Under cover, under the parasol, under the sun

“Hiding, my face and my self, from the bright sun, under the sheltering parasol“ Gun Roswell

Under cover, under the parasol, under the sun

From the deepest recesses, of this, these days virtual travellers own mind
Thinking of, all of the warm summers passed, and always with a big smile
When lying, on the sandy beach, everything off, completely, out of reach
Only thinking of, what and then when would be the time for the next eat
Alas, not everything around and under this scorching sun is a total slack
As swimming, walking, writing and reading, is part of each days list of tasks
But the one thing, even enough sun block can win, is the one simple fact
That too much sun, can give a dweller out and about each day an attach
Of the said sun and that cannot be too much fun, so best bet to do to avoid
The trauma causing the traveller to get annoyed, is to stay, under the parasol
Greatly protecting any harmful rays of the on top hovering bright ball, the sol
Besides, there are lots of things to do there, without the need to squint the eyes
Board games, books, and maybe, even the odd iPad to track, some of the lives
Left behind in the homeland, as the traveller, is on a holiday, for the duration
And, if and when asked, they would simply answer without any kind of hesitation
“I have earned this leave, and will stay here, until I totally need to leave!”

Shade and the Beach

“Under the shade giving parasol, situated on a beach, is, where I totally like to sit” Gun Roswell

Shade and the Beach

On a lazy day in the middle of the hazy season
I cannot find any one simple and totally good reason
For staying away from the tempting summer’s beach
Even if, someone, just might call me, a royal leach

As I am headed towards that sandy haven
I listen to the other people and their constant craving
Of taking some desperately needed and deserved, time off
But I filter it all out, because I’ve decided, to differ from the lot

Reaching the designated place, with my trusted parasol I stay
Under it because the sunlight might be burning fate
Seated comfortably with enough food and drinks
And some good reading my teeth into I can sink

I am finally out and totally day off kind of proud
To be resting on the soft sandy beach without noises loud
My mobile phone turned off and I am officially out of reach
Because today is that kind of a day at the beach

Under the shade, of course
The shade on this great beach

Under the sun, but, under the parasol

“There is just something so fun, laying, under the bright sun, but only, if I have my parasol, where I lay down without being too dull!” Gun Roswell

Under the sun, but, under the parasol 

The sun is shining, so brightly, against the blue of the sky
Nothing or no other experience in life, makes me really, smile
As does this meteorological phenomena do, to little ol’ moi
When I have made the trek to the beach, for the day encore en foi 
But this is not just about throwing some French around
But rather,  to enjoy a day, resting, even if lying, on the ground
A day at the beach, in theory at least, is a plan totally sound
But if the heat gets a tad too much to resist, and groaning out loud
Becomes the permanently made, teeth grinding non-vowels
Then it is that time, when the parasol comes to play
Quickly setting up the plastic colourful monstrosity to full display
Never mind the outlook, it’s fine because I myself won’t look
At the contraption, now above my very large head, slightly shook
Because, I will be happy on this one day of summer no matter what
Even with all them flies and other types, I away have to swat
This one single day I have earned with much work and sweat
So I will be damned if the heat or what ever other problem might me let
Feel less of fun, or any other type of good feeling 
As I lay here, watching the day, pass me by, leading
Towards the hopefully calm and setting sun for the evening
When I will leave this place, with a smile on my face

Until next year, when I get one day off and to the beach, once again trot
With my parasol naturally, so I can enjoy, the sun, fully!

Umbrella Weather

“When it rains, stay under the umbrella, when it shines, get yourself a parasol” Gun Roswell

Umbrella Weather

When the rain comes down a pouring
Despite to the weather gods imploring
For some sunshine or at least a break
In the monsoon type of a state
The morning had started already
And no ending was seen ahead
The only option without being soaked
To bring a hefty and large umbrella on board

But then the clouds started breaking
Yeah, there is nothing like nature faking
The blue of the skies soon peeking
And the clouds of greys aside fleeting
A smile emerging on several of a face
Yeah, just because it puts you in that kind of state
Then, soon enough the umbrella will be changed
To a frilly and colourful parasol, out of this place!