Greece and the Water

“There are plenty of places to dive, to swim or even row, in Greece, in a small cove” Gun Roswell

Greece and the Water

Clear blue, endless, cloudless skies, and cool, refreshing blue waters
Suitable, for us lowly peasants, and even, for the kings daughters

The ancient, mighty monuments, surrounded, by the crystals glittering
The many images of the castles, forts and other similar types, on the surface reflecting

Waterfalls, existing in a garden or even, carved by nature
A calming effect, is just the same, no matter which way you venture

When the night slowly falls, and the time, totally stalls
The birds are taking their final flight, before tucking in, for the darkening night

Here I am, sitting, contemplating, for a moment, by the turquoise pool
Now, slowly changing, into deep dark colours, by the eerie shadows

Playing, on the surface, finally daring in, for a nightly dive, in the liquid space
Refreshing, rejuvenating, before finally, falling, into deep sleep in this heavenly place

Coffee Time (national coffee day)

“There is always time for coffee!” Gun Roswell

Coffee Time

A cup in the morning
Before you start yawning
A cup in the middle of the day
Will keep you from dismay
A cup in the evening
Well, it may let you sleep in
(The next day if you stay up all night)

Enjoy it in company
Enjoy it alone
Enjoy it with a sandwich
Enjoy it some more

A cup of coffee
Maybe with a butterscotch toffee
You can never go totally wrong
Especially, when the coffee is strong

Drink your coffee and be merry
Drink the coffee until the cup is empty
Drink when they pour another cup
Drink, yes, it’s coffee, never stop!

The Guard Cat

“Cats, are everywhere, thank goodness!” Gun Roswell

The guard cat

The guard of a cat
The cat on a wall sat
Sat as pretty as a cat
Cat of a guard nature
Nature which causes some hatred
Hatred just because he hunts
Hunts to keep the pests away
Away as far as he can slay
Slay the rats and other types
Types which might harm cause
Cause of being too many
Many enough for the cat to hunt
Hunt as he only can
Can, because this yard is his land
Land he can only protect
Protect and then be rewarded
Rewarded by his hoomans
Hoomans to whom the cat works
Works to keep the safe
Safe, as he only can be
Be, the ultimate guard cat ever seen

Sunday market

Sunday, my fun day” Gun Roswell

Sunday market

On a sunny day, why at home stay
Heading to the streets, something to seek
People rushing by, wondering why
So the idea to follow them, in my mind just then

After some walking, and maybe even stalking
Ending up, at the local market hub
Loosing myself, in the hustle and bustle of the place
Wondering, how no one in just one place stays

But as rhe wonders start to reveal themselves,
Soon enough finding even myself
Getting the mood on, and then, every step growing strong
After all, I am, lost in the moment, in this Sunday event

Red Seat

“I don’t generally like running. I believe in training by rising gently up and down from the bench” Satchel Paige

Red Seat

I was looking for
A bench to sit on
What I hoped to score
Something close to a lawn
To lay my tired self
On a softer shelf

Then I saw it
The bench, made of stone
When I tried to sit
I felt it to my bones
Too hard for a fit!

Moving forward
I found one, made of wood
Maybe it wasn’t hard
Rather suitably good
Too soft for a fit!

So once again
I had to complain
But I knew, the right seat
Was just in reach
I just had to seek

A little while longer
As I moved along
The feeling now stronger
I knew it wouldn’t be long
I was close to finding
As I saw the metal shining

I finally found it
A bench made of metal
For me to sit
Soft as a petal
A purr-fect fit

Art I four

Posted in Haiku

“It’s all someone’s art, trust me!” Gun Roswell

Art series

Plastered on the wall!

A hidden message among all
These pages to be found, if you
Look carefully, then maybe, just

Maybe you are able to
Spot the few words written long ago
A formula for a cure?

The answer to it all?
Just stare at the wall long enough
And you to will see

Art I three

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“It’s all someone’s art, trust me!” Gun Roswell

Art series

Here’s looking at you, kid!

The shoes reflected in the
Mirror in a tiny box, a car of
Sorts, a lift in another

Place, a random encounter of
One self, since there was no were
Else to hide, the why

Not snap some pix of
The shiny pink shoes, staring at each
Other in the shiny mirror

Art I two

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“It’s all someone’s art, trust me!” Gun Roswell

Art series

Do not enter!

The red colour should be
The indication of something different happening here
Maybe a painted round plague

Would be the final clue
“Do not enter, this is not for
You to be inside, nothing

Here to see for you”
Just follow the instructions and you cannot
Go a miss, on this

Street at least!

Art I one

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“It’s all someone’s art, trust me!” Gun Roswell

Art series

Bottled goods

Don’t let the colourful exterior
Fool you, it is the interior which
Counts,especially for bottled goods

Take one down, pass the
Bottle around, fill all the waiting glasses
Then do a round of

Cheers! And sooner than you
Know, there will be nothing but leers
All around you, bottoms up!