River slow, night time low

“River runs slow at night, never a fright, even if a deep dive you wanna take, just outta spite” Gun Roswell 

River slow, night time low

The night is upon, and nothing will get done, as it is, two in the morning, with low expectation of sun, still there might be something totally fun, to do, just for those daring few, while threading down the river bank, the place where the old boat sank, taking out a dingy, yeah, the one of no one is singing, and paddling across the short distance to the other shore, for whatever hoping to score, as the night time makes most of us dorks.

Up and Down the River we go again

“Rolling on the river, until the moon sliver shows up in the darkening night skies” Gun Roswell

Up and Down the River we go again

Smooth and dead calm is the surface of the darkened water as we pass by a family of sea otters. While rolling languidly down the river bank, on the look out for the treasure boat which here in the past sank. There is no hurry to really catch anything, even if a sort of a fishing expedition was a thing. But whatever the method chosen to relax during this smooth ride on the river side might be, it does not matter if you nothing else except some peace and quiet from the trip will receive. 

Move along, on the river without a current strong, if you want to, maybe even sing a song, there is no throng at the moment, as only you and whomever you choose to follow with you on this kind of an adventure, even if it is supposed to be mostly relaxing without pressure. As the small boat taking you to places unknown lulling you to a state of redemption, don’t hesitate simply dive into the awaiting temptation as this is the way of life on the river never the deeper or shallower, only going up and down the curvy slopes.

Calm sailing

“Sailing across the blue waves of the river blue under the skies of calming blues, until the night hues” Gun Roswell 

Calm sailing

When quickly dashing, over the railing, there is no room for failing, as I am going to be sailing, so very far away.

As today is that very day of totally smooth weather, so I am finally cutting the tether for good and skipping this town, at least for now.

But without any frowns on my face, as this place, was nice for a while, but it lost its smile so moving along, is my feeling strong.

It was fun of course while it lasted, but the time is not to be wasted and all the adventures out there are waiting for me, so without any hesitation I am off.

To the end of the world and beyond I am sailing, no matter the weather as there will be a safe haven, for the storms shaking this boat so small.

Waking my final goodbyes, to all those I knew and maybe loved, but no regrets are in my mind, only the possibilities of whatever new things I can find out there, over the horizon and the stratosphere.

A boat across the moat 2

“There is nothing to it, just grab a boat, any kind of boat and then, take off, from the seashore, the end of the pier, and head o out there, wherever you want to go” Gun Roswell

A boat across the moat

Take a really deep dive, into the ocean wide, only, this time, go with the flow and take it real slow, and inside a boat at that, because your poor body might snap, if the waves get too high, and then up towards the sky you will fly, only to crash down soon after. So, be careful out there, in the liquid stratosphere, strap up and abide by the maritime rules, as those who wrote them, were no fools. Then only will you be able to enjoy yourself fully and maybe, become a mariner too, as it is a profession quite cool. And hey, no one would blame you if you did, as that might just be the best gig of them all, until, at least, fall.

A boat across the moat 1

“Take a ride on a boat, on a river, on the sea, what ever it takes, for at least a moment to flee” Gun Roswell 

A boat across the moat 

There it was, waiting, prepped and ready, for a ride, on the waves, or at least, on the water. It was after all, a fine day, with a sunny disposition, so why not take an excursion out there, on the wide open blue. Because there is nothing more calming and certainly more relaxing, when taking a day off from it all and letting yourself deep into the ocean fall. Letting the craft take its course, without looking back or any remorse of tasks left undone, just to have one day of fun. Even if the fun is set on stun, as the calming waves, will let you into a deep slumber, the world around fading away, and for a moment you wish this way forever to stay. Alas, it is only for a day, and that is okay, as this time apart from it all, is much better than nothing at all. And even if you wish the time to stall, returning is the proper and only call to make.

Riverside living with a smile

“Living, by a river, is so totally cool. Well, it can be during winter time!” Gun Roswell

Riverside living with a smile

When a house was built
Near the water’s edge filled 
With nautical stuff up to the hilt
I really could not resist

So I reserved a spot 
Right there on the dot
Of getting a tour of the house
Hoping I wasn’t too much of a louse

Because I was only curious 
Not really that frivolous 
To have my home there 
Where the cool waters fare

But little did I know
That I would fall in love 
With the tiny house by the river
And now, I am a home owner 
By that same river 😉

Around the World in Black and White, Second Edition, Part One

Photography and Poetry:  The Clinic /Photo Rehab

“I see that it is by no means useless to travel, if a man wants to see something new” Jules Verne

Around the World in Black and White, Second Edition

In the rain forest of Brazil
You can feel the thrill
Sailing down the river Negro
Quite the incognito
Catch a glimpse of the dolphins
Can rise the endorphins

Planning on staying a while
On the beautiful isle
That of Cyprus
Home to many a cypress
The surrounding seas of turquoise
Swimming around like the tortoise

Enjoying the island life
Dancing to a flute or a fife
Whether a history buff
Or a hang loose beach bum
Rhodes is the place enough
To make you wanna hum





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