Slice of Heaven

“There is a thin ray of hope in the midst of it all, somewhere there, maybe hidden for now, from most of the prying eyes, but, if you look really carefully, you will find, a slice of heaven waiting to be explored“ Gun Roswell

Slice of Heaven

Do not let the colours fool you, or rather, the total lack of it all. As even black, white and grey are colours too. And that lack, does not take away from the experience or rather in this case, the virtual tour, made out of an old photographic memory, from the very past. Which is in the here and now, made to last, in bits and bytes and all those kind. And yes, it surely shows, right there, in the middle of it all, this little slice of heaven, you were most likely looking for. Displayed real nice, so if you did not do so before, then now is the time to smile!

Just passing by, that’s why

“Just two ships passing each other by, in the very ocean wide” Gun Roswell 

Just passing by, that’s why

It was a calm and hazy early morning, as the two ships emerged without a warning, passing each other close by, as it was planned, but only on the fly. Sailing in from the opposite direction of one and other, only meeting in the middle of the inter section, they hardly had time to meet or even give a proper greet. As simply floating by the other, never touching, only glancing once, maybe twice. But there really was no time to say anything else let alone something nice to the other, as the flow kept on going and there really was no stopping it. A well known fact for both, as they knew that despite their slow motion, it was inevitable for the two of them to meet. But, there was nothing more of an option for them, except this on fleeting moment in time, seeing each other for the first and also last time, as the two slow boats, were just passing each other by, and maybe that was enough, and both of them could be just fine after the chance encounter, perhaps by design.

Fly by

“There is a flyby, just about ever day now” Gun Roswell

Fly by

The annoying high pitch loud sound, was all around
And, the culprit once again, nowhere to be found
I looked all over, search the skies and the ground
But nothing or no one was there, to take the blame
And this was always the case, the mystery remained
As if it was some kind of a too funky game to play
Guess I was getting a little bit tired of this same old
Because it seemed these flybys we’re getting way bold
Still, once it was done, at least for the day so gone
Then I was safe and secure until the next day would dawn
But the mere thought of another irritating occurrence
Kept in my mind all through the night loudly churning
So, deciding that maybe I needed something be doing
Setting a trap and catching that menace once and for all
The annoying chirping flashing thing with flapping wings
So I did and set the culprit finally catch and set it behind
A door latched, but then as the gorgeous songs of sorrow
Began in the cage in knee I had done wrong, and correcting
My mistake was the only action I should quickly take
So letting lose the flyby cause, a bird quite small still
The voice loud and more, as it flew by me one last time
And all I the world seemed to be once again just fine
At least until maybe the next time with a sudden fly by
But hey, now I knew the cause and the next time
I would simply widely smile and give the huge applauds

Fishy, fishy, where for art thou?

“It’s time for some me time so guess I will try out some fishing then?“ Gun Roswell

Fishy, fishy, where for art thou?

Taking myself down to the river, where I have heard the fish are biting, at least, that was the rumour of the neighbour who had caught the biggest catch of the year, if his tales and photoshopped insta pictures were any indication. But yeah, this is not about the catch as I can easily go to the nearest supermarket and as “how much the fish is?” No, this is about taking the time and enjoying the peace and quiet of the nature, listening to the frogs and crickets singing, maybe even the seagulls up there in the skies when I finally settle for my spot. And the point? Well, it was all about the fishing, or rather non-fishing. My gear totally simple and the lures? Well, they aren’t the best, just some homemade shiny things, in the hopes of putting on a great show. The boots of course, so not to wet my tennis shoes and the hat? Well that is a given am I right? The fisher persons fedora with all them old (or in this case new) lures attached to it. So, here I finally am, ready to act all the fishing type, but in all honesty, I just needed some peace and quiet.

There is sea water in my blood

There has always been sea farers in my family, seamen, sea-women, as even my grandmother was one, simply call them sailors as they sure did, sail I mean!“ Gun Roswell

There is sea water in my blood

The raging waters beckons me, to take a deep dive into the ocean wide
Why take the dive some might say, as the land is so much safer than the seaside
I simply reply: Because it is a part of me, the salty waters running deep within

There is no denying, the mermaid inside of me has risen finally
The dead give away? The fins where my feet before used to be
So, there is nothing to it, just rushing to the nearest harbour and dip
All of myself into the rushing waves, soon becoming my slaves
As I become one part of the whole, the one thing my heart stole
Even before the day I was born as this has always been my true self

So, no more dwelling in the role of a total land lubber
My feet are now almost like some kind of rubber
As I swim away from the safety of the familiar shores
And into the deep end of the life which is nothing like bore

