A sunrise I do spy

“The sun will always rise, even if the weather is really, really bad“ Gun Roswell

A sunrise I do spy

In the early morning hours, the sun will the moon totally devour, then spit it out, sending it hurdling through space, letting it there stay, until the night will fall, when the moon will rise once again, simply because of spite, hanging there until the very next morning, the dawn, where the sun will be lurking around, duty bound, waiting only to rise and reprise the feast, of gulping up the moon, the continued circle of the celestial battle as old as time, and for us mere mortals, this is all simply fine, only standing by, observing the eternal fight.

Sunset reflected

Rhodos, Greece

“The cliched sunset is always fun to watch, no matter where its reflected at, each surface playing an important role” Gun Roswell

Sunset reflected

Multicoloured reflections over each and every surface, searching for a momentary purchase, before slowly fading away into the darkening of the night, just like each and every day, the circle continues, most of the times.

Inside those reflections, images from the distant past and nearing future, tethered together with invisible sutures in this precious moment of every colourfully reflective and warming ray of light.

The grind of the day will soon be laid to bed, following the sun’s set, a respite for the weary for a while sleeping, under the darkening skies of the pending of the night.

And even if those moments of the gorgeous scenery of the setting sun might soon be a memory laid to rest in the past, alas easily conjured up, wherever and whenever needed.

After all, not all days are filled with glorious sunshine, not to mention the after play of a sunset, onto the minds of the lowly reflected, and needed is a reminder, there will be light after the long moments of darkness.

Oh so quiet and calm!

“The ocean beckons to  be explored, but today, I feel like such a bore, and simply want to rest for a while longer, on top of the calming waves” Gun Roswell

Oh so quiet and calm!

The calming of the waves, as soon as I my head will lay, on top of the smoothing surface at any, body gently floating, as it is coping, with this overly gentle place, searching for a state of mind, which out there is really hard to find, the peace, the quiet, the calm, but here it is all so clear, when lulled to sleep, on these calming waves, as even after all the fight of the day, this is where I finally want to stay, on top of the soft material, even if not a bed of any kind, I need my rest and so, this state is the one not to debate, whether or not, and so, with eyes closed tightly, I concentrate, still floating above the edge, the mind at rest, thoughts all gone, no sounds or images to explore, only the calm and quiet surrounding, this unruly mind and body, without counting the passing time, and that is all simply fine.

Sunset reflected on the surface


“The sun setting over the horizon, the colours so vivid and living, well, it’s a cliche isn’t it, but I like it nevertheless“ Gun Roswell

Sunset reflected on the surface

The sun is always fun, the warmth, the light, the comfort of knowing it is there, alas, when the night is close and it is time to fall to sleep, the sun will also make its way into the deep, at least, from the point of view of those watching the setting of the gas giant, as the horizon gives us the illusion, there is a place of magic perhaps, where all these planetary objects lay until the very next day, when they are once again the dominant ones in the high skies, the main one of course, being that of the sun, its mighty power and shine, cannot beat not even the best of wines and so, once again, when the reflections of the light particles inside the rays, start to reflect off of each and every surface and then, us small dwellers, can bask in this light once again, until the circle is complete and the sun will compete for the dominance against the moon, while loosing and going to sleep, until rising the very next day again.

Sunset over the calm wave’s 


“The setting sun, against the soft flashing waves, is a total cliche of sorts” Gun Roswell 

Sunset over the calm wave’s 

Watching the setting sun across the waves of total calm, trying to stay warm with the last moments of those special rays, I have been feeling all day, and soon I will have to let go of it all, but for now, I will enjoy this perfect moment in time, when it’s just me, myself and I, and with the feeling of just fine, and doing so with a big smile, as this short while, is really all I got, before the darkness consumes it all, the light completely gone, until the next morn brings a new dawn. And then once again, I will be able to watch all the reflections of the sunny rays on the surface of the waters, whether they be calm or restless, it is simply is the way of nature. Then again who could argue against it, as it is happening whether we like it or not, but just going with the flow of it, is the  best bet and then let, all the changes of the day, effect yourself in a good way.

