Tales of the moon 1

“Rhyming tales of the moon is what I do” Gun Roswell

Tales of the moon 1

Long ago, the ancestors glared at the moon, worshiping it, during its full bloom. The object in the night skies, could never tell them lies, and so, it became their god. This went on, until several eons were gone, before the dawn, of the modern times were swiftly applied. And technology tried to explain away, the mystery and fame, after that, the moon simply became, easy prey.

Now, the mighty nightly deity, is a mere object planetary, as the humankind, it did conquer in a time, where the space races of these lowly earthlings, were just beginning. Soon enough learning the mysterious ball of light, was a simple rock up in the skies. Nothing to be worshipped or even desired, just a dusty ole’ place, none too fine. But something important was left behind, those venturing out there in the high skies.

As the theories started, that this object of a moon, was really a vessel for the sky people. Those who might have visited, this planet so blue, to the moon adjacent. And that maybe the inside of it was hollow and something great was about to follow. That’s when the following once again started, as eyes and even telescopes up towards it darted. Giving this piece of a rock, once again a place in the cultural pop.

Reaching for the moon from the tallest tree top

“As the moon lit up the dark night skies, and I could finally walk without stumbling on the narrow path“ Gun Roswell

Reaching for the moon from the tallest tree top

The full moon, hovered, high above all, in the dark night sky
It was so brightly lit, that it totally looked, like a shiny ball of a light
Alluring and completely inviting, as it was, with all of its luminescence
I was so tempted, to catch it, and the only option for me presented
Was, to climb up, really high, and up the tallest of the trees in sight
And then, if luck would have it, I could ever so easily reach out
And simply, capture, the brightly lit ball, in to, my very own pouch
But also knowing very well, this trip, would not be without an ouch

Finally, daring, with some hesitation, to venture up the sturdy tree trunk
I knew then and there, that the option, of this very mission, to totally flunk
Was not an option at all, rather a the commissioned order, ever so tall
And that was, to capture the mighty and bright moon, once and for all
Alas, the forces that be, were definitely, not on the side of little ol’ me
As the higher I climbed the tall tree, the more out of reach the moon seemed to be
In the end, I reached the very top, and as I dared to gaze up
The moon, was higher than even before and no matter what

I was not able, to even reach it
So, that, in essence, was simply it!
Remaining only, a tall tale of an endeavour
With the completion time set, to never

Pinkish Moon

“The moon shines brightly, even if the colour is slightly, pink” Gun Roswell

Pinkish Moon

The skies of the early morning hours
The colours from pitch black turning to likes of flowers
The bluish hue, fading to a bright purple too
Then softly, all the various pinks start a popping
Turning the darkly lit skies to something nice
Just like someone sprinkled, some sugar and spice
The object in question, might be for a while hiding
But as the colours are turning that much brighter
Soon, the moon, too, will be, totally smiling
And then, there will be partying, singing and dancing
For all us moon children on the ground prancing

Viva la rosa Luna!

Full moon night, without any kind of fright

“The full moon in the sky, always makes me feel high, after all, I am a moon person, without any argument” Gun Roswell

Full moon night, without any kind of fright

When the darkness of the night fell, hard, you really could tell
The noise totally earth shattering, to say the least, with all that clattering
The bright sun now settling, for the next rotation some much deserved rest to be getting
And, to finally let some much deserved time, for the fullest of moons, upon us night dwellers to shine
Because without the worshipers of the nightly moon, the sun could never come to bloom
And those adoring the daily sun, would not be able to continue with their daily fun

Sky watching

“Sky watching yet again, another sunrise on the horizon” Gun Roswell

Sky watching

As the early morning darkness fades
I am set and ready on my way
Hoping, not to be too late
To catch, at least, a glimpse, of the rising light
With my own, two dark eyes
And to admire that, of the magnificent sun’s rise
Watching the sky
I never feel like a spy
Only to simply admire
Of the marvels of what expires
When Mother Nature
Plays around like a true painter
Making art work of the simplest of things
Which will make each our hearts sing

Sunset with Moon rise

“The sun and the moon, keep on the ballet of the cosmos” Gun Roswell

Sunset with Moon rise

Fading, into the darkening skies
Skies changing from blue to dark
Dark descending after the sun has gone
Gone but for none too long
Long as it takes for the moon
Moon appearing from behind the shadow
Shadow of the brightly burning sun
Sun now setting, setting to the horizon
Horizon where it will be rising
Rising when the turn is given
Given by the cosmos
Cosmos owning the suns, moons and stars
Stars soon appearing
Appearing after the moon rise
Rise for the nightly skies
Skies filled with light always

Winter Moon

“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation” Paul Theroux


Winter Moon

Early winter morning
Early, before the dawning
Fresh tracks in the powdery snow
Carefully found before the wind blows

The snowflakes frozen
Glazed against the window
Ski tracks on the ground
But not a soul to be found

The crescent moon
Present before noon
But not far behind
The sun with its shine


November mornings I two

“Early mornings are the best” Gun Roswell

November mornings x3

Moonlight sky

The pale sky in the morning
At the time of everyone yawning
The moon popped up for a try
Taking it’s chances against the sun
Maybe, today, it could shine

All day long against the blue skies
Only fluffy clouds to dive behind
No sun could be heard or seen
But alas, the light was still bright

The moon did it’s job well today
And now it can until the ever stay
Even past the night
It can shine ever so bright

Blue moon

Posted in Haiku

“Today I am feeling so blue” Gun Roswell

Blue moon

The skies are blue as
Is the mind of a traveler, sitting
Wing side of a plane

Destination unknown, the dreamer looks
Outside the small window, the stars are
Dotting the pale night sky

What ever waits on the
Other side is just a guess, an
Adventure, but for now, content

To look at the soothing
Skies, before the sun rise, it all
Seems calm, before the storm