was that time, the start for a week, for those whom something new seek, but the grey overtones, make the day rather bleak, and so, hiding under the archway, is the best bet at least.

But there is beauty in the monochromatic world too, even as seen from below an obstructed view with some kind of a Monday hating attitude, as the vivid shades of greys keep chaining with the time of the day, the lighting, the shadows and all the other whatnots, but most of all, hiding under the way of arching rock, ain’t too bad after the initial shock, as it will be only for the one day, the day of the week, nobody really admits, is the crappiest of them all, but hey, stay low, as tomorrow, will be another Tuesday again.

Island Life in Monochrome, when the Sun is none too bright

“The island life can be, a kind of a strife, at least some times, as it makes none smile, but hey, that is the life, on an island, am I right!“ Gun Roswell

Island Life in Monochrome, when the Sun is none too bright

The low hanging dark grey skies against the tall greyish mountains 

The mood quite dark, without a spark, as is the ambiance, all around 

But there is really no escape, even if you wanted to leave the place

As, after all, you have chosen this small kind of life, on a remote island 

But, when the season is totally right and the sun is shining so bright 

Then all notion for fight and flight completely vanishes, like a dirty dish

As the beaches are so very soft and the skies turn to the coolest blue

Mimicking the waters hues, simply because this colour us soothes

Still, whatever the weather is, or the time of seasonal delight

It does not matter for the true island dwellers, because they will fight

Against all the elements, just to be able to live on their promised land

No matter if it will mostly stay, in the monochromatic colour of grey

Street Artist

“The artist are always at work, creating, doing their thing, even on the streets” Gun Roswell

Street Artist

The art is the most important part of their lives, those who for their own views in life thrive, the ones who do not care as to what other people say, as of their displays, as the art work they create is their labour of love, and those who do not like what the end result depicts, well, they can easily stick it… but then again, art is always subjective and that is simply fine, as most of it, is clearly created out of the divine.

As much divine as this particular artist of the streets, their paint work gracing those passers by, whom always beauty seek, can find those things in the art of this simple painter working on the streets, perhaps in a quick session of drawing once own face or the pre painted flowery fields, no matter what the scene, it’s all good, because the beauty of anything really, is in the eye of the beholder, and so, those out there scolding on something being not good, it is simply a matter of being misunderstood, so better take another look, and see what you can find there in stead.

Get some money, buy some beer

“Sometimes, you just have to go on a binge” Gun Roswell

Get some money, buy some beer

The town named, well, let’s call it Londonium, the blessed place of bars, restaurants and pubs, truly a hub, for the lover of beverages, mostly alcoholic in their content, but also fully able to get some coffee or soft drinks, then again, it’s really not the same now is it? Going to a place of drinking to get a cup of coffee or a can of coke? Well, whatever the dope, getting into a local pub, is an experience and not a joke. Well, it can be of course, depending on what kind of choice you make as your poison for the order is, because if you miss and order something stupid, like something with an umbrella in it, then you are liable to become said joke. But, do as the locals do, when not in Rome, and order a pint of the strongest with some foam, and then only will you know, what the true pub feeling is, otherwise it’s all just been a great big miss, the so called local experience never coming true, and then there is no way the travel agency to sue, as the great opportunity you blew, by acting all coy and unadventurous and so, don’t blame us they would state and leave you out there, cursing the moment you did hesitate.

Ships meeting at high seas


“The sea is calm just after the storm, and now, the ships are moving back and forth again, so what are you waiting for? Let’s go on a boat ride!“ Gun Roswell

Ships meeting at high seas

The fog, finally clearing from the waters edge, soon something else, there will be wedged. The level of the horizon, I think is the best, and so, gazing into the void intently I can see, there are two boats out there, meeting at sea, something not foreseen, but rather a random happenstance, at least on first glance.

And so, it indeed was a random encounter for sure, as neither of them knew in there they were lured. The change of weather had caught them by surprise, and so, the equipment haywire almost caused the demise. Alas, snap thinking of the captain made them safe and so now, out there in the high seas, the two craft suddenly meet.

