When it Rains it Pours!

“And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow” Gilbert K. Chesterton


When it Rains it Pours!

The rain came down a pouring
The sound loud as roaring
Frozen drops, balls of hail
No time to stop and flail
Pounding hard onto the ground
A safe harbour needs to be found
The nature showing it’s full force
When it rains, then it pours


Raindrops, heavily on the window

“The rain is here again, falling the way down, sometimes heavily, sometimes slow. “ Gun Roswell

Raindrops, heavily on the window

The rain is upon, heavily now as is the storm, the weather having gone, from totally hot, to still warm to freezing cold, the winds gusting all around, nothing really sticks to the ground, as it such a whirlwind of a  thing, a scene of sorts, going on, and will most likely last, until the end of the season, until more solid stuff start falling down, the dreaded snow, so, until that time, simply enjoying the rain, the droplets making a great painting onto the window, still tainted by the summer flowers, but now, all getting cleaned up rather nicely. 

Raindrops trump the scowls, apparently

“There is just something about rain, I dunno, but yeah” Gun Roswell 

Raindrops trump the scowls, apparently

The rain banging against my window in the middle of the night, well it’s morning, but I’m not really counting, cause the loud clanging kept me from my beauty sleep, not that it was really ever that deep, just the same, I would like  it to blame, for the lack of my extension span, being quite low, in the early hours of the day, as starting with little of now sleep a day, surely a permascowl plastered now and there to stay, for the duration at least, but the I see, the tiny droplets gathered onto the leaves of the flowers I had bought cheap, and an involuntary smile creeps up towards my cheeks and ain’t that just creepy, but I like it just the same and the rain apparently is to blame!

Droplets in puddles

“When it rains, it pours, unless it just makes tiny drops into puddles” Gun Roswell

Droplets in puddles

The rain fell, on top of the table and there dwelled, in small puddles before finding their way to the ground, being soon absorbed and then nothing more of it found.

But those remaining droplets danced, pranced as an onlooker glanced at the nature’s mini fiesta, in the middle of a summer’s day, before the sun came and washed all of it away.

The rain, might be a big pain, at least in some ways, but in small dosages, it can look pretty cool, and don’t be fooled, we need the rain, to simply survive another day.

Cloudy with a chance of rain

“There are usually clouds in the skies, at least if you venture high enough, whether they are bringing in storms of not, remains to be seen” Gun Roswell

Cloudy with a chance of rain

The cloudy skies, are not always indicators of bad or sad weather or otherwise, rather sometimes, a respite from the overwhelming warmth of it all, bringing in the cool and calming winds without the dampness of fall.

But even with a trickle of rain in the mix, should bring in some freshness, to the stuffy and stale air of the hottest of summer, and only after the rain, can you enjoy the sun’s shine without it being such a total bummer.

Take a ride in the rain

“The rain will not stop those wanting to ride their bikes, motorised or otherwise“ Gun Roswell

Take a ride in the rain

The rain stained the asphalted plains, but it did not matter to the hard core rider

And even if they are really not, the tough and rough kind of natural born fighter

It does not matter, because out of love and devotion, the rider will get out there

And ride the steady steed across the land, sand or water, it does not really matter

Even if the chatter from the others, might want to change this rider’s mind 

But, being totally devoted and kind, to the bike which can give them a ride

Well, there are really no sides to be taken here, rather the best choice of all to take

And this relationship, between organic and machine, is not something new to be seen

So, mounting on their ride, soon enough the world around then is no more divided,

Rather one and wide united road side, where anyone can set out on and drive

No matter whether this bike is just a simple and manual and in need to be peddled

Or a power house of a thing, with a motor which can make a die hard fans heart sing

Riding best, with bare feet, I guess

Green leaves in monochrome 

“The green is a colour of monochrome, so why not make it in grey” Gun Roswell 

Green leaves in monochrome 

The lush of all the gorgeous greens, in various shades of the colours can be seen, but when the season hits, when the green colour is the very hit, the world will look and feel, pretty monochromatic at best, the colours albeit restful, can be seen as one single syllable dull, monochromatic in nature, literally, and they will take over the world, just like the snow fell upon and everywhere during winter season, summer will be the lush green grey without too much of a reason. And so, turning the one single colour of green, to something more closely seen, as the symbol of the monochrome theme, albeit equally as vivid and lush, even if only mentioned in hushed tones, as the one and full grey, never really could slay, the palette of the liking of everyday, and therefore not a popular choice as the voice of those in the grey’s corner, are usually more quieter than the rest. So, even if you love the lushness of all the greens, perhaps having a more open minded approach, a variation to the theme and try to let the grey shades in?

Seated in the middle of the foggy night

“Take a seat, on a soggy and drenched bench, in the middle of the night, just, out of spite.” Gun Roswell 

Seated in the middle of the foggy night

The night ahead long and dreary, as  was the path of walking home, as the only option due to a slight misunderstanding now the arduous task, which could a long while last, and the cold rain and hard winds, certainly did nothing to aid the progress of getting there quickly and safely. But, as there really were no other options left, except, perhaps to curl up in a fetal position and cry, then try to move ahead seemed to be the logical thing to be doing, in the middle of the night without too much fight in sight.

Just as the threading was becoming as tired and dreary, the power of the carrying limbs almost gone, and the readiness of giving up and curling into that tempted ball was all to think about, something out of the blue could I spot. A bench, under the trees, tucked safely under there, away from the storm and rain and the constant pain of the sore feet, as the wrong kind of footwear caused the stains not yet seen. But this respite appearing out of the blue, might just have been the saving place to do, some rethinking of the stupid plan of wandering off in the middle of the night, and so without any fight, I decided to stay on the bench and wait for the inevitable sunrise.

Grey on the waters

“There is always so much darkness before the lights are turned on, am I right?” Gun Roswell 

Grey on the waters

It is the seasonal darkness, which comes around with so much grey in it, just, when you look outside, there is no doubt of the day on the yearly calendar, the fear soon arising as well, and easily will put the mood in so much dismay, as it then becomes like a huge dragon to slay. As this happens, and you are feeling totally crappie, do not fall into the great big hole, and remain there like a mole, but venture out there, the nature more aware of the goings on of the season, because it is no elaborate plot or a treason, just a change. And maybe when, standing at the waters edge, look for any and all reflections there, of the happier times, which made you smile, then dare, borrowing a small boat and take her out there, to the beckoning waters, no matter how full and grey, because today, you will that fearful dragon slay, and ride happily into the non existing sunset. As now you have turned the darkness into plentiful colours of beautiful bright light. And it wasn’t even that big of a fight!

Seat in the rainy park, simply smart!

“It rains, but it pours, and I feel like sitting on the bench in the park, not very smart?“ Gun Roswell

Seat in the rainy park, simply smart!

When the heavy rain starts, usually, it’s time to run, away and to safety, to ultimate goal is trying to remain dry, and for most dwellers when outside, that kind of set of mind is simply fine. And why would it not be, as getting all wet and soaked is not much fun at all!

But, what of this one humanoid person, who thinks the rain is the answer to all their reasons of being here on the planet, and then what do they do to prove said point? Well, run outside of course, like there is a fire up their a..e, finding the nearest seat, hopefully in a park if they are close ton one, when this whole seasonal monsoon of an act starts. And then, it’s simply to chew on the soaked up popcorn and enjoy the show of Mother Nature’s from the very beginning, listening to the tiny rain drops singing as they venture from the highs of the skies to the lows of the grounds. Nothing can compare to the spectacle of this magnitude, where all the blues skies are now turned to darkened greys and where once was solid ground, now are puddles, most likely turning to lakes. So, understandably, this is a great show, for anyone not afraid of the unknown, or even the known!