Shadows reflected

“A family of ducks, did their feathers pluck, in the middle of the lake, which as no fake, and with the serene waters quite still, as the ducks always came there to chill“ Gun Roswell

Shadows reflected

The birds, the insects, even a few daring peoples, usually wandered off to the near by lake, just to take, a surface dive, on the water’s edge, being none to deep, it was easy to simply in the bottom of it to sit, cooling down after a long day doing whatever, but as soon as they had reached the blue liquid place, their minds, totally went into a different state, the same for all the animals, humans and other types alike, nothing to put away the daily strife, but into a calming blue water taking a shallow dive.

The delicate window

Seurasaari, Helsinki

“The old frail construct, made of glass and a wooden frame, try not to breathe too hard near it or it might just fall a part“ Gun Roswell

The delicate window

Old, frail, inconvenient, hard to handle? 

Just the same, it has lasted a long while, even giving a few smiles, the delicate framework, the painted artwork, all of it from the past, refitted to a modern day cast. 

And so, serving a purpose once again, the window, lending a peek through time, as how else would any of us learn, of our past, the long history, present there, through this, very old looking glass.

Reflected in a sparkly glass

“It’s some kind of philosophical reflection, of the very life, passing by, but reflected in a simple contract, a glass filled, with liquid“ Gun Roswell

Reflected in a sparkly glass

The setting sun, the wavy waters, life, as we know it, all of it contained, in a single glass, of some kind of liquid, sparkly at that, bubbly even, like some of the people only can be, but that is not the point which the onlooker seeks, rather looking in deeper.

And as they find out, that is only half of what there is to see, because if looking really carefully into the swirling liquid inside the glass, letting the old imagination loose, closing the trick filled eyes and what wonders can you really spy.

Mysteries from the past, the lives lived on these oceans, those people, watching the setting sun, just like the one, seeing the reflections now in the glass by the window sill, taking in the fill of what there is to see, behind the mind’s eye.

Skies Reflected

“Look up! See the clouds, now check again. Where does the sky end? Or is it all, a simple reflection?” Gun Roswell 

Skies reflected 

The clouds gathered

Onto the lower skies

Simply getting reflected 

Wherever the glass lies

Be careful though 

As the winds may blow

Shifting the position 

Constantly without hesitation 

The eyes might be very slow

To adjust to the very flow

And so

The illusion between 

The real and the make believe 

Will get fuzzy enough to leave 

The current onlooker 

In a bit of a confusion 

And so loosing the sense

Of any kind of reality 

Seeing the truth uncanny 

And so being fooled

By total fantasy

But hey

It is all good

Just have to know

Which way to look

Setting of the Sun reflected

“The sun is setting with a fire in the skies, and reflected on top of the water’s surface in kind” Gun Roswell

Setting of the Sun reflected

There is fire in the skies, because the sun is painting red colours of its demise, at least, for the night, as come morning, the sun will be up there again, hot and scorching.

But for now, the spectacle on display, every which way you may just glance, there is the setting sun, reflected, on each and every surface, finding its purchase before disappearing into the ocean no longer blue, before only a streak of the powerful light will ensue, and then that too, will be gone for good, or at least until the new morn’ will emerge. 

A sunrise I do spy

“The sun will always rise, even if the weather is really, really bad“ Gun Roswell

A sunrise I do spy

In the early morning hours, the sun will the moon totally devour, then spit it out, sending it hurdling through space, letting it there stay, until the night will fall, when the moon will rise once again, simply because of spite, hanging there until the very next morning, the dawn, where the sun will be lurking around, duty bound, waiting only to rise and reprise the feast, of gulping up the moon, the continued circle of the celestial battle as old as time, and for us mere mortals, this is all simply fine, only standing by, observing the eternal fight.

Sunset reflected

Rhodos, Greece

“The cliched sunset is always fun to watch, no matter where its reflected at, each surface playing an important role” Gun Roswell

Sunset reflected

Multicoloured reflections over each and every surface, searching for a momentary purchase, before slowly fading away into the darkening of the night, just like each and every day, the circle continues, most of the times.

Inside those reflections, images from the distant past and nearing future, tethered together with invisible sutures in this precious moment of every colourfully reflective and warming ray of light.

The grind of the day will soon be laid to bed, following the sun’s set, a respite for the weary for a while sleeping, under the darkening skies of the pending of the night.

And even if those moments of the gorgeous scenery of the setting sun might soon be a memory laid to rest in the past, alas easily conjured up, wherever and whenever needed.

After all, not all days are filled with glorious sunshine, not to mention the after play of a sunset, onto the minds of the lowly reflected, and needed is a reminder, there will be light after the long moments of darkness.

Oh so quiet and calm!

“The ocean beckons to  be explored, but today, I feel like such a bore, and simply want to rest for a while longer, on top of the calming waves” Gun Roswell

Oh so quiet and calm!

The calming of the waves, as soon as I my head will lay, on top of the smoothing surface at any, body gently floating, as it is coping, with this overly gentle place, searching for a state of mind, which out there is really hard to find, the peace, the quiet, the calm, but here it is all so clear, when lulled to sleep, on these calming waves, as even after all the fight of the day, this is where I finally want to stay, on top of the soft material, even if not a bed of any kind, I need my rest and so, this state is the one not to debate, whether or not, and so, with eyes closed tightly, I concentrate, still floating above the edge, the mind at rest, thoughts all gone, no sounds or images to explore, only the calm and quiet surrounding, this unruly mind and body, without counting the passing time, and that is all simply fine.

Sunset reflected on the surface


“The sun setting over the horizon, the colours so vivid and living, well, it’s a cliche isn’t it, but I like it nevertheless“ Gun Roswell

Sunset reflected on the surface

The sun is always fun, the warmth, the light, the comfort of knowing it is there, alas, when the night is close and it is time to fall to sleep, the sun will also make its way into the deep, at least, from the point of view of those watching the setting of the gas giant, as the horizon gives us the illusion, there is a place of magic perhaps, where all these planetary objects lay until the very next day, when they are once again the dominant ones in the high skies, the main one of course, being that of the sun, its mighty power and shine, cannot beat not even the best of wines and so, once again, when the reflections of the light particles inside the rays, start to reflect off of each and every surface and then, us small dwellers, can bask in this light once again, until the circle is complete and the sun will compete for the dominance against the moon, while loosing and going to sleep, until rising the very next day again.

Sunset over the calm wave’s 


“The setting sun, against the soft flashing waves, is a total cliche of sorts” Gun Roswell 

Sunset over the calm wave’s 

Watching the setting sun across the waves of total calm, trying to stay warm with the last moments of those special rays, I have been feeling all day, and soon I will have to let go of it all, but for now, I will enjoy this perfect moment in time, when it’s just me, myself and I, and with the feeling of just fine, and doing so with a big smile, as this short while, is really all I got, before the darkness consumes it all, the light completely gone, until the next morn brings a new dawn. And then once again, I will be able to watch all the reflections of the sunny rays on the surface of the waters, whether they be calm or restless, it is simply is the way of nature. Then again who could argue against it, as it is happening whether we like it or not, but just going with the flow of it, is the  best bet and then let, all the changes of the day, effect yourself in a good way.