But whether it was a change encounter of any kind, the ships meeting, well, it was all just fine. As the greetings exchanged while passing the other, was more than a hello and less than a hugger. And then, each of them back on their own route, to make their way to the other side.

Top of the hill and slope side we reside


“There is always someone on the top, while the rest of us remain in the steep slope“ Gun Roswell

Top of the hill and slope side we reside

The top of the hill, was never crowded, as those making their way there, were never the loudest, only those ones whom shouted in silence, their experiences and achievements gone unnoticed, but thanks to that, the imprint on the world was nevertheless left behind by them and so, feeling light and without the weight of anything holding them back, they would manage to climb up the tallest of mountains, or even hills, and just there by themselves chill, while the rest of the loud mouths, whom loved to shout about things they are about to do, always the noise and the babble going on of something or somewhat how, they would manage to get things done, at least at some point in time, but also, biding their time, when the more silent types, would do the deeds and then be there ready and prepared, to take the credit for all things shared, still, even if they were seen like the somebodies they wanted to be seen as, they somehow lost the ability to climb, with all the heavy, weighing them down. 

So, that is the reason why the top hill is always silent and still, and void of mostly anyone, and the slippery slopes, and the sides keep on filling with wannabes and those, who would want to do, but never quite got into the groove, but still managed to loudly shout.


The lit path ahead

“The nightly road ahead, can be scary, when walking alone, no matter how up and grown one might be, but luckily, the snow and the lights carefully placed along, it is a much easier task to make the way home” Gun Roswell

The lit path ahead

The dark and long night, had a scary quality and not just the sight, of the long road ahead, to be walked in complete darkness as not even the moon was out this night. But as they weary traveller looked ahead, the path set up front was seemingly clear, not what the traveller had expected at all, rather now, getting more and more bold in getting on that trip, as the snow had fallen only moments ago, leaving a soft and glimmering trail to be followed, and to top the end of the formerly felt horrors on embarking on this path, the lights were now on, shining so brightly, it was almost like the darkness had rescinded and it felt more safe, almost like walking in broad daylight. So, without any further hesitation, the traveller got a new sense of self and with a deep breath and a resolve, started on the lit path, as it had been foretold.

The tall and the small one


“Where there is a small one, there usually is another one taller there” Gun Roswell 

The tall and the small one

The small one was looking for some support, perhaps possibly some place to lay low, not that it would really be a stretch for this tiny one of stature, to be on the lowest of lows, but some nice shade or cover would suffice at this very moment, just to get a small moment of a respite, as it had been too long as it had been on its own, mostly defenceless and so, it was looking for something strong, on the taller side to call its protector of sorts.

 And there it was, all proud and definitely tall, a contract of such magnificent proportions, there was no denying it was strong and would most likely last, any kinds of blasts. Soldier, warrior, whatever the phrase best suited, those were all going to be used while describing the mighty tall one standing there in its place. After all, it was, well, quite tall and so, the small one immediately made its way, asking for the much needed aid and after one long glance at the poor tiny thing, the tall one decided this would be their sprint, while protecting this more helpless kind, its purpose they then could find.

Black cat in blue undercover 

“The cat is trying hard to hide its colour, going undercover in another colour“ Gun Roswell 

Black cat in blue undercover 

The dark and curly coat had gotten them in heaps of trouble, at least among those Hoomans, whom were afraid of a black cat, as superstitious nonsense was the believed word, and so, while following those kinds of teachings, the fear for the dark and mysterious was always at play and also soon enough, the black cat legend of being evil to the core, was a truth them would mislead, and perhaps even to some terrible deeds lead, far more awful ones than any black cat mythology would suggest, at their very worst.

So, now, there was a plan for the black cat, which was to get a new outlook in life and also changing the mood around them, the ensemble in a totally new colour, perhaps nothing too conspicuous, rather something mild even, more on the sad side, to earn the pity points, as the sound of the colour itself, caused people around them to pause, and so, without further thought, the black cat changed its feathers, dying the coat the most coldest and coolest shade of blue and thus becoming the black cat in a blue hue.