Pop up flowers

“Flowers everywhere! Popping up at will, after the rain, after the warmth, they just keep coming back no matter what!” Gun Roswell

Pop up flowers

Flowers pretty and crisp, cannot resist, smelling them, as I pass by them, in the meadows, in the garden, on the streets, where ever they just might be, as it seems, they are all over and everywhere!

It is the doom or glory of summer, whichever way you want to look at it, those reminders of nature and good times I guess, are popping up every where, simply wanting to exist and us humans, well, we cannot the beauty resist!

Some Kind of Yellow

“The summer brings forth all kinds of colours, and some of them are yellows” Gun Roswell

Some Kind of Yellow

The yellow flower alone stood, solemn, alone and proud, even in its own quietness still quite loud.

After all, it was a pretty little thing, it’s thorns adding a sting, to anyone daring to touch at least too much.

But as long as it was flowering, its petals glowing, with the yellow of the sun, looking like a lot of fun, nobody cared it was prickly.

As the beauty admired from a far, was as good as nothing at all, the summer brining out the best in all created ones.

Painted Waterfalls

“The waters are pouring way down, all the way from the top, towards the bottom, where else did you think they were going?” Gun Roswell

Painted Waterfalls

The water falling into the small pond surrounding by colours and odours of all kinds

The place while hard to find, the picturesque setting alone was well worth the grind

Trekking through the jungles and muddy roads, don’t seem to weigh so much anymore 

Now that the views of this place are visible first hand, right here were I now stand

As this was the land I had been looking for a long time and now I am finally here

In this outer worldly place, painted with colours which only could be concocted out of fantasy

The waters soft and inviting, cascading through the fall and into the fountain below

Tempting for a dip in the calming balms of the elixirs of life, in the surroundings without strife

This indeed is the life, anyone could ask to be a part of, even if it was only constructed

For one special moment, inside the mind of a fantasy locked deep inside for a long while

But now, I am finally here and this is where I will forever stay, without any kind of fear

Foggy day on the beach

“No matter, sunshine or not, as it is almost summer, going to the beach is a must “ Gun Roswell

Foggy day on the beach

No matter the day or time or even season
There is an inherit urge to the point of treason
Against the odds that is, as it is, the beach
Is not accessible to most of us except during summer
Which is a big bummer, but then again, winter
Is the eternal splinter, with all the cold weather
Snow and such, most of us don’t really care about
Of course there is the options to carve a small hole
Into the ice if you are really feeling that kind of bold
And dive into the freezing cold of the water
And the running but naked into the hot and humid sauna
But, for now, it might not be the perfect kind of state
As spring and therefore summer are totally delayed
For a visit to the sandy shores, still, trying as one must do
Getting there, in the foggy kind of haze, finding the perfect place
And then laying down on the sun bed, even if clothed fully
In warm winter clothing, but it is already April and the beach?Well, it may be out of reach for some time more
But hey, spending a day, even in the icy cold winds
It was still the beach and nothing or no one can deny
That I’ve got a huge big smile on my face just because, beach!

The tree up the hill, the stories will spill

“The oldest of trees, growing on the solemn tall hill, have many secrets to keep, but, are you ready to hear them?” Gun Roswell 

The tree up the hill, the stories will spill

The old and decrepit tree, up there on the slippery hill see? Some may think, is not much to look at, but the fact is, that it holds a plethora of stories and tales, none of the are on sale, but if you are willing to make a trade, then a few of them might be for free shared, that is unless you are too scared to try out something new and the find out, some well kept truths too.

Now, as to the fee, it might not be, what you think it is, as all that this old tree really needs, is some loving kindness and care, some time with it to be shared, maybe some fertilizer and water too, but mostly, what will do, to get the tree to share some of it secrets, is for the listener to spend the time without regrets and the only request from said tree is, that you, the listener, will take the stories to your heart and maybe learn from them which is the thing smart to do.

The tree hide from the road side

“Hide behind the trees in this wintery scene, dressed all in white, just to blend in, which is quite smart“ Gun Roswell

The tree hide from the road side

It was the perfect spot, to hide just there on the dot as walking down the streets of winter, covered with all the snow, you might just come across with someone you know, but the interaction might not be desired and the best bet would then be to seek out someplace to hide. So, be well prepared for this outing for this special outing, by dressing up in the smart things, such as camouflage attire, meaning mostly clothing of the colour white, to blend neatly in the newly made snowy cover of well, white. Then, when you hit that road of long, trusting in the ploy so fine, you can still smile, even a tad evilly as now, there is no need for being too neighbourly as you can easily find cover, the perfect hide out behind the many of trees road side, the perfect spots to lay low, when ever someone you might know, is passing by. So, do not be afraid in jumping aside and getting behind that three hide on the road side.

