Flying up high is a dream for some of us

“Flying? Ain’t nuttin’ to it! Just spread your wings, start running and lift off! That is if you are a bird of course. If you’re stupid human? Guess what? You’re grounded. For good.” Gun Roswell

Flying up high is a dream for some of us

Being afraid of heights might just bring up the plight for some of us

But then there are those of us who dream to get up high as the birds fly

It might be a hard and even an impossible a task to do

Without the wings to support and lift off the heavy body

Alas the solution might just be simple, even if somewhat costly:

Buying tickets to a machine which does the work for you

So get on the that aeroplane and on the wing side stay

And for a moment feel like you are alone up there

Life reflected in the liquid

“Life reflected in water no less, ready to dive in?” Gun Roswell

Life reflected in the liquid

Life can be scaring, living it that is

But if you feel real daring, don’t let it 

Stop you from diving in

Just like the blue liquid, take a spin

Dive real deep inside of the whirlpool

Even if you might feel like a total fool

Simply let it all go

And just let the eternal flow

Guide you to wherever you feel

Even if the future seems unreal

Because if you’d do not dare

Then the much bigger scare

Will be the regret at the end

Of life without living having spent

Tall Shadows 

“The sun is so low, it takes so long, to travel to make all the shadows, for any objects standing tall, as well, the shadows too are looking so totally long“ Gun Roswell

Tall Shadows 

In the middle of the season, the winter feeling like nature’s treason, as to sun is out so rarely and then when it is there, hanging so very low and so, once hitting the supposed zenith, it starts painting its shadows, with the looks of something so scary, as they creep up, silently getting to the top of everything and everywhere, and that really is the scare as they look so totally dark and life like when they spike against the surfaces, so tall, making the onlooker feeling really, really small.

And that isn’t all, because if you take a trip around the premises, you might just take a fall, just because, they look so real, defences of sorts?

So, beware, when threading out there, in the midst of winter, on a sunny day, so to avoid the splinters, take a toll of all them shadows standing out there tall.

Sunset Tower

“The rays of the setting sun hitting just the right spots, sending the rounded metal burning“ Gun Roswell

Sunset Tower

Red like a fire engines head, the burning fire of the setting sun reflected on the metallic surface

The man made object, the towering height coming to life only at this hour by the very light

Of the one object hanging high up in the skies during the days, but as the night falls it too to rest lays

But not before sending it’s shiny beams one last time across space and skies to land onto the metallic tower making it open up like a flower only not of nature

Sun and the Yellow

“The early morning sun, bright yellow, yeah, looks like a lot of fun” Gun Roswell

Sun and the Yellow

The sea as calm as balm, the water’s surface unmoving, only cover is the colour of yellow, spreading across from the skies, reflected over the water until reaching land, where it will be halting for a moment, until it reaches the faces of those onlookers, having gathered to embrace the light of the yellowish globe, which always gives them hope for the upon coming day, before the need to head to their work and their days pay earn, maybe something even learn, that the sun is always rising, no matter what.

Reflections in a Coffee Cup

“A finger, a hand, a face, an attitude, a day, a year, a whole life even, reflected from a single cup of coffee“ Gun Roswell

Reflections in a Coffee Cup

The cup of coffee poured, sitting in front of the drinker

As this one was, according to some, a real thinker

Life, death, life, coffee, things that nature, always on their mind

Pondering all the possible things, without trying to be unkind

As this way of living, was rather an antisocial one

But then again, without great thinkers, lots of things would remain undone

And so, trying to forgive the one deep in thought

While sipping from their very coffee cup 

As plenty of new ideas, inventions and such

Were thought of, while simply taking the time off

And letting the mind fill with ideas of plenty

And the coffee would then take care of the need of the belly

Simple as that, was this one of a kind magical drink

As really, the human race needed it for those who would dare to, think

Shadows reflected

“A family of ducks, did their feathers pluck, in the middle of the lake, which as no fake, and with the serene waters quite still, as the ducks always came there to chill“ Gun Roswell

Shadows reflected

The birds, the insects, even a few daring peoples, usually wandered off to the near by lake, just to take, a surface dive, on the water’s edge, being none to deep, it was easy to simply in the bottom of it to sit, cooling down after a long day doing whatever, but as soon as they had reached the blue liquid place, their minds, totally went into a different state, the same for all the animals, humans and other types alike, nothing to put away the daily strife, but into a calming blue water taking a shallow dive.

The delicate window

Seurasaari, Helsinki

“The old frail construct, made of glass and a wooden frame, try not to breathe too hard near it or it might just fall a part“ Gun Roswell

The delicate window

Old, frail, inconvenient, hard to handle? 

Just the same, it has lasted a long while, even giving a few smiles, the delicate framework, the painted artwork, all of it from the past, refitted to a modern day cast. 

And so, serving a purpose once again, the window, lending a peek through time, as how else would any of us learn, of our past, the long history, present there, through this, very old looking glass.

Reflected in a sparkly glass

“It’s some kind of philosophical reflection, of the very life, passing by, but reflected in a simple contract, a glass filled, with liquid“ Gun Roswell

Reflected in a sparkly glass

The setting sun, the wavy waters, life, as we know it, all of it contained, in a single glass, of some kind of liquid, sparkly at that, bubbly even, like some of the people only can be, but that is not the point which the onlooker seeks, rather looking in deeper.

And as they find out, that is only half of what there is to see, because if looking really carefully into the swirling liquid inside the glass, letting the old imagination loose, closing the trick filled eyes and what wonders can you really spy.

Mysteries from the past, the lives lived on these oceans, those people, watching the setting sun, just like the one, seeing the reflections now in the glass by the window sill, taking in the fill of what there is to see, behind the mind’s eye.

Skies Reflected

“Look up! See the clouds, now check again. Where does the sky end? Or is it all, a simple reflection?” Gun Roswell 

Skies reflected 

The clouds gathered

Onto the lower skies

Simply getting reflected 

Wherever the glass lies

Be careful though 

As the winds may blow

Shifting the position 

Constantly without hesitation 

The eyes might be very slow

To adjust to the very flow

And so

The illusion between 

The real and the make believe 

Will get fuzzy enough to leave 

The current onlooker 

In a bit of a confusion 

And so loosing the sense

Of any kind of reality 

Seeing the truth uncanny 

And so being fooled

By total fantasy

But hey

It is all good

Just have to know

Which way to look