Mundane Monday once again

“It’s Monday again, Mundane Monday, yeah that one!” Gun Roswell

Mundane Monday once again

No matter if you are travelling or at home
There is always something mundane going on
During the first day of the week
You might not always really find what you seek
But look around what the world of mundane will bring
You may be surprised of the same old things
Look so much different depending of the mood or light
Some of them coming finally to life
There is art where you least expect it to be adored Just grab your camera and a new attitude and go to explore
It may be Monday, that one specific day
We all love so much to hate, well, at least of it debate
Just call it the beginning of an interesting week to enjoy
Because Friday will get here sooner than you have time to shout: “Ahoy!”

Busy Bee on a Monday

“Mondays without colour, what a drag!” Gun Roswell

Busy Bee on a Monday

A red open flower tempted
The busy bee to relent
It’s flight in the middle of the day
And onto the open petals lay
Gathering all the nectarine it can find
Before back into its hive it will fly

But dear bee
Beware of the honey trap
Set to lure you in fact
And if you don’t soon fly away
You will forever in this flower
Trapped, remain

Pink for Monday

“Mondays without colour, what a drag!” Gun Roswell

Pink for Monday

Yesterdays reflected

From old discarded windows

An old shack

Once painted black

Now boasting, the colour pink

It’s an eye sore some say

But others, smile and

In front of it for a moment stay

It’s not useful anymore

Who knows what secrets

Within it are stored

But for now, the windows

And the doors

Remain locked of course

And maybe someday

You may find the key

Which unlocks them all

Two Tools

“You’ll always need at least two tools” Gun Roswell

Two Tools

A shovel and an old school bike
Two tools, you may need for work
Or even, if you plan to go on a strike
Useful things with which you’ll never falter
Even if your life may drastically alter

It is fun peddling to any near of far location
And if you need a tool or a weapon
The shovel will be handy in any occasion

Old school useful things are the best
No need for electricity or other kind of stress
Use them both wisely, never have to think twice
And as you down the road with you bike and shovel rush
Everyone will wave and maybe get a few smiles

Office Life on a Mundane Monday

“Mondays are mundane, like Tuesdays minus 24 hours.

Office Life

“It’s snowing outside”

She loudly out cried
When through the window eyed
But then, with one quick stride
Without even a good-bye
And to everyone’s surprise
She was gone like a spy
Out into the great wild
Also known as the outside

Driving Off in Mundane Monday

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Who can say what astonishments are hidden inside the most mundane being?”
Author: Kate DiCamillo


Driving Off 

On this futuristic moped
Travelling nowhere fast
Licence already revoked
But we are having a blast


Mock us
Call us
Old folk
What ever
You want

We still rule
Just need
A little fuel


We are
Going, going, going,



Jaguar in Mundane Monday

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“I want a Jaguar, Jaguar, a Jaguar car” Gun Roswell



Shiny bright objects
On the hood of the car
Not satisfied admiring from afar
Closing in with careful steps

Ornaments of gorgeous animals
Mouths agape like howling cannibals
A feline of sorts
Put on this car of sports

A Jaguar,
Can go quite far
But how about,
This old car?

Got my prize
In a pocket size
A snap for this post
Now the image a ghost

Driving in my Fiesta
I really need a siesta
But in my mind
A tune of a different kind

“I want a Jaguar, Jaguar, a Jaguar car”

Left and Right in Mundane Monday

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“Life is mundane without the new and unexpected. I guess that has been and continues to be my downfall… I’m constantly searching…”
Adria J. Cimino

mundane-monday-1   mundane-monday-2

Left and Right

The right side
Towards the left side

Which side?
It’s really
A matter of perspective
The other right
Or the other left
The mind subjective

Do I have to choose
What if I loose
What is good for the gander
May not be good for the goose

Better then
To stay in the middle
In the end
Life is a riddle