Green leaves in monochrome 

“The green is a colour of monochrome, so why not make it in grey” Gun Roswell 

Green leaves in monochrome 

The lush of all the gorgeous greens, in various shades of the colours can be seen, but when the season hits, when the green colour is the very hit, the world will look and feel, pretty monochromatic at best, the colours albeit restful, can be seen as one single syllable dull, monochromatic in nature, literally, and they will take over the world, just like the snow fell upon and everywhere during winter season, summer will be the lush green grey without too much of a reason. And so, turning the one single colour of green, to something more closely seen, as the symbol of the monochrome theme, albeit equally as vivid and lush, even if only mentioned in hushed tones, as the one and full grey, never really could slay, the palette of the liking of everyday, and therefore not a popular choice as the voice of those in the grey’s corner, are usually more quieter than the rest. So, even if you love the lushness of all the greens, perhaps having a more open minded approach, a variation to the theme and try to let the grey shades in?

On the snowy branches

“Snow covered branches for the wintery feel it’s a great deal, don’t you agree?“ Gun Roswell 

On the snowy branches

The sugary feel of the snowy cover to seal the deal of the winter still here, and it’s a good kind of feel, as it all looks so great when venturing out to the forest too see all the coolest of what this season has to offer. So, when heading out to the deepest of woods, to perhaps get hooked, with the winter scenery, which is more pretty than the actual seasonal weather of cold and damp, the frozen surfaces mostly annoying, but all this easily forgoing as the pretty effects of the snow covered branches and such, can capture even the most hardened winter hater, and before it becomes later, make sure to step into that snow overcome world in the forest, unless you are living in a concrete jungle, then those kind be more difficult to find, then simply be on the look out for any kind of green thingy, a bush, a small tree, whichever kind you might just see, as there is nature all around, no matter the place you are bound to, and then you too can see that some of the more wintery season, can be good and gorgeous.

Sunshine in the horizon after the storm

Greece, Evia Island

“There is always a ray of sunshine, after a long stormy night, at least, that is what some people say, in the midst of all the dismay“ Gun Roswell

Sunshine in the horizon after the storm

The storm had been roaring in the midst of the small valley for a long while now. The seas grey and ominous as were the skies and the dark clouds a permanent shroud, with thunder and lighting the only distraction from the otherwise dull and dreary existence, lasting as long as anyone even cared to remember.

But then, something was happening, all of a sudden, there in the distance. A glimpse of blue midst all the grey and dark hues. A ray of hope perhaps, but was it here to last, or just a teaser, before another bout of rain and storm was upon. No, it was not, as the longer the dwellers glared out there in the horizon, there was something else on the rising, as the more they glared, the brighter and clearer the skies became.

And soon enough, a glimmer of a bright light started moving all them dark clouds as the sun was emerging beyond the ridge, behind the tallest mountain, moving all the obstacles away, with the strong rays of hope now filling the once gloomy and hopeless skies.

The cold hand of winter

“The winter is the cruelest season of them all, at least, that is the way it was described before” Gun Roswell

The cold hand of winter

Everything deeply buried in the cold air and frozen snow and ice, which admittedly looks very nice, when not having to shovel the stuff or slip and break something off. But, the snow and ice is also a cover, a sort of a shelter against the cold weather, especially for the nature and the delicate seeds and those animals whom are deeply in their winter sleep. So, before going off and scolding all that snow and ice, which mostly, is not that nice for the human dweller, there is something good about this season as well, like the protectiveness to nature it gives. But also the pretty and gorgeous vistas of the snowy fields and forests, the statuesque contracts when a snow storm has passed and left behind all kinds of things looking artsy and nice. And of course, for those appreciating the ever changes scenery, us, the card carrying photo snappers never weary of getting ourselves out here and taking the perfect pic, this winter’s season will give a lot of slack, and you don’t even have to walk far, as it’s all there, even on the back yard. But, it’s pretty cold outside, most of the time in winter, so dress up warm to avoid the cold hand, of the dreary winter.