Falling water in Monochrome

“The water always flows, downwards” Gun Roswell

Falling water in Monochrome

The is just something about water, making it flow, whatever magic behind it, sometimes moving fast, sometimes slow, alas it is the miracle of life as well, as the drink coveted after a spell, of drought for sure, but also, when running fast and feeling thirsty, what is the one drink which can quell that?


And so, keeping on worshiping the stuff, something of clarity and that is enough, neither magic nor a miracle, simply existing in this very life cycle, as like most of us, it is the one thing built in. The water running deep within.

Find a bike

“The snow of it all! Oh well, gotta go for a bike ride, just for the heck of it al!” Gun Roswell 

Find a bike

It might be a tad difficult to take a long ride on winter times and especially enjoying them just fine, because all of the snow and that’s not all!

As first of all before even getting on that ride you will actually have to find that damned bike in the midsts of all that snow!

Plow anyone?

But it f you find one under the pile of more than one, hope you will have some fun on them icy roads ahead! But most of all try not to be too afraid to fall off😊

The bright ball of light

“The sun will always rise, no matter the strife going on below” Gun Roswell

The bright ball of light

In the darkness no on can see, unless you are blessed with the eyes of a beast

In the sunlight, sometimes the complaint for it to be too bright and seeing too much, is not a treat

What is then the perfect middle ground?

And where can it be found?

Surely not the grey areas to hide behind?

But perhaps still, those shadowy corners with enough light, but still the calming darkness alike, make the perfect spot for a small dweller of the ground, feeling less of a, well, guess the words does not mater, not really, only the fact that the balance was finally found.

Dull grey day – not!

“All them shades of grey across the skies reflected on top of the water’s surface, what seems like a dull day, it is not that anyway” Gun Roswell

Dull grey day – not!

The view presented when looking out the window seemingly dreary and dull

Rivalling only to the internal feeling of being numb and null

But, when you get right down to it, the nitty gritty, feeling itchy

The good kind of a way, and then wanting inside of the house stay?

No longer an option as the adventurer its head once again will raise

And so, taking the chance of something being out there better 

Heading out the door and into nature

Hello grey! Here to slay so reel me in for something special!

Something of winter

“The colours aren’t that vibrant, hardly even there, the monochromatic being key, the blacks and whites and greys, taking their place in nature for the duration of winter” Gun Roswell

Something of winter

There is nothing to this season if not the lack of colour, the odours and whatever else kind of life associated to this sedate and rather dull time, well, it is all fine as even Mother Nature needs a breather, taking some time off, to slumber, before turning up the heat and life pending, while waiting for the spring time, but for a while, let’s enjoy fluffy white piles, of snow, the frozen particles of ice creating something totally nice, perhaps some would even call it art, even if it is there only for a fleeting moment.

The ever changing hues of the skies 

“The colours of the skies are changing constantly, depending on the mood of the weather gods” Gun Roswell 

The ever changing hues of the skies 

The morning hours, darkness the prevailing colour of the overall space, but as the constant, nothing of the same hue remains for too long and as soon as the clock hits sun rise, even without the bright ball itself taking a hold of the globe, the darkness soon fading, making way to the shifting light colours, from possible fiery reds, to calming blues, depending on the forecast of course. So, soon enough the horizon sometimes rough and grey, won’t long that shade to be staying, as the light filled hues of all the blues are making their place in the daily space of the skies above. Sometimes filled with varied shapes and sizes, calling them clouds, fluffy or strong, they might just stay there a moment, filled with rain and storm, but those too soon will pass and then it is time to prepare for the nightly shades, the oranges, the reds again, as the setting of the sun might just appear. Hanging there a moment for all those gawkers enjoyment, before heading to rest, and the best pale moon light will take over, the darkness once again present, but completely changed because of the small shiny rock and its companion stars, because Mother Nature is nothing if not smart.

Angels and Elves

“The time of year, when the make-believe becomes even more stronger than any other time, the angel, the elves, even Santa Claus with his flying reindeer… well, guess it is time to talk a little more about them, those winged beings?“ Gun Roswell

Angels and Elves

They are pretty little things, with wings and yeah, they can totally sing, rather lyrically at that! Some mighty fine tunes, high opera even, their clear voices hitting that very ceiling.

But then there are elves too, those with the rugged looks, with large ears, even beards and such, their outfit certainly doing nothing for their tiny bodies, not like those of the angels, in their nighties shiny!

Still, whatever the ideal looks of these two fictional fractions just bight me, perhaps a little different for all of us, deepening on how much thought there really was spent, thinking of what these beings of fantasy are all about.

Whatever they just might be, the chubby little cherubs of fancy free, it doesn’t really matter, as they are most likely there just for the latter, the fancy and the free, making the home feel festive for the seasonal celebration.

Or then, they just might be real, and we are way too stubborn, them to see.

Sunshine during a cloud day

“Ain’t nothing better, than a little sun peaking through the thick cover of clouds in the middle of a rainy day” Gun Roswell

Sunshine during a cloud day

The foggy day, much to everyone’s dismay, was getting the mood all down, leaving nothing more behind than sad looking frowns.

It was by design as the greyish day, was there to slay, at least the people there, walking down below in much dismay.

Such is nature, always on the lookout to harm anyone who dares, to harm it first, and so, you get the gist of why all the foggish mist!

But, then, a hope of something appeared, right there from the cracks of the feared, ominous clouds over and beyond.

Before any of us could respond, with a cheer of some sort, it was all but gone!

Such is the power of nature, after all!

The moon noir

“The night or the day, no matter which way you decide to cypher it, the moon is out there, hanging above even if somewhat dimly lit“ Gun Roswell 

The moon noir

The moon was out, hanging above in the clear blue sky, nothing there to spy, not really, but it could have as easily have been in the middle of the night, as the light, was so dim.

Either because of the timing, being that of summer, the day never ending, and so day or night, all the same, as the sun and moon together keeps on spinning.

Or then, it was the day of a ver dark and dreary autumn month, the shades blurring in together, to each other, the shadow, the light, all the grey shades of neither and then both, the monochrome, the noir, all of it one simple colour.

Whatever it is you see up there with your own bare eyes, is the truth, whether the sky is blue, or pitch black dark, the moon is always there, looking mighty smart.

Hanging on a chandelier 

“There is just something so ape like, like going back in time, whenever one gets a chance to hang from a fancy lamp, a chandelier therms call it!“ Gun Roswell 

Hanging on a chandelier 

The brightly lit, glimmering glitzy glam tacky bling bling of an ornament hung from the tallest spot on the best one there on the dot of very roof, which was supporting the house from rain hail and all the things non too nice for sure.

But when the darkness falls, and the other lights are set to lowest of lows, that is when the bling of a thing takes its spotlight, shining brightly, the dangles from it reflecting all the rainbow colours on to the walls.

And when that happens, there is a ball, even if it’s held for just the one person, who likes it just so, because then they can dance and brawl all alone, before finally taking it to the max and climbing up the rack, because hanging from the real fancy lamp, is certainly a must y’all.