Blue and the Water equals Splash!

“There is just something about water, especially when in a pool or open sea, which makes this one, wanting into it dive and the real world to flee“ Gun Roswell

Blue and the Water equals Splash!

The waters cold and blue, the weather not really so good, still, wanting to go diving in, just because it might just bring, the much needed refreshing feeling, needed to survive a hectic day.

The sun long since gone, somewhere safe perhaps stored, as it is that time of the season, when the warmth is less so and the reason, for wearing more of the clothing needed simply to survive without heat.

But, when the treat, of a pool on someone’s backyard greets, there is no way, not to take up on the offer, even if shivering cold without the layers of cloth.

And so, without further ado, closing eyes and thinking or summer, finding the warmth from within, while standing there in a skimpy swimsuit, and then, diving into the slightly ice cold blue.

Luckily, the human body is built, with adaptive qualities, and soon enough, the slightly chilly liquid, does not really feel that bad, against the skin warm, as long as staying below the surface, mostly anyway, except maybe the head!

Sunset most red

Rhodes, Greece

“Ah, the setting sun, what fun! The most cliched happening of them all, mostly photographed, admired and no wonder, as it is simply gorge!” Gun Roswell

Sunset most red

The sun is setting, against the ocean it is letting, itself fall into deep, deep slumber, dreaming of wonders, as it lies in the great yonder, dreaming of stars and the moon, before it is time for another round, the sun to rise again, to shine beyond them all, brightly in the early morning hours, just after the rain showers of the darkened night, and then only can it shine, like nobody would mind at all.

Sundays, hanging by the poolside

Rhodes, Greece

“Ain’t nothing like hanging by the poolside on a most sunny Sunday, having a smile and taking some off time” Gun Roswell

Sundays, hanging by the poolside

The Sunday started as pretty as ever, with the shining sun glimmering of the top of the blue waters, what a perfect way to wake up and start a perfect day!

Only working was required and so becoming totally inspired, dragging the chairs and tables outside, close to the open wide nature, at least the pool, because only a fool, would deny oneself a dip in the calming liquid, on such a hot day like this one is.

Setting of the Sun reflected

“The sun is setting with a fire in the skies, and reflected on top of the water’s surface in kind” Gun Roswell

Setting of the Sun reflected

There is fire in the skies, because the sun is painting red colours of its demise, at least, for the night, as come morning, the sun will be up there again, hot and scorching.

But for now, the spectacle on display, every which way you may just glance, there is the setting sun, reflected, on each and every surface, finding its purchase before disappearing into the ocean no longer blue, before only a streak of the powerful light will ensue, and then that too, will be gone for good, or at least until the new morn’ will emerge. 

A seat by the poolside

“The seat by to poolside, with a view to the great open wide, might not be the best place for  progressive work“ Gun Roswell

A seat by the poolside

The leisure times usually get divided between the working hours and family time, mostly just life as per usual, but some times, the need for a complete shutdown, the internal switches simply turned off, then even a day or few, should be spent, somewhere far away, from the daily grind and when that place is found, then no other sound disturbing the peace and quiet, would the the soft winds and the gentle waves flip-flopping on the side of the water, surely a place of a sunny day, a Sunday even, but these days? Well, getting off and somewhere else, can be hard even with so much money spent, then again, when the need to relax is there, why spare any resources, as the future still uncertain, perhaps closing the curtains and hiding from it all, is not really as good as stepping out the door, Sunday or not, taking a short breather, is always a good and welcome idea, because life really is too short to simply stall and push the inevitable on hold.

Poolside, so divine

“Digging up some of the old stuff, mainly pictures from the travels past, as you all now know, that all, is kinda in the past, the travelling part that is, because of, well you know… but one can dream, right?“ Gun Roswell

Poolside, so divine

The cool and blue, and that is the truth as the sun is scorching, so the best place for loitering, really is, inside the cool waters. Digging in there, never coming up, except for a huff and puff, and right back in, diving. Pretending to swim, but really, what I am doing, is letting my old tired body, sink into the balm of that which is, the calming blue water.

Fun and the Sun

“Nothing like frolicking footloose and fancy free under the sun, and then taking a dive in the cool blue waters” Gun Roswell

Fun and the Sun

The month of June, came way too soon, as no time to prepare for what sun filled days laid ahead, but once getting over the overall thinking of somehow having to be prepared, simply to spend some time of and to spending it without an agenda, under the warming sun.

The mindset not easily adjusted, but once done, it was time to commence the long awaited task, because that is how some of us see it, but after some time and fashion, getting used to the very objective of it all, which is, not to plan and worry, rather embrace, the moment of fun.

The water, the rock, the sunshine

“The elements of life, well, at least part of them, mostly those used for a great summer’s break“ Gun Roswell

The water, the rock, the sunshine

The spring of life, the cool blue stuff, the liquid so clear, you can see through it, and the best thing of it is, that you can actually drink it, bathe in it and simply, lull yourself to sleep while floating on it, truly the multipurpose tool for any kind of fool in need of some relief from whatever kind of ailment.

The rock, hard as they come, an element, none too fun, but good to be used as another kind of tool, like hammering down a nail or using it to cover up a trail, whatever use basically thought of, even a house built, well, sort of, but also, a great place to sit on, when all other furniture fails.

The sun, shining above, the warmth, the bright rays, the light, all of it combined, what a great surprise, after such a long while of remaining in total darkness, and so, for the duration of a season, perhaps more, the shining sun, sometimes a bore, mostly though, praised by lore, will be the one keeping up the spirits of those seeking its audience.

Sunset reflected

Rhodos, Greece

“The cliched sunset is always fun to watch, no matter where its reflected at, each surface playing an important role” Gun Roswell

Sunset reflected

Multicoloured reflections over each and every surface, searching for a momentary purchase, before slowly fading away into the darkening of the night, just like each and every day, the circle continues, most of the times.

Inside those reflections, images from the distant past and nearing future, tethered together with invisible sutures in this precious moment of every colourfully reflective and warming ray of light.

The grind of the day will soon be laid to bed, following the sun’s set, a respite for the weary for a while sleeping, under the darkening skies of the pending of the night.

And even if those moments of the gorgeous scenery of the setting sun might soon be a memory laid to rest in the past, alas easily conjured up, wherever and whenever needed.

After all, not all days are filled with glorious sunshine, not to mention the after play of a sunset, onto the minds of the lowly reflected, and needed is a reminder, there will be light after the long moments of darkness.

Solarised, poolside


“Mother Sol appeared while at the pool, sitting by myself, in the cloudy atmosphere, but now, I am basking in all those warm rays” Gun Roswell

Solarised, poolside

The day started out, quite dull and grey, and there was no indication that the clouds above blocking all the good views, would soon fade. But, feeling daring and bold, as so I am always told, making my way to the pool just outside the rented house, as the yard itself was quite the louse, alas, the pool was the place to be, at least, when wanting to be seen, by the sun itself, perhaps even getting baked in the process, to a nice crispy exterior, well, perhaps not that crispy, but you get the gist of it, letting the ol’ tired body get its air bathing in the warming sun, as the joints and whatnots really like it too, so before getting too blue, I was lying there on the sun bed, half naked, I thought about getting a proper blanket. Alas, those thoughts all soon perished, as a peek of something glamorous, poured through the thick layer of dark clouds and soon enough, those ominous things above were vanquished and the Sol, smiling at my flabbiness, let all the warmth through, and the rest of the day spent basking in the proper sun shine, just because I had dared to wait for it to arrive!