Mundane Monday: Falsified Self-image

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“I now find magic in the mundane. I’m also more creative – better able to look beyond the obvious and come up with new story angles” Deborah Norville


Falsified Self-image

The shadow reflected
Not what I expected
Feeling disconnected
Somehow misrepresented

It has to be rejected
And quickly corrected
My true self resurrected
This image perfected

Mundane Monday: Now you see me, Now you don’t

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“I would much rather have a life filled with magic than one filled with the mundane.”
― Debbie Viguié


Now you see me, Now you don’t

Don’ t blink
In an eye’s wink
You see her,
Then you don’t
Not a haunt
Not a stalker
It’s just Granny
With her walker

Daily Wheels for Mundane Monday

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“Vroom, Vroom! Can I get more speed, please?”

Daily Wheels

Time for the bi-yearly service
So no need to be nervous
This is no major over haul
Just a quick ten minute call
A preparation before the snow fall
Also, because it is the law
And to be able to drive
Simply put, to stay alive 😉

Meanwhile, in the distance
Spotted something completely different
A train dashing by
Almost like it was on the fly
Because a vehicle of that calibre
Do not live by the calendar
Just keeping on the right track
Travelling every which way and back

Before my day was done
I bumped into something fun
A sporty looking vehicle
Did not seem too seasonal
But with the right kind of footwear
It too could be put into full gear
Choose some cool tunes on the radio
And ride along in the deep snow