Monochrome and the light inside and out

“It’s totally fantastic, so simplistic, and yes of course, it’s monochromatic” Gun Roswell

Monochrome and the light inside and out

The reflections on the smooth glass walls, so totally strong, it cannot be wrong
The solid darkness of the steel, was expected to all the brightness to steal
Alas, it was but a very frightening suspicion, caused simply by misinformation
As the thick glass, would always let the bright light to pass its very made form
And no amount of steel around the structure, no matter whether dark or light
Would be in the way, of the sun shining ever so bright and letting those inside
Feel and see the texture of the small, rays pouring in through each and every crack
And that, was after this moment and finally, not just welcomed, but a known fact
And soon enough, not just only those living in the newly created kind of an odd building
Could be of the eternal lights around be enjoying, but also all the gorgeous reflections
Were giving the outsiders, a good and unexpected light show all around the dwelling
And from this lucky happenstance, anyone ever taking even one single glance
At the monochromatic tall metal and glass built building, could only sigh in total awe
Because, simple can also be so magnificent, and the light, well, it will always bend

The storm in the horizon

“The storm is rising. I can feel it, and also see it in the horizon” Gun Roswell

The storm in the horizon

The dark clouds are gathering, up there in the high skies
Filled with water and thunder, off the makings of a storm they cry
And without any lies , I watch them getting closer, my face a smile
Why? Just because the constant heat, had no kind of relief
And as I stand by and look at the nature gathering its bile
I know this event will be the one you might call a heavens sent
Because in this ever changing world, you never know which way
Is the way you are hurled, and despite the ominous nature of the weather
Somehow you can still rely on the tether, holding you safe in the place
As the storm makes its way over you, letting it happen the best bet
Although there is nothing you can do but to it let and not to forget
To try and stay out of its way, and where possible to indoors stay
It might not always be that pleasurable of an encounter
But just remember it is part of the cycle of Mother Nature
And once it has passed because it won’t last, you can once again laugh

Dark Cat

“The mysterious dark coated cat is something of a curiosity right now“ Gun Roswell

Dark Cat

It does not speak , it does not move, it does not even care, even if you dare to stare, as it is quite the oddity by nature, and it has no hatred, as, it simply exist. Maybe and simply to enlist, the curiosity of others as they attempt to coax this dark one, to maybe come play and have some fun. Butter there within lies the pun, as this dark side of a being, is only there for the seeing, as it is the one keeping, the score. And no matter how much you adore, the mystery and magical scene surrounding this feline, there is always the b-line, to an exit, and maybe, just maybe, you had better take it, before it is too late to get, the hell out of its way.

Phone home now, or call Dr Who!

“That’s not a telephone box! That, is a Tardis from the tv show, you know the timer traveling doc one!” Gun Roswell 

Phone home now, or call Dr Who!

The two archaic yet gorgeous monuments still standing tall, on the street corner there by that building available for the big and small, lasting us all. from the past till the very beyond…


What’s it called? 

A muu-seuum of sorts? 


Yeah and those two glass boxes with a steel frame? 

Right there in front? 

Something I heard were used to cater to people making telephone calls around the very clock? 

Those kind of retro thingies of sorts, you know insert a coin to phone home or then make it collect for mama to pay?

Well, heck no!

Those kind of boxes are props!

They are imaginary and used in movies or tv!

You see!?

It’s the exact same box, which that one Doc, you know the one on the famous tv show?


What are you ignorant?

Everyone knows the Doctor.

Doctor Who.

Oh yeah!

In know that one, great show!

And I remember the box too.

But wasn’t it blue?


Red, blue, green!

You cannot make a call in one of those so forget about it!

Backlit construct

“They are building them out of concrete tonight, trying to defeat the elements I suppose. Well, good luck with that then!” Gun Roswell

Backlit construct

The structure standing ever so tall, no matter if someone would down fall. It is built to stand time even it stall, but then again, that thought, could be its greatest downfall. After all, nothing, not even rock, lasts really forever so, maybe, the goal should be set, a tad lower. Just maybe you think?

But whatever the intentions here were, it all looks so totally cool, still in its building stages, against the light from the opposite side, shining ever so bright. At least, then it is totally dark and the moon is the only object now giving light. Casting the eerie shadows across the pitch black night skies.

So, now, I am sitting here, on my own ready made balcony, enjoying (or not) the views of the constructions site, sending all kinds of weird and photogenic vibes across the lines, and in the process of simply glaring at the sight, snapping some kind of photos with a somewhat artistic eye, in the middle of the night no less.

But I must confess, the picture was well worth the taking as it looks kind of cool, am I right?!