Through the very looking glass

“A single window on the wall, or even a double window from ceiling to floor, it’s all the same, as you can clearly be seen through them, as they are acting as the very looking glass” Gun Roswell

Through the very looking glass

The glass will not hide it all, even if it might be covered with something quite strong, as it is always acting as the one true looking glass. Letting a peep or two, into the lives of those, who might not wish to hide anything, or at least, that is what they are ensuring, that of their very lives being an open book for anyone to read and see.

But for the others, whom might value their privacy, even if the do like to take a look outside and peek, at those around the only, and not wanting to invite them of the same courtesy, then hanging a bunch of drapes on top of them, to simply hide whatever they do not wish to be seen, by any other member outside their own family.

Just a gentle reminder, that which ever group you think you might belong to. It’s never that simple and easy to not be seen and stay in hiding. Because someone will always find you, through the looking glass!

Monochrome and the light inside and out

“It’s totally fantastic, so simplistic, and yes of course, it’s monochromatic” Gun Roswell

Monochrome and the light inside and out

The reflections on the smooth glass walls, so totally strong, it cannot be wrong
The solid darkness of the steel, was expected to all the brightness to steal
Alas, it was but a very frightening suspicion, caused simply by misinformation
As the thick glass, would always let the bright light to pass its very made form
And no amount of steel around the structure, no matter whether dark or light
Would be in the way, of the sun shining ever so bright and letting those inside
Feel and see the texture of the small, rays pouring in through each and every crack
And that, was after this moment and finally, not just welcomed, but a known fact
And soon enough, not just only those living in the newly created kind of an odd building
Could be of the eternal lights around be enjoying, but also all the gorgeous reflections
Were giving the outsiders, a good and unexpected light show all around the dwelling
And from this lucky happenstance, anyone ever taking even one single glance
At the monochromatic tall metal and glass built building, could only sigh in total awe
Because, simple can also be so magnificent, and the light, well, it will always bend

Reflections, by the Fountain

“Self reflections, by the fountain, going through the looking glass, of sorts “ Gun Roswell

Reflections, by the Fountain

They say, that travel broadens your horizons, and that much is true, as I sit here by the side of the fountain, glaring into the waters of blue, reflection on the past, now and future too. Not just the world wide things, but also, those inner sins, which sometimes pops up, during a quiet moment, a time of peace, when one allows deeper to see. For the good and the bad, whatever happened in the past, and maybe even learning from it, at least, just a little bit, so not to repeat, the same mistakes again and again. It may be easy, but it is also hard, as some of the stuff, might smart. Opening up all wounds and that, may sound a cliché in fact, but only if you let them come forth as bad as they used to be, then learnt nothing you really have not, and then the future will be, the pretty much repetition of the same. But, if you compile an internal list of pros and cons, you are bound to find, something much more nice, winning rather than those old stitches still stinging. And then only, can you move forward and not remain by the water side, pondering all night, trying to find that day so bright, which will only come, after the past is left behind, laid to rest on the dark and calm waters.

Monochromatic Monday Reflected

“On Mondays, you just want to go totally grey and reflect on the good days of the weekend”
Gun Roswell

Monochromatic Monday Reflected

When the working week beckons
It it that time you need to reckon
Whether to treat the upon coming days as friend
Or go through them one by one like they were a foe
Riding up the glass covered lift car
Is a really good place to start
Thinking whether Mondays really are that bad
Or is it a learnt mental state to be sad
On this one day when everything starts a new
Maybe there are days of bad ahead just a few
And the rest of the week is just fine
Until that much awaited time
When Friday raises its promising head
Indicating of a carefree weekend, ahead!


“Images can be so easily distorted” Gun Roswell


Images, just like memories, often get distorted
Not because of malice or even if you wanted it
It just happens in the deepest of minds tiny nooks
Things and people, past and future all looked
Through a looking glass of sorts
Which can be causing all the distort

But never mind if it gets that way
Next time you look, in a different place it may
Ending up with new pieces of the same play
And that is the best kind of art work on your own private display