The vibrancy of the season 

“The vibrant colours of the season have come to life just as it’s about that time, when we start turning to winter’s cover of white” Gun Roswell 

The vibrancy of the season 

The leaves are slowly turning from the lush greens to the mellow yellows, perky oranges and those on the more fiery side of red. And the intent is less to shock but rather to make all those  onlookers flock, in awe and admiration, of the pallet of nuances and differences on those various leaves, on bushes and trees, even the odd flowery stem, receiving a much more colourful hem, than existed in the summer, as Mother Nature is continuing the tie dying task of the materials all out there willingly joining in the project, as it is all part of the process in the change, from summer, to fall and to the last step of it all, the winter season when the white blanket finally covers it all. But for this moment, all of the participants will be holding the special coatings on, the multitude of colours and their accompanying odours will be the centre piece of the show in progress. The flashing lights and clicking of shutters the sounds heard all around as the audiences new found interest is no less, this autumn time out there in nature on this blue sphere.

Totally Green 

“It’s so lush, so fresh, so totally gorgeous, it looks good and even edible, it’s green!” Gun Roswell

Totally Green 

It’s the time of the year, when all is so utterly green, the leaves, the grass, even some of the water, but that is not really good, but, the green colour is all around to be found, especially when it has been raining heavily, the nature nurtured by the life giving liquid.

But don’t be fooled, because as soon as it gets too hot or too cold, the green will turn quite sour, into a murky looking brown! So, keep watering the fields of green, because those will only last for this very short season!s

Rain rain down the drain

“The droplets falling down, when it rains hard, they all end up on the ground“ Gun Roswell

Rain rain down the drain

Sometimes, or more often times, when it rains, it totally pours

The water coming down so fast it positively roars

But it’s a great feeling, a good thing, watching the droplets sing

The wells, the oceans filling with liquid so totally essential to the hilt

Also giving the onlooker a sense of smallness, a place of calmness

The world somehow safer than with the warming sun?

Then again, the next day after, frolicking out there in the light can be so much fun

The blurry line

“Sometimes lines being drawn are as fickle as the waves hitting a sandy shore” Gun Roswell

The blurry line

Drawing lines, borders, erecting fences and walls

That is what the humans like doing to the point of boring

Because in the end, those hindrances will be blurred

Just like the soft waves hitting the sandy shores

As all of it will fade in the end

And were they to begin with such an good idea 

Or even keeping anyone safe

Just some fancy human concept protecting what is supposedly theirs?

But to be fair, for a moment a wall or a fence will keep away the fear

When all the lurking evil is out there trying us apart to tear

Spiky and Rough

“It’s a defence mechanism for sure, but there is a certain lure to it.“ Gun Roswell

Spiky and Rough

The colours surely so appealing, the lush green, with a hint of neon feeling

But the spikes there, makes the smooth surface look so rough

Still, there is a certain urge emerging from deep inside, wanting to touch

As would it really hurt so much?

The danger there certainly so alluring, even if the brain is otherwise assuring

This is a no-no, for sure, not to be touched only admired form a far despite the very lure

And so, standing there, hypnotised, the hands kept in place by mere force of the will

The power from within, but I still want to touch even if it will end with an ouch 

Snow fall

“Sometimes snow falls, onto the tall branches out there in the forest, where it’s all quiet” Gun Roswell 

Snow fall

The perks of winter, getting a new kind of wardrobe, at least over nature, covered all in the fluffy material, called snow, and just for show, it made its way all over and everywhere, not one single spot having been soared.

Deep in the forest, trees of the tallest too had their fair share of the snowy fall, together building a temporary but still solid wall, at least a visual one as it wasn’t impenetrable after all, simply there because and getting through becoming a sport of sorts.

Those athletic types skiing through them all, making more snow fall in their wake, but luckily the softness albeit cold and damp, never hurting those properly clad.


“It looks like someone sprayed frosting all over the trees, like on a cake!” Gun Roswell


The wintery forest like a magical garden, all in so many shades of white, the frozen snow and ice, looking more like a topping on some food thing than anything natural.

But, we all know nature performs miracles and winter is among those for sure, the sugary coating looking all too good, but certainly not something anyone would chew on.

Still, it looks pretty while it lasts, the picture perfect draft of an image, taken in haste, as the cold seeping in through the cracks of this human being, only wanting to have the perfect memory of a winter’s day to last.

Frozen in spacetime

“The wintery scene, pretty as can be, frozen in time in the picture perfect frame” Gun Roswell 

Frozen in spacetime

The blue is the hue, even in the midst of all the white, as the light of the day, is absorbed by the nights they call polar up north

And so, getting there, into the forest, when the blues hits the nature, frozen on each and every surface, as is the moment in time

With one single snap, the very moment will last, not just in the memories nor the personal data banks of the snapper, rather all over the internet, where it was so thoughtfully placed

A picture perfect moment, frozen during winter times, now frozen in space time

The colours of autumn in Suburbia

“The colours so vibrant it hurts the onlookers head, well, sometimes, but hey, just enjoy them for now as snow will fall soon enough!“ Gun Roswell

The colours of autumn in Suburbia

Suburbia coming to life with these colours being ever so bright. 

Never mind, the pouring rain, the plain and same ole colour of grey, the dominant for this season, at least where the skies are concerned.

Glance around, prance even if this is the time you have found to do so.

As this flow of nature, is at its very end, almost reaching the winter season, and then it is time to spend indoors, hoping the walls and floors will keep you warm!

Snow cover like sprinkled powder

“The snow fell upon the land, covering it all, with a white blanket, soft, but cold and well, guess that is all” Gun Roswell

Snow cover like sprinkled powder

The bluish hue when the night falls upon the land on the shores

The snow having softly made a landing, now covering it all

Not just the land though, but also the newly iced over waterfall

The sparkly waters only yesterday roaring with life

Now simply frozen by the temperatures plummeted over night

It’s a pretty sight though, no matter the cold

And for those, loving the winter activities, feeling bold 

Can get out there with their skis, skates and whatever else daring 

Because soon enough, it will get either too cold or too warm

To really enjoy the scenery and the soft and sparkling snow

So, getting up and out there, no matter if liking it or not

Just try to go with the flow and enjoy, well, the snow