The silent stones which can tell it all (or at least some of it)

“It might be written in stone, but as long as you can read it, then totally do!“ Gun Roswell

The silent stones which can tell it all (or at least some of it)

There is hidden wisdom, right there in plain sight, written on the hardest of stones

By those who lived their very lives and have eves since gone beyond the rim forth

Wherever you look, the piles of discarded stones from that past, the words were carved 

Perhaps by poor artists starved after having their say, right there, out there, on display

But if you choose to read said writing, and take it to your heart, well, it is really up to you

The choice to follow the perhaps wise words, from those gone before, maybe you should

Because history always keeps on repeating itself, and learning from the past mistakes

Well, you might be better off with the knowledge what did go wrong so long ago

And then apply to your current day life and if you are lucky enough, maybe, you won’t

Be the one to stumble up front, rather the one surviving the bad times and beyond

Just saying there are wise words out there written in stone, so read them, you cannot go wrong!

Bricked walls keeping us safe

“The walls are supposed to keep us all safe, but they can also divide us from the rest of the world, at least, so I have heard, perhaps it’s not so bad after all?“ Gun Roswell

Bricked walls keeping us safe

The ancient stones, dug from deep within the earth, just because, those builders from the past, knew well, that those stones, would so totally last. Erecting the walls of old school structures, making them safe and sound, without any interruptions, and now, even if those stone cutters are long gone, those stones or rather bricks they laid are still standing strong. And there is really nothing wrong, in wanting a monument left behind you, whether that be a statue, a thought or a even building, something of a reminder, of those people who dwelled in those structures, can still be seen inside the heavy built walls, or at least the spirit of them, lingering on, the good kind, or perhaps even haunted ones, still, it does not matter as even today, the people living inside of the walls are feeling safe from the outside dangers lurking, even if they might simply be the imaginary kind, but hey, staying inside, is also fine, especially, when living in history itself, what better place is there really to dwell in, than a bricked laid wall, never failing.

Standing tall, no matter what

“Do not forget your history, as it will always keep on, repeating” Gun Roswell

Standing tall, no matter what

Monumentally so, the history ancient and even more recent, keeps on living, in the books, in the movies, even in our very minds, but most of all, it is still strong, out there, in the fields, on the mountains, beneath our very own feet, just look, you really don’t have to long seek. So, so many good and bad reminders, of our own past, but hey, you always take them, as a package, even if with a loud gasp.

All the tall structures, built strong and proudly, to forever last, by our ancestors, without too many tools or even plaster. Some of the structures, still standing, after all the years passing by, laid out on the planes or even elevated high. Despite the weather, the living creatures and nature growing all around, they were meant to last, even if struggling to survive, all those piles, because those are what they mostly are, will remain, long after, all of us, have left.

Three times the Ruins 1

“Look back, all they way back” Gun Roswell

Three times the Ruins

The Amphi-Theatre

Only, in the city of Athens
Can you find, a theatre, on top of the ruins
The ghosts of all the ancient thespians
Playing their parts better than any one alive can

Listen,learn, and take a good long around
The buildings and mighty castles might haven been torn down
Pillaged, plundered, and even burnt to the ground
But inside these walls of history, there are secrets to be found

Sit down on the rock solid seats near
Wait a moment, for the actors to appear
Enjoy the play, of tales from the past
You can stay as long as you like,
For his performance will forever last

Three times the Ruins 3

“Look back, all they way back” Gun Roswell

Three times the Ruins

Marble on Turquoise

Marvel the marbles so pristine
Even after centuries, in the sunlight they gleam
The skies so blue, in every shade of hue
Sometimes turning into turquoise, maybe by choice
But stunning no less, I must confess

The ancient ruins, the pillars of knowledge
Just as knew and shiny like brought here from storage
Telling us all kinds of stories
From the past, until today, but never boring
Structures, architecture, just feel that texture

They don’t build them like they used to
That is one thing for sure!

Three times the Ruins 2

“Look back, all they way back” Gun Roswell

Three times the Ruins

View from up Here

Once you have climbed to the tallest of mountains
The view, from up there, is nothing short of breathtaking
City scapes of the ancient past, may not have long to last
But the tales of endless history, will even the evidence surpass

Sit a moment, enjoy the silence
Then listen carefully, of the whispers
Of all those, whom here before you have passed
They have left their mark, just look in the grass

The footfalls may have fainted, the buildings now tainted
But remembering the times of yester year
Means nothing ever will ever disappear
As long as we remember our own past, it will here forever last

Open the gateway

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“That looks like a gateway to the past” Gun Roswell

Open the gateway

The gateway on to the
Beach appeared, out of nowhere, in a
Flash of light, it was

Standing there, where nothing before
It existed. Now it is open wide
For anyone to enter, if you

Really dare, then take a
Leap and jump back in time into
The past of all time

Just remember, you may not
Get back, but that is a risk
Well worth taking, so stop

Your shaking and take the
Step, one small step for mankind and
Who knows what you’ll find

World Wide Wednesday in Athens, Acropolis

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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart” Helen Keller

Athens, Acropolis

Basking in the sun
Athens, Acropolis
A place of fun
A place of knowledge

Climbing up the mountain
Looking for the fountain
Of wisdom and history
Shrouded in mystery

Walking in the footsteps
Of the ancient Greeks
But, watch your steps
On the narrow streets

Once reaching the top
The effort but one hop
The view of awe and beauty
You know it really was your duty