Looking down

Espoo, Finland

“Something about being on the top, simply makes one feel so, well, superior? At least for a moment there, before the elevator takes you way back down, to the ground level, where you belong“ Gun Roswell

Looking down

The views always spectacular, when high up, close to the very skies

That is unless you just might suffer, from vertigo, or some kind of go, wanting to fly, way back down, so better stay away, even if it causes a frown

But if you are simply there for the views, you won’t be disappointed

As long as you follow the rules and stay behind the supportive railing

If there is any there of course, usually though, there is something supportive there

As this is not some space opera where those railings always disappear

Snapping them pix just to prove, you were actually invited there

Up into the very special stratosphere, well at least, the twentieth floor

Of a tall building with many a restaurants and so so many stores

And having been there, even for a moment, the truth is, it was nothing reminiscent of a bore

But back down, all of us visitors must go, at least I have the lovely picture on my phone!

High up close to the skies

Espoo, Finland

“Climbing up, ever so high, to be close to the gods, residing high up on the fluffy clouds“ Gun Roswell 

High up close to the skies

The scenic views, reserved for those few, daring to venture up to the highest peaks, but during this modern day adventure, it’s not the top of the mountain to be conquered, but a structure built by people, from iron, glass and other things, making it almost as strong as the rock filled natural constructs, but not quite, still, the buildings are meant to last, a few windy blasts, and traveling right to the top, easily without a stop, with a modern mechanical device, with little if no effort, and so admiring the vistas, the views, are no longer reserved for the few, but everyone.

Panodramatic Grey

Espoo, Finland

“It is a grey day, with lots of rain, but the panorama mode, makes it look much more than plain” Gun Roswell

Panodramatic Grey

The greys soon enough come out, whenever the rain fills up the skies with loud thundery clouds, even if it there is really no sound to be heard, but what we have learnt, is to always carry an umbrella with us, whenever the stormy weathers hit, during this season of s..t.

Daring to adventure outside, even with the rain, so totally loud, makes one feel proud, fighting against the nature, well, at least, the big puddles and those cars driving too close to the pavement, but the cure is simple, only the need to put on some clothing suitable and out there, the above kinds of scenes can be found!

Suburbia pano-dramatic

Espoo, Finland

“There is just something to be said of life in the suburbs, yeah, it’s quite the mundane existence“ Gun Roswell

Suburbia pano-dramatic

The life starts, in the early morning hours, if not waiting up yourself, because of the alarm clock, then at least the very moment, the garbage truck starts to rattle around, making all kinds of noises way too early in the morning. Then, there is the morning traffic, the cars and bikes and people, passing by the windows, some of them daring to take a peek inside, curious as to how the other half lives. So, if you are working from home, getting up and running outside, is not a total must, but getting ready for the day ahead is a more calmer event, except, when there are others in the household wanting to embrace the china bowl, as of course there is only one of them in the house even if several people lived there like a pack of mice. Never mind, the day has started and then working with some eating and perhaps a break or two, even daring to step outside on the yard just to clue up on what kind of weather we are having as that is a one constant of interest for all kinds of people, no matter where you are in the world. And then evening knocks on the door, the chores done and then it is time for some boring shows on the TV, as the eve is the time for slacking and such, as the day has already taken so much of the energy, hardly restored at night time, while sleeping, mostly not fine. But yeah, that is the day, and the next and the next one after that, the life in the quiet of suburbia, mundane at best, but never any less.

Helsinki Sea view Panorama

If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears” Cesare Pavese


Helsinki Sea view Panorama

The city, with a view of a wide panorama
The display, fully, filled with so much drama
Well, at least, in the words of this poetry to write
Just look at it! Then there will be no argument or fight!

Summer Rama

“A panoramic view, of the summer’s hue, how quaint!” Gun Roswell

Summer Rama

Sitting, in the perfect of places
Where the sunshine, and the long summer, always, stays
The temperature, always, perfectly warm but then, cool, at the same time
Which in itself, is a contradiction, but for me, it works really fine

My head, spinning and turning, like the exorcist chicks did, almost one three hundred and sixty degrees
Trying to get in, all the lovely scenery, but, at the same time, feel the warmth of the sun and the cooling breeze
A panoramic photograph, finally done ending up, in my own crocked mind
And then, a little while later, on the great wide web, for all the followers to find

Oh, the Summer Rama!
What would I ever do without ya?

World Wide Wednesday in Helsinki

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If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears” Cesare Pavese

Helsinki Harbour

The city panorama
Display filled with drama
Well, at least in the words
Of a known Americana!

Ferris wheels, Cranes and such
Sure packed a lot of stuff
And into just one image!
Now all we need to do,
Is to put the ball into the scrimmage
Don’t have a clue?
Well, just follow the mimic
I promise, it’s not a gimmick!

World Wide Wednesday in Lanzarote: Seaside: Eight

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World Wide Wednesday in Lanzarote, Seaside

“No place is ever as bad as they tell you it’s going to be.” – Chuck Thompson


Quite the drama
A piece of Tropicana
In the form, of